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Cafe Royale

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Beverages Coffee


  • 3/4 c Hot Strong Coffee
  • 4 ts Brandy
  • 1 Sugar Cube


Pour coffee into warmed mug. Float 2 teaspoons brandy on coffee. Put remaining 2 teaspoons brandy into a tablespoon with sugar cube. Warm spoon over hot coffee. With a match, carefully ignite brandy in teaspoon. Slowly lower spoon into coffee to ignite floating brandy. Wait 1 minute after flame has died before drinking. From Sheila Buff & Judi Olstein, "The New Guide to Mixer's Low-Alcohol to Nonalcoholic Drinks." Published By HPBooks, Inc., 1986, ISBN 0-89586-458-4.
From Gemini's MASSIVE MealMaster collection at