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Cactus Pickles

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  • 2 qt Prickly pears
  • Measure before cutting
  • 2 c Sugar
  • 2/3 c Vinegar
  • 3 oz Red cinnamon candies
  • 1 ts Pickling spice
  • 1/2 ts Whole cloves -- optional


Remove skins of prickly pear fruit. (They're more easily handled if you burn off the spines first.) Cut in halves lengthwise and remove seeds. Tie the pickling spice and cloves in a small piece of cheesecloth. Combine bag and all ingredients but pears. Cook pears in the syrup until transparent. Remove cc bag. Put pickles and syrup in canning jars with two-piece lids (you know, the flat part with rubber around edge and the screw-on outer ring.) Process for 15 minutes in boiling water to cover. If you don't have a canner, you can use any large covered kettle. Be sure to place a rack or folded dish towel under the jars before boiling. By Barbara Barte, courtesy of Pima County Coop. Extension Service
Recipe By : AXECLAN