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Easy Couscous (Lybian Style)

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  • 1 kg Semolina
  • 2 c Water (up to 3)
  • 2 tb Oil
  • 1 ts Salt


couscous pot - a double cooker with holes in the bottom of the upper half. special sifter with very large holes
check semolina to see that it is okay for use. sprinkle the oil and rub the mixture between your palms until it is spread evenly [It reminds me of mixing flour with margarine for dough - but the size of the particles is very very small). pour 1/4 cup water over your palms unto the mixture and continue to work in the water. In summer, use more water - in winter less. The preparation is ready when it is damp but doesn't stick together to become dough. Sift the mixture and
add salt. Cook in top of double cooker for 20 min. Cook the chickpeas (or other vegetables) in water of bottom half. Do not put any seasonings in the pot. Remove the couscous from top half and repeat the process using upto 2 cups of water if necessary. The particle will be slightly larger now, and you may have to recook in 2 batches. return to top of double cooker for another 20 min. Pour into large bowl, break up the pieces and add a little water if necessary. Cover with cloth until cool.
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