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A Neoclassical Thanksgiving Dinner

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Twelve creative twists on Thanksgiving tradition
1. Olives -- Peppered Citrus Olives
2. Carrots -- Grated Carrot and Date Salad with Gorgonzola
3. Turkey -- Rosemary-Sage Turkey Breast
4. Dressing -- Dried Fig and Apricot Stuffing
5. Gravy -- Sherried Portobello Gravy
6. Onions -- Cornbread and Apple-Stuffed Onions
7. First Potato -- Spicy Sweet Potato Won Tons
8. Second Potato -- Parsley Root and Pureed Potatoes
9. Peas -- Pea Shoots and Jerusalem Artichokes
10. Cranberries -- Cranberry Sorbet
11. Pie -- Pumpkin Ice Cream Tarts
12. Leftovers -- Double Celery Turkey Salad
One week before: Make Pumpkin Ice Cream; make Cranberry Sorbet.
One week to three days before: Make Peppered Citrus Olives.
The day before: Make pastry shells for Pumpkin Ice Cream Tarts; make cornbread and parboil onions for Corn Bread and Apple- Stuffed Onions.
The morning of the day: Peel potatoes and parsley root; keep in cold water until read to cook.
Make Dried Fig and Apricot Stuffing.
Bake sweet potatoes and chop serrano chiles for Spicy Sweet Potato Won Tons.
Make dressing for Grated Carrot and Date Salad.
Make dressing for Pea Shoot Salad with Jerusalem Artichokes.
The San Francisco Chronicle, November 15, 1995
Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #194 by Linda Place <> on Jul 27, 1997