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Backcountry Couscous

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  • Whole wheat couscous
  • Sesame seed salad dressing
  • Broccoli


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Couscous is a great backcountry food (though really bland). You can boil water in any small pot, or even a tea kettle and just throw it in, and wham, it's done in minutes. This is a great little recipe that I often eat at home (shhhh). Simply prepare the couscous per usual, then pour in a heaping of the salad dressing to taste. Add the broccoli (I prefer it raw, but you can boil it if need be). Those little Nalgene bottles are great for keeping separate the salad dressing (Uncle Chang's brand is best), which you definitely don't want spilling over your pack contents... Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #148 by Simps <> on May 28, 1997