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Farmer's Cheese Soup

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  • 3 tb Butter
  • 1 c Finely chopped onion
  • 1 c Chopped celery
  • 3/4 c Sliced carrot rounds
  • 1/2 lb Broccoli; separated into small flowerets, (about 2-1/4 cups)
  • 3 c Milk
  • 1 c (4 oz.) Dakota Farms cheddar cheese
  • 6 sl French bread; toasted, (up to 8)
  • Swiss cheese cut into thin wedges; two for each slice of bread
  • 4 sl Bacon; cooked and crumbled


>From: (Barbara Hlavin)
Melt butter in 3-qt. saucepan. Add onion and celery. Stir and cook 5 minutes. Add carrots, broccoli and broth. Cover, bring to a boil, then turn to simmer and cook for 15 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add milk, bring to a simmer. Add cheese, stirring until melted. Pour soup into a casserole. Float bread slices on top of soup and cover each with two wedges of Dakota Farms Swiss cheese. Place under broiler for 2 to 3 minutes until the cheese melts and turns a delicate brown. Sprinkle with crumbed bacon and serve.
Posted to recipelu-digest by molony <> on Feb 27, 1998