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Cake And Jelly Surprise

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  • 1 Recipe eggless sponge cake
  • 1 pk Strawberry jelly
  • 10 Fresh strawberries; (10 to 15)
  • 2 c Water paper
  • 1 5" x 6" strip wax or thick butter paper
  • 1/2 c Biscuits crumbled


Slice the cake in 3 horizontal parts. Take a bowl in which the cake fits perfectly. (use the tin used for baking the cake).
Place the butter paper strip all along the inside border vertically. Let the ends overlap. Place the lower part of the cake into the tin keeping the butter paper strip up and around it.
Boil the water, add jelly crystals, stir and dissolve well. Put half the mixture in the fill to chill. When thickened but not set, beat with a spoon and pour on to the layer of cake in the tin.
Sprinkle a third of the biscuits crumbs on it. Place the centre layer of cake on top.
Put in the chiller for jelly to set. Also place remaining jelly mixture in freezer to thicken save 1 tbsp for top. Repeat as for above. Cover with top layer of cake. Pour the remaining jelly (1 tbsp) over it, spread. Sprinkle remain crumbs, decorated with chopped strawberries. Chill for the topmost layer to set.
To serve very carefully insert a wide spatula under the bottom layer. Hold the butter paper tight around the cake and transfer to a cake plate. Carefully peel off butter paper. Serve immediately with or without vanilla ice-cream.
Making time -1 hour (excluding cake baking time)
Shelf life -2 days in chiller.
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