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Ahuva's Strudel

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  • 1 kg Flour
  • 1 tb Baking powder
  • 1 c Water
  • 2 c Margarine
  • 1/2 c Oil
  • 1 c (scant) sugar
  • Prune levka; mixed with chopped nuts and raisins
  • Date spread; mixed as above
  • Strawberry jam
  • Chocolate spread
  • Cocoa; cinnamon and sugar


Mix all the ingredients together into a dough. Divide into eight balls. Refrigerate for two hours or more, covered with saran wrap.
Roll out on a floured surface to a rectangle. Spread with choice of fillings, and roll jellyroll fashion.
Bake in a moderate oven until golden brown. This freezes very well. Serve sliced.
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