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Fergy's Phoenix Sauce for Leftover Q Reheating

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  • 1/2 c Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 c Apple juice; or
  • 1/2 c Apple cider vindegar; if using for pork
  • 2 tb Imitation Hog's Breath Rub; or any rub on hand
  • 3 tb Texas Pete Hot Sauce
  • Water; to fill bottle


Try to heat meat in the heavy duty freezer baggie you stored it in. If heating on the pit on the pit, remove the meat from the baggie and place in a disposible aluminum pan.
Otherwise, heat the baggie in hot water or in a microwave.
When heated somewhat, but not completely(unfrozen and mushable somewhat with your fingers), add 1/4 cup juice o' life to each 4# bag of meat. Continue to heat until at serving temp. (150-170F).
Continue to stir meat at least once every 15 minutes, mixing top meat with meat that rests on bottom of pan. This circulation and moving of meat is important.
If you are keeping the meat held at 150-160 F. this method will keep meat good for serving for up to 4 hours.
You might not like it this strong. If not use the apple juice. I keep it in an old squirt bottle that I used for my spray mop, but I lost the sprayer. I have a 20oz coke bottle top on it that I poked a few holes in to use as a shaker. Posted to bbq-digest by "Fergy" <> on Dec 16, 1998