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Feta-Stuffed Eggplant Rolls with Salsa Verde

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  • 1 Firm eggplant -; (abt 1 lb)
  • Olive oil; for brushing
  • Salt; to taste
  • Freshly-ground black pepper; to taste
  • 3 oz Feta; crumbled
  • 1/3 c Whole-milk ricotta
  • 1/4 c Fresh mint leaves; washed well,
  • Spun dry; and chopped fine
  • 3 Red bell peppers; roasted
  • (or two (7 oz) jars roasted peppers
  • Rinsed; drained, and patted dry)
  • 1 bn Arugula or small bunch spinach; coarse stems
  • Discarded; leaves washed well, spun dry
  • Salsa Verde; see * Note


* Note: See the "Salsa Verde" recipe which is included in this collection.
Preheat broiler. Cut eggplant lengthwise into 1/4-inch-thick slices and arrange 6 center slices on an oiled baking sheet in one layer, reserving remaining eggplant for another use. Brush eggplant with oil and season with salt. Broil eggplant about 3 inches from heat until golden, about 5 minutes. Carefully turn eggplant with a metal spatula and broil until golden, about 4 minutes more. Transfer eggplant to a platter large enough to hold slices in one layer and cool. Eggplant may be prepared up to this point 3 hours ahead and kept, covered loosely, at room temperature. In a small bowl with a fork mash together feta, ricotta, mint, and salt and pepper to taste. Cut peppers lengthwise into pieces about same width as eggplant slices. Assemble rolls: Top eggplant slices with pepper pieces, arranging them in one layer. Put 1 tablespoon cheese mixture near narrow end of each slice and into it gently press 4 to 5 arugula or spinach leaves so that they stick out on both sides. Beginning with cheese end, roll up each slice to enclose cheese mixture and leaves. Rolls may be made up to 2 hours ahead and kept, covered loosely, at room temperature. Serve rolls drizzled with Salsa Verde. This recipe yields 6 servings as first course.
Recipe Source: COOKING LIVE with Sara Moulton Recipe courtesy of Gourmet Magazine From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # CL-9151)
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Recipe by: Sara Moulton
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