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Calypso Sauce

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  • 1 tb Oil
  • 2 md Yellow onions; sliced and separated into rings
  • 4 Cloves garlic; sliced
  • Sugar
  • 25 Fresh Habaneros
  • 4 tb Vinegar
  • 4 tb Limeade concentrate
  • 2 tb Vodka
  • 4 tb Coleman's dry mustard
  • 3 ts Salt
  • 3 ts Allspice; ground

Directions: (Ross Thompson) (posted to by ("Matthew E. Pollack")) Saute until brown and caramelized the onions and garlic, in the oil and a small amount of sugar. Transfer this onion mixture to a blender. Add the remaining ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate.
From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive,