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Gehakte Leber

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  • 1 lb Liver, (beef, calf, chicken or goose)
  • 2 Hard boiled eggs
  • 1 Onion, saute in oil or schmaltz*
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tb Schmaltz, about


Source: Love and Knishes by Sara Kasdan - printed orig. 1956
<MY MOTHER'S RECIPE FOR GEHAKTE LEBER> by: Sam Levinson -- by kind permission of the author.
<My mother made gehakte leber mostly out of cuts even the cow never used: milts (spleen) bock ( cheek) harts (heart) loong (lung) . Add a touch of liver for flsavour. Drench the entire mixture with warm chicken fat. Only one ingrerdient is essential -- hungry children.>
Place liver under the broiler and broil until well done. (about 10 minutes) Remove from broiler and cool. Remove skin and veins. Put liver, eggs and onions through a good food grinder (food processor) Seaason with salt and pepper. Add schmaltz, working it through the liver with a fork. The liver should be moist enough to hold together. If necessary - add more schmaltz - serves 8
CHOPPED LIVER STRAWBERRIES: prepare as gehakte leber. Using about a TBSP of chopped liver, mold into the shape of a strawberry. Roll in paprika and stick a bit of parsley in the top. Servr on a bed of watercress, or use as a garnish for other dishes. These strawberries are very pretty around a green jellied salad.
CHOPPED LIVER PINAPPLE: Prepare as gehakte leber using a double recipe than listed. Shape the liver into the form of a pinapple and press slices of stuffed olives on the
"Pinapple" in regular rows. Place pinapple leaves on top.
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