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Raspberry Vinegar 2

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Salad dress


  • 1 qt Vinegar (type?)
  • 2 qt Raspberries
  • Sugar


To each quart of good vinegar, add two quarts of raspberries. Let stand for 24 hours then drain the vinegar off through a sieve. Do not squeeze them. Add the same quantity of raspberries again to the strained vinegar, letting stand as before for 24 hours. Strain as before and add a third quantit. When you have strained the fruit off a third time, measure the liquor into a stone covered-jar. To each pint of vinegar, add a pound of lump sugar. Set the jar in a pot of boiling water, and let the vinegar boil for ten minutes, stirring it to mix the sugar well through;when cold, bottle it for use. It is all the better for standing for some months before being used.
A cheaper sort might be made with fine moist sugar, or with crushed sugar, but must be well scummed. Raspberry vinegar makes an excellent fever drink, a small quantity being mixed in a tumbler of cold water. It is very refreshing in hot weather, and is made in considerable quantities by those who have wild raspberries growing near the clearings, and plenty of sugar at command.
Origin: The Canadian Settler's Guide, written in 1855. Shared by: Sharon Stevens.
From: Karen Mintzias Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V5 #009 by (Daniel S Johnson) on Jan 8, 1998