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Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs

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  • 1/2 lb Ground beef
  • 1/4 c Cold water
  • 2 ts Minced onions
  • 1/2 ts Salt
  • 1/4 ts Seasoned pepper
  • 4 sl Bacon; cut in half crosswis


Combine first 5 ingredients, mixing well; shape into 8 meatballs. Roll bacon pieces aroung meatballs, and secure with toothpicks. Saute over medium heat until bacon is crisp and brown; drain off fat. If meatballs are not done, cover and simmer an additional 5 to 7 minutes.
Sourse: Mrs. Marian Jenkins, Savannah, Georgia; Souther Living Magazine, April 1979.
Recipe by: Southern Living, April 1979
Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by Barb at PK <> on Apr 17, 1998