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Jonathan's Horseradish

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  • Fresh horseradish roots
  • Vinegar


Peel fresh horseradish root(s). Cut into pieces small enough to fit in the food processor. (Suggest you do this under a range hood with the fan on high or outside.) Run the food processor until horseradish is ground finely. Stand back as far as you can while still reaching the food processor, turn your head sideways so you don't breath anything, and pour in through the spout sufficient vinegar to moisten the horseradish - small amount at a time. Turn the processor back just enough to mix the vinegar in. Add salt and sugar to taste.
Store in glass jars with plastic between jar and lid.
Warning: The first time he made this, he almost asphyxiated himself when he removed the lid from the food processor. Also, if you give this away, people will love it and expect more every year.
Posted to by (Jonathan Goldman) on Apr 9, 1995.