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About Garlic - a Grower's Advice

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To remove garlic odor from your hands, rinse your hands with fresh lemon juice or scrub with a bit of salt, then rinse with cool water.
To freshen your breath after eating garlic, chew on a sprig of fresh parsley.
The longer you cook garlic, the milder it becomes. When sauteing garlic, be careful not to burn it. Burned garlic will have a bitter taste, so discard it and start again.
To store garlic, keep bulbs in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Garlic needs air circulation so don't store in a plastic bag. A small wicker basket can keep garlic conveniently and attractively on a kitchen countertop, ready to use.
How to buy garlic? Look for garlic bulbs that have plump, firm cloves with the papery outer sheath intact. Avoid garlic that is soft, spongy or shriveled.
Notes: Try these recipes with Geiger Elephant Garlic from Bonifay, FL, USA
>from Pat Hanneman (Kitpath) 1998 Mar
Recipe by: Geiger Elephant Garlic 98-Mar
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