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After Shaves

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  • 2 oz Tincture of witch hazel
  • 1/2 pt Unscented alcohol
  • 1 qt Distilled water
  • 1 oz Glycerine
  • 1 oz Tincture of balsam Peru
  • 1 ts Cinnamon
  • 1/2 ts Cloves
  • 1 oz Tincture of benzoin
  • 1 oz Tincture of Orange Peel
  • 1 dr Oil of bergamot
  • 1/2 pt Alcohol
  • 1 qt Water
  • 1/2 pt Alcohol
  • 1 qt Distilled Water
  • 1 oz Tincture of Benzoin
  • 1 dr Oil of Bergamot
  • 2 dr Lemon Oil OR:
  • 2 oz Tincture of Lemon Peel
  • 1/4 ts Cinnamon
  • 1 dr Oil of Bergamot
  • 2 dr Lime Oil
  • 1 oz Tincture of Benzoin
  • 1 qt Water
  • 1/2 pt Unscented Alcohol


The tangy tingling sensation it causes after being splashed on is one way to describe an after shave. Most after shaves act as astringents; they help firm skin tone and close skin pores when applied immediately after shaving. Many after shaves contain alcohol, which possesses antibacterial abilities, helping to prevent infections of nicks or shaving cuts. It also should contain glycerine and/or other ingredients known to be beneficial to skin care. Glycerine will help counter the drying effects on the skin, and the chafing and irritation that can develop with dry skin. *Most drug stores contain all of the above tinctures and oils. Herb and health food shops carry the essential oils. Posted to bbq-digest V5 #735 by RockMc <> on Dec 1, 1997