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Ghoul's Hands

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Halloween Kids Snacks


  • 75 Pieces of candy corn
  • 5 Clear industrial food handler's gloves
  • 5 Rubber bands orange & black ribbon
  • 5 Plastic spider or bug rings


To creat the hands Place 3 pieces of candy corn in each finger and thumb of the gloves. Fill glove tightly with popcorn snack mix; close securely at wrist with rubber band & tie orange & black ribbon over the rubber band. Place a ring on one of the finger of the glove to create this for an adult 4 c popcorn snack in each 5 (1 gallon) ziptop bags, and seal. wrap bags in black & orange tissue paper, and tie with the orange and black ribbon. This is from the Oct issue of Southern Living Magazine.
From: Lisa Wilson Date: 09-28-94
Posted to MM-Recipes Digest by Jeanne Geake <> on Oct 20, 1998