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Dried Tomato Salad

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Cheese Tomato


  • Marinated dried tomatoes --
  • In jar or recipe fol
  • 1 bn Romaine or Leaf lettuce
  • 3 tb Extra virgin olive oil --
  • About
  • 1 tb Red wine vinegar -- about
  • Feta cheese


Cut the tomatoes into strips. Toss with lettuce, olive oil, and wine vinegar. Top with feta. Marinated dried tomatoes: Cover dried tomatoes with boiling water for 30 sec. Drain & dry on paper towels. If desired cut tomatoes into strips. In a glass jar combine: tomatoes garlic cloves pine nuts oregano basil rosemary cover with extra virgin olive oil Allow to marinate overnight before using. The amounts of the above ingredients depend on your tastes and how much tomato your preparing.Keeps for weeks in the fridge.
Recipe By : DEBBIEB30
From: Mld@sunshine.Eushc.Org Date: Tue, 22 Mar 94 06:05:57 -0500