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New Zealand Pasties

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Faylen New zealand


  • 8 oz Flour
  • 2 oz Crisco
  • 2 oz Butter (or Marg)
  • 1 pn Salt
  • 2 tb To 3 tb water (approx)
  • 4 oz Finely diced RAW potato
  • 4 oz Ground beef
  • 2 oz Chopped onion
  • 2 oz Finely diced RAW carrots
  • 1 oz Green peas (optional)


Sift the flour and salt. Rub in the Crisco and butter until a sandy texture is reached. Make a hollow in the middle and add water. Handle as little and as lightly as possible. Wrap in grease proof paper and refrigerate for 24 hours. Now it's ready to use for the Cornish Pasties..
Roll out pastry to approx 1/8" thick, cut into 5" diameter rounds, I cut around a dessert dish, moisten the filling with a little water and place a generous spoonful in the middle of each round. Make sure it is in a pile not flattened out. Moisten the edges of the pastry with beaten egg. Fold in half and flute the edges. Now stand them up so the fluting is a cross the top, and push with your fingers to make the join into a wavey seam. Boy.. thats hard to try and explain without being able to show you...Mind you that part is only for looks! Brush the outside of each pastie with beaten egg, and cook at 275 degrees for 3/4 hr to an hour. When cooked, pastry should be nicely browned.
Shared by Jo Sheckman
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