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All Season Green-Up Tonic

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  • 1 cn Beer; (cheap beer - the kind you use for slugs)
  • 1 c Ammonia
  • 1 c Baby shampoo
  • 1 c Liquid lawn food
  • 1 c Molasses


I have long been a devotee of Jerry Baker (On The Garden LIne) and I use his "All season Green-up Tonic" on my garden, both in the ground and potted plants and my peppers seem to love it.
mix it all together and apply with a 20 gal hose-end lawn sprayer (the hose end sprayer will hold about 2/3rds of this mix. I use the entire batch on my 35 x 90 garden.
Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST by Andie Paysinger <> on May 21, 1998