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Paanipuri or Golgappa Pt 2

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  • See part 1


For newcomers to the world of pani puri.
A small hole is made with finger on one side of puri. Some of the accompaniment is place in it.
Add enough tamarind chutney to water as per taste.
Dip the filled puri in the water and place in wide open mouth!!
Do not fill in advance and keep, it will turn soggy.
Making time: Puris- 1 hourPani - 20 minutesAccompaniments-20 minutes
Makes: Puris-35-40 puris Pani-1 litreAccompaniments-4-5 servings
Shelflife: Puris: 10-15 days in airtight containerPani-2-3 days in refrigeratorAccompaniments-1 day
Note that making timings do not include pressure cooking, soaking and chilling times.
Note: The residue left from straining the water may be used for masala in ragda of ragda patties. For recipe of ragda patties look in week on meal-in-a-snack.
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