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B S Brownies

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Cake Desserts


  • 4 oz Unsweetened chocolate
  • 4 oz (1 stick) unsalted margarine (I use salted)
  • 2 ts Vanilla
  • 1/2 ts Salt
  • 2 c Granulated sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 c Sifted; all purpose flour
  • 8 oz Walnuts; broken into large peices


preheat to 350*
1. adjust a rack 1/3 up from the bottom of oven.
2. line a 13x9x2" pan with foil.
3. butter foil lined pan.
4. melt chocolate squares in microwave. stir til smooth.
5. In a large bowl, beat butter with mixer, til soft.
6. add vanilla, salt and sugar and beat well.
7. add eggs, one at a time. beating til incorporated after each addition.
8. add melted chocolate, and beat til well mixed.
9. add flour, mixing on slow speed only til smooth.
10. stir in nuts by hand.
11. Turn into prepared pan and smooth the top.
12. bake for 30-33 min til tooth pick, inserted into the middle comes out almost but not completely clean. there should be a few specks of brownie clinging to the toothpick. Do not overbake.
13. cool at room temperature in pan. then cover with cookie sheet, turn to remove from pan.
14. It is best to chill the cake before cutting. place in the freezer for an hour or longer. then cut with a long thin sharp knife. cut into 16 huge or 32 regular brownies.
Recipe by: Mary Conlin
Posted to recipelu-digest by "Diane Geary" <> on Mar 6, 1998