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Salmon, Tuna And Scallop Sashimi/brochette

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  • ***SALMON; TUNA AND SCALLOP SASHIMI***, Tuna and Scallop
  • 8 King Scallops
  • 340 g Tuna
  • 340 g Salmon
  • 1/4 pt Soya Sauce
  • 1 ts Wasabi; (green horse-radish)
  • 1/4 pt Mirin
  • 3 tb Sugar
  • 1/4 pt Sake
  • 2 Red peppers
  • 2 Green peppers
  • Walnut Oil


Salmon, Tuna and Scallop Sashimi/Brochette
1. Cut the Roe away from the scallop meat cleanly and remove the little tube from the grey coloured end.
2. Next remove the little shiny gristly bit and the transparent membrane surrounding the meat.
3. Skin the Tuna and remove all the blood impregnated dark muscle and if you are using the tail end, the sinus bits near to the skin.
4. Cut the rest into mouth sized cubes.
5. Skin the salmon fillet and remove pin bones, and also the white-ish meat from around the fin area.
6. Cut into the mouth size cubes. (If asked nicely I'm sure your fishmonger would do this for you.
Terriaki Dip
7.Terriaki sauce is individual to the person that is making it and should be concocted according to that with which it is being eaten. The basic ingredients are Soya Sauce, Wasabi (green horse-radish), Mirin and Sugar. However you may add things like Tobasco, Worcester Sauce, Sherry or any other condiment that would enhance the flavour.
7. Skewer the pieces of fish inter-dispersed with red and green peppers.
8. Barbecue or grill basted with Walnut oil.
9. Beware do not overcook.
10. Can be served with Terriaki sauce which should be heated in a pan and reduced a little and poured over the fish cubes.
To Serve
11. To serve Sashmi using all the artistry at your command, arrange pretty salady things like parsley, corriander, mint, lambs lettuce, chicory, lolo, rosso etc on the plate and likewise with the fish.
12. On the table put Japanese chopsticks on a little chopstick holder (available from Boots) and a flask of warm Saki and a little cup to drink it from, and a small bowl of Terriaki dip.
13. It is the tradition in Japan that you do not serve yourself with drink, but one of your companions does it for you!!!
Converted by MC_Buster.
NOTES : Chef:Bill Scott
Converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.