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Recipes in the Vegetarian Category:

"Beef" and Bean Burrito
"Cheese" Fricadelle
"Chickenless" a la King
"Field of Greens" Wilted Spinach W/ Lemon and Pine Nuts
"Fried" Green Tomatoes
"Hot Dogs"
"Instant" Sorbet
"Soy Vey!" Challah (Bread)
1-2-3 Vegetable Chili
3 Tofu Marinades, Pressing Tofu
5-Spice Tamales
7-Grain Vegetable and Brown Rice Loaf
7-Grain Vegetable Soup
A Bowl of Red
A Bowl of Red (Reno Red)
Aam Lhassi
About Gardenburger(R)
Acapulco Rice
Acorn Squash Stuffed with Apple Couscous
Adas Careh (Lentil Butter)
Adriatic Ravioli
Aduki and Squash Soup
African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew
African Vegetarian Stew
Aged Tofu (Figi)
Agliata Per Pasta (Garlic and Walnut Sauce For
Agliata Per Pasta (Garlic and Walnut Sauce for Pasta)
Akpith (Corn/maize and Bean Flour Snack)
All Bran Loaf
Almond Brussels Sprouts Soup (Atlas)
Almond Milk (Non-Dairy!)
Almond Rice Casserole
Almost No-Cal Red Beans and Rice
Alsatian Cassoulet
Alu Bagan
Amaranth Pancakes
Amaranth Stir Fry
Amaranth, Fig and Arugula Salad W/sesame Dres
Amaretto Coconut Bread
Amy Scherber's Pecan Sticky Buns - Tvfn
An Excellent Veggieburger
Anai Pachadi
Anasazi and Pinto Beans with Hominy And Green Chiles
Anasazi Bean Soup
Anasazi Bean Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings
Andromeda Vegetarian Chili
Angel Hair Pesto Primavera
Anginares Me Anitho - Artichokes with Dill
Anglo-Indian Curry Sauce
Anna Jachimowicz's Standard Seasoning
Another Garlic Soup Recipe
Anoushabour (Christmas Pudding)
Anti-Cholesterol Drink
Antipasto Pasta Salad
Antipasto Rice #2
Antipasto Spread
Apple and Carrot Muffins
Apple and Oats Betty
Apple and Rye Bread Pudding
Apple Barley Soup
Apple Beet Borscht
Apple Cake
Apple Cinnamon Pudding
Apple Crisp
Apple Crisp #3 #2
Apple Pancakes #3
Apple-Carrot Muffins
Apple-Fennel Salad with Fusilli
Apple-Phyllo Rolls
Apple-Raisin Crisp
Apple-Strawberry Whip
Apple-Walnut Salad with Watercress
Apricot Almond Empanaditas
Apricot Couscous
Apricot Creme Tart
Arame Rice Patties
Arizona Skillet Dinner #2
Armenian Eggplant Dip
Armenian Ragout of Lentils, Squash, Apricots
Armenian Stew
Aromatic Green Casserole
Arrowroot Sauce
Arroz Agua Fresca
Artichoke Frittata #2
Artichoke Paste
Artichoke Pie #2
Artichoke Sauce with Mushrooms and Greens
Artichoke Saute
Artichokes and Peas
Artichokes with Herbs
Ash-E Jow (Iranian Barley Soup)
Asian Pesto
Asian Stuffed Mushrooms
Asian-Style Honey Vegetable Stir Fry
Asparagus and Bulgur
Asparagus and Mushroom Stew
Asparagus and Mushrooms in Tarragon Cream
Asparagus and Red Pepper Soup
Asparagus Crepes with Mushroom Dill-Sauce
Asparagus Guacamole
Asparagus Risotto with Mushrooms and Sun-Drie
Asparagus Strudel
Asparagus Tomato Sitr-Fry
Asparagus with Roasted Red Peppers
Atar Allecha
Athenian Couscous Salad
Aubergine and Cashews
Aubergine Pate
Aubergines a la Toulousaine (Eggplant A La Toulouse)
Aunt Helen Rose's Gumbo (Vegetarian)
Autumn Barley Stew
Autumn Breakfast Squash Soup
Autumn Harvest Couscous
Autumn Quinoa and Butter Beans
Avocado Kashmir
Avocado-And-Orange Salad with Citrus Vinaigre
Azzor Rojos
B-B-Q Seitan
Baba Gannouj (Joel Rapp)
Baba Ganouj (Tangy Eggplant Dip)
Baba Ganoush
Baba Ganoush #2
Baba Ghanouj - Quick and Easy Diabetic Menus
Backpacking Simple Food Ideas
Baigan Bharta
Baingan Bharta
Baked Autumn Vegetables with Barley and Wild Rice
Baked Avocado with Curried Nut/raisin Stuffin
Baked Barley and Bean Casserole
Baked Bean Creole
Baked Bulgur with Pecans
Baked Butternut Squash
Baked Couscous with Spinach and Pine Nuts
Baked Cranberry Squash
Baked Eggplant Slices
Baked Eggplant with Two Cheeses
Baked Flatbread with Garlic (Lahsooni Naan)
Baked Harvest Vegetables
Baked Lentil and Vegetable Stew
Baked Lentils
Baked Macaroni and Cheese #4
Baked Oatmeal #3
Baked Plantain Load
Baked Potato Patties
Baked Potato Salad #4
Baked Potato with Curried Mushrooms
Baked Spinach-P)asta Casserole
Baked Spring Rolls
Baked Squash Casserole #2
Baked Stuffed Peppers
Baked Stuffed Squash
Baked Stuffed Vidalia Onions
Baked Summer Squash
Baked Sweet Potatoes and Red Potatoes
Baked Two-Bean Loaf
Baked Vegetable Fritatta
Baked Winter Squash
Baked, Pressed Tofu
Baking Mix and Uses From Vegetarian Times Pt 1
Baking Mix and Uses From Vegetarian Times Pt 2
Baking Mix, Lowfat
Balfa with Dal
Banana and Lemon Pancakes
Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie (The Inner Child)
Banana and Sultana Cake
Banana Bran Muffins #2
Banana Fruit Cake
Banana Nut Muffins #2
Banana-Cheese Empanadas
Bananas and Limes with Ginger Ale
Bananas in Coconut Cream
Bananas in Coconut Milk
Bananas with Green Split Peas
Banda Kopir Tarkari (Vegetables Stir Fried with Spices)
Barbecue Sauce #10
Barbecue Soy Burgers
Barbecued Bean Salad
Barbecued Onions for Goodwich
Barbecued Tempeh
Barbecued Tofu
Barfi (Nut Based Dessert)
Barley and Almond Stuffed Squash
Barley and Vegetable Pie
Barley Buttermilk Soup
Barley Casserole #2
Barley Pancakes with Banana
Barley Vegetable Casserole
Barley-Amaranth Waffles
Basai Badawi (Onions with Lentils Nuts and Fruit)
Basic "Chicken" Broth
Basic Bean Soup
Basic Biscuit Crust
Basic Black Beans #2
Basic Bruschetta #2
Basic Cream Soup
Basic Fat Burning Soup (Dolly Parton Soup)
Basic Free Green Salad #2
Basic Loaf Recipe for Legumes
Basic Marinara Sauce
Basic Miso Soup
Basic Oatburger
Basic Red Gazpacho
Basic Vegetarian Tomato Sauce
Basil Cheese Torta with Red Bell Pepper Strips and Pine Nuts
Basil Jicama Fruit Salad
Basil Marinated Tomatoes
Basil-Cumin-Fennel Potatoes
Basil-Tomato Vinaigrette Topping for Potatoes
Basmati and Wild Rice Salad with Tangerines And Pine Nuts
Basmati Rice with Nuts and Dried Fruit
Bbq Burgers
Bean and Cashew Nut Salad
Bean and Eggplant Stew
Bean and Garlic Dip
Bean and Rice Burgers
Bean and Rice Burritos #2
Bean and Tvp Burritos
Bean Burgers #3
Bean Burrito Layers
Bean Burritos W/salsa Mexicana
Bean Burritos with Salsa Mexicana
Bean Burritos with Tvp
Bean Curd and Coconut Soup
Bean Curd on Sizzling Platter
Bean Curd Rolls
Bean Curd with a Deliciously Spicy Sauce
Bean Curd with Broccoli
Bean Curd with Chinese Parsley
Bean Curd with Pineapple
Bean Dip #8
Bean Lasagna [Layered Bean and Noodle Casserole]
Bean Moussaka
Bean Pasta Primavera
Bean Pate #2
Bean Patties
Bean Salad with Mustard Marinade
Bean Soup #5
Bean Stew with Corn Dumplings
Bean Stew with Fennel and Tomatoes
Bean Vegetable Soup
Bean-And-Corn Chili over Puffed Tortilla (Lf)
Bean-Corn Enchiladas
Beanie Brownies
Beans 'n Rice Skillet
Beans 'n' Rice Cha Cha Cha
Beans and Tvp Burritos
Beans with Coconut Milk
Beans/potato Curry
Beany Burgers
Beef Kabobs over Lemon Rice
Beer Nuts
Beet and Horse-Radish Relish
Beet Pesto
Beet Soup with Sage and Shallots
Bell Pepper Curry
Bell Pepper Salsa #2
Berry Almond Bundt Cake
Besan Curry
Beta Carotene Queen Smoothie
Bhindi Subji (Okra and Tomatoes)
Big Batch Lemon Muffins
Big, Bold Noodle Soup
Bionic Breakfast Sausages
Bisque of Mushroom Soup
Black Bean and Cashew Chili
Black Bean and Corn Salad #2
Black Bean and Greek Olive Pate with Walnuts
Black Bean and Millet Salad
Black Bean and Quinoa Chili
Black Bean and Rice Burritos #2
Black Bean and Rice Salad
Black Bean and Root Vegetable Stew
Black Bean and Salsa Salad
Black Bean and Yam Pitas
Black Bean Burgers
Black Bean Casserole Ole
Black Bean Chilaquiles
Black Bean Chili #4
Black Bean Chili #5
Black Bean Chili Salad
Black Bean Chili with Toasted Spice Seasoning
Black Bean Fiesta
Black Bean Flautas
Black Bean Hummus
Black Bean Lasagna
Black Bean Lasagna #3
Black Bean Polenta
Black Bean Salad with Chilies
Black Bean Salad with Oranges
Black Bean Sausage with Tofu and Fresh Corn
Black Bean Soup #6
Black Bean Soup #7
Black Bean Soup #10
Black Bean Soup (Veg Times)
Black Bean Soup - Graham Kerr's Smart Cooking
Black Bean Tart with Cornmeal Crust
Black Bean with Peppers and Cumin Vinaigrette
Black Bean, Corn, and Cheddar Fritters
Black Bean-Stuffed Peppers
Black Bean-Sweet Potato Burritos
Black Beans (Randelman)
Black Beans and Pasta
Black Beans and Rice #6
Black Beans and Rice (Genie)
Black Beans and Vegetables
Black Beans with Bean Curd
Black Beans with Fresh Plums and Bell Peppers
Black Beans, Devilishly Delicious
Black Beans; Southwestern
Black Eyed Beans with Basil Sambuca Dressing
Black Olive Tapenade with Garlic Toasts
Black-Eyed Pea Fritters
Black-Eyed Peas and Barley Pilaf
Black-Eyed Peas with Mushrooms
Black-Eyed Peas with Mushrooms #2
Black-Eyed Peas with Spinach
Blackeyed Peas and Rice
Blender Gazpacho
Blossoming Onion
Blue Cabbage Rolls
Blue Cheese Toasts with Walnuts
Blue Corn Muffins with Cranberries
Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies #2
Blueberry Crisp #3
Blueberry Lemon Streusel Cake
Bobbie's Mushroom and Spinach Fajitas
Boiled Pot-Stickers (Shwei Jow)
Bollos (Using Cooked Peas)
Bombay Rice and Lentils
Bon Appetit Vegetarian Chili with Chipotle Chilies
Bonjan Salat (Spicy Eggplant Salad)
Boolawnee ( Fried Leek Pastries )
Borscht Energy Soup
Boston Black-Eyed Peas
Bouranee Baunjan (Eggplant with Yoghurt Sauce
Bourekakia Me Kremithakia Freska (Scallions in Filo)
Bowl of Compassion Vegetarian Chili
Bowtie Pasta with Creamy Cilantro Pesto
Braised Fennel with Lemon and Pepper
Braised Leeks and Mushrooms
Braised Tempeh Napoletano
Brazil and Cashew Nut Roast with Chestnut Stuffing
Brazilian Broccoli Beans
Breaded Tofu Cutlets
Breakfast Miso Soup
Briami - Greek Vegetable Casserole
Briami Mystras (Multi-Vegetable and Herb Casserole
Brilliant Beet Dip
Broccoflower Stir-Fry
Broccoli Amandine
Broccoli Lasagna #2
Broccoli Mushroom Casserole
Broccoli Pie #2
Broccoli Quiche #4
Broccoli Soup6
Broccoli Strudel
Broccoli W/ Sesame Sauce
Broccoli with Sesame Sauce
Broccoli with Zest
Broccoli-Mushroom Noodle Casserole
Broiled Marinated Vegetables
Broiled Portabellos
Broiled Tomatoes with Feta Cheese
Brooklyn Bagels #2
Broth Cooked Orzo with Lemon and Parsley
Broth Cooked Pasta Tossed with Olives and Parsley
Brown and White Rice Bread
Brown Lentil Bake with Pineapple
Brown Rice
Brown Rice Casserole
Brown Rice Casserole with Tofu and Vegetables
Brown Rice Pilaf with Vegetables and Garlic
Brown Rice Saute with Parsley and Sage
Brown Rice with Forty Shades of Green
Brown Rice with Sesame Fried Vegetables
Brown Rice with Veggies
Brown Rice, Almond and Vegetable Croquettes
Brownies #11
Brownies #12
Brunch Rice
Bruschetta #2
Bruschetta #3
Bruschetta Romana Piccante (Spicy Roman Bruschetta)
Brushcetta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Capers
Brushchetta with Sauteed Escarole
Brussel Sprouts Pasta
Brussels Sprouts with Mushroom Glaze <r T>
Buckwheat Bake
Buckwheat Crepes with Onions, Apples, and Cheese
Buckwheat Crepes with Potato and Mushroom Filling
Buckwheat Croquettes
Buddhist Monk's Soup
Bulgar Burgers
Bulghur "Meat"Balls with Fresh Vegetable Sauc
Bulghur Burgers
Bulghur Neat Balls
Bulghur Wheat "Sausage" Patties
Bulgur and Walnut Loaf
Bulgur Chili #2
Bulgur Noodles with My Grandmother's Onions
Bulgur Pilaf
Burgers with Caramelized Onions
Burmese Veggies with Hot Peppers
Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash Chowder
Butternut Squash Pasta
Butternut Squash Risotto with Leeks
Butternut Squash Soup #2
Butternut Squash with Onions and Sage
Butternut Squash with Stuffing
Butternut Squash with Wholewheat, Wild Rice and Onion Stuff
Butterscotch Ice Cream
C Cubed Casserole (Corn, Cheese, and Chilis)
Cabbage and Apple Casserole
Cabbage and Dumpling Soup
Cabbage and Tofu over Rice
Cabbage Carrot and Onion Curry
Cabbage Cooked with Bean Curd
Cabbage Curry
Cabbage Potatoes and Peas Molagootal
Cabbage, Carrot and Onion Curry
Cabbage-Pineapple Salad
Cabbage-Rice Casserole
Cafe Flora's Vegetable Nut Burgers
Cafe Kula Grilled Tofu
Cajun Beans over Cornbread
Cajun Red Beans and Rice #2
Cajun Red Beans and Rice #3
Cajun Red Beans and Rice 3
Cajun Skillet Beans
Cajun Tofu
Cajun Turnovers
Cajun-Style Red Beans and Brown Rice
Calabaza Soup
Calico Chili
Calico Corn #2
California French Bread Pizza
California Quesadillas
California Vegetable Pizza
Calzones #2
Can of Veggie Salad
Cannelloni with Cheese and Spinach
Cantaloupe Melba
Capetown Fruit and Vegetable Curry
Caramel Sauce #4
Carciofi Alla Romana (Artichokes Roman Style)
Caribbean Black Bean Soup #2
Caribbean Black Beans
Caribbean Black Beans #2
Caribbean Fruit Shake
Caribbean Guisado
Caribbean Squash and Sweet Potato Stew
Caribbean Vegetable Stew #2
Carob Cake
Carob Chip Cookies #3
Carob Date Brownie Mix
Carob Poundcake
Carol Potter's Noodles with Peanut Sauce
Carol's Favorite Vegetarian Chili
Carrot and Cashew Soup ()
Carrot and Zucchini Vichyssoise
Carrot Cabbage Casserole
Carrot Confetti Salad
Carrot Pate
Carrot Pickles
Carrot Raisin Salad
Carrot Salad #6
Carrot Salad #12
Carrot Salsa
Carrot Sandwich Spread
Carrot Sesame Bagels
Carrot Soup #5
Carrot Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Carrot, Leek and Olive Stew
Carrot-Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Carrot-Tofu Quiche
Carrots (California Orange Style)
Casablanca Couscous
Cashew "Whipped Cream"
Cashew Bechamel Sauce
Cashew Cream
Cashew Loaf
Cashew Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing
Cashew Uncheese
Casserole De Santa Fe
Casserole of Blackeyed Peas and Collards (Prev)
Catalan Potato Lima Soup
Cauliflower and Red Lentil Curry
Cauliflower Cheese Pie with Grated Potato Crust
Cauliflower Curry
Cauliflower, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry Thornton
Cauliflower-Broccoli "Cheese" Bake
Celery and Cabbage Bake
Central Coast Stir-Fry Vegetables
Ceylonese Eggplant
Champagne Sorbet with Wild Strawberries
Channa Kari (Curried Chick Peas)
Chatni Gashneez ( Coriander Chutney )
Chayote and Corn Stuffed Chilies with Red Sauce
Chcolate Dream Dessert
Cheese and Corn Chowder
Cheese and Corn Strata
Cheese and Mushroom Sausages
Cheese and Spinach Borag
Cheese and Trees Soup
Cheese and Vegetable Quiche
Cheese Crumb Topping
Cheese Fondue #8
Cheese Lasagna
Cheese Lasagne Casserole
Cheese Mushroom Suffle
Cheese Pasties
Cheese Ravioli with Rosemary and Lemon
Cheese Sauce, Sans Cheese, Ff
Cheese Tomato Toast
Cheese-Scalloped Corn #2
Cheesy Butter Beans #2
Cheesy Gravy
Cheesy Lasagne with Spinach
Cheesy Vegetable Sandwiches
Cheeze Sause Substitue
Cherry Bread Pudding
Cherry Tomato and Vegetable Saute
Chestnut and Lentil Soup
Chestnut and Rice Savoury
Chestnut Broth with Soft Spices
Chestnut Roast
Chestnut, Walnut and Red Wine Loaf
Chestnut-Mushroom Casserole
Chestnut-Stuffed Mushrooms
Chestnuts with Rice
Chicago-Style Pizza
Chick Pea and Basmati Rice Salad
Chick Pea and Mushroom Bake
Chick Pea and Yam Stew
Chick Pea Loaf
Chick Pea Salad with Garlic-Cumin Vinaigrette
Chick Pea Stew
Chick Peas in Olive-Tahini Sauce
Chick Peas in Spanish Sauce
Chick Peas Italiano
Chick-Peas in Chunky Tomato Sauce over Cousco
Chicken Fried Tofu with Cream Gravy
Chicken Velvet Soup #3
Chickenless Gravy
Chickpea and Sweet Potato Koftas
Chickpea Burgers
Chickpea Burgers #3
Chickpea Curry
Chickpea Flour and Green Onion Pancakes
Chickpea Sandwich Spread
Chickpea Soup - Hasa Al-Hummus
Chickpea-Couscous Croquettes
Chickpea-Zucchini Curry
Chickpeas in Spicy Tahini Sauce
Chickpeas Italienne
Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Rice
Chilaquile Casserole
Chile Paste
Chile Relleno Tamales
Chile-Lime Potatoes
Chilean Squash
Chiles Rellenos Casserole
Chili Bean Casserole
Chili Con Seitan
Chili Con Tofu and Beans
Chili Dog Rolls
Chili Enchiladas
Chili Lasagna
Chili Mole Popcorn
Chili of Penultimate Grooviness
Chili Powder
Chili Relleno (Tofu) Casserole
Chili Relleno Pie
Chili Rico
Chili Rojo Gumbo
Chili with Five Kinds of Peppers
Chili-Cheese Jubilee
Chili-Fried Green Tomatillos
Chilie Tomato Salad
Chilla Puri
Chilled Couscous Salad with Mango
Chilled Eggplant Appetizer
Chilled Leek and Potato Soup
Chilled Lemon Soup
Chilled Pear Soup
Chilled Rice Salad
Chilled Tomatoes Stuffed with White Beans And
Chinese Barbecued Chunks
Chinese Broccoli
Chinese Cabbage and Bean Curd Soup with Mushrooms <t>
Chinese Green Bean Casserole
Chinese Joy Pot
Chinese Salad
Chinese Style Bean Sauce with Tofu
Chinese Style Sauteed Firm Tofu
Chinese Vegetable Miso Soup
Chinese Vegetables and Tofu
Chinese Winter Soup
Chipotle Cream (Or Yogurt)
Chipotle-Ancho Chili Pesto
Chocolate Chip Cookies #6
Chocolate Chip Cookies <r T>
Chocolate Grand Marnier Souffle
Chocolate Puddle Pudding
Chou-Chou Koot/curry/pooduthual
Chox Rouge Aux Groseille Braise
Christmas Eve Couscous
Christmas Savoury Strudel
Chuck's Barley-Mushroom Winter Borscht (Vegan or Lacto)
Chunky Cat Barf
Chunky Granola (With No Oil Added)
Chunky Leek and Potato Soup
Chunky Vegetable Paella
Chunky Vegetable Stew with Chickpeas
Chunky Vegetarian Chili
Cinnamon Buns
Cinnamon Raisin Apple Muffin Mix
Cinnamon Swirl
Cinnamon Torte
Citrus Dressing
Citrus Rice Mold
Citrus Risotto
Ciuffetti with Porcini Mushrooms
Classic Apricot Sweet (Mudur Chere)
Classic Mediterranean Salad
Classic Quiche
Classic Salsa (Hot!)
Classic Thai Fried Rice
Claudia's Eggplant Casserole with Tofu
Coconut Custard #2
Coconut Ice
Coconut Rice
Coconut Rice #2
Coconut Rice #4
Coconut Rice Noodles
Coconut Snaps
Coconut Tofu Soup (Vegan, But High Fat)
Coffee Ice Cream Smoothie
Coffee-Flavored Pudding
Cold and Spicy Noodles
Cold Eggplant Provencale
Cold Lentil Salad
Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce
Cold Noodles with Pineapple
Cold Oriental Noodles with Peanut Sauce
Cold Peanut Noodles
Cold Sichuan Noodles
Cold Sweet and Sour Soup
Coleslaw (Kieran Maloy)
Collards and Tomatoes
Colombo De Giraumon (Spicy Pumpkin)
Condimento Ai Funghi (Wild Mushroom Topping)
Condimento Alle Verdure (Cool Summer Vegetable Topping)
Condimento Pugliese (Sweet Pepper Spread)
Confetti Macaroni Casserole
Consumer Reports Vegetarian Burger
Cooking Artichokes
Cool Vegetable Pizza
Copper Carrot Sauce
Corn 'n Peas Pasta Salad
Corn and Cheese Chowder
Corn and Lima Bean Stew
Corn and Red Lentil Soup
Corn and Tomato Polenta
Corn and Zucchini Dumplings with Jalapeno Vinegar
Corn Bread #3
Corn Crepes with Goat Cheese Stuffing in Mole Poblano
Corn Enchiladas
Corn Muffins #3
Corn Rice Pilaf
Corn Salad #4
Corn Soup (Creamy Style) <r T>
Corn with Barbecue Sauce
Corn, Black Bean and Rice Burritos
Corn, Black Bean, and Roasted Red Pepper Salsa
Corn, Orange and Tomato Relish
Corn, Squash and Rice Loaves
Corn-Stuffed Peppers
Cornmeal Dumplings
Cornmeal Waffles with Chili Topping
Cottage Cheese and Apple Pancakes
Country Chili
Country Chili with Tvp
Country Life Tofu Cheesecake
Courgette 'meatballs'
Cous-Cous Tabbouleh
Couscous Patties
Couscous Primavera
Couscous Salad
Couscous Stuffed Eggplant
Couscous with Artichoke Hearts and Smoky Walnuts
Couscous with Corn and Black Beans
Couscous with Lentils Tomatoes and Basil
Couscous with Mushrooms
Couscous with Spicy Chick Pea Stew
Couscous-Stuffed Zucchini
Cousous Topped with Almonds
Cowboy Hot-Pot
Cozy Orzo
Crackling Rice Vegetable Soup
Cran-Apple Tamale Turnovers
Cranberry Aspic
Cranberry Crunch Smoothie, Grandma Grandy's
Cranberry Fritters
Cranberry Ginger Tea
Cranberry Orange Salad
Cranberry Upside-Down Muffins
Cranberry-Bran Muffins
Cranberry-Stuffed Acorn Squash
Cream Cheese and Mushroom Enchiladas
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Cream of Broccoli Soup #2
Cream of Carrot Soup
Cream of Curried Vegetable and Split Pea Soup
Cream of Shiitake Mushroom Soup
Cream of Sun-Dried Tomato Soup
Cream of Sweet Potato Soup
Cream of Veggie Soup
Creamed Butternut and Apple Soup
Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Creamy Chili Bean and Hominy Casserole
Creamy Cole Slaw - Lacto
Creamy Garlic Soup
Creamy Garlic Tofu Dressing or Dip
Creamy Green Garlic Dressing
Creamy Italian Pita
Creamy Leek Soup
Creamy Lemon Tart Pudding
Creamy Mushroom Soup #2
Creamy Pasta Salad
Creamy Pesto Sauce
Creamy Quinoa Pudding
Creamy Spinach Soup
Creamy Squash, Apple, and Corn Bisque
Creamy Tomato Soup
Creamy Vegetable Tahini Soup
Creamy White Sauce
Creole Beans and Rice
Creole Favorite
Crisp and Cool Middle Eastern Salad
Crisp Fried Noodles and Chili Vegetables
Crisp Pasta Pancake with Spicy Pepper Relish
Crisp Split Peas
Crisp-Fried Vegetarian Noodles
Crispy Baked Eggplant
Crispy Bean Curd Cubes with Peanut Dipping Sa
Crispy Fried Noodles
Crispy Lemon Cake
Crispy Vegan Rolls
Critterless Chili
Crock Pot Hashbrowns
Crockpot Barbeque
Crockpot Hashbrowns
Crockpot Spanish Rice
Crostini Ai Pepperoni Arrostiti (Crostini with Sweet Pepp
Crostini Di Polenta Ai Funghi (Polenta Crosti
Crostini Di Polenta Alla Pizzaiola (Polenta and Tomato Sauc
Crumb-Coated Potatoes
Crunchy Beans with Turnips
Crunchy Vegetable Rolls with Soy Dipping Sauce
Crunchy, Munchy Crackers
Cuban Black Bean and Rice Salad (Solomon)
Cucumber Filled with Avocado Pesto
Cucumber Logs Filled with Black and Gold Humm
Cucumber Salad
Cumin Rice with Eggplant and Peppers
Curried Beans
Curried Carrot Fritters
Curried Chick Pea Casserole
Curried Chickpea and Potato Wraps
Curried Chickpeas (Kabli Chana)
Curried Chickpeas with Veggies
Curried Egg and Artichoke Dip
Curried Garbanzos
Curried Lentil and Vegetable Soup
Curried Lentil Pie
Curried Lentils with Spinach
Curried Potatoes and Peas (Aloo Matar Rasedaa
Curried Spinach and Chick Pea Soup
Curried Spinach Samosa
Curried Spinach, Walnut and Orange Salad
Curried Spring Vegetables with Brown Rice
Curried Squash and Mushroom Soup
Curried Vegetable Stew with Couscous
Curried Vegetables and Beans
Curried Whole Chick Peas (Chole)
Curry Soup with Beans
Curry Vinaigrette
Curtin Aikens' Vegetarian Dressing
Curtis Aikens' Vegetarian Dressing
Daall-Mepali Lentil Soup Recipe
Dabo Kolo (Crunchy Spice Bites)
Daddy's Sopa De Feijao Frado
Dahl Palak (Spinach and Split Peas)
Dairy Free Fettuccine Alfredo
Dairy-Free Pasta "Cheese" Sauce
Dan's Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce
Dandelion Flower Fritters
Dandelion Salad with Mustard Greens Vinaigret
Danish Crisp Onions
Date Muffins #2
Deanne's Herbed Lentil Loaf
Deep-Fried Bean Curd Stir-Fried with Mushroom
Deep-Fried Bean Curd Stir-Fried with Mushrooms and Broccol
Deep-Fried Tofu
Deep-Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce
Deep-Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce #2
Deep-Fried Tofu with Plum Sauce
Deep-Fried Yellow Bean Paste (Baa Yir)
Delectable Carob Fudge
Denver Grainlette
Dess B'l-Besla (Lentils with Onions)
Dessert Couscous
Dessert Topping *Low-Fat*
Devilled Burgers with Tvp
Dill Pickles #3
Dilled "Chilled" Carrots (Sonf Gazar Subji)
Dinner Crepes with Mushroom and Walnut Fillin
Ditalini with Flageolets and Pesto
Ditalini with Zucchini
Divine Corn Chowder
Dolmadakia (Stuffed Grapeleaves with Rice)
Dolmades Yialandzi (Stuffed Grapevine Leaves)
Dom's Primavera
Domatosoupa Me Spaghetti
Dorothy's Mostaccioli Vegetarian Pasta with W
Double Cheese Tart
Double Melon Soup
Double-Mushroom Barley Soup
Drunkard's Noodles (Gueyteow Pad Ki Mow)
Drunken Leeks #2
Dry Potato Curry
Dry Sauteed Green Beans
Dutch Leek Soup
Easy Bean Tostada
Easy Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Easy Chocolate Cake #3
Easy Creamy Berry Soup
Easy Eggplant Parmesan
Easy Fudge #2
Easy Halloween Pudding
Easy Hummus
Easy Island Lentil Dish
Easy Low-Fat Chili
Easy Mild Salsa
Easy Miso Soup with Vegetables and Tofu
Easy Sunflower Pate
Easy Tomato Soup
Eden Hummus
Edensoy Shake
Egg and Vegetable Rice Bake
Egg Noodles in Mock Sausage Tomato Sauce
Egg Tacos #2
Eggless Egg Salad #4
Eggless Mayo ("Better 'n Hellman's")
Eggless Mayonnaise
Eggless Mayonnaise (Vegetarian)
Eggless Omelets
Eggless Tofu-Pesto Quiche
Eggplant "Parmesan"
Eggplant a la Provencale
Eggplant and Bocconcini Tart with Rocket
Eggplant and Buckwheat Patties
Eggplant and Chickpea Moussaka with Tomatoes And Basil
Eggplant and Garlic Mousse
Eggplant and Pepper Casserole with Rice
Eggplant Bharta
Eggplant Caponata with Tomatoes, Onions and Ricotta
Eggplant Caviar #8
Eggplant Creole
Eggplant Curry
Eggplant in a Carriage (Melanzane In Carrozza
Eggplant in the Style of Modugno (Melanzane A
Eggplant Kottu (Eggplant and Chickpeas (Or Moong Beans)
Eggplant Lasagne #2
Eggplant Matzo Mina
Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant Parmesan #8
Eggplant Parmigiana #7
Eggplant Pilaf (Vegan)
Eggplant Pilaf in Olive Oil
Eggplant Provencale
Eggplant Rollups
Eggplant Salad #6
Eggplant Stuffing
Eggplant Tofu Curry
Eggplant with Garlicky Brown Sauce
Eggplant with Quinoa and Chickpeas
Eggplant with Tofu
Eggplant Yeast Bake
Eggplant, Red Pepper and Spinach Curry
Eggplant-Cheese Casserole
Eggplant-Filled Ravioli with Tomato Cream Sauce
Eggplant-Spinach Curry
Eggplant-Spinach Curry #2
Eggplant-Stuffed Crepes
Eggplant-Swiss Cheese Casserole
Eggplant-Tomato Sauce #2
Eggs on Curried Rice
Eggy Potatoey
Egyptian Lentils #2
Eight Great Peanut Butter Sandwishes
El Cholo's Vegetarian Enchiladas
Elaine's Dolmas
Elbow Pasta with Basil, Parsley and Lime
Elegant Chestnut Soup
Elegant Stuffed Pumpkin
Emeril's Creole Succotash
Enchalada Casserole
Enchilada Bake #3
Enchiladas De Papas (Potato Enchiladas)
Enchiladas Supremas
Enchiladas with Salsa Mexicana
Ensalada Ofrenda
Esau's Pottage
Ethiopian Lentils
Extra Cheese Lasagne
Fakes Xithati (Sour Lentil Soup)
Faki (Hellenic Lentil Soup)
Falafel #2
Falafel #4
Falafel #5
Falafel #6
Falafel #7
Falafel #8
Falafel #9
Falafel #11
Falafel (Diabetic)
Falafel (Lebanese)
Falafel Golden Domes with Tahini Sauce #2
Falafel [Chilehead Version]
False Fish
Family Casserole
Farfalle with Mixed Mushrooms and Nuts
Farfelle with Carrot, Sage and Scallion
Farm Market Soup Stew
Farmer's Chili
Farmers' Pot Pie
Farro with Porcini and Wild Mushrooms
Fasolia Gigandes (Butter Bean Stew)
Fast Pilaf
Fastest Pasta with Spinach Sauce (Bishop)
Fat Tuesday's Skinny Red Beans
Fava Bean Burgers
Fava Bean Dip
Fave Alle Sette Insalate (Fava Beans and Seven
Fedelini Pasta with Grilled Peppers and Zucchini
Felafel #2
Felafel Balls
Felafel in Pita Pockets
Fennel and Onion Tart
Festive Cocktail Bake
Fettuccine and Vegetables in a Garlic-Mint Sauce
Fettuccine Primavera #4
Fettuccine with Creamy Squash Sauce
Fettuccine with Low-Fat Alfredo
Fettuccine with Tomato, Basil and Yogurt Sauce
Fettunta Toscana (Grilled Bread with Tomates and Basil)
Field of Greens Wilted Spinach W/ Lemon and Pin
Fig Square
Filet De Tofu with Apricot Dijon Sauce
Finnish Carrot Pancake with Cranberry Sauce
Finnish Summer Soup
Fit for Life Pizza
Fit in Your Pants, Eggplants
Fitascetta (Onion Covered Bread Ring)
Five Bean Soup
Five Dahl Soup #2
Flageolets Parisiens
Flaky Pesto Olive Pinwheels
Flame-Toasted Whole-Wheat Tortillas
Flan (Fat Free)
Flavorful Beans with Mushrooms
Florentine Lasagna Roll
Flour Tortillas #6
Focaccia Condita
Focaccia Pugliese (Focaccia From Puglia) #2
Focaccia Rustica (Country Focaccia)
Four Cheese Soup #2
Four Great Cottage Cheese Sandwiches
Four-Day Vegetable Soup
Fourby Chili (Black Beans, Beer, and Broccoli)
Fragrant Coconut Rice
Fragrant Vegetable Stew (Jhalfaraazi)
French Buckwheat Crepes with Mushrooms and Herbs
French Onion Soup (Macro)
French Toast #3
French-Style Cream of Broccoli Soup with Rose
Fresh and Light Guacamole
Fresh Broccoli and Red Pepper Pizza
Fresh Chile and Corn Fritters W/julienne of Tart Indian App
Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing
Fresh Mushroom Soup #2
Fresh Mushrooms with Eggplant and Tomato
Fresh Spinach Lasagna
Fresh Tomato Sauce (Gardenburger)
Fresh Tomato Soup #2
Fresh Tomato Soup W/crunchy Vegetables
Fresh Vegetable Basil Soup
Fresh Yams in Orange Sauce
Fried Apples and Onions
Fried Bean Curd with a Sweet and Sour Sauce
Fried Beancurd with Sweet Nut Sauce (Tao Hou
Fried Chick Peas
Fried Curried Rice (Khao Pad Pong Kari)
Fried Eggplant with Yogurt
Fried Green Beans with Coconut
Fried Multigrain Rice
Fried Onions and Apples
Fried Provolone Cheese
Fried Rice Fiesta
Fried Rice with Basil (Khao Pad Krapow)
Fried Rice with Peas and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Fried Rice with Peppery Curry
Fried Shredded Carrots
Fried Tofu
Fried Tortilla Chips #2
Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Cha Gio Chay)
Fried Wheat and Rye
Frijole Mole Chili
Frozen Lemon Cheesecake Yogurt Bars
Fruit Cake
Fruit Crisp
Fruit Shake (Non-Dairy!)
Fruit Sorbet
Fruit Soup #3
Fruit Stuffed Acorn Squash
Fruit Stuffed Cabbage
Fruit Tuile Baskets with Sabayon
Fruited Rice Salad
Fruity Gazpacho
Fudge Icing
Ful Nabed (Egyptian Bean and Vegetable Soup)
Fusilli Verde with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper
Fusilli with Creamy Walnut Sauce
Gala Hua Dal (Cooked Lentils, Peas, and Beans
Gala Vegetable-Nut Pate'
Galloping Horses -- Vegetarian Version
Garam Masala (Spice Mix - Mild)
Garbanzo and Carrot Salad
Garbanzo Burgers
Garbanzo Cassoulet
Garbanzo Oat Patties
Garbanzo Parsnip Gnocchi
Garbanzo Potato Pancakes
Garbanzo Stew
Garbanzo Stew (Lf)
Garden Burgers #2
Garden Burritos
Garden Calzones
Garden Casserole
Garden Gazpacho
Garden Paprikash
Garden Vegetable-Feta Pita and Lemon Tahini Dressing
Garden Vegetarian Chowder
Garden-Style Tortellini
Gardenmelt (Gardenburger)
Garlic and Chickpea Dip
Garlic Broth
Garlic Buttered Nuts
Garlic Cheese Potato Chips
Garlic Potatoes with Caramelized Onions <r T>
Garlic Soup #5
Garlic Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms
Garlic Spread
Garlic Stir-Fry Spinach
Garlicky Fettucine with Pine Nuts
Garlicky Pasta with Fresh Green Herbs
Garlicky Soba Noodles
Gazpacho #2
Gazpacho De Madrid
Gazpacho Salad #2
Gazpacho Soup
Georgia Caviar
Georgian (Russia) Garlic Salad (Aka Marinated Garlic)
Georgian Cuisine Kidney Beans
German Vegetable Medley
Giant Mushrooms Stuffed with Herbs and Cheese
Giant Spinach Shells
Giardiniera #5 - Italian
Ginger Broccoli
Ginger Broccoli Soup
Ginger Carrot Cake
Ginger Carrot Soup
Ginger Curry
Ginger Lemon Stir-Fry
Ginger Shake
Ginger Soft Drink
Ginger Stuffed Eggplant
Ginger Tofu
Ginger Tofu with Vegetables
Ginger-Garlic Potatoes
Gingerbread #2
Gingered Carrot and Spinach Supreme (Shaahi Palak)
Gingered Tofu Peanut Spread
Glazed Carrots #4
Glazed Cauliflower with Ginger
Glazed Tofu Kababs
Glutenberger Roast
Glutinous Rice and Bananas
Glutinous Rice with Mangoes
Gnocchi with Red Pepper Sauce
Goan Ginger-Scented Tomato and Cabbage Soup
Gobhi Mung
Gobi Paratha
Golden Curry
Golden Millet Porridge
Golden Nut Loaf
Golden Onion Quiche
Golden Poached Pears
Golden Spanish Rice
Golden Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup
Golden Wheat Pancakes
Good Neighbor Szechuan Noodles
Good Pinto Bean Recipe
Gorgonzola and Sage Pizzas
Gourmet Pizza
Gourmet Salad
Gracia's Black Beans
Grain Burgers
Granola Bars #2
Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice
Grape Salad (Stafili Salata)
Grapefruit Carrot Cocktail
Gratin of Red Beans (New Orleans Style)
Gravy with Sherry
Great Gluten Turkey
Great Vegetarian Chili
Grecian Stuffed Tomatoes
Greek Christmas Bread
Greek Onion Soup
Greek Rice Pudding with Lemon <r T>
Greek Stuffed Bell Peppers
Greek Vegetable Stew
Greek-Style Macaroni Pie
Greek-Style Mushrooms
Green Bean and Onion Casserole
Green Beans with Fried Bean Curd
Green Chile Enchiladas
Green Lentil Curry with Potatoes and Vegetables
Green Lentil Rissoles
Green Lentil Rissoles with Vegan Yogurt Sauce
Green Lentil Soup
Green Onion Wonton Strips
Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
Green Rice
Green Rice with Pine Nuts and Carrot Pickle Juice
Green, Green Guacamole
Grilled Corn on the Cob
Grilled Corn on the Cob with Chili Butter
Grilled Eggplant with Hoisin Sauce
Grilled Eggplant with Tomato Farce
Grilled Fennel with Pecan Sauce
Grilled Feta and Peppers on Puree of White Beans
Grilled Fresh Corn
Grilled Herbed Mushrooms in Cold Tomato Dress
Grilled Italian Bread with Tomatoes and Basil
Grilled Marinated Vegetables #2
Grilled Portabellas
Grilled Portabello Burgers
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Grilled Spring Onions and Asparagus with Lime
Grilled Summer Vegetables
Grilled Tempeh With red Onion and Eggplant
Grilled Tofu
Grilled Tofu Squares
Grilled Tofu with Sesame Buckwheat Noodles And
Grilled Tofu with Sesame Buckwheat Noodles and Ginger Veggie
Grilled Tofu with Summer Vegetables
Grilled Vegetable Terrine with Sun-Dried Tomato Oil
Grilled Vegetables and Tomato Bread
Grilled Vegetables with Goat Cheese
Grilling Vegetables a To Z
Grits Souffle Roll
Ground Seitan
Ground Seitan Mix
Groundnut Stew
Group Health Veggie Burger
Gujrati Dal
Gumbo #4
Gumbo Soup (Low Cal)
Gumbo Vegan
Gut Churi Kimchi (Instant Kimchi)
Gutap - Kazakh Deep-Fried Herb Fritters
Guvec or Turlu - Vegetable Casserole
Ham and Cheese Calzone
Happy "Chicken" Burgers
Harrods Creek Fire Dept Vegetarian Chili
Harrods Creek Vegetarian Chili
Harvest Grape Salad
Harvest Hot Pot
Harvest Pea Soup with Fennel
Harvest Rice
Harvest Rice #2
Harvest Time Pumpkin Soup
Hawaiian Rice Salad
Hawaiian Yam Bake
Hazelnut and Vegetable Crumble
Healthy Oatmeal Cookies
Heart-Y Tomato Sauce
Heartnut Sausage
Hearts of Palm
Hearts of Palm and Papaya Salad
Hearts of Palm and Zucchini Salad
Hearty Bean and Vegetable Stew
Hearty Chili Con Corn
Hearty Green Gumbo
Hearty Minestrone <d T>
Hearty Spinach and Tofu Risotto
Hearty Vegetable Soup
Hearty Vegetable Stew
Heavenly Hawaiian Rice
Helen's Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
Herbal Bean Sausages
Herbed Bread Crumbs
Herbed Lentil Loaf
Herbed Loaf
Herbed Quinoa
Herbed Quinoa Salad
Herbed Rice with Julienne Potatoes
Herbed Rye-Berry Timbales
Herbed Tofu-Mushroom Quiche
Herbolace Pie
Hijiki Nimono
Hoisin Dipping Sauce
Holiday Cranberry Squash
Holiday Loaf
Holiday Nut Roast
Holland Cheese Scallop
Holy Tofu Mole!
Honey Mustard Dressing
Honey Mustard Dressing #6
Honey Mustard Dressing #7
Honey-Butternut Stir-Fry
Honey-Date Bars *Low-Fat*
Hoppin' John #3
Hoppin' John Salad (Vegan)
Hoppin' John Soup #2
Hoppin'john - New Style
Horsey Sauce
Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup (Tom Yam Het)
Hot and Sour Soup #3
Hot and Sour Soup #7
Hot and Sour Soup #12
Hot and Sour Soup Ala Beyond the Moon
Hot and Sour Stir-Fried Vegetables
Hot and Sour Vermicelli Salad (Yam Wun Sen)
Hot Baba Ghanoush with Pasta
Hot Couscous Breakfast
Hot Dill Pickles
Hot German Bean Salad
Hot Oatmeal
Hot Pepper and Garlic Spaghetti
Hot Rough Tomato Soup
Hot Spicy Bean Curd
Hot Tamale Pie
Hot Wheat Cereal with Gingered Peaches
How To Make Tofu
Huevos En Rabo De Mestiza (Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce)
Huevos-Less Rancheros
Huminta (Bolivian Style Souffle)
Huminta Tamales
Hummis Bi Tahini
Hummus #5
Hummus (Chick Pea Dip)
Hummus - Quick and Easy Diabetic Menus
Hummus 3
Hummus Bi Tahini
Hummus Pitas with Feta-Olive Salsa
Hummus Tamales
Hummus [Chilehead Version]
Hummus-Couscous Loaf
Hungarian Noodles and Cabbage
Hungarian Omelette
Hungarian Potatoes
Hungarian Soup
I Can't Believe It's All Veggie Soup
Ignacio Blanco's Roasted Vegetable Gazpacho
Imam Bayaldi (Eggplant Stuffed with Aromatics)
Imperial Rolls
Impossible Garden Pie
Impossible Vegetable Pie
Incredibly Creamy Chocolate (Tofu) Pie
Indian Carrot Salad
Indian Cornbread
Indian Foodstuffs
Indian French Toast
Indian Fry Bread and Beans
Indian Gazpacho
Indian Pudding
Indian-Style Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Indian-Style Stuffed Baked Potatoes with Bell
Indonesian "Fried" Noodles
Indonesian Tofu W/peanut Butter
Indonesian Vegetable Salad
Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread)
Insalata Di Fava (Fava Bean Salad)
Instant Irish Cream of Potato Soup
Instant Kimchi (Korean Gut Churi Kimchi)
Irish Oatmeal
Irish Seitan Stew
Irish Stew with Frozen Tofu
Island Lentil Dish
Israeli Salad
Italian Black Beans and Rice
Italian Brochettes with Angel Hair Pasta
Italian Brown Rice Croquettes
Italian Chocolate Nut Cookies
Italian Giardiniera
Italian Herbed Bread
Italian Rice
Italian Spaghetti Casserole
Italian Stuffed Peppers
Italian Vegetable and Potato Stew
Italian Vegetarian Lasagna
Italian-Style Vegetables with Pasta (Lf)
Jalape O Jelly
Jalapeno Apricot Jelly
Jalebis (Deep-Fried Pretzel-Shaped Sweets)
Jamaican Chili
Jamaican Rice and Peas
Jamaican Rice and Peas #2
Jamaican Rice and Peas 2
James' Aubergine and Anchovy Pasta
Jamie's French Restaurant's Cold Avocado Soup
Japanese Braised Eggplant
Japanese Winter Vegetable Stew with Miso -Ww
Jay's Mondo Pablano Chili
Jeremy Rifkin's Black Bean Soup
Jicama and Pepper Stir-Fry
Jicama Fruit Salad
Jim's Healthy Reduced Fat Spicy Apple-Carrot Muffins
Jody's Leftover Rice Snacks
Jolof Rice
Judy's Yummy Cinnabon-Type Rolls
June's Vegetarian Chili
Just Beans
K.d. Lang's Indonesian Salad with Spicy Peanu
Kae Atar Wot
Kae Misr Wot
Kaese Blintzes - (Rolled Cheese Pancakes)
Kale and Potato Soup #2
Kale Crunch
Kale Sandwich
Kale Soup
Kali Dal
Kar-In's Crispy Rice Squares
Karen's Meatless Chili
Kasha Cabbage Rolls
Kasha Paprika
Kasha Rustica
Kasha Soup
Kasseri, Tomato and Basil Cresents (Kasseropi
Kasseropites (Kasseri, Tomato and Basil Cresents)
Kathy's Copper Carrot Pennies
Katirikkai Thogyal
Katzen's Power Pantry
Kaz's Vegetable Casserole
Kd Lang's Indonesian Salad W/spicy Peanut Dressing
Kettle Stew
Kevin and Linda Nealon's Delicious And Simple
Kevin's Killer Vegetarian Chili with Jalapeno
Kevin's Vegetarian Chili
Kevin's Veggie Chili
Key Lime Shamrock Torte
Khatta Moong (Soured Lentils)
Khatte Channe
Khombi Tarkari (Spicy Mushrooms with Ginger and Chilies)
Kidney Bean Bonanza
Kimberley Hefner's Chilled Tomato Salsa W/ang
Koloketes (Pumpkin Pies)
Kolokytholouloutha Yemista (Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms)
Kolokythópitta (Zucchini-Feta Pie)
Korean Bbq Tofu
Korean Bean Thread Sesame Noodles with Vegetables
Korean Dipping Sauce
Kotah Dolmeh
Koulourakia (Special Occasion Cookies)
Koushari (Lentils, Macaroni and Rice in Oil)
Koushry (Rice and Lentils)
Kulikuli (Peanut Balls)
Kung Pao Tofu
Kushli (Coconut and Cream of Wheat Dessert)
La Strada's Portabella Mushroom
Labor Day Pasta Salad
Lacto: Cranberry Cheese Bars
Lacto: Dum Gobi
Lacto: Lowfat Tiramisu
Lacto: Zuccini in Mock Cream Sauce
Lady April's Renaissance Chili
Lakhnawi Khatti Dal (Lucknow Sour Lentils)
Lancaster Bean and Vegetable Soup
Larry's Crispy Potatoes
Lassi (Yogurt Drink)
Layered Black Bean Dip
Layered Rice Casserole
Layered Taco Salad
Layered Vegetable Terrine
Layered Vegetarian Dinner
Lazy Lentils
Lebanese Grilled Eggplant
Leek and Corn Stuffed Peppers
Leek and Corn Stuffed Peppers (Ff-V)
Leek and Goat Cheese Tart
Leek and Kasha Pie
Leek and Onion Potato Torte
Leek and Tomato Soup
Leek or Courgette Risotto
Leek Shiitake Soup
Legumes in Garlic and Onions
Lemon Barley Water
Lemon Broccoli Pasta
Lemon Cashew Rice (Nibu Daar Pullao)
Lemon Cloud (Souffle)
Lemon Cream Dressing
Lemon Drop Cookies
Lemon Grass Spicy Vegetables (Pat Pet Takrai)
Lemon Pasta Salad with Peppercorn-Coconut Gla
Lemon Rice and Peas
Lemon Rice Soup
Lemon Rice with Cashews
Lemon Risotto
Lemon Roast Potatoes
Lemon Tagliatelle
Lemon Tofu "Cheesecake"
Lemon-Herb Quinoa
Lemon-Poppy Seed Pancakes
Lemon-Tahini Dressing
Lemon-Thyme Pesto
Lemony Acorn Slices
Lentil and Brown Rice Soup
Lentil and Buckwheat Slice
Lentil and Five Vegetable Stew
Lentil and Greens Khoreshe
Lentil and Leek Risotto (Vrg)
Lentil and Sweet Pepper Salad
Lentil and Vegetable Stew
Lentil Bobotie
Lentil Chili
Lentil Curry Soup (Ayurveda)
Lentil Curry Soup (Ayuveda)
Lentil Dahl
Lentil Loaf
Lentil Loaf #4
Lentil Loaf #5
Lentil Nut Loaf with Red Pepper Sauce
Lentil Patties with Curry Sauce
Lentil Pie
Lentil Rice Pilaf
Lentil Salad #2
Lentil Salad (Vrg)
Lentil Sandwiches
Lentil Soup #4
Lentil Soup (Vrg)
Lentil Spread with Whole-Grain Crackers
Lentil Stew
Lentil Stew Creole
Lentil Stuffed Peppers
Lentil, Rice, and Prune Pilaf
Lentil-Carrot Loaf
Lentil-Grain Burgers
Lentil-Nut Loaf
Lentil-Nut Loaf #2
Lentil-Potato Burgers
Lentil-Rice Loaf
Lentil-Rice Roast with Cashew Gravy
Lentil-Walnut Burgers
Lentil-Wheat-Broccoli Pilaf
Lentils Curried with Rhubarb and Potatoes
Lentils Monastery Casserole
Lentils with Garlic and Onion
Lentils with Spiedini
Lentils with Zucchini
Lentils, Mexican Style
Lesleigh's Whole Grain Batter Bread
Lettuce Salad
Lf Apple Blintzes
Light Lemon Pudding Parfait
Light Vegetable Stock
Lightened Maple Syrup
Lima "Liver"
Lima Bean and Fennel Stew
Lima Bean and Leek Soup
Lima Bean Soup
Lima Bean, Leek and Corn Chowder
Lima Beans with Grilled Stuffed Vine Leaves
Lime Tempeh
Linda Mccartney's Avocado and Green Chili Soup
Linda's Lasagne
Linda's Veggie Chile
Linda's Veggie Salad
Lindsay Wagner's Couscous with Tomato-Eggplant Sauce
Linguine a la Greque
Linguine Primaver Della Santa Maria
Linguine with Asparagus and Goat Cheese
Linguine with Onion Confit, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts
Linguine with Quick Tuscan Tomato Sauce
Linguine with Two Sauces
Linguini with Potatoes, Green Beans, and Spinach Pesto
Lisa's Marvelously Moist Chocolate Cake
Little Italy Spaghetti
Live Vegetarian Curry
Liz's Tomato Quiche
Lone Dao Jiow (Dao Jiow Coconut Sauce with Fresh Vegetable
Lone Star Rice
Long-Grain and Wild Rice Mix
Lotus Rice
Louse Ma Thoom (Almond Pate)
Low-Fat Corn Lasagna
Low-Fat Dippers
Lucknawi Dal
Luscious Basil and Feta Pizza
Lusty Eggplant Relish
Lynn's Tomato/artichoke Pesto Pasta Sauce
Ma Po
Mabo Dhofu
Mac and Cheese Romanoff
Macaroni and Cheese Lite
Macaroni and Cheese Souffle
Macaroni and No-Cheese
Macaroni and Red Bean Soup
Macaroni and Tvp Skillet Mix
Macaroni Cheese and Tomatoes
Macaroni Meal-In-A-Casserole
Macaroni Supper Casserole
Macaroni, Cheese and Tomatoes
Maccaroni and Sauce
Macrobiotic Stuffed Squash
Magnificent Minestrone
Magnificent Mushroom Soup
Maharagwe (Spiced Beans in Coconut Milk)
Maharagwe (Spiced Red Beans in Coconut Milk)
Main-Dish Nut Balls
Make-Ahead Gazpacho
Malaysian Hot Noodles with Tofu
Mama Romano's Baked Lemon Chicken
Mandarin Noodles (Hush)
Mange Tout and Carrots with Soy Sauce
Mango Juice
Manhattan Chowder
Manicotti Florentine
Many Bean Stew
Maple Rum Rice Creme with Chocolate Sauce
Margarita's Pasta Primavera (Aha)
Marie's Ultimate "Meatloaf"
Marilyn Burgers
Marinara Sauce
Marinated Butternut Squash
Marinated Celery, Hellenic Style
Marinated Mushrooms (Katzen)
Marinated Nigari Tofu
Marinated Roast Peppers
Marinated Spaghetti Squash Salad
Marinated Vegetable Toss
Mark's Eggless Pancakes
Mark's Fabulous Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
Mark's Fried Rice
Mark's Very Own Fried Rice
Martha Shulman's Pumpkin and White Bean Soup
Masa for Savory Tamales
Masa for Sweet Tamales
Masala Coffee (Spiced Coffee)
Masala Dal
Masalewali Alu Mattar Khumben
Masar Dal
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Pecans
Masoor Dahl Soup (Lentil Soup)
Masoor Dal
Masoor Dal - Indian Lentils
Matar Paneer (Peas with Paneer)
Mateer Paneer-Green Peas and Cheese in Fragrant Tomato Sauce
Mathilde's Vegetable Soup
Maya Corn and Bean Tamales
Mcdougall Curried Bean Sandwich Spread
Mcdougall Garbanzo Stew
Mcdougall Indian Lentil Sandwich Spread
Meatless Balls
Meatless Bulgur-Filled Tamales
Meatless Chili
Meatless Chili - Terlingua Style
Meatless Chili with Corn Chips
Meatless Shepherds Pie
Meatless Sunday Roast
Meatless Taco Filling
Meatloaf Loaf with Herbs
Meaty Chili Without Meat
Medallions of Beef Oregon Blue From Timberline Lodge
Mediterran Tomato Soup with Pasta
Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Soup
Mediterranean Lasagna Rolls
Mediterranean Mushrooms
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Mediterranean Pot Stickers (H-Ch)
Mediterranean Stew
Mediterranean Stir-Fry with Angel Hair Pasta
Mediterranean Strata
Mediterranean Tomato Soup with Pasta
Mediterranean Yogurt
Melanzane Sott'olio (Lightly Pickled Eggplant
Melon-Mango Sorbet
Mexicali Squares
Mexican Bean and Rice Casserole
Mexican Beans 'n' Beer
Mexican Beans and Rice
Mexican Eggplant
Mexican Layered Casserole
Mexican Loaf
Mexican Medley
Mexican Medley Salad
Mexican Pie
Mexican Rice with Carrot/peas
Mexican Shortbread
Mexican Strata with Chiles and Cheese
Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Mexican Style Lasagne
Mexican Vegetable Part
Mexican Zucchini
Mickey's Lasagna
Middle Eastern Sandwiches
Mideastern Cashew Pitas
Miffs Spicy Pumpkin Soup
Mihshi Malfuf Bi Zayt (Meatless Cabbage Rolls
Millet and Turnip "Mashed Potatoes"
Millet Cakes with Carrot Sauce
Millet Casserole
Millet Croquettes
Millet Loaf
Millet Muffins
Millet Pilaf
Millet Pilaf in Peppers
Millet Soup
Millet-Cauliflower Soup
Millet-Fruit Squares
Mince and Eggplant Casserole
Minestrone #4
Minestrone Genovese (Vegetable Soup with Pest
Minestrone Soup
Minestrone with Cabbage and Chickpeas
Mint Chutney
Mint Sorbet
Minted Cucumber Salad
Minted Eggplants
Minted Peas
Minted Split and Fresh Pea Soup
Miso Barbequed Tofu
Miso Lemon Soup - Vegan
Miso Pesto Pasta
Miso Pesto with Extra Fine Pasta
Miso Sauce for Pasta
Miso Soup #2
Misr Allecha
Missing Egg Sandwich
Mix and Match Bean Mix
Mixed Bean Salad with Tofu
Mixed Grain Mushroom Casserole
Mixed Greens and Herbs with Cumin
Mixed Medley Stir-Fry
Mixed Vegetable Pulao
Mixed Vegetable Salad (Lf)
Mjaddra (Lentils with Rice)
Mocha Marble Cake
Mochi with Sea Vegetable
Mock Cheese Sauce
Mock Chicken (Buddhist)
Mock Chicken Loaf Florentine with Chickenless
Mock Chicken Loaf Florentine with Chickenless Gravy
Mock Chopped Liver #2
Mock Crab Stir Fry
Mock Fish (Buddhist)
Mock Goose
Mock Hard-Cooked Eggs
Mock Mince Meat (For the Meatless Eaters)
Mock Ricotta Cheese
Mock Turkey
Mock Whipped Cream *Low-Fat*
Moist Blueberry Muffins
Molahu Kozhambhu
Molasses Vinaigrette
Molded Vegetable Salad
Mole De Olla
Mole Posole
Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole
Momo Sauce
Momo Wrapprs
Mondo Bizarro Sauce
Monterey Bean Bake
Monterey Fondue
Monterey Jack From Scratch #1
Monterey Pita
Moo Shu Vegetables with Chinese Pancakes
Moong Samosa (Mung Bean Pastry)
More Ginger Snaps
More Kozhambhu
Mori-Nu "Lite" Eggless Egg Salad
Moroccan Five-Grain Pilaf
Moroccan Roasted Vegetable Stew
Moroccan Style Quinoa
Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Roasted Buckwhea
Moroccan-Style Chickpea Stew
Moroccan-Style Vegetable Soup
Moussaka (Vegetarian Eggplant and Cheese)
Moussaka with Rice
Mrs. Regan's Persimmon Pudding
Mu Shui Tofu
Mulligatawny Soup #2
Mulligatawny Soup (Satterly)
Mung Bean Pastries
Mung Beans with Brown Sugar
Mung Dahl
Mung Dal with Black Mustard Seeds
Mushroom / Tomato Sauce
Mushroom and Barley Soup
Mushroom and Leek Pate
Mushroom and Onion Spaghetti
Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto
Mushroom and Potato Layer Thornton
Mushroom and Sweet Pepper Quiche
Mushroom and Tomato Sauce
Mushroom Barley Burgers (Oaks)
Mushroom Cashew Bisque
Mushroom Crepes
Mushroom Croustades
Mushroom Gravy #2
Mushroom Ketchup
Mushroom Millet Magic
Mushroom Miso Cornucopia
Mushroom Pate
Mushroom Pate #4
Mushroom Pepper Saute
Mushroom Quiche
Mushroom Salad
Mushroom Satay (Satay Het Hom)
Mushroom Sauce
Mushroom Spread #2
Mushroom Spread with Lemon and Thyme
Mushroom Strognoff
Mushroom Tart
Mushroom Wild Rice Chowder
Mushroom-Lover's Pizza
Mushroom-Noodle Casserole
Mushroom-Stuffed Eggs
Mushrooms a la Greque
Mushrooms a la Stroganoff (Lf)
Mushrooms Tofu and Snow Peas in Soy Ginger Sauc
Mushrooms with Mint and Lemon
Mushrooms with Tarragon
Mushrooms with Wild Rice
Nam Prik Curry Noodles (Kanom Jin Nam Prik)
Nan (Fried Leavened Bread)
Napoleon of Potatoes, Artichoke Hearts with Curry Oil
Navarattan Curry
Navy Bean Mushroom Saute
Neapolitan Polenta Pie
Neighbor Nectar Smoothie
New Potato Salad #2
New Potato Salad with Dried Tomatoes
New Potatoes with Peas and Coriander
New Red Potato Salad (Gardenburger)
New Scalloped Potatoes
New Vegetable Lasagna
New York Goodwich
New-Fashioned Cabbage Rolls
Nibu Daar Pullao (Lemon Cashew Rice)
Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto
Nicoise Green Beans
Nikki's Eggplant Parmesan
Nimbu Pickle
Nimbu Rice
No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls
No-Bake Pumpkin "Cheesecake"
No-Cholesterol Hollandaise
No-Cook Tofu "Cheesecake"
No-Fry Tortilla Chips
No-Meat Burgers-In-A-Hurry
No-Oil Vinaigrette
Noodle, Cheese and Veggie Casserole
Noodle-Cheese-Vegetable Casserole
Noodles and Cabbage
Noodles and Veggies W/peanut Sauce
Noodles with Blue Cheese
Noodles with Ricotta and Walnuts
Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce -Ww
Noodles with Vegetable and Curry Sauce (Gueyteo
Nori Rice Balls
Nori Rolls
Nori Rolls #2
North African Split Pea Soup
North Indian Stuffed Eggplant
Norwegian Apple Cake a la Finsrud
Nosmo King's Moroccan Chili
Not Just for Breakfast: Light Pancakes and Waffles
Not So Meaty Bean Soup
Nuevo Frijoles
Nuoc Leo #2
Nut Crust
Nut Roast
Nut Torte
Nut-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Nutritional Yeast "Cheese" Sauce
Nutritional Yeast Parmesan
Nutty Basil Pesto
Nutty Garlic Canap=82s
Nutty Loaf
Nutty Plum Crumble
Nutty Rice Loaf
Nutty Rice Pate
Nycima Roll
Oasis Chutney with Coconut and Dates
Oat and Cashew Waffles
Oat Creme
Oat Flake Garbanzo Cookies
Oat Mushroom Patties
Oatburgers with Mushrooms
Oatmeal Burger Buns
Oatmeal Cookies #3
Oatmeal Cookies #4
Oatmeal Pancakes
Oatmeal-Banana Muffins
Oil and Lemon Dressing
Okra Braised with Tomatoes
Okra Curry!
Okra Extravaganza
Okra in a Savoury Sauce
Okra Italiano
Okra with Onions
Okra with Tomatoes and Onions
Old-Fashioned Mince Pie
Ole Corn
Olive and Nut Dip
Olive Marinate (Marinated Olives)
Olive Profumate (Fennel and Orange-Scented Olives)
Olive Rice Salad
Omelette Pakaki Curry (Spinach and Tomato Omelette)
Onion Bhaji
Onion Buns
Onion Pie #2
Onion Soup Provencal
Onion Upside Down Cake (Vera Kowal)
Onion Vetha Kozhambu
Onion-Mushroom Omelette
Open Faced Vegetable Sandwiches on a Bed of Snap Peas
Open-Face Steamed Dumplings (Shao Mai)
Open-Faced Egg and Cheese Sandwiches
Open-Faced Pita Sandwich
Orange "Beef" with Broccoli
Orange Chocolate Mousse
Orange Chocolate Mousse (Veg Times)
Orange Honey Sesame Popcorn
Orange Hummus
Orange Waffles
Orange Waldorf Salad
Orange, Pine Nut and Green Bean Salad
Orange-Coconut Angel Food Cake
Orange-Mint Yogurt Dressing
Orange-Pecan Couscous
Oranges Filled with Raisins, Chickpeas and Rice
Oriental 6 Bean Salad
Oriental Amaranth with Purple Cabbage
Oriental Brown Rice Salad
Oriental Garbanzo Soup
Oriental Green Salad (Low Fat)
Oriental Grilled Vegetables
Oriental Noodles with Chili and Cashews
Oriental Noodles with Vegetables
Oriental Rice Mcnamara
Oriental Salad
Oriental Spaghetti
Orzo and Portabella Casserole
Oven Eggplant
Oven Eggplant - Vegetarian Cooking for Diabet
Oven Roasted Potatoes with Orange Zest
Oven Roasted Tempeh and Vegetables
Oven-Cooked Rice
Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Herbs
Ovo-Lacto: Asparagus/mushroom Casserole
Ovo-Lacto: Spinach-Rice Casserole
Ovo/lacto - Chili Cheese Cubes
Ovo: Veggie Burgers
Pacific Rim Brochettes
Pad Thai #2
Pad Thai - Vegetarian
Pad Thai Pseudo-Vegetarian Style
Pakora (Vegetable Fritters)
Pakora Batter
Palak Tofu-Paneer
Palak Tomatar (Spinach and Tomatoes)
Pan De Muerto
Pan-Fried Veggie Wontons with Sesame Dip
Paneer (Indian Cheese)
Papaya and Vegetable Salsa
Pappa Al Pomodoro (Thick Tomato and Bread Soup)
Pappa Col Pomodoro
Parmesan Asparagus Spears
Parmesan Cheese
Parsley "Gravy"
Parsley and Potato Soup
Parsley Fried Onion Rings
Parsley Stuffing Balls
Parsnip and Bean Pie
Party Pate
Party Pinwheels
Pasta and Navy Beans in Tomato Sauce
Pasta and Red Bean Salad
Pasta Arrabbiata
Pasta Bean Salad #2
Pasta Cannelini
Pasta Fagiole
Pasta Fazool
Pasta Mexicana
Pasta Per Pizza
Pasta Primavera Salad with Peanut Sauce
Pasta Salad with Currants, Olives and Pine Nuts
Pasta Salad with Rocket and Tomato Dressing
Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce with Lemon and Garlic
Pasta W/roasted Vegetables and Balsamic Vineg
Pasta with Arugula and Cheese
Pasta with Asparagus and Strawberries
Pasta with Avocado Pesto
Pasta with Black Olives
Pasta with Broccoli and Spinach
Pasta with Caramelized Onions
Pasta with Cherry Tomato Sauce
Pasta with Chunky Tomato Sauce
Pasta with Coriander Pesto
Pasta with Couscous Salad and Peanut Dressing
Pasta with Eggplant and Tomato Sauce
Pasta with Feta and Bitter Greens
Pasta with Feta Cheese and Greens
Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil
Pasta with Lentils and Chard
Pasta with Lentils and Spinach
Pasta with Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Pasta with Peppers
Pasta with Pesto (Trenette Col Pesto)
Pasta with Red Peppers, Greens, Beans, Garlic and Lemon Zest
Pasta with Roasted Carrot Sauce
Pasta with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Sauce
Pasta with Roasted Vegetables and Balsamic Vinegar
Pasta with Shell Beans and Greens
Pasta with Spicy Broccoli Rabe and Raisins
Pasta with Vegetables
Pasta with Walnut-Garlic Sauce
Pat Pet Takrai (Lemon Grass Spicy Vegetables)
Pat's Potato Stew
Paul and Linda Mccartney's Green Pea Soup
Paul Newman's Graham Cracker Cake
Pea and Carrot Salad with Lovage
Pea Souffle
Peach and Berry Kanten
Peach Cobbler, Fresh
Peach Pudding
Peanut Burgers
Peanut Butter and Jelly Tamales
Peanut Butter Muffins #3
Peanut Butter Spirals
Peanut Butter-Bran Muffins
Peanut Buttery Stir-Fry
Peanut Chops
Peanut Sauce over Pasta
Peanutty Butternut Squash
Peanutty Spaghetti Squash
Peanutty Squash
Pear Almond Clafouti with Red Wine Glaze
Pears with Spicy Lime, Chile and Peanut Chutn
Peas, Potato and Eggplant Curry
Peasant's Pie
Peasant-Style Kasha and Potatoes
Pebya Kha-O (Tofu and Turnip Saute)
Pecan Loaf
Pecan or Walnut Loaf
Pecan Spice Cookies
Peking Style Noodles with Bean Sauce and Mixed
Penne Alla Bettola
Penne From Heaven
Penne in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Penne with Artichoke Hearts
Penne with Cauliflower Tomatoes and Basil
Penne with Eggplant Sauce
Penne with Provencal Eggplant and Sweet Peppe
Penne with Squash, Leeks and Parmesan Cheese
Penne with Vodka and Spicy Tomato-Cream Sauce
Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Noodles
Penny's Beans - Adapted
Pepper and Tomato Soup
Pepper Salad
Pepper Vodka Pasta Sauce
Pepper-&-Tomato Soup
Pepper-Cheese Enchiladas and Hot Sauce
Peppered Yellow Squash
Perfect Brown Rice
Perfect White Rice
Perogie Puffs
Pesto (Basil Sauce)
Pesto Pizza
Pesto Tamales
Pesto Tofu Manicotti
Pesto Toscano (Tuscan Pesto)
Peta Lentil Carrot Burgers
Peta Robin's Pot Pie
Pete's White Pizza
Peter Pan Rice Casserole
Phaalse Ka Sharbat (Blackberry Downpour)
Pickled Blackeyed Peas
Pickled Tarragon Baby Carrots
Pickled Vegetables (Tsukemono)
Pigeon Peas and Rice
Pimento Cheese
Pimiento Spread for Sandwich Filling
Pina Colada Cake
Pina Colada Tamales
Pine Nut Pilaf
Pineapple Bundt Cake Supreme
Pineapple Carob Cashew Brownies
Pineapple Crumble
Pineapple Glazed Yams
Pineapple Nut Cake
Pineapple Salsa Soup
Pineapple Vegetarian Fried Rice
Pink Beans with Marinated Seitan
Pink Pony Sauce
Pinto Bean and Feta Cheese Quesadillas
Pinto Bean Cakes with Salsa
Pinto Beans and Rice
Pinto Beans with New Mexican Chilies [Sic]
Pinto Beans with Potatoes
Pinto Stuffed Peppers
Pinto Three Chile Salsa
Piquant Lemon Rice
Pistachio-Stuffed Mushrooms
Pita of Greens, Herbs and Eggs
Pizza Bianca (Simple Crispy Pizza)
Pizza with Leeks, Tomato and Goat Cheese
Plain Fried Rice
Planet Burger
Plantain Casserole
Plantain Soup
Plum Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Herbs
Polenta #3
Polenta #4
Polenta Al Radicchio Ai Ferri (Polenta and Gril
Polenta and Curried Vegetables
Polenta Grits with Cilantro and Tomato Sauce
Polenta Toscana (Tuscan Polenta)
Polenta with Leeks and Gorgonzola
Polenta with Tomato Sauce and Zucchini
Polenta with Tomatoes and Olives
Polenta with Vegetable Ragout
Polish Lenten Mushroom "Cutlets" (Kotelty Z G
Polish Pierogies
Polo Havidge Loobia (Rice Pilau with Carrot A
Polygrain Pilaf
Pomodori Secchi Imbottoti ("Sun-Dried Tomato
Pomodori Secchi Imbottoti ("Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwiches")
Pomodori Sott'olio (Marinated Sun-Dried Tomat
Popeye Burger
Popeye's Pick-Me-Up
Popeye's Swee'pea Soup
Popkin's Stuffed Peppers
Portabella Tortillas
Portabello Mushroom Sandwich
Portabello Stir Fry (Narad)
Pot Pie with Greens
Pot Stickers (Gardenburger)
Potage De Tomate a la Basilic (Tomato Soup with Basil)
Potage Puree De Pommes De Terre (Potato-Leek
Potato and Adzuki Bean Patties
Potato and Bean Pie
Potato and Capsicum Sabji
Potato and Leek Casserole (Vrg)
Potato and Mushroom Curry
Potato and Onion Tart
Potato and Red Onion Roast (Vrg)
Potato Appetizers (Vrg)
Potato Broccoli Soup (Cotterer)
Potato Burgers
Potato Cakes (Aloo Roti)
Potato Casserole W/saffron, Almonds, Bread Cr
Potato Momos
Potato Mushroom Casserole
Potato Paprikash (Hungarian Potato Paprikash)
Potato Parsley Bisque
Potato Pie Crust
Potato Pizza
Potato Primavera Spud
Potato Ratatouille (Lf)
Potato Salad #3
Potato Salad Supreme (Vrg)
Potato Scones
Potato Skins Stuffed W/spanish Eggs
Potato Soup #3
Potato Stuffed Cabbage
Potato Stuffed Cabbage (Vegan)
Potato, Pepper and Tomato Casserole W/morocca
Potato, Sweet Potato and Onion Latkes
Potato-Bean Soup
Potato-Corn Chowder
Potato-Leek Soup
Potato-Mushroom Soup with Apple
Potato-Nut Patties
Potato-Stuffed Enchiladas
Potato-Stuffed Green Peppers (Vrg)
Potato-Tofu Loaf
Potato-Tomato Bisque
Potato-Vegetable Chowder
Potatoes Anna (With Two Kinds of Potatoes)
Potatoes Au Gratin #2
Potatoes in a Thick Sauce
Potatoes Piquant
Potatoes Stuffed with Broccoli and Cheddar
Potatoes with Apple, Onions, and Mint
Potatoes with Asafetida and Cumin
Potatoes with Salmoriglio Sauce
Potatoes with Sesame Seeds
Potatoes, Onions and Tofu Supreme
Practically Nonfat Bean and Green Risotto
Prassa Me Domata (Leeks Stewed with Tomatoes)
Pressed Bean Curd Soup
Pressed Tofu Mix
Pressure Cooked Seitan
Priscilla's Tofu Pot Pie
Provencal Ragout
Provencale Potato Ragout with Green Olives
Pseftokeftedes Santorini
Pumpkin and Apple Risotto
Pumpkin and White Bean Soup
Pumpkin Cream
Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
Pumpkin Ravioli #2
Pumpkin Soup #2
Pumpkin Superstew
Pumpkin Tureen
Pure Di Olive Nere (Black Olive Paste)
Pure Di Olive Nere Liguriane (Spicy Ligurian "Caviar")
Pure Vegan Gumbo
Puree of Asparagus Soup
Puree of Fava Beans
Puree of Watercress, Mushroom, Leek and Potato Soup
Queen Scones
Quick and Easy Vegetarian Chili
Quick Bean Lasagna
Quick Cabbage Soup
Quick Carrot Nut Spread
Quick Cooked Spinach (Horenso O-Hitashi)
Quick Crispy Noodles
Quick Hummus
Quick Kimchi (Korean Mak Kimchi)
Quick Lemon Rice Soup
Quick Marinara Sauce
Quick Miso Soup
Quick Potato Casserole
Quick Potatoes Anna <r T>
Quick Stir-Fry
Quick Stuffing Loaf
Quick Tomato Rarebit
Quick Tomato-Noodle Soup
Quick Vegetable Stock
Quick Veggie Burgers
Quinoa and Bean Soup
Quinoa Casserole
Quinoa Caviar
Quinoa Corn Veracruz
Quinoa Loaf
Quinoa Olive Medley
Quinoa Pilaf with Raisins
Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Stuffed Onions
Quinoa Tabbouleh
Quinoa Tabouli
Quinoa Vegetable Soup
Quinoa with Leek and Currants
Quinoa with Shiitake Gravy
Quinoa, Leek and Tofu Casserole
Quinoa-Sunchoke Pilaf
Radish Celery Salad
Radish Salad
Rainbow Blossom's Vegetable Soup
Raisin Buglur Pilaf
Raisin Cookies
Rancho California Rice
Rasomadhuri (Fried Cheese Balls)
Raspberry Borscht
Raspberry Spoom
Rasta Pasta
Ratatouille #2
Ratatouille Soup
Raw Gluten
Rebaked Potato with Tofu-Mushroom Stuffing
Red and Yellow Pepper Tart
Red and Yellow Tomato Soup
Red Bean and Apple Salad (Fasoli Ke Milo Sala
Red Beans and Rice #5
Red Beans and Rice #6
Red Beans and Rice #9
Red Beans and Rice (Randelman)
Red Beans and Tofu Casserole
Red Beans, Yo' Mama's
Red Cooked Bean Curd
Red Dragon Pie
Red Kidney Bean Burgers
Red Kidney Bean Stew
Red Lentil Dahl
Red Lentil Loaf
Red Lentil Soup
Red Lentil Soup #2
Red Lentil-Bulgur Loaf
Red Onion Salsa
Red Pepper Couscous Ring with Vegetables
Red Potato Casserole
Red Wine, Tomato and Rosemary Sauce
Redcurrant and Spiced Lime Schiacciata
Refried Bean Burgers
Refried Beans #2
Refrigerator Spice Cookies
Renaissance Pizza
Renjna's Dal Soup
Republica Dominicana Red Beans and Rice (Arroz Con Habijuala
Revithia Soupa (Chick Pea Soup)
Rhubarb Bakewell Tart
Rhubarb Lemon Tofu "Pie" (Vlf Vegan)
Rhubarb Pilaf
Rhuburb Upside Down Cake
Rice and Endive Soup
Rice and Lentils
Rice and Mushroom Burgers
Rice and Red Bean Sausage
Rice and Two Bean Salad
Rice Ball in Coconut Milk
Rice Casserole W/pine Nuts, Tomatoes
Rice Con Queso
Rice Cups with Guacamole and Salsa
Rice Nut Loaf
Rice Patties
Rice Pilaf with Apricots, Raisins and Pine Nu
Rice Pilaf with Carrots, Raisins, Orange Zest
Rice Pilaf with Peas
Rice Primavera
Rice Salad
Rice Salad #3
Rice Salad Ole'
Rice Salad with Wasabi Dressing
Rice Soup
Rice Soup Florentine
Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash
Rice with Coconut Milk
Rice with Spinach Herbs and Cheese
Rice, Cheese, Chili Medley
Rice, Lentil and Spinach Pilaf
Rice-Barley Pilaf
Rice/corn Patties
Rich and Creamy Mushroom-Potato Chowder
Rich Mushroom Broth (Katzen)
Richard Foxton's Vegetarian Meatloaf
Ricotta Cheesecake with Ginger
Ricotta Puffs
Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
Ridiculously Easy Lentil Soup
Riewe Schales (Turnip Casserole) (Amish)
Rigatoni Al Forno with Roasted Asparagus
Rigatoni Con Pomodoro E Broccoli
Rigatoni with Vegetable Cream Sauce
Risotto (Italian Arborio Rice)
Risotto Con Verdurine E Zafferano (W/spring Vegs & Saffron)
Risotto Di Zucca
Risotto with Butternut Squash, Greens, Tomato
Risotto with Seared Asparagus an Smoked Mozzarella
Risotto with Vegetables
Roast Asparagus & Red Onion Quesadillas with Cumin-Lime Crea
Roast Peppers Stuffed with Mushrooms
Roasted Asparagus
Roasted Asparagus and Sweet Onion And Barley Salad
Roasted Carrots and Julienne Vegetables
Roasted Eggplant
Roasted Eggplant Dip
Roasted Eggplant with Chilies
Roasted Eggplant with Tomato and Onion
Roasted Garlic and Almond Topping
Roasted Garlic Paste
Roasted Garlic Spread
Roasted Japanese Eggplant with Green Herb Sau
Roasted Onions, Potatoes, Carrots and Fennel <r T>
Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Quiche
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (Moosewood)
Roasted Red Pepper Spread
Roasted Sweet Pepper and Eggplant Pasta
Roasted Tofu and Okra with Dipping Sauce
Roasted Tomato Gazpacho
Roasted Tomato Soup
Roasted Vegetable Pan Bagna
Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
Rob's Veggie Chili
Robb's Curried Rice with Apricots and Almonds
Robin's Pot Pie
Rolled Eggplant Italian
Rolled Oat Burgers
Romaine Red Onion and Fennel Salad with Tart Li
Romaine, Red Onion, and Fennel Salad with Tar
Romaine, Red Onion, and Fennel Salad with Tart Lime Dress
Roman Bean Soup
Roman Rice and Beans Casserole
Romanesque Sauce
Romesco-Style Roasted Pepper Dip
Roomie's Low Fat Vegetarian Chili
Root Beer Jubilee, Jason's
Rose Hip Jam
Rosemary Rice with Walnuts
Rosemary's Root Beer Tonic
Rotel and Hominy Tortillas
Rotel Potatoes
Ruby Poached Apples
Russian Baklaczan
Russian Potato and Mushroom Croquettes
Russian Zucchini Dill Casserole
Ryzi Me Araka (Rice and Peas)
Ryzi Me Araka (Rice and Peas) #2
Saagwalla Dhal
Sabzi Shorva (Cream of Curried Vegetable and Split Pea Sou
Safaid Channe
Saffron Bread (Wedman)
Saffron Brown Rice
Saffron Rice, Spicy Black Beans, Chunky Salsa
Salad Bar
Salad Bar Pizza
Salat Morocain
Salata Tahina (Tahini Salad)
Saloon Pickled Eggs and Beets
Salsa Cruda #2
Salsa Verde #4
Samoosi Yirakot (Stuffed Vegetable Turnovers)
Samosas #6
Sandwich Spread/potato Topping
Sandwich Suggestions
Sangre Del Diablo Chili
Santa Fe Salad
Sarah's Sweet and Sour Lima Beans
Sassy Bean and Bulgur
Sassy Jack Cheese Bites
Satay Vegetable and Sprout Pancakes
Saucepan Stuffing Mix
Sausage Patties
Saute Florentine
Saute of Potatoes, Tomatoes and Fresh Corn <r T>
Saute of Squash and Bell Peppers
Sauteed Bean Curd
Sauteed Eggplant
Sauteed Mushrooms <r T>
Sauteed Summer Vegetables
Sauteed Tempeh with Lemon-Mustard Sauce
Sauteed Vegetables
Savory Bean Soup
Savory Cabbage Strudel
Savory Crumb Crust
Savory Nut Pie with Potato Crust
Savory Pumpkin Stew
Savory Red Cabbage and Red Potatoes
Savory Shepherd's Pie
Savory Shepherd's Pie, Revised
Savory Tofu Sauce (Vegan) for Pasta
Savory Vegetable Soup (Vegan)
Savory Yogurt Topping
Savoury Aubergine (Eggplant) on Toast
Savoury Vegetarian Burgers
Scheherazade Casserole
Schiacciata Con Noci (Cornmeal Flatbread with Walnuts)
Scrambled Eggs and Corn
Scrambled Tofu
Scrambled Tofu for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
Sear's Vegetable Burgers
Seared Pineapple Salsa
Seasame Spinach Salad
Seasoned Oven Fries
Seasoned Steamed Artichokes
Seasoned Tempeh Filling in a Steamed Wonton S
Seasoned Tempeh in a Cold Vegetarian Gelatin
Seasoned Vegetarian Broth
Sebze Bastisi (Vegetable Stew - Turkish)
Seitan - Method I
Seitan - Method Ii
Seitan a la Normandie
Seitan Burgandy
Seitan Parmesan
Seitan Parmigiana
Seitan Posole Stew
Seitan Roast with Mushroom Gravy
Seitan with Red and Green Peppers
Senegalese Vegetable Mafe
Sensational Buckwheat-Wheat Bake
Sesame Cream
Sesame Meal
Sesame Noodles
Sesame Soup
Sesame Tahini Salad Dressing
Sesame Vegetable Rice
Sesame Yam Sticks
Shahi Dal
Shallot and Mustard Sauce
Shanghai Spring Rolls
Shanghai Tofu Burgers with Chinese Slaw
Shepherd's Pie with Veggies
Sherbat (Lemon Drink Cooler)
Shereen Polo (Almond, Carrot, Orange Pilau)
Shiitake Mushroom Gravy
Sichuan Fried Eggplant
Sichuan Style Bean Curd
Sicilian Sweet and Sour Pumpkiin Squash
Silken Tofu Fruit Shake
Simple Lentil Stew
Simple Orange Muffins
Simple Salad
Simple Seasoned Black Beans
Simple Tofu Vegetables
Simple Vegetable Ragout with Parsley
Simple Veggie Marinade
Singapore-Style Rice Noodles
Six-Vegetable Curry
Sizzling Goat Cheese Salad
Skillet Macaroni Barbecue
Skillet Scalloped Potatoes
Skordalia (Garlic Potato)
Sliced Beet Salad
Slim Red and Green Pasta
Sloppy Al's Tofu (Just for You, Al)
Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe Tamales
Sloppy Joes #4
Sloppy Joes #6
Sloppy Joes (Vegan)
Sloppy Toms
Slovenian Almond-Apricot Bread
Smoked Corn Stuffed Pepper
Smothered Noodles
Smothered Red Peppers Paprikash (Russian Lecho) (Passover)
Snappy Bean Bake
Soba Noodle Supreme
Soba Noodles in Bonito Broth
Soba with Cashew Ginger Sauce and Broccoli Florets
Soft Lentils W/roasted Tomatoes and Caramelized Onions <r T>
Soft Vegetable Tacos
Sopa De Chayote
Sopa De Elote
Sopa De Mani (Peanut Soup)
Sorrel and Haricot Soup
Sorrel Borscht
Souffle Potatoes with Custard Royale
Soup of Chick Peas
Soup Provencale
Soupa Fakes
Soupa Revithia
Souper Salad (Lf)
Sour Butter Beans
Sour Cream Tortilla Casserole
Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Waffles
South African Vegetable Biryani
Southern Beans
Southern Country Gravy
Southern Fried Tofu
Southern-Style Honey Rice
Southern-Style Ranch Beans
Southwest Potato Frittata
Southwest Salad with Black Beans and Corn
Southwest Soft Tacos
Southwestern Black-Eyed Peas
Southwestern Corn and Potato Soup
Southwestern Gazpacho (Cafe Terra Cotta)
Southwestern Hominy Casserole (Quick)
Southwestern Poolside Dip
Southwestern Stew
Southwestern Three Bean Soup (Miami Herald)
Southwestern Three-Bean Salad
Soy "Sauerbraten"
Soy Nog
Soy Quarter-Pounder
Soy Yummy Breakfast Pudding
Soya Bean Pate
Soybean Burgers
Soybean-Lentil-Rice Loaf
Soymilk Yogurt
Soysage (Brown)
Spaghetti and Tofu
Spaghetti Squash Primavera #2
Spaghetti Squash with Cheese
Spaghetti with Curly Endive and Balsamic Vinega
Spaghetti with Garlicky Tofu Sauce
Spaghetti with Lentils
Spaghetti with Orange-Scented Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti with Tofu
Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Arugula
Spaghetti with Zucchini and Lemon
Spaghetti, Black Eye Peas, and Artichoke Hearts
Spanakopita #2
Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)
Spanakopita (Spinach Triangles or Pie)
Spanakopita (Vegan)
Spanakopita Nistisimi (Lenten Spinach Pie)
Spanakopita Peloponnisos
Spanakopita Peloponnisos (Peloponnese Spinach Rolls)
Spanakopites Apo Ti Samos (Spinach Pies From Samos)
Spanakorizo (Spinach and Rice)
Spanish Bean Dish
Spanish Black Bean Soup
Spanish Bulgur
Spanish Quinoa
Spanish Rice #4
Spanish Vegetable Stew with Eggplant
Spanish Vegetable Stew with Squash
Spianata (Tomato-Dappled Pizza Blanca)
Spice Blend
Spice Cake
Spice Cookies
Spice Lentil Casserole
Spice-Roasted Baby Potatoes
Spiced Black Beans #2
Spiced Carrot and Orange Soup
Spiced Chick Peas
Spiced Green Beans and Rice (Sem Pullao)
Spiced Lentil Casserole
Spiced Potatoes in Tamarind Sauce (Daum Aloo)
Spiced Tomato Sunset
Spiced Vegetable Pakoras with Mango Relish
Spiced Vegetable Pasties
Spiced Vegetables
Spiced Zucchini and Peas in Tomato Sauce (Torai
Spicy Adzuki Bean Stew with Spinach <t>
Spicy Asian Slaw
Spicy Baked Linguine
Spicy Bean and Biscuit Pot Pie
Spicy Bean Dip
Spicy Bean Dip #2
Spicy Bean Tostadas
Spicy Black Bean Salad
Spicy Black Bean Sandwiches with Chipotle Mayonnaise
Spicy Black Beans and Rice
Spicy Braised Carrots
Spicy Bulgur Salad
Spicy Caribbean Fish
Spicy Chickpea Samosas -Ww
Spicy Corn Pancakes
Spicy Couscous
Spicy Eggplant
Spicy Eggplant Pita with Pine Nut Sauce
Spicy Eggplant-Miso Saute with Bulgur
Spicy Ginger Sauce (For Noodles)
Spicy Hot Sichuan Tofu
Spicy Lentil - Potato Stew
Spicy Lentil and Pepper Sauce for Pasta or Rice
Spicy Lentil and Tomato Soup
Spicy Lentil Patties
Spicy Lentil Stew (Yemiser W'et)
Spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew (Yetakelt W'et)
Spicy Moroccan Vegetables (H-Ch)
Spicy Noodles with Ginger and Fresh Vegetables Jb
Spicy Okra with Basmati Rice and Black Beans
Spicy Rice
Spicy Rice and Beans
Spicy Rice and Nuts
Spicy Rice and Vegetables
Spicy Spaghetti Salad
Spicy Spinach
Spicy Stir Fried Vegetables
Spicy Sweet Potatoes and Bean Burritos
Spicy Szechuan Tofu
Spicy Szechwan Tofu
Spicy Thai Pizza
Spicy Thai Salad
Spicy Thai Tofu Salad
Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu and Fruit
Spicy Tofu Vegetable Toss with Jasmine Rice
Spicy Tofu with Apricots
Spicy Tofu with Green Vegetables and Noodles
Spicy Tofu-Bell Pepper Supreme
Spicy Tomato Soup
Spicy Udon Salad with Arame
Spicy Vegetable Lo Mein
Spinach and Bean Gratin
Spinach and Cashew Salad
Spinach and Cheese Squares
Spinach and Lentil Soup
Spinach and Lentil Soup (Santa Maria)
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna
Spinach Ball Curry
Spinach Broccoli Lasagne /lf
Spinach Cheese and Tomato Lasagna
Spinach Cooked in a Bihari Style
Spinach Crust
Spinach Glop
Spinach in Phyllo
Spinach Lasagna #2
Spinach Lasagna (Lf)
Spinach Lasagna (Popeye's)
Spinach Lasagne Special
Spinach Loaf
Spinach Mushroom Lasagna
Spinach Pesto Sauce
Spinach Puree
Spinach Rice Casserole
Spinach Roulade
Spinach Timbales
Spinach Tofu Quiche
Spinach, Kathy Pitts' Way
Spinach-Miso Pesto
Spinach-Mushroom Pie
Spinach-Stuffed Acorn Squash
Spinat Lasagne
Split Pea and Lentil Soup with Vegetables
Split Pea Hummus
Split Pea Pate
Split Pea Ratatouille
Split Pea Soup #2
Split Pea Soup #3
Split Pea Soup with Chunky Vegetables
Split Pea Soup with Croutons
Split Pea Stew with Chunky Vegetables
Split-Pea Chowder
Spring Green Onion Soup
Spring Kichadi
Spring Pita Sandwiches
Spring Vegetable Soup with Matzo Balls
Spring Vegetables in a Parcel
Sprout, Bean and Vegetable Stew
Spud 'crepes' Florentine
Squash 'n' Peanut Butter Tamales
Squash and Adzuki Beans
Squash and Peanut Balls
Squash Croquettes
Squash Pie
Squash Sauce
Squash with Apples
Squash-Stuffed Crepes with Orange Glaze
Squashed Potato Casserole
Sri Lanka Ala Badun Potatoes and Onion
Sri Lanka Annasi (Pineapple Curry)
Sri Lanka Bonchi (Curried Beans)
Sri Lanka Brinjal Moju (Eggplant Moju)
Sri Lanka Curried Leeks
Sri Lanka Gova Mallung (Cabbage with Coconut)
Sri Lanka Hathu Curried Mushrooms
Sri Lanka Kadju (Curried Cashew Nuts)
Sri Lanka Kaha Buth ( Yellow Rice)
Sri Lanka Kiri Buth (Milk Rice)
Sri Lanka Murukku Deep Fried Dumpling
Sri Lanka Nelum Ala (Curried Lotus Root)
Sri Lanka Parippu (Lentil Curry)
Sri Lanka Pittu Coconut
Sri Lanka Thakkali (Curried Tomatoes)
Sri Lanka Wattakka (Curried Pumpkin)
Steamed Cabbage
Steamed Chickpeas
Steamed Coconut Cups
Steamed Rice
Steamed Rice (Korean Bab)
Steamed Scallops W/ Spinach, Leeks & Lemon Vinaigrette <r T>
Steamed Spinach and Leeks <r T>
Stewed Okra
Sticky Rice with Mango
Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce
Stir-Fried Bean Curd with Green Beans in Hot
Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Tofu
Stir-Fried Broccoli and Chinese Mushrooms
Stir-Fried Eggs and Vegetables
Stir-Fried Fresh Lotus Root
Stir-Fried Spinach with Ginger and Almonds
Stir-Fried Tofu and Mushrooms
Stir-Fried Tofu or Beef with Onions
Stir-Fried Vegetables with Tofu
Stir-Fried Veggies
Stir-Fry with Peanut Based Sauce
Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese
Strawberry-Banana Shake
String Beans and Zucchini Curry
String Beans Stir-Fried with Tofu
Stuffed Avocados
Stuffed Bell Peppers with Italian Seasonings
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Stuffed Cheese Pizza
Stuffed Cucumber Rings
Stuffed Eggplant #2
Stuffed Eggplant #3
Stuffed Eggplant Boats
Stuffed Escarole Leaves with Marinated Chickpeas
Stuffed Grape Leaves (Persian)
Stuffed Grape Leaves - Yalanchi Sarma
Stuffed Green Peppers #3
Stuffed Monster Zucchini
Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Stuffed Mushrooms #4
Stuffed Mushrooms Aurora Colony From Timberline Lodge
Stuffed Oranges W/raisins Chickpeas and Rice
Stuffed Pepper with Smoked Corn
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Stuffed Pumpkin
Stuffed Pumpkins with Herbs and Bread Crumbs
Stuffed Squash
Stuffed Swiss Chard with Carrot Sauce
Stuffed Thanksgiving Pumpkins
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Zucchini, Turkish Style
Sue Sao Ya (Vegetarian Roast Duck)
Sue's Quick Oriental Dinner
Sue's Quick Sweet and Tangy Squash Soup
Sue's Skillet Scalloped Potatoes
Sue's Sweet Butternut Squash Soup
Summer Bean and Basil Soup
Summer Couscous Salad
Summer Sauce for Pasta
Summer Soup
Summer Spaghetti
Summer Squash Bulgur Casserole
Summer Squash Medley
Summer Vegetable Saute
Summer White Bean Soup
Summery Cuke Soup
Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce/dressing
Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Focaccia
Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Pesto
Sun-Dried Tomato Fettuccine
Sunflower Loaf
Sunny Splits Soup
Sunny's Yummy Easy Baked Tofu
Sunomono (Japanese Noodle and Cucumber Salad) <r T>
Super Bowl Vegetarian Chili
Super Pita Bread Sandwich
Super Sesame Sauce
Super Stuffed Eggplant
Super Sweet and Sour Tempeh
Super-Easy Roasted Potatoes
Surprise Pancakes (Vitell)
Susan's Easy Salsa Perfecta
Swedish Red Cabbage
Sweet 'n' Sour Loaf
Sweet and Sour Bean Stew
Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad
Sweet and Sour Lentils with Brown Rice
Sweet and Sour Pasta Salad
Sweet and Sour Soybeans
Sweet and Sour Tofu
Sweet and Sour Tofu #2
Sweet and Sour Tofu #4
Sweet and Sour Tvp with Pineapple
Sweet and Sour Vegetables Ff
Sweet and Spicy Couscous Salad
Sweet and Spicy Lentil Stew
Sweet Corn and Anaheim Chile Pepper Relish
Sweet Pea Risotto with Saffron
Sweet Pepper Sauce
Sweet Potato and Pear Puree
Sweet Potato Dal (India)
Sweet Potato Patch
Sweet Potato Pie #7
Sweet Potato Polenta
Sweet Potato Risotto
Sweet Potato Soup
Sweet Potato Soup #2
Sweet Potato Steaks
Sweet Potato Surprise <r T>
Sweet Potato, Cheese and Onion Casserole
Sweet Potato, Oatmeal, and Cashew Loaf
Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries
Sweet Red Lentils
Sweet Rice
Sweet Rice Cakes Stuffed with Yellow Beans
Sweet Rice Dumplings
Sweet Saffron Rice
Sweet Saffron Rice (Kesari Bhaat)
Sweet Squash Soup
Sweet Stuffed Japanese Eggplants
Sweet Vegetable Curry Pot Pie with Rice Crust
Sweet Yogurt Topping
Sweet-And-Sour Green Beans
Sweet-And-Sour Walnuts
Sweeteners for Vegans
Swiss Cucumber Soup
Swiss Spaghetti Casserole
Syrian Noodles with Lentils
Szechuan Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables
Szechuan Style Cabbage Relish
Szechuan Style Stir Fry
Szechwan Bean Curd
Szechwan Eggplant and Tofu
Tabbouleh (Lebanese Style)
Tabouleh (Burghul and Parsley Salad)
Tabouli #6
Taeng Kwa Brio Wan (Fresh Cucumber Salad)
Tagine of Chick Peas with Aromatics
Tahini Sauce
Tahini Sauce (Cusumano)
Tahini-Miso Sauce
Tahinopita (Tahini Cake)
Tamale Casserole
Tamale De Elote
Tamale Pie #2
Tamale Pie #3
Tamale Pie #6
Tamales De Elote
Tamales with Vegetarian Chorizo
Tamales--Basic Procedure
Tamatar Bhat (Tomato Pilaf)
Tameya (Broad Bean Patties)
Tan Tan Noodles
Tanaka Traditional Noodles
Tandoori Potato and Onion Casserole
Tandoori Tofu Brochettes
Tangine of Moroccan Vegetables with Couscous
Tangy Orange Sauce
Tangy Red Bulgar
Tantalizing Tempeh Dinner
Tantalizing Tofu
Tar Heel Barbecued Baked Beans
Tarragon Tempeh
Taste of the Orient Vegetables
Tasty Bean Curd
Tauhu Goreng
Tavern Dip
Teff Griddle Cakes
Tejas Gazpacho
Tempeh and Mushroom Stew on a Mashed Potato Bas
Tempeh and Sweetcorn Roast with Tahini/mushroom
Tempeh and Vegetable Chili
Tempeh Chili
Tempeh Chips with Dipping Sauce
Tempeh Fajitas with Pico De Gallo
Tempeh Party Spread
Tempeh Reuben Sandwiches (Lightlife)
Tempeh Salad
Tempeh Stuffed Peppers
Tempeh Tahiti
Tempura Vegetables
Ten Tasty Vegetables (Shi Ziang Cai)
Ten-Layer Casserole
Teriyaki Grilled Corn
Teriyaki Portobello Burgers with Napa Cabbage Slaw
Teriyaki Tempeh and Pineapple Salsa
Teriyaki Tofu Brochettes
Tex-Mex Corn Macaroni
Tex-Mex Potatoes
Texas Pita
Texas Style Barbecue on a Bun
Thai Black Japonica Salad
Thai Curried Vegetables with Adzuki Beans (Wok)
Thai Fresh Cucumber Salad (Taeng Kwa Brio Wan
Thai Fried Noodles (Pad Thai)
Thai Fried Rice
Thai Garlic Soup (Katzen)
Thai Mushroom Salad
Thai Rice with Mushroom and Egg
Thai Style Fried Noodles
Thai Vegetarian Noodles
Thai-Style Tempe W/ Carrots and Basil
Thanksgiving Day Tofu
Thanksgiving Gravy -V
Thanksgiving Loaf
The Devil's Chili
The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (Katzen)
The Great Gluten Turkey
The Square Rabbit's Vegetarian Chili
The Vegetarian Restaurant's Lemon Poppyseed C
Thick and Hearty Pizza Sauce
Three Beans in Lettuce Parcels
Three Cheese Polenta Pie - Canadian Living Ma
Three-Bean Salad #2
Three-Bean Vegetable Chili
Three-Bean Vinaigrette
Three-Cheese Polenta Pie
Three-Taste Sauce
Thunder and Lightning
Thymely Vegetable Soup with Ziti
Tibetan Roast
Tibetan Vegetable Soup
Tien Swan Sue Ro Jiu (Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Meatballs)
Tiny Pasta Stew
Tipsy Parsnips
Toasted Almonds
Toasted Cashew Sauce
Toasted Garbanzo Patties
Toasted Pita Chips
Toasted Sesame Sauce
Tofu "Cheese" Sauce
Tofu "Chicken" Salad
Tofu "Fish" Sticks
Tofu "Meat" Balls
Tofu #3
Tofu and Bell Peppers in Sweet-And-Sour Sauce
Tofu and Broccoli Stir-Fry
Tofu and Mushrooms in Mustard Sauce
Tofu and Peanut Sauce
Tofu and Snow Peas
Tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage Loaf
Tofu and Vegetables with Rice
Tofu Anti-Pasto
Tofu Bourguignon
Tofu Burgers
Tofu Burgers #2
Tofu Burgers #3
Tofu Cheesecake
Tofu Cheesecake Filling
Tofu Chop Suey
Tofu Cottage Cheese
Tofu Cream Cheese
Tofu Dip
Tofu Enchiladas
Tofu Fajitas
Tofu Foo Young
Tofu French Toast
Tofu Fried Rice
Tofu Fu Yung
Tofu Guacamole
Tofu Gumbo
Tofu Herb Spread
Tofu Hoisin with Broccoli, Red Peppers, and Walnuts
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce
Tofu Indonesian-Style
Tofu Kebabs
Tofu Lasagna Filling (Ricotta Substitute)
Tofu Loaf #2
Tofu Manicotti #2
Tofu Mayo
Tofu Mayonnaise #2
Tofu Meatloaf
Tofu Milk
Tofu Noodle Soup
Tofu Nut Patties
Tofu Paneer
Tofu Pecan Cutlets
Tofu Pepper Taco with Pineapple Salsa
Tofu Pot Pie
Tofu Provencal
Tofu Provencal Club Sandwich
Tofu Rice Stir Fry
Tofu Ricotta Cheese
Tofu Salad
Tofu Salad Crunch Pitas
Tofu Salad Dressing
Tofu Scramble
Tofu Soup
Tofu Soup with Lemon Grass
Tofu Spaghetti Balls
Tofu Spinach Pie
Tofu Steaks with Pineapple Salsa
Tofu Stew with Sweet Potatoes
Tofu Tacos
Tofu Triangles
Tofu Turkey
Tofu Vegetable Crepes
Tofu Whip
Tofu Whipped Cream #2
Tofu Whipped Cream Topping
Tofu with Garlic and Broccoli
Tofu with Rice
Tofu with Sour Curry
Tofu Yogurt
Tofu Yogurt Sauce
Tofu-Chive Potato Topping
Tofu-Courgette on a Skewer
Tofu-Fruit Pudding
Tofu-Noodle-Poppy Seed Casserole (Lacto)
Tofu-Pumpkin Pie
Tofu-Vegetable Pot Pie
Tofu/fruit Pudding
Tofu/miso/umeboshi(Salted Preserved Plums) Okayu
Tomato and Basil Risotto
Tomato and Dill Soup
Tomato and Herb Rigatoni
Tomato Bean Corn Chowder
Tomato Bread and Pastina Stew
Tomato Bread Salad
Tomato Butternut Soup
Tomato Fennel and Potato Stew
Tomato Kachumber
Tomato Rarebit
Tomato Rice
Tomato Risotto
Tomato Sauce #3
Tomato Soup with Basil (Potage De Tomate a La
Tomato Soup with Pasta
Tomato Vinaigrette
Tomato Wine Sauce
Tomato, Bread and Pastina Stew
Tomato-Fennel Consomme
Tomato-Leek Soup
Tomato-Poblano Vinaigrette
Tomato-Stuffed Eggplant
Tomato-Stuffed Roasted Eggplant with Feta
Tomato-Zucchini Casserole
Tomatoes and Kale Side Dish Vegan <r T>
Tomatoes Saute with Montachet
Tomatoes Stuffed with White Bean Salad
Tomatoey Tabouli
Tony's Manicotti with Four Cheeses
Toovar Dal
Topig (Lenten Chick Pea Kofta)
Torai Masala (Spiced Zucchini and Peas in Tomato Sauce)
Tortellini in Creamy Courgette Sauce
Tortellini Stew
Tortellini with Fresh Mushrooms
Tortilla Lasagna
Tortilla Soup (Leachman)
Tortilla Soup W/ Roasted Red Peppers
Tortilla Strips
Toss Fried Vegetarian Dinner
Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce
Traditional Miso Soup
Trio of Grains with Sweet Corn Coulis
Tropical Bulgar
Tropical Green Beans
Turkish Borscht
Turkish Spinach-Lentil Soup
Turnip Bisque with Crispy Shallots -Ww
Turnip-Water Kimchi (Korean Dong Chimi)
Tuscan White Bean Soup (Delicious)
Tvp Burgers
Twice-Baked Souffle
Two Peas with Turmeric and Mint
Two-Bean and Cheddar Cheese Pie
Two-Bean Stew
Two-Bean Tofu Chili
Two-Potato Topped Cottage Pie
Tyropittakia (Cheese Pies)
Tzatziki (Cucumber Sauce)
Udon Noodles with Asparagus and Cashews <t>
Unfried French Fries
Unsloppy Joes
Uppama (A South Indian Dish)
Usal (A Mung-Bean Curry)
Vaguely Indonesian Stir-Fry
Vangi Bath
Vanilla-Scented Fruit Cup
Vanilla-Scented Pineapple
Veal in Mustard and Dill Sauce
Vegan Almond Cheesecake
Vegan Bechamel Sauce
Vegan Broccoli Casserole
Vegan Cheesecake
Vegan Chocolate Sponge Cake
Vegan Christmas Cake
Vegan Cole Slaw
Vegan Fruit Cake
Vegan Lasagna
Vegan London Broil
Vegan Macaroni and "Cheese"
Vegan Nachos
Vegan Pasta Al Pesto
Vegan Pumpkin Pie
Vegan Yogurt
Vegan: Aloo Rasdar
Vegan: Blue Corn-Pecan Pancakes
Vegan: Bread Pudding
Vegan: Ratatouille
Vegeburger Taquitos
Vegemillet Burgers
Vegetable Almond Rice
Vegetable Almondine Bake
Vegetable and Bean Biryani
Vegetable and Coconut Curry
Vegetable and Quinoa Saute with Orange -Ww
Vegetable and Rice Stir-Fry
Vegetable Bean and Noodle Casserole
Vegetable Bean and Pasta Soup
Vegetable Biriyani
Vegetable Biryani
Vegetable Briyani
Vegetable Broth Mix
Vegetable Broth,"Pure and Simple" (Vegan)
Vegetable Burgers #2
Vegetable Casserole W/cornbread Dressing
Vegetable Casserole with Cornbread Dressing
Vegetable Cheese Puff
Vegetable Confetti
Vegetable Consomme
Vegetable Curry #5
Vegetable Curry with Cashews
Vegetable Cutlets
Vegetable Dahl Soup
Vegetable Enchiladas
Vegetable Fritters (Pakora)
Vegetable Gumbo
Vegetable Hummus Sandwiches
Vegetable Jalfrasie
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Vegetable Kabobs
Vegetable Lasagna "Curls"
Vegetable Lasagne
Vegetable Lasagne (Mcdermott)
Vegetable Loaf
Vegetable Mafe
Vegetable Me'lange
Vegetable Millet Delight
Vegetable Miso Soup
Vegetable Momos
Vegetable Nut Roast
Vegetable Paella #2
Vegetable Pasta Sauce
Vegetable Patties with Peanut Sauce
Vegetable Pilaf
Vegetable Pilau Special
Vegetable Pizza with Feta Cheese
Vegetable Pot Pie
Vegetable Puff Pie Thornton
Vegetable Pullao
Vegetable Puree with Kohlrabi and Broccoli
Vegetable Raisin Curry with Couscous
Vegetable Rice Pancakes
Vegetable Risotto
Vegetable Sausage (Hoy Jaw)
Vegetable Saute with Fresh Peaches
Vegetable Saute with Miso Sauce over Linguine
Vegetable Soup #2
Vegetable Soup #5
Vegetable Soup #7
Vegetable Spaghetti Sauce Ff
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Vegetable Stew with Nut Dumplings
Vegetable Stew with Soybeans
Vegetable Stew with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Vegetable Stock #2
Vegetable Strudel (Bon Appetit/july 1983)
Vegetable Stuffed Spud
Vegetable Tagine
Vegetable Tempura
Vegetable Tofu Scramble
Vegetable Walnut Patties
Vegetable, Bean and Pasta Soup
Vegetable-Bulgur Pilaf
Vegetable-Laden Three-Bean Chili
Vegetable-Nut Loaf
Vegetable-Salad Burritos
Vegetable-Sesame Pie
Vegetables with Peanut Sauce
Vegetarian "No Tom" Turkey
Vegetarian Barley and Bean Soup
Vegetarian Barley-Vegetable Soup
Vegetarian Burgers
Vegetarian Burgers (The Uncow Burger)
Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls
Vegetarian Chili #2
Vegetarian Chili #3
Vegetarian Chili (Made in "Piles")
Vegetarian Chili Texas Style
Vegetarian Chocolate Cake (Courtesy of Kathy Kuehn)
Vegetarian Couscous Casserole
Vegetarian Egg Rolls
Vegetarian Fajitas
Vegetarian Ginger Snaps
Vegetarian Gravy
Vegetarian Ham
Vegetarian Ham (Buddhist)
Vegetarian Holiday Roast
Vegetarian Hungarian Goulash
Vegetarian Jambalaya
Vegetarian Kishke
Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Lemon Poppyseed Cake
Vegetarian Lentil Paella
Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu
Vegetarian Mince Pies
Vegetarian Mince Pies #2
Vegetarian Muffuletta
Vegetarian Mulligatawny
Vegetarian Paella
Vegetarian Pie
Vegetarian Posole
Vegetarian Pot Stickers with Dipping Sauce
Vegetarian Quiche Spud
Vegetarian Red Beans and Seven-Grain Dirty Rice
Vegetarian Reuben
Vegetarian Roast Duck (Sue Sao Ya; Shanghai)
Vegetarian Sloppy Joes
Vegetarian Steak with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots)
Vegetarian Stir Fried Crab Meat
Vegetarian Stock
Vegetarian Supreme Pizza
Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Tien Swan Sue Ro Jiu
Vegetarian Tamale Filling
Vegetarian Tamales
Veggie Burger Mix
Veggie Burgers
Veggie Deluxe Spaghetti Sauce
Veggie Enchiladas
Veggie Flavored Pasta - No Egg
Veggie Loaves
Veggie Oat-Burgers
Veggie Pizza
Veggie Quiche
Veggie Sandwich Spread
Veggie Tex-Mex Enchiladas
Veggie Turnovers
Vegiburgers in Pita Bread
Vegie Garden Loaf
Vellirikkai Thogayal
Velvety-Warm Mustard-Pepper Sauce
Verde Azzor
Vermicelli Salad
Very Berry Waffles
Very Simple Mushroom Soup
Very Spicy Delicious Chickpeas
Vidalia Onion Flower
Vinaigrette of Braised Soup Veggies
Wake-Ewa (Black Eyed Beans with Sauce)
Walnut and Mushroom Roast
Walnut and Veggie Burgers
Walnut Rosemary Quinoa
Walnut Sauce
Warm Broccoli and Potato Salad
Warm Cabbage Salad with Cracked Pepper | Patta Gobi Salat
Warm Carrot Pudding with Gingered Fruit Compote
Warm Wild Mushroom Salad
Washed Lentils
Watercress and Ginger Salad
Watermelon and Ginger Sharbat
Watermelon Ice Drink
Welsh Rarebit
West African Groundnut Stew
West Indian Pumpkin Rice and Red Beans (Solomon)
West: Mixed Vegetables Jaipur Style (Sabji Ja
Western Beans and Rice
Western Beans and Rice #2
Western Tofu Scramble
Wheat Berry Vegetable Stew -Ww
Wheat Free Shortbread
Wheat Loaf
Wheat Roast
White Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto
White Bean and Tomato Salad
White Bean Sandwiches
White Bean Soup with Sage
White Bean, Black Olive and Basil Salad
White Beans and Collard Greens Soup
White Beans with Roasted Garlic Dressing
White Gazpacho with Almonds and Grapes
White Lasagna
White Pizza #11
Whole Wheat Pie Dough
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Whole-Pea Soup with Fresh Tarragon
Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
Whole-Wheat Pizza
Wholewheat Spaghetti with Garlic, Hot Pepper
Whoopie's B-Flat Flatbread
Wicked Mushrooms
Wild Herb Tart
Wild Mushrom and Pasta Souffle
Wild Mushroom and Gruyere Cheese Omelets
Wild Mushroom Barley Soup
Wild Mushroom Calzones
Wild Mushroom Pizza
Wild Mushroom Pumpkin Soup
Wild Rice and Artichoke Salad
Wild Rice Crepes
Wild Rice Pilaf
Wild Rice with Amethyst Onions
Wild Rice with Chestnuts
Wild Rice with Mushrooms #2
Wild Rice-Stuffed Squash
Wild Rice-Stuffed Winter Squash
Wild Zucchini Rice Salad
Wilted Spinach
Winter Apple Chutney
Winter Pesto Soup
Winter Squash and Apple Soup
Winter Squash Tart
Winter Squash W/shallots, Peppers, Pine Nuts and Sage <r T>
Winter Vegetable Ragout with Carmelized Whole Shallots
Winter Wild Mushroom Risotto
Wonderful Millet Vegetable Balls
Woodsy Mushroom Goulash
Yaki Udon (Figi)
Yalanchi Sarma (Stuffed Grape Leaves)
Yalantzi Dolmathes
Yam and Split Pea Soup with Fresh Ginger
Yam Curry
Yam Turnout
Yellow Mole with Chiles (Mole Amarillo)
Yellow Mung Bean Pudding
Yellow Pepper Soup
Yellow Rice
Yellow Split Pea Soup
Yellow Toor Daal
Yemiser W'et (Spicy Lentil Stew)
Yeshimbra Asa (Pea Flour Fish)
Yet Another Spontaneous Soup
Yetakelt W'et (Spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew)
Yin-Yang Soup
Yogurt Cheesecake Fat Free
Yogurt-Cucumber Salad
Yogurt-Tahini Dressing
Yuca's Vegetarian Paella
Yuletide Ring
Yummy Cabbage Rolls
Zemi's Ginger Smoothies
Zesty Black Bean Dip
Zesty Fruit Salad
Zesty Green Split Peas
Zesty Orange Salad
Zesty Three Bean Salad
Ziti with Cheese
Zucchine a Fiammifero (Matchstick Zucchini Sa
Zucchini and Carrot Pickles
Zucchini and Chile Corn Bake
Zucchini and Corn W/ Tomato And Roasted Chiles
Zucchini and Hominy Soup #2
Zucchini and Phyllo Pizza
Zucchini Bisque
Zucchini Chili
Zucchini Fiesta Salad
Zucchini Frittata
Zucchini Lasagna
Zucchini Mock Crab Cakes
Zucchini Pancakes with Tomato Concasse
Zucchini Quesadillas
Zucchini Rice Bake
Zucchini Squash Burgers
Zucchini Stuffed with Mushrooms
Zucchini W/toasted Almonds
Zucchini, Chile Corn Bake
Zucchini-And-Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Zucchini/mushroom Soup
Zuccini Relish
Zuppa Di Asparagi (Calabrian Asparagus Soup)
Zuppa Matta (Bread Salad with Tomatoes, Fenne
Apple Bread #5
Apple Pie Muffins
Apricot and Pecan Crumble
Artichoke Bean Dip
Asian Rice and Lentil Patties (Betty Crocker)
Baked Potatoes with Creamy Cucumber Sauce
Barbecued Tofu, Down-Home
Barley and Sun-Dried Tomato Pilaf
Basil Potato Soup
Bean Corn Side Dish (Mexican)
Beans and Salsa on Potatoes
Bert's Best Breakfast - Oatmeal Burgers
Bhajan's Banquet
Black Bean Burger
Bukharan Salad
Cajun Tofu And Roasted Red Pepper Pizza
Carrots with Hijiki (Or Arame)
Cauliflower Slaw with Creamy Dill Dressing
Celery Root and Chestnut Soup - Millennium
Cheesy Bow Tie Treasures
Chocolate Cake To Live for With Ultimate Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Grand Marnier Sauce #2
Cincinnati (Greek) Vegetarian Chili
Coconut-Curry Tofu Stew with Spinach and Cabbage
Coleslaw With Cabbage, Tofu, and Pineapple
Corn and Potato Chowder #3
Cornbread (Georgia Style)
Creamed Acorn Squash Soup
Creamy Dill Dressing
Creamy Pasta Bake
Crepes - Raratouille Filling [D]
Crepes - Sweetcorn Mushroom Filling /cheese Sauce [D]
Crispy Potato Veggies
Daikon And Kombu in Orange Sauce
Egg Fried Rice #2
Eggplant Mykonos
Four Cheese Manicotti
Freezer Slaw #3
Granny Smith Apple-Onion Soup with Celeriac
Grilled Marinated Tofu
Gujarati Mango Curry (Pukki Keri Nu Shak)
Herb Pesto
Honey Dijon Sauce #2
Honeydew Sorbet #2
Khasa Baigan Bhaji (Eggplant-Cheese Fritters)
Lasagna Filling
Lasagna Primavera #2
Leek and Artichoke Soup
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake #4
Lemon Sorbet #3
Lemony Green Beans
Lemony Lentils with Pumpkin
Lentil and Wild Mushroom Bolognaise
Lentil Loaf With Herbed Gravy And Mashed Potatoes
Making Tofu At Home
Marinated Tofu #2
Meatless Loaf #2
Meatless Spaghetti Sauce #2
Mesclun with Maple Mustard Tofu Points
Mexican Corn Soup #2
Mexican Pepper Casserole #2
Mexican Summer Soup
Middle East Pita Pockets
Millet Loaf #2
Minted Cucumber Salad #2
Moroccan Eggplant Salad #2
Muesli with Soy (Nutlettes) and Baked Apples
Mushroom Barley Soup #5
Mushroom Gravy #3
Mushroom Gravy, Mollie's Special
Mushroom Tofu Stroganoff
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) #4
Nectarine Gewurztraminer Sorbet
New Orleans Red Beans and Rice #2
Noodle and Cheese Casserole
Noodle Kugel #6
Oven "Fries"
Parmesan Sweet Potatoes and Pasta
Pasta Primavera #9
Pasta Sauce Raphael #2
Pasta with Hot Peppers
Pasta with Spicy Avocado Pesto
Pea, Leek and Broccoli Soup (High-Fiber)
Peach Chutney #6
Peach Frozen Yogurt #2
Peach-Ginger Salsa
Pecan Loaf #2
Penne with Tofu-Basil Pesto
Pepper "Steak"
Perfect Chocolate Cake #2
Pesto Sauce #6
Pine Nut and Anise Cake with Blood Orange Compote
Plum Cardamom Frozen Yogurt
Popeye Burger #2
"Barbecued" Tempeh or Tofu
"Stedda" Ricotta #2
'chicken' And 'egg' Seasoning Mix
All Season Blend
All-Bean Chili
All-In-One Shortbread
Allium Soup
Almond And Herb Dip
Almond And Tomato Bites
Almond Macaroons #4
Aloo Gobi (Potatoes with Cauliflower)
Alu-Chole with Rice
Amaranth And Corn
Amateur Lasagna #2
American-Style Granola
An African Vegetarian Stew
Ancho Vegetable Stew
Angel Hair with Tomatoes, Basil And Arugula
Anthea Turner's Chocolate And Rum Roulade
Apple Berry Crisp
Apple Brandied Fruit Kebabs
Apple Cinnamon Couscous
Apple Crumble #6
Apple Enchiladas
Apple Oatmeal with Flax Seeds
Apple Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust
Apple Slaw #2
Apple Spice Kuchen
Apple-Cranberry Crumb Tart
Applesauce Pecan Crumb Cake
Applesauce Syrup
Apricot And Coconut Slice
Apricot And Pear Crunch Crumble
Apricot Dressing
Apricot Lentil Soup
Aqua Libra And Melon Lime Soup
Aromatic Eggplant Salad
Aromatic Rice, Beans And Greens
Aromatic White Sauce
Artichoke And Sweet Pepper Boats
Artichoke Dip #11
Artichoke Tetrazzini
Artichoke Tomato Alfredo #2
Artichoke-Jicama Salad with Toasted Hazelnuts
Artichokes Provencal
Artichokes Stuffed with Millet And June Peas
Artichokes W/ Smashed Potatoes And Caramelized Garlic
Arugula Salad with Braised Artichoke Hearts
Asian Greens with Sesame Dressing
Asian Marinade #2
Asian Noodle Supper
Asian Noodles #2
Asian Sesame Rice (Usarice)
Asian Slaw W/ Tofu Croutons - Lorna Sass
Asian Tofu Crisp
Asian-Grilled Eggplant Wraps with Garlic Sauce
Asparagus And Baby Sweetcorn Pithiviers
Asparagus And Fresh Peas in Orange-Saffron Sauce
Asparagus And Mushroom Risotto
Asparagus And Peanut Strudel
Asparagus And Red Pepper Pizza
Asparagus And Shallot Frittata
Asparagus And Yellow Pepper Risotto
Asparagus Casserole #8
Asparagus Dinner
Asparagus Fettucine Toss
Asparagus Pasta Salad - Wmh
Asparagus Roll-Ups #3
Asparagus Soup #7
Asparagus Soup with Arborio Rice
Asparagus Stir-Fry with Black Bean Sauce
Asparagus Vegetable Medley
Asparagus W/morels, Spring Peas And Bowtie Pasta
Asparagus with Garlic Mayonnaise
Asparagus Wrapped in Herbed Phyllo Pastry
Autumn Casserole with Chestnuts
Avery Island Barbecue Sauce
Avocado And Grapefruit Salad W/grapefruit Vinaigrette
Avocado And Melon Salad
Avocado Dressing #4
Avocado Orange Soup #2
Avocado Pocket Sandwiches
Avocado Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
Avocado Sauce #2
Avocado, Jicama, And Orage Salad
Avocado-Black Bean Salsa
Aztec Couscous
Baby Artichokes with Lemon Caper Stuffing
Baby Corn with Seasoned Tofu And Straw Mushrooms
Baked Bananas with Cinnamon
Baked Bananas with Lemon And Orange
Baked Beans #14
Baked Breaded Tofu Cutlets
Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic
Baked Candied Sweet Potatoes
Baked Chilaquiles
Baked Goat Cheese with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Baked Macaroni Noodle Casserole
Baked Marinated Tofu
Baked Potatoes with Zesty Tofu Topping
Baked Rice with Ricotta
Baked Seasoned Tofu
Baked Soybeans with Chutney - Anna Thomas
Baked Tofu with Braised Peppers And Olives
Baked Tofu with Braised Peppers And Onions
Baked Tofu with Stir-Fried Vegetables
Baked Vegetables in Parchment
Baked Ziti Siciliano
Balsamic Drizzle
Balsamic Vinaigrette #6
Banana Curry
Banana Delight with Lemon Frosted Topping
Banana French Toast #2
Banana Ketchup #2
Banana Rice with Vegetable Kebabs
Banana Toffee Pie
Banana Walnut Toffee Spring Rolls
Banana Wheat Germ Muffins
Bandito Bread
Barbecue Chicken in the Crockpot
Barbecue Tomato Sauce
Barbecued Fruit
Barbecued Tofu #2
Barbecued Vegetables
Barley Broth
Barley Salad #3
Barley Salad with Corn And Peas
Barley Soup #4
Barley with Vegetables
Barley, Bell Pepper And Almond Pilaf
Barley-Stuffed Peppers
Basic Brown Onion Sauce
Basic Cake
Basic Cooked Tomato Sauce / Salsa De Jitomate
Basic Cream Sauce
Basic Curry Mix for Four
Basic Dry Cereal Formula
Basic Ghee
Basic Neapolitan Pizza Dough - Raichlen
Basic Stirfry
Basic Uncooked Tomatillo Table Salse / Salsa De Tomatillo
Basic Vegetable Broth
Basil-Baked New Potatoes
Basmati Rice with Peas And Pine Nuts
Bbq Baked Soybeans
Bbq Cowboy Pinto Beans
Bean And Pasta Stew
Bean Dhansak
Bean Loaf or Burger
Beans #2
Beans And Pasta
Beans And Vegetables with Rice
Beans Slow Cooker Style
Beans with Broccoli Rabe
Bechamel Sauce #7
Beer Pizza
Beer Sauce
Beet And Fennel Salad with Tangerine-Shallot Vinaigrette
Beet Macaroni Salad
Beet Tartar
Beetroot And Caraway Soup
Bengal Beans (Kabli Chenna)
Berry Blush
Berry Parfait with Pink Champagne Sabayon
Berry Summer Pudding
Berry-Peach Crisp
Best Broccoli #2
Best Burritos
Betta Feta
Better Bran Muffins #2
Bilberry Crumble Cake
Biscotti with Raisinets
Bitter Greens with Sweet Onions And Tart Cherries
Black And White Bean Chili
Black Bean Burgers with Banana Ketchup
Black Bean Burgers with Salsa Guacamole (No-Tofu)
Black Bean Chili #8
Black Bean Chili, Festive
Black Bean Soup #12
Black Bean Soup / Sopa De Frijoles Negroes
Black Bean-Quinoa Spread
Black Bean-Smoked Chile Dip
Black Beans Rancheros
Black Eyed Bean Hot Pot
Black Olive And Pimiento Spread
Black Pepper Pasta - the Ultimate Pasta Cookbook
Black-Eyed Bean Pie
Black-Eyed Bean Stew
Black-Eyed Peas with Yellow Rice
Blackberry Fool
Blackcurrant Cheeseless Cake
Blackened Portobello Mushroom Salad
Blackeyed Peas, Vegetarian
Blood Orange And Fennel Salad with Pomegranate Dressing
Blue Cheese And Peanut Ring
Blue Cheese Dressing #11
Blue Corn Muffins
Blueberry Compote #2
Blueberry Orange Frappe
Blueberry Pie #8
Bodacious Barley Bake [Doctored From _hot & Spicy & Meatl
Bok Choy, Fennel And Spinach
Bolivian Corn Pudding
Boozy Baked Apples And Flambe Bananas
Bourbon-Oatmeal Pie
Bow Ties with Black Bean Salsa And Cherry Tomatoes
Brain Power Pita Pockets
Braised Bean Curd with Walnuts
Braised Chestnuts in Red Wine Gravy
Braised Romaine And White Beans
Braised Tofu with Mushrooms
Brandy Snap Baskets #2
Breadcrumb And Smoked Cheese Soufflé
Breaded Tofu Sticks
Breakfast Burritos #5
Breakfast Grits
Broccoli And Dolcelatte Soup
Broccoli And Tempeh Salad
Broccoli And Tofu Bake
Broccoli Cream Cheese And Pear And Almond Soup
Broccoli Lasagna #3
Broccoli Lemon Amandine
Broccoli Noodle Salad
Broccoli or Cauliflower with Soy Lemon Dressing
Broccoli Sprout And Tofu Spread on Toast
Broccoli Stir-Fry #2
Broccoli with Caramelized Onion Pizza
Broccoli with Ginger #2
Brocoli And Almond Flan
Broiled Pineapple Slices with Pistachios
Broiled Zucchini
Broken Potatoes with Spices - Aloo Ka Bhurta
Bronchitis Broth (Veggie Soup or Broth)
Broth with Toasted, Thin Noodles / Sopa De Fideos
Brown Lentil Chilli
Brown Rice #5
Brown Rice And Black Bean Burrito (Usarice)
Brown Rice And Vegetable Pie
Brown Rice Risotto
Brown Rice, Pressure Cooker
Brunch Fruit Compote with Whole Grain Dumplings
Bruschetta with Avocado And Green Onions
Bruschetta with Creamy Cheese Spread
Bruschetta with Stamp Collection Vegetable Chips From Ter
Buckwheat Noodles with Baby Carrots, Peas And New Potatoe
Buckwheat Pancakes with Pur‚e of Swiss Chard
Buckwheat Soba W/ Squash, Smoked Tofu And Basil
Bulgur Cutlets - Madeleine Kamman
Buttercup Squash Andrew - Chef Paul Prudhomme
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes #3
Buttermilk Sambar (Moru Kuzhambu)
Butternut Squash Soup #14
Butternut Squash Soup with Herbes De Provence
Cabbage And Mushroom Galette with Horseradish Sauce
Cabbage And Potato Hash
Cabbage Carrot Radish Noodles
Cabbage Soup with Rice And Dill
Cabbage, Tofu, And Red Pepper Stir-Fry
Caesar Dressing #6
Caesar Salad with Herb Croutons #2
Cafe Lago's Pizza with Heirloom Tomatoes And Ricotta Sala
Cafe Latte
California Walnut Bread
Californian Style Brochettes
Calzone with Eggplant And Basil - Puck
Camp-Style Skillet Corn Bread with Cheese
Cannellini Beans And Wilted Greens
Cape Malay Black Bean And Cremini Mushroom Cassoulet
Capellini Cake with Caramelized Onions And Cheese
Capellini with Capers And Olives
Caprese Salad - Italian Grill
Capsicum And Peanut Salsa
Caramel Upside-Down Pull-Apart Loaf
Caramelised Parsnips And Baby Onions
Caramelized Banana Chocolate Tart
Caramelized Banana Tartlets with Vanilla Bean And Chocola
Caramelized Onion Tart #2
Cardamom Shortbread
Caribbean Bean Bouillabaisse - Raichlen
Caribbean Black Bean Soup #3
Caribbean Corn And Vegetable Bake
Caribbean Fried Rice
Carla Lane's Aubergine Bake
Carla's Vegetable Loaf
Carmelized Endives
Carrot And Apple Bake - the Carrot Cookbook
Carrot And Apricot Puree
Carrot And Cabbage Stuffed Peppers
Carrot And Pear Salad - the Carrot Cookbook
Carrot And Sultana Pudding
Carrot Cake #29
Carrot Cake with Lemon Cashew Frosting
Carrot Jicama Salad
Carrot Latkes - the Carrot Cookbook
Carrot Nut Loaf
Carrot Pickle Chips, Quick
Carrot Puree #3
Carrot Souffle - the Carrot Cookbook
Carrot Timbales - the Carrot Cookbook
Carrot, Cashew And Sage Soup
Carrot-Ginger Soup #2
Carrots And Raisins Revisited #2
Carrots with Cashew Nuts
Carrots with Cassis Mustard And Red Onions
Cashew Castles
Cashew Cream #2
Cashew Nut Roast
Cashew Nut Roast with Apricot Stuffing
Cassoulet #12
Catalina Soup
Cauliflower And Almond Soup
Cauliflower And Bechamel Gratin
Cauliflower And Black Bean Stew
Cauliflower And Egg With Cheese
Cauliflower Gratin with Tomatoes And Feta
Cauliflower Puree with Peas
Celeriac And Pear Soup
Celeriac And Wild Mushroom Terrine
Celeriac Slaw #2
Celeriac Thins
Celery And Stilton Soup
Celery Root And Chestnut Soup - Millennium #2
Celery Root-Watercress Salad with Creamy Dijon Dressing
Chai Masala
Chai Spice Mix
Champagne-Portobello Farfalle
Chanterelle, Lobster And Oyster Mushroom Bisque
Chantrelle Stroganoff
Chard And Onion Omelet
Chard Cheese Pie
Charred Pico De Gallo
Cheddar Cheese Sauce #2
Cheery Carroty Corn Bread - the Carrot Cookbook
Cheese And Lentil Gratin From Joanna Lumley
Cheese And Onion Bread Bake
Cheese And Onion Flan with Peanut Pastry
Cheese And Sweetcorn Flan
Cheese Baked Enchilada Casserole
Cheese Crisps #4
Cheese Grits #5
Cheese Ravioli with Fresh Tomato And Artichoke Sauce
Cheese Stuffed Shells #4
Cheesey Potato And Lentil Bake
Cheesy Bow Tie Treasures #2
Cheesy Chili Mac #2
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes And Turnips #2
Chef Freddy's Apple-Rhubarb Cake #2
Chef Freddy's Apple-Rhubarb Cake #3
Chen Du Cold Noodles
Cherry Filling #3
Cherry-Almond Muffin Bread (Lacto)
Cherry-Filled Lemon Cake
Chestnut And Apple Soup
Chestnut And Chocolate Ice-Cream with Apricot Sauce
Chestnut Bourgingnonne Pie
Chestnut, Apple And Onion Pie
Chick Pea Curry
Chick-Pea Curry (Chenna Dal)
Chickpea And Garlic Soup #2
Chickpea And Pasta Soup
Chickpea And Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Chickpea Salad Sandwich
Chickpea Vindaloo
Chickpeas in the Style of Rome (Ceci Al Garofalo)
Chicory And Potatoes
Chilaquiles (Fried Tortillas Cooked in Salsa)
Chiles Rellenos #6
Chiles Rellenos with Corn
Chili Beans, Border Style
Chili Pepper Dressing
Chili with Chocolate
Chili-Lime Dressing
Chili-Stuffed Zucchini
Chiliquiles #2
Chilled Cantaloupe Soup
Chilled Cherry-Plum Soup
Chilli Foccacia
Chilli Special
Chillies And Pepper Con Queso
Chinatown Green Onion Cakes
Chinese Filo Vegetable Parcels
Chinese Noodle Cake
Chinese Noodle Soup
Chinese Noodles
Chinese Pasta Primavera
Chipotle Cream #2
Chipotle Ketchup, Jim's
Chipotle Pasta
Chipotle Split Pea Soup
Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa
Choclolate Espresso And Roasted Pecan Torte
Chocolate Almond Biscotti #4
Chocolate And Black Cherry Gateau
Chocolate And Pecan Tiffin
Chocolate Carrot Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Cashew Mousse
Chocolate Cream Couscous Cake
Chocolate Crinkles #4
Chocolate Delight #3
Chocolate Marble Cheesecake #4
Chocolate Pecan Pie #10
Chocolate Rice Pudding #2
Chocolate Rum Cake #3
Chocolate Sweetheart Cake
Chocolate Tiramisu #3
Chocolate Tofu Ice Cream
Chocolate-Banana Pudding
Chopped Not Liver
Christmas Pudding #5
Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream
Christmas Toffee Pudding
Christmas Tree Platter
Chunky Bean Spread Sandwiches
Chunky Nut And Vegetable Roast
Chunky Red Sauce
Chunky Roquefort Dip And Dressing
Chunky Salsa
Chunky Vegetable Soup with Dumplings
Cilantro And Mint Chutney
Cilantro Pasta #2
Cincinnati (Greek) Vegetarian Chili #2
Cinnamon Cream #2
Cinnamon Parsnip Soup
Cinnamon Peachy Shake
Cinnamon Soy Frosting
Cinnamon Soy Rolls
Cinnayum Rolls
Citrus Season Salad with Ginger Horseradish Dressing
Classic Green Salad with Sauteed Mushrooms
Clear Garlic Broth
Clear Mushroom Broth with Ginger
Clear Spring Vegetable Soup
Cleopatra Dressing
Cock's Comb Roast Potatoes
Cocoa Tea Cakes
Coconut Cream
Cold Asian Noodles with Tempeh
Coleslaw with Lemon-Buttermilk Dressing
Colorful Potato Casserole
Colorful Tossed Greens
Cool Fruit And Vegetable Salad W/ Hot Tomato Dipping Sauc
Coral Cauliflower Soup with Parsley Croûtons
Coriander Chutney (Dhania Ka Chatni)
Coriander Mushrooms
Corn And Potato Chowder #5
Corn And Sun-Dried Tomato Chowder
Corn And Tomato Soup
Corn And Zucchini Enchiladas with Chile Sauce
Corn Chowder with Popcorn Croutons
Corn Griddlecakes
Corn Quesadillas
Corn Roulade with Mushroom Filling From Michaela Strachan
Cornbread, Almost Fatfree
Cornmeal-Crusted Two- Bean Chili
Costa Rican Beans And Rice
Country Cottage Crepes
Country Garden Cottage Pie
Courgette Eggah
Couscous By the Pilaf Method
Couscous Sauté
Couscous with Moroccan Spices
Couscous-Rimmed Vegetable Casserole
Cracked Peppercorn Hollandaise
Cranana-Nut Bread
Cranapple Crisp #2
Cranberry Applesauce #4
Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
Cranberry Chutney #3
Cranberry Ginger Vinegar
Cranberry Orange Relish #6
Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti #2
Cranberry-Pecan Rugelach
Cranberry-Port Relish
Cream of Asparagus Soup with a Touch Of Fresh Dill
Cream of Broccoli Soup #11
Cream of Celery
Cream of Mushroom Soup #15
Creamed Corn #7
Creamed Greens
Creamy Curried Carrot Soup
Creamy Fennel And Celery Root Soup
Creamy Leek Soup #2
Creamy Lemon-Herb Dressing
Creamy Orange Jalapeno Dressing
Creamy Parmesan Green Beans
Creamy Tofu Pudding
Creamy Tomato Soup #3
Creamy Truffle Sauce
Creamy Two-Cheese Potatoes Gratin
Creamy Vegetable Bake #3
Creamy Vegetable Pie
Creamy Vegetable Salsa Dip
Crema #3
Creole Chickpea Stew
Creole Jambalaya #3
Crescia (Onion Flavoured Focaccia From Le Marche)
Crisp Vegetable Sushi with Thai Peanut Dip (Roy's)
Crispy Tempeh with Honey Mustard Sauce
Crispy Tofu Fingers
Crispy Veg Fries
Crockpot Black Bean Soup
Crockpot Vegetable Soup #2
Crostini with Warm Cannellini Beans And Wilted Chard
Crown Nut Roast
Crumbles Soup for the Slow Cooker
Cuban Black Bean Soup #6
Cuban Black Beans And Rice #2
Dad's Favorite Chocolate Angel Food Cake
Dainty Pasta
Dairy Free Chocolate Cake with Raspberries
Damon's Potatoes From Damon Albarn
Damson Ice Cream
Date And Malt Flapjacks
David Copperfield's Spicy Penne with Fontina Cheese
Devil's Food Cake with Mocha Cream Filling
Deviled Black Beans
Dilled French Lentil Stew
Diner Special Loaf
Dolmathes (Stuffed Vine Leaves)
Double Mushroom Bread Pudding
Double-Mushroom Bread Pudding
Double-Mushroom Bread Pudding #2
Down Home Barbecued Tofu
Dressing for Mesclun or Arugula
Dried Cranberry Sauce <r T>
Dried Fruit Chutney #2
Dry Fry Spinach (Tali Sag)
Dulse Cold Cure
Easy Creole Skillet
Easy Eggs Florentine
Easy Lasagna #2
Easy Potato Curry with Coconut Milk And Chickpeas
Easy Red Pepper Relish
Easy Veggie Lasagne Lhj
Egg And Dill Croutes
Egg Glaze
Eggless "Egg" Salad
Eggless Benedict
Eggless Egg Salad #5
Eggless Eggplant Ricotta
Eggless Mayonnaise #2
Eggplant And Garlic Slather #2
Eggplant Mozzarella #3
Eggplant Parmesan #13
Eggplant Scallopini
Eggplant with Garlic And Plum Chutney (India)
Eggplant with Sesame Sauce
Eggplant, Zucchini, Red Pepper And Parmesan Torte
Eggplant-Potato-Garlic Lasagna
El Cholo Chiles Rellenos
Ellen's Peach Chutney
Ellen's Salad Dressing
Enchilada Sauce #7
Enchilada Stack #2
Enchiladas #7
English Plain Scones
English Raspberry Trifle
Escamocha Camacho
Escarole And Bean Soup
Especially Onion Dip W/ Tofu
Essene Bread
Exotic Fruit Cups
Exotic Fruit Salad #3
Fabulous Holiday Fruitcake Pt 1 #2
Fabulous Holiday Fruitcake Pt 2 #2
Fabulous Holiday Fruitcake Pt 3
Falafel Balls in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Fantastic Raspberry Vinaigrette
Farfalle with Creamy Cilantro Pesto
Farmhouse White Bread with Cardamom
Fast Grilled Tomato Sauce
Fasta Pasta
Fat-Free/sugar-Free Quick Apple Butter
Fennel Bake
Fennel Salad with Toasted Walnuts
Festive Black Bean Chili
Festive Vegetable Fajita Wraps
Festive Yellow Rice
Feta Cheese Puffs
Fettuccine with Mushroom-Gorgonzola Sauce
Fettuccine with Roasted Winter Squash, Fennel And Red Cabba
Fettucine "Don't Be Afraid-O"
Fettucine And Broccoli W/ Miso Pesto - Lorna Sass
Fettucini Carrotini - the Carrot Cookbook
Fiaschetteria Beltramme's Arugula Salad
Ficatolla Del Chianti - Sweet Fig Foccacia
Fiery Jalapeno Sauce
Fiesta Pasta
Fiesta Scrambler
Figs Mushroom Pizza
Figs Mushroom Puree
Figs Pizza Dough #2
Filled Figs with Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, And Pine Nuts
Filo Baskets
Firecracker Corn-On-The-Cob
Five-Lentil Stew (Panch Dal)
Flapjacks #4
Floyd Flud's Cornbread (No Wheat)
Fluffy Banana Stuffed Pain Perdue
Fontina And Tomato Pie (Tortino Di Fontina)
Fontina Cheese And Chive Puff
Fontina, Asparagus, And Leek Strata
Four From One Cookie Dough
Fragrant Rice And Black-Eyed Pea Saute -Ww
French Onion Soup with Miso
French Peasant Soup (Lower Fat Adaptation)
French Salad Whole-Meal Sandwich
Fresh Apricot Clafouti
Fresh Broad Bean And Mint Soup
Fresh Broccoli And Red Pepper Pizza #2
Fresh Fruit Kanten
Fresh Herb And Flageolet Salad
Fresh Herb Garlic Dressing
Fresh Herb-Mustard Vinaigrette
Fresh Lime Vinaigrette
Fresh Mission Figs with Basil
Fresh Mostarella
Fresh Soy Beans (Edamame)
Fresh Soybeans with Potato Cubes
Fresh Tomato And Pepper Relish
Fresh Tropical Fruit Uncooked Table Salsa / Salsa Fresca De
Fresh Vegetable Soup with Garbanzo Beans
Friday Night Supper
Fried Green Tomato Pillows
Fried Rice with Basil And Chiles (Khao Pad Krapow)
Fried Spicy Tomatoes
Fried Spinach And Broccoli Puree (Sag)
Frieda's Spaghetti-Stuffed Peppers
Frozen Banana And Chocolate Oatmilk Shake
Frozen Tofu
Fruit Bowl Drink
Fruit Salad with Crystallized Ginger
Fruit Salad with Curry-Honey Sauce
Fruit'n Nut Granola
Fruited Grain Salad
Fruited Grain Salad #2
Fudgy Chocolate Tart
Fusilli with Garden Vegetables And Tarragon
Galette Dough
Garbanzo Bean Burgers, Fourth of July
Garbanzo Spread
Garden Couscous And Black Bean Salad
Garden Harvest Salad
Garden of Eden Quinoa Pilaf
Garganelli Pasta with Arugula
Garlic And Basil Bread (Vegan)
Garlic And Broccoli Raab Soup
Garlic Broth (Vegetarian Feast)
Garlic Granary Bread
Garlic Herb Spread
Garlic Lover's Potatoes <r T>
Garlic Lovers' Salsa Cruda
Garlic Lovers' Vegetable Soup
Garlic Mustard Dressing - Russo And Lukins
Garlic Pounded And Boiled in Milk
Garlic Soba with Broccoli Rabe - Nina Simonds
Garlic-Basil Red Sauce
Garlic-Braised Eggplant And White Beans
Garlic-Herb Bread
Garlic-Lover's Pasta
Garlicky Bulgur-Lentil Casserole
Garlicky Greens Saute
Garlicky Greens Skillet
Garlicky Pasta Greens
Garlicky Roasted Mushrooms
Gary Glitter's Spicy Pasta
Gazpacho, Tejas
Gee Whiz Spread
Ginger Broth with Carrot Noodles And Wilted Spinach
Ginger-Carrot Breakfast Cookies
Ginger-Poached Pears in Red Wine
Ginger-Tahini Dip
Glazed Carrots with Grapes And Walnuts
Glazed Tofu Bars
Glazed Turnips with Chives
Glossy Chocolate Icing
Goat Cheese Tartlets with Beet Juice
Goat's Cheese And Hot Mushroom Salad
Golden Cinnamon Applesauce Oatmeal
Golden Corn Bread Peanut Stuffng
Golden Lentil Roulade with Chestnut Stuffing
Golden Pear Soup
Golden Pine Kernel Pilau
Golden Rice Pudding
Golden Summer Gazpacho
Golden Vegetable Casserole with Sage Dumplings
Good Simple Lentilburgers
Gramma's Caribbean Hot Toddy
Gramma's Lentil Soup with Garlic Bread
Gramma's Steamed Vegetables
Gramma's Supreme Spicy Garlic Butter
Granola with Vanilla And Fruit Juice
Grape-And-Currant Tart with Fontina Cheese
Grapefruit And Strawberry Waffles
Grapefruit Curd Tartlets
Greek Lentil Soup <t>
Greek Radish Salad
Greek-Style Cannellini And Vegetables
Greek-Style Salad with Spaghetti Squash
Green Apple-Lime-Candied Ginger Sorbet
Green Bean Parsnip Soup
Green Bean-Potato Curry
Green Beans, Peppers, And Tomatoes W/balsamic Vinegar
Green Chile Cheese Souffle
Green Chili And Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits
Green Gazpacho (Laurel Restaurant)
Green Goddess
Green Goddess #2
Green Leek And Potato Soup
Green Lentils with Wine-Glazed Vegetables
Green Onion Guacamole
Green Salad with Pears, Pecans, And Feta
Green Sauce with Capers And Herbs
Green Soybeans Cooked with Pods On
Green Tea And Mushroom Broth with Miso
Greens with Cranberry-Cilantro Vinaigrette
Greens with Creamy Berry Dressing
Greens with Melon And Crunchy Vegetables
Greens with Rice And Sunflower Seeds
Greens with Tangy Lemon Dressing
Griddled Pineapple with Curried Sweet Potato Filling
Grilled Asparagus with Morels, Spring Peas, And Bowtie Pasta
Grilled Bruschetta
Grilled Carrots And Hot Peppers
Grilled Corn, fennel, And Purple Potato Chowder-Raichlen
Grilled Eggplant, Potato And Portobello Mushroom Tart
Grilled Fruit with Honey-Orange Cream
Grilled Goats' Cheese on Mango Coulis
Grilled Kabobs
Grilled Mushrooms And Sour Cream (Essential Vegetarian)
Grilled Onion Salad
Grilled Pears with Minted Honey Glaze
Grilled Pizza with Spinach And Feta
Grilled Polenta with White Bean Salad
Grilled Portobella Sandwiches
Grilled Portobello Pizzas
Grilled Salad with Mustard And Sherry Vinaigrette
Grilled Spring Vegetables with Basil Rice
Grilled Sweet Onion "Jam"
Grilled Sweet-And-Sour Carrot Salad
Grilled Tofu Burgers
Grilled Tofu with Wasabi-Honey Glaze
Grilled Tomato Sauce
Grilled Tomato Sauce with Garlic
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich #2
Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches #2
Grilled Vegetables with Greens And Croutons
Grilled Zucchini, Squash, Tomato Pizza with Fried Garlic
Gritty Rice
Gritty Rice Crust
Guacamole Dip, Guiltless
Gypsy Soup
Halloumi Skewers
Harvest Lentil Pilaf
Harvest Rice (Usarice)
Hawaiian Frozen Treats, Ww
Hazelnut-Fig Quick Bread
Healthy David's - Vegetarian Meatloaf
Healthy Muffins
Hearty Barley Soup with Avocado
Hearty Lentil Soup
Hearty Meatless Pasta And Vegetables
Hearty Vegetable Filling for Tamales
Heath Bar-Marmalade Crumb Cake
Heavenly Lemon Bars
Heirloom Salsa
Herb Broth
Herb Toasts for Dipping
Herbed Bulgar
Herbed Garlic Rigati With fresh Tomatoes
Herbed Goat Cheese
Herbed Potato And Tomato Salad
Herbed White Bean Puree
Herby Mushroom Pasta
Highland Oat Squares
Holiday Lasagne with Roasted Vegetables And Pesto Pt 1
Holiday Lasagne with Roasted Vegetables And Pesto Pt 2
Holiday Squash Pie
Holiday Veggie Platter
Holiday Waldorf Salad
Home Made Fatfree Baking Mix #2
Home Ranch Butternut Squash
Homemade Hot Cocoa
Honey Citrus Vinaigrette for Snow Peas And Pea Tendril Salad
Honey Custard - Natural Cafe
Honey-Curry Glazed Pineapple
Honey-Ginger Sauce
Honey-Glazed Beets
Honey-Glazed Carrots
Honey-Lemon Dressing
Hot And Spicy Fried Rice
Hot And Spicy Hummus
Hot And Tasty Shiitake Soup
Hot Asparagus with Red Pepper Sauce
Hot Baked Zucchini with Cheese
Hot Barbecued Aubergine with Fresh Chive Vinaigrette
Hot Breakfast Cereal
Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce
Hot Phyllo Burritos
House Dressing (The Fiddlehead)
Hummus-Filled Cucumber Cups
Humus Wrap - Harry Schwartz
Hungarian Braised Red Cabbage
Hungarian Supper
Iced Ginger Tea
Iced Holiday Cookies
Indian Lentil Soup
Indian Sandwiches
Indian Split Pea Soup
Indian-Style Saute of Cauliflower And Greens - Madison
Individual Goat Cheese Pizzas with Artichokes And Onion
Individual Mixed Vegetable Pizzas with Blue Cheese
Individual Pesto Pizzas with Mushrooms And Olives
Individual Shepherd's Pies
Indonesian Fried Rice with Tofu
Inside-Out Manicotti
It's a Wrap
Italian 'cheese' Pie
Italian Artichoke And Cheese Whole-Meal Sandwich
Italian Bakestone Bread, la Piadina
Italian Chickpea Spread
Italian Garbanzo Stew
Italian No-Meat Balls
Italian Nut Cheese
Italian Pizza Wedges
Italian Spinach, Mushroom And Mozzarella Wraps
Italian Style Portabella Mushroom Sandwiches
Italian Tofu And Spinach Patties
Italian Tomato Basil Dressing
Jalapeno Con Queso Sauce
Jalapeno Corn Soup with Cilantro
Jamaican Burgers
Jamaican Cook-Up Rice
Jerusalem Artichokes with Juniper Berries
Jicama-Potato Skillet Cakes with Sour Cream Salsa
Jicama-Quinoa Salad
Jim's Chipotle Ketchup
Julie Sahni's Four Minute Basmati Rice
Jump Start Smoothie
Kaffir Lime Leaf, Black Eye And Aduki Bean Croquettes
Kale Soup with Black-Eyed Peas
Kale with Cinnamon
Kamut Kitchiri
Kamut, Beet And Orange Salad with Dijon Dressing
Kasha Bolognese
Kashmiri Cauliflower
Keefer's Hawaiian Peanut Butter Muffins
Khasa Baigan Bhaji (Eggplant-Cheese Fritters) #2
Kimchi Mushroom Pancakes
Kitchen Sink Soup
Kol Bo Salad
Kourabiedes (Almond Cakes)
Kreplach Dumplings
Late Summer Garden Casserole
Lathero Keik (Oil Cake)
Layered Mediterranean Dip
Layered Polenta And Red Sauce
Layered White Beans, Tuna, And Vegetable Dip
Lazy Apricot Preserves
Lazy Lasagnie
Leavened Bread (Naan)
Leek And Caraway Pur‚e
Leek And Watercress Soup
Leek Mousse #2
Leek-And-Onion Pie (Essential Vegetarian)
Leeks Cooked in Spiced Wine
Lemon And Almond Custard
Lemon Cream Fruit Tart
Lemon Cucumber Salad
Lemon Curd Layer Cake
Lemon Sorbet with Raspberry Sauce
Lemon Triangles W/blueberry Compote
Lemon Walnut Biscotti
Lemon-Grilled Tempeh
Lemon-Tarragon Vegetable Salad
Lemony Rice Salad with Carrots And Radishes
Lentil And Escarole Salad
Lentil And Peanut Pate
Lentil Chili with Chocolate
Lentil Shepherd's Pie
Lentil Shepherd's Pie #3
Lentil Soup with Fresh Rosemary
Lentil Tabouli Soup
Lentil Vegetable Stew
Lentil, Cheese And Carrot Wedges
Lentils with Spinach (Palak Dal)
Light Caesar Salad
Light Tofu Creme Cheeze
Lighter Lasagne
Lime-Cumin Vinaigrette
Lime-Shoyu Vinaigrette
Linda Mccartney's Aubergine Caponata
Linda Mccartney's Chilli Non Carne
Linguine Riviera
Linguine with Basil And Grated Cheese
Linguine with Escarole And Wild Mushrooms
Linguine with Garlic And Pine Nuts Marinara
Linguine with Oyster Mushroom Sauce
Linguine with Wild Mushrooms
Linguini with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Little Pots of Chocolate
Living Oatmeal
Lo-Cal Stew
Lo-Fat Spicy Black Bean Burgers W/cranberry Ginger Relish
Love Soup Mix in a Jar
Low Fat Fudgy Brownies
Low Fat Ranch Dressing
Low Fat Vegetable Enchiladas
Low-Fat Baked Ziti
Low-Fat Granola with Applesauce
Low-Fat Scrambled Tofu
Lowfat White Sauce
Lunch Box Pasta Salad
Luscious Lima Bean Soup
Luxury Nut & Seed Loaf with Cranberry, Apple & Brandy Sau
Macaroni And Cheese Timbales
Macaroni Con Carrots
Madhur Jaffrey's Coconut Hoppers
Magic Mint Bath Oil
Mandarin Pecan Salad
Mango Banana Freeze
Mango-Apricot Daiquiri
Maple And Mustard Stir-Fry Sauce
Maple-Walnut Pie
Mardi Gras Rice Salad (Usarice)
Marinated Baked Tofu
Marinated Figs
Marinated Ginger Tofu And Soba Noodles
Marinated Goat Cheese
Marinated Tempeh And Vegetable Kebabs
Marinated Tomato Sauce
Marinated Zucchini #2
Martina Navratilova's Pesto Sauce
Martinique Casserole with Red Peppers And Black Beans
Mary Jane's Thai Barley
Masala Chai
Mashed Celery Root And Potatoes
Mashed Garlic Potatoes Champ
Mashed Potatoes with Garlic And Scallion
Masoor Dhal
Matzoh Polenta
Mcdougall Mexican Zucchini
Mean Woman Pasta
Mediterranean Fried Rice
Mediterranean Lentil Salad
Mediterranean Omelette
Mediterranean Pasta-Presto Salad
Mediterranean Rice with Spinach
Mediterranean Tofu And Olive 'quiche'
Mediterranean Tofu Casserole
Melanzane a Funghetti (Eggplant)
Melba Toast
Melissa's Marinated Vegetable And Tempeh Kabobs
Mesclun Salad #3
Mexican Black Bean Chili
Mexican Grilled Tofu with Jicama Slaw
Mexican Potato Skillet Dinner
Mexican-Style Summer Salad
Meyer Lemon Tart (Bread And Ink Cafe)
Middle Eastern Chickpeas
Middle-Eastern Hummus Platter
Mideast Feast
Midwinter Roast
Mild Curry Sauce
Millet And Chick Pea Bread
Millet And Tempeh Croquettes
Millet Mock-Meatballs W/marinara Sauce, California Mama's
Millet Porridge
Millet-Raisin Wheat Bread
Mincemeatless Tartlets
Minestra Di Pasta E Ceci
Mint Dipping Sauce
Minted Couscous Tabbouleh Roll
Minted Yogurt Drink (Ayran)
Miso Marinated Tofu
Miso Pesto #2
Miso Rice Pilaf -Ww
Miso Rice Pilaf with Collard Greens -Ww
Miso Risotto
Miso Vegetable Broth
Miso Vegetable Hot Pot
Miso Vegetable Soup
Mixed Berry Crisp
Mixed Berry Gratin #2
Mixed Berry Tart #2
Mixed Berry Vacherin
Mixed Cheese And Spring Onion Rolls
Mixed Greens And Tomatoes with Black-Eyed Peas
Mixed Greens with Pan-Grilled Goat Cheese
Mixed Greens with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette
Mixed Mushroom Stroganoff
Mixed Nut Wheels
Mixed Vegetable Gratin
Mixed-Pepper Lasagna
Mo's Peanut Butter Pie (Newport, Oregon)
Mocha Cream Filling
Mochaccino Biscotti
Mole (Chile Chocolate Nut Sauce)
Mole Posole #2
Moo Shu Vegetables
Morel Mushrooms with Corn Grits And Okra
Moroccan Potato Casserole
Moroccan Spice-Crusted Tempeh with Couscous
Moroccan Tea
Mozzarella Croutons
Muesli Flapjack
Multi-Grain Pilaf with Root Vegetables
Multigrain Buttermilk Pancakes #2
Multigrain Flapjacks with Orange Syrup
Multigrain Pancakes with Fruit Sauce
Mushroom And Bean Ragout
Mushroom And Bell Pepper Scrambled Tofu
Mushroom And Celeriac Quiche
Mushroom And Cheese Macaroni
Mushroom And Coriander Gratin
Mushroom Cappuccino
Mushroom Farrotto with Chunky Tomato Sauce
Mushroom Pilau From John Peel
Mushroom Ragout with Oven Polenta
Mushroom Ravioli W/roasted Tomato Sauce And Shaved Parmesan
Mushroom Stroganoff #4
Mushroom Stroganoff #5
Mushroom Strogonoff
Mushroom Stuffed Peppers with Garlic And Yogurt Sauce
Mushroom Sui Mei with Piquant Dipping Sauce
Mushroom Tofu Stroganoff #2
Mushroom Tortellini And Escarole Soup
Mushroom-Gouda Chowder
Mushrooms Florentine
Mushrooms Stuffed with Tomatoes And Olives
Mustard Slaw
Mustard-Vinaigrette Dressing
My Bowl of Red
My Favorite Wrap
My Hero
Nell's Chocolate Fudge Sauce
New England Chowder with Dulse
New Orleans Style Vegetable Jambalaya
New Potato Gratin with Tomatoes And Olives
New World Quinoa Stew
New-Fashioned Pot Pie
Nigel Hawthorne's Potato And Fenugreek Curry
Night-Before Pancakes
Noodles Diablo
Not Nanaimo Bars!
Not-Meat Loaf
Nut "Milk Shake"
Nutty Cheesecake Bars
Nutty Stir-Fried Vegetable Rice
Nutty Vegetable Pilaf
Oat Burgers
Oatmeal And Raisin Cookies
Oaxaca Tacos
Okra Extravaganza with Pineapple
Okra, Tomatoes, And Corn
Old-Fashioned English Muffins
Olive-Rosemary Flatbread
Olives Marinated with Lemon And Coriander
Omega-3 Orange Vinaigrette
One Pot Pasta
Onion Chutney (Piaz Ka Chatni)
Onion Risotto
Onion Toasts in Herb Broth
Onion Toss (Carrots)
Onions with Barbecue Sauce
Orange Almond Brown Rice (No-Tofu)
Orange Avacado Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette
Orange Refresher
Orange Saute (Carrots)
Orange Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Orange Velvet Pudding
Orange Yogurt Cake with Honey Syrup
Orange-Basil Baked Tomatoes (Claessens)
Orange-Glazed Snow Peas
Orange-Maple Oatmeal
Orange-Spiced Sweet Potato And Spinach Stew W/ Sugar Plums
Orchard Lattice Pie
Orecchiette And Capers Verde
Orecchiette with Figs And Roquefort Cream Sauce
Orzo with Garlic-Ginger Spring Vegetables (Ww)
Orzo with Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Artichokes
Oven-Crisp Tofu Sticks with Ketchup Sauce
Oven-Roasted Salsify Soup
Overnight Bean And Barley Soup
Paella Vegetariana
Pam Ferris's Cashew Nut Stir Fry
Pamela Armstrong's Tuscan Bean And Roasted Tomato Soup
Papads with Fresh Cilantro Chutney
Papaya-Avocado Salsa
Papaya-Kiwi Vinaigrette
Parkin #2
Parmesan Cheese Substitute
Parsnip And Ginger Soup
Parsnip Soup with Fresh Ginger
Pasadena Hilton - Marinated Zucchini
Passover Nut And Chocolate Ring
Pasta And Mushrooms with Hummus Sauce
Pasta Italienne
Pasta Pilaf
Pasta with a Special Marinara Sauce
Pasta with Asparagus, Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Goat Cheese
Pasta with Broccoli Rabe And Olives
Pasta with Cream Sauce And Mushrooms
Pasta with Curry Cream
Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil And Roasted Garlic
Pasta with Greens And White Beans
Pasta with Leeks And Greens
Pasta with Lentil And Apricot Sauce
Pasta with Lentil And Red Pepper Sauce
Pasta with Spaghetti Sauce
Pasta with Wild Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Pasta-And-Chickpea Soup with Pesto
Pastas with Garlic, Walnut And Rocket Sauce
Pastry Boats
Patio Pasta Salad
Pattypan Squash Stuffed with Split Peas
Pea And Watercress Soup
Peach And White Chocolate Spring Rolls
Peach Kanten
Peach Lemonade
Peach Pancakes
Peach Waldorf Salad
Peanut And Apple Roast with Mushroom, Onion And Cranberry G
Peanut Breakfast Cakes
Peanut Butter-Chocolate-Banana Shake
Peanut Miso Dressing And Dipping Sauce
Peanut Spinach Balls
Peanut Uppama
Peanutty Sweet Potato Patties
Pear And Raspberry Compote
Pear Milk Shake
Pear Pie with Walnut Crust
Pear Salad with Spiced Pecans
Peasant Bread with Figs And Pine Nuts
Peasant's Pot
Pecan Cream
Penelope's Favorite Picnic Salad-The Carrot Cookbook
Penne with Creamy Mushroom And Vodka Sauce
Penne with Gorgonzola, Walnuts, And Spinach
Penne with Mediterranean Vegetables
Penne with Pepper And Pistachio Sauce
Pepita Chile Snacks
Pepper Calzones
Peppercorn Pulao
Peppered Parsley Noodles
Peppered Pumpkin And Potato Ragout
Peppermint Ice Tea
Peppers Stuffed with Spiced Cheese
Perfect Mashed Potatoes (Non-Dairy)
Perfect Pastitsio
Perfect Protein Salad
Persian Baked Figs
Persian Poached Pears
Persian Rice
Peruvian Vegetable Stew
Pesto From Cafe Croissant
Pesto Linguine in Fresh Tomato Sauce
Pesto Rolls
Pesto Soup
Phlax Berry Muffinx
Phlax Potato Breadx
Pickled Walnuts
Pilaf with Cilantro And Pine Nuts (Cerkez Pilavi)
Pilaf with Pine Nuts And Raisins
Pimiento Cheese Spread W/roasted Red Peppers
Pineapple Berry Drink
Pineapple Cinnamon Squash
Pineapple En Salsa Chocolate De Ron
Pineapple Lemon Water
Pineapple Mango Chutney
Pineapple Tofu Smoothie
Pineapple, Apple, Banana And Orange Juice
Pineapple-Coconut Rice Pudding
Pink Onions #2
Pink Onions #3
Piquant Red Sauce
Pizza Bianco
Pizza Dough Baguettes
Pizza Party
Pizza Provencal
Pizza Toppings
Poached Peaches with Cinnamon Ice Cream
Poblano Vinaigrette
Polenta And Peppers
Polenta And Pine Nut-Stuffed Red Peppers W/mole
Polenta Cantandina with Gorgonzola
Polenta Squares
Polenta with Creamy Spinach
Polenta with Roasted Red Peppers And Fontina Cheese
Pomodori Ripieni Di Melanzane (Eggplant Stuffed Tomatoes)
Popeye's Blues Busters
Popeye's Choice
Poppyseed Swirl Icebox Cookies
Porcini Mushroom Stroganoff
Port And Stilton Pate
Portobello Burgers #2
Portobello Farfalle
Portobello Mushroom Pizza with Spelt Crust
Portuguese Vegetable Stew - Jump Up
Potato And Carrot Gratin
Potato And Leek Roulade with Marmalade Sauce
Potato And Mushroom Gratin
Potato And Spinach Puree
Potato Cakes with Green Garlic And Asiago Cheese
Potato Frittata
Potato Onion Frittata *Adjusted
Potato Quesadillas
Potato Salad with Chopped Mint And Lemon Balm
Potato Soup with Rosemary And Roasted Garlic
Potato-Fennel Stew with Tofu
Potato-Rye Bread with Caraway
Potato-Stuffed Anaheim Chilies
Potatoes with Fresh Fennel
Potatoes, Peppers, And Tomatoes
Potluck Pasta Salad
Pressure Cooker Alice's Late-Night Dal
Pressure Cooker Basic Vegetable Stock
Pressure Cooker Chickpea Curry
Pressure Cooker Saffron Risotto
Pressure Cooker Smoky Split Pea Soup
Provencal Bean Dip
Provenval Ragout of Tomatoes, Fennel And Potato
Prune And Chocolate Bread
Prune, Walnut And Honey Cake
Puiiao Rice with Corn And Peas
Pumpkin And Watercress Gnocchi with Green And Purple Basil
Pumpkin Ravioli with Leek And Sage Broth
Pumpkin Seed-Cilantro Pesto Sauce
Purely Ethnic Garlic Spinach
Quiche Laverne
Quick And Hearty Pasta with Lentils
Quick Bean Soup for a Crowd
Quick Chickpea Curry
Quick Meatless Stroganoff
Quick Pasta Gratin
Quick Raspberry Pilaf with Pine Nuts
Quick Wisconsin Chili
Quick-Cooking Mushroom-Barley Soup
Quinoa Salad W/ Tempeh Adobo Nuggets And Lime-Shoyu Vinaigre
Quinoa Stuffed Peppers #2
Quinoa, Corn, And Potatoes
Quinoa-And-Wild Rice-Stuffed Squash
Radish Noodles : Moo Kuksu (Korean)
Raisin Bran Banana Shake
Raisin-Sauced Pears
Rambutan, Pineapple And Tofu Curry
Ranch Salad Dressing
Rapid Ratatouille
Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Float
Raspberry Mocha Meringue Tart
Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
Raspberry Sauce Ala the Dumpling Cookbook
Raspberry Tofu Dessert
Raspberry-Almond Crumb Cake
Ratatouille Provencal
Ravioli with Bell Pepper Sauce
Ravioli with Spring Vegetable Puree
Ravioli with Sweet Potato Sauce
Realeat's Vegemince Chilli in Taco Shells
Red Bean Gumbo with Greens
Red Bean Stew
Red Beans And Couscous
Red Cabbage Slaw
Red Cabbage, Chestnut And Mushroom Saut‚
Red Hot Black Beans And Rice
Red Lentil Cakes with Garlic And Sage
Red Lentil Tostadas
Red New Potatoes With Fresh Chives
Red Pepper Corn Muffins
Red Pepper Harissa Sauce
Red Potato And Parsley Salad
Red Risotto with Butternut Squash
Reggie's Beans And Tomatoes
Relaxing Bath Salts
Renee's Sprouted Wild Rice Salad
Rhubarb And Ginger Cake
Rice And Bean Pilaf
Rice And Black Beans #3
Rice And Mixed Vegetables
Rice Pudding with Apricots And Cherries
Rice Syrup Glaze
Rice with Porcini Mushrooms
Rice, Corn, And Spinach Casserole
Rice-A-Veggie Quick Mix
Rich Almond Cake
Rich Chestnut Casserole
Rich Mushroom Sauce #2
Rich Tofu Creme Cheeze
Richmond Pie
Ricotta Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli
Ricotta Hotcakes with Blueberrries
Ricotta Strawberry Rhubarb Tart
Ricotta-Green Onion Gnocchi
Rigatoni with Spinach And Blue Cheese
Rigatoni with Zucchini And Onions
Rio Chili Soup
Risotto Ala Dakar
Risotto with Green Peas
Risotto with Mushrooms And Peas
Risotto with Sundried Tomatoes, Pressure Cooker
Roast Garlic with Crusty Bread
Roast Vegetable Tarts
Roasted Asparagus, White Bean And Greens Sandwich
Roasted Balsamic Beet Brushetta
Roasted Beet And Three Radish Salad
Roasted Beets And Carrots W/tart Grapefruit Glaze
Roasted Beets-And-Mango Salad
Roasted Bell Pepper Vinaigrette
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Caramelized Red Onion
Roasted Carrots And Potatoes
Roasted Corn #2
Roasted Corn And Mushroom Salad
Roasted Corn And Red Pepper Relish
Roasted Eggplant Couscous Salad - Canyon Ranch
Roasted Garlic Dressing
Roasted Garlic Tofu Spread
Roasted Ginger Carrots
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
Roasted Pepper And Eggplant Dip
Roasted Peppers Stuffed with Goat Cheese And Olives
Roasted Plantains
Roasted Plantains And Carrots
Roasted Potatoes with Onions, Green Pepper And Pimento
Roasted Ratatouille Lasagna
Roasted Ratatouille with Basil Aioli
Roasted Red Pepper And Sweet Potato Soup
Roasted Red Potatoes with Lemon Oregano Sauce #2
Roasted Red Sauce
Roasted Roots
Roasted Roots (Potato, Carrot, Radish, Leek)
Roasted Shallot And Walnut Soup
Roasted Sweet Peppers with Paprika
Roasted Vegetable Fajitas - Mayo
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna #2
Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas
Roasted Vegetable Salad with Garlic And Rosemary
Roasted Veggie Pockets
Roasted Winter Vegetables with Horseradish & Soured Cream S
Roll-Up Lasagne
Romanian Apricot Dumplings
Root Vegetable Cobbler
Root Vegetable Curry
Root Vegetable Hash Browns
Roots of Success
Rose Petal Cream
Rosemary Roast Potatoes with Garlic
Rosemary Stick Kebabs
Rosy Apple Crisp
Rosy Rice
Rotini And Greens
Rum And Chocolate Cheesecake
Saffron Quinoa And Roasted Beet Salad
Sage And Pine Nut Vinaigrette
Salad of Red & Green Leaves with Feta, Walnuts & Mostarda F
Salad Pitas
Salad Varigata
Salsa Cruda #3
Salsa Surprise
Salsa-Ed Pasta Salad
Samfaina Stuffed Aubergine Rolls
San Francisco Stir-Fry
Sand Tarts #2
Saucy Noodles
Sauted Eggplant with Miso Sauce
Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes And Tarragon on English Muffins
Savory Carrot Salad
Savory Corn Cakes
Savory Country Corn Bread (Tikkar)
Savory Radishes (Casserole)
Savory Vegetable Tart
Savoury Coriander Batons
Savoury Onion Tart
Scalloped Corn And Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes with Saffron
Schiacciata Con L'uva
Scrambled Tofu #3
Scrambled Tofu And Vegetables on Polenta
Scrambled Tofu Florentine
Seasoned Tofu Steaks & Vegetable Stir-Fry with Ginger Sauce
Secret Japanese Sauce for Cold Noodles
Seitan Bourguinon
Seitan with Shiitake Mushrooms And Noodles
Seitan: Wheat Meat
Semolina Pizza Dough #2
Serrano Chile Blue Cornbread
Sesame Noodle Salad with Hot Peanuts
Sesame Noodles with Kale
Sesame Oil, Lemon And Chervil Vinaigrette for Filet Beans
Sesame Pizza
Sesame Salad Dressing
Sesame Scallion Pancakes^
Sesame Soba Salad
Sesame Spinach Rolls with Soy-Lime Vinaigrette
Sesame Tofu Salad
Sesame Vinaigrette #2
Sesame-Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce
Sesame-Miso Sauce
Shaved Fennel, Artichoke, And Parmesan Salad - Chez Panisse
Shiitake And White Bean Casserole
Shiitake Pot Pie with Polenta Crust
Shiitake Spaghettini
Shiitake-Barley Bake
Shirley Poppy Bake From Margi Clarke
Shoshoni Sesame Soba Noodles
Sichuan Beans
Sicilian Pasta Salad
Sicilian Stuffed Squash
Simnel Cake #2
Simple Steamed Rice
Simple Vegetable Curry
Simple Vegetable Soup #2
Simplest Tomato Salad
Simply Cheezy Sauce
Skewered Mesquite Grilled Potatoes
Skillet Potatoes with Cabbage And Carrots
Sliced Oranges in Cinnamon Syrup
Slow-Cooker Red Beans
Smashed Potatoes #3
Smashed Potatoes with Spicy Black Beans
Smoked Hazelnut Burgers
Smoked Tofu Paella
Smoky Bean Salad
Smoky Black Bean Chili
Smoky Pumpkin And Potato Soup with Chile Peppers
Smoky Split Pea Soup #2
Soba with Hijiki And Stir Fried Vegetables
Soba with Roasted Vegetables
Soft Bean Tacos
Soft Corn Pudding And Greens
Sour Cream Cheesecake #2
Southern Comfort
Southern-Style Bbq Soybeans
Southern-Style Collard Greens
Southwest Potato Salad
Southwestern Lasagna
Southwestern Marinade #2
Southwestern Pinwheels
Southwestern Rice And Black Bean Salad
Southwestern Wheat Berry Pilaf
Soy Deli Heroes
Soy Gevult
Soy Minestrone
Soy Sesame Dressing
Soy Sloppy Joes
Soybean Cutlets
Soybean Falafel
Soybean, Rice And Lentil Salad
Soybean-Shiitake Soba Noodles
Soyburgers, Gourmet
Spaetzle with Fennel
Spaghetti Neopolitana From Dannii Minogue
Spaghetti Squash with Garden Vegetables
Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Western Pie
Spaghetti with Mushrooms
Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Pistachios And Hazelnuts
Spaghetti with Ricotta Pesto
Spaghetti with White Bean Sauce #3
Spanish Rice Casserole #2
Spanish Soybeans over Mixed Grains
Spanish Vegetable Hotpot
Spanish-Style Stuffed Tomatoes
Special Houmous
Special K "Meatloaf"
Spice Cake #2
Spiced Almond Dip
Spiced Carrot Spread
Spiced Cheese Savouries
Spiced Corn Melange
Spiced Garlic Mushrooms (Sarmisakli Mantar)
Spiced Lentils in Pocket Bread
Spiced Peaches #2
Spiced Peanut And Mushroom Soup
Spiced Pear Salad
Spiced Spinach And Tofu
Spiced Sweet Potato And Rutabaga Gratin
Spiced Winter Pudding
Spicy Apple Slaw
Spicy Black-Eyed Peas
Spicy Cauliflower Saute
Spicy Celeriac Bake
Spicy Chickpeas
Spicy Collards
Spicy Courgette Soup
Spicy Cucumber Sandwiches
Spicy Dipping Sauce #2
Spicy Eggplant Saute with Bulgur
Spicy Fried Tofu with Basil
Spicy Garlic Bean Curd Noodles
Spicy Green Salsa
Spicy Lentil Soup with Sausages (Germany)
Spicy Mongolian Noodles
Spicy Peanut-Stuffed Eggplants
Spicy Pecans #2
Spicy Potato Salad #2
Spicy Rice with Feta Cheese And Black Olives - Cspi
Spicy Samba
Spicy Sancocho
Spicy Southwestern Sprout Wraps
Spicy Spinach #2
Spicy Stir-Fried Tofu with Coconut Rice
Spicy Szechwan Pasta
Spicy Tofu (Diabetic Cooking)
Spicy Tomatoes
Spicy Vegan Hot Cross Buns
Spicy Vegetable Fritters
Spinach And Artichoke Risotto
Spinach And Corn Salad
Spinach And Cream Cheese Pancakes
Spinach And Fennel Salad
Spinach And Feta Pasta
Spinach And Leeks in Pernod
Spinach And Matzo Pie
Spinach Garlic Pasta
Spinach Gnocchi with Garlic And Walnuts
Spinach Mushroom Strata
Spinach Pastries (Borek)
Spinach Potage with Chickpeas
Spinach Salad with Walnuts #2
Spinach Souffle Casserole
Spinach Spaghetti
Spinach with Potato Chutney (Saag Aloo)
Spinach With Roasted Garlic
Spinach, Peanut And Lime Rolls
Spinach, Tangerine, And Onion Salad
Spinachy Pancakes
Split Pea And Cumin Soup
Spoon Bread #4
Spring Greens with Beans
Spring Vegetable Au Gratin
Spring Vegetable Ragout #2
Spring Vegetable Salad #2
Spring Vegetable Saute
Spring Vegetable Soup #2
Spring Vegetable Soup (Oliveto's, Oakland, Ca)
Spring-Vegetable Pizza
Spud Chili
Squash Enchiladas With Peanut Sauce (Chez Jose)
Squash Saute
Squash Soup #3
Stacked Crepe-Spinach Torte
Star-Spangled Raspberry Shortcakes
Steamed Boston Brown Bread with Carrots And Dried Cranberri
Steamed Broccoli
Steamed Kabocha With Lemon Creme Fraiche
Steamed Vegetable Platter
Stephanie Hodge's Pasta with Fresh Veggies
Stewed Plum Tomatoes with Rosemary And Garlic
Sticky Cinnamon Rolls
Sticky Nut Pastries (Baklava)
Stir-Fried Broccoli And Water Chestnuts
Stir-Fried Tofu And Bok Choy
Stir-Fried Tofu And Fennel
Stir-Fried Veggies #2
Stir-Fry Root Wraps
Stir-Fry Veggie With Tofu
Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce
Stop-The-Clock Curry #2
Stove Top Zucchini Casserole
Strawberry 'cream' Tart
Strawberry And Fresh Fig BrÛlÉ
Strawberry Apple Shake
Strawberry Mousse #4
Strawberry Pancake Rollups
Strawberry Shortcake #4
Strawberry Tabouli
Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Strudel Verde
Stuff #2
Stuffed Baby Eggplants (Imam Bayaldi)
Stuffed Dates And Celery
Stuffed Eggplant, "Mimi's Elegant"
Stuffed Jacket Potatoes
Stuffed Mozzarella
Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Spinach Marrakech
Stuffed Mushrooms #11
Stuffed Peppers #13
Stuffed Peppers with a Savoury Cashew Sauce
Stuffed Peppers With Rice And Pine Nuts
Stuffed Picnic Loaf with Grilled Vegetables And Pesto
Stuffed Poblano Chilies with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms #2
Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms
Stuffed Tomatoes or Peppers
Stuffing, Slow Cooker
Sugar-Coated Date Temptations
Sugar-Glazed Brussels Sprouts And Pearl Onions
Summer Burgers
Summer Fruit Salsa
Summer Pudding #7
Summer Salad with Rainbow Dressing
Summer Tomato Sauce #3
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto #4
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto #5
Sun-Dried Tomato Puree #2
Sun-Dried Tomato Puree Ala Nettie Cronish
Sunchoke And Potatoes
Sunflower Crumble
Sunflower Seed Crunch
Sunshine Carrots
Super-Quick Red Sauce
Supreme Pizza Fondue
Sushi Rice Salad
Sweet And Savoury Mushroom Salad
Sweet And Sour Borscht
Sweet And Sour Broad Beans
Sweet And Sour Cabbage (Khat Meeti Gobi)
Sweet And Sour Carrots, Simple
Sweet And Sour Cippoline Onions
Sweet And Sour Cucumber Slices
Sweet And Sour Sauce Ala the Dumpling Cookbook
Sweet And Sour Slaw (Brigtsen's)
Sweet And Sour Tofu #6
Sweet And Sour Tofu with Cashews
Sweet And Sour Tomato Sauce (Salsa Agrodolce)
Sweet And Sour Tvp
Sweet Bean Pie - Filling
Sweet Crepes with Oranges And Marmalade
Sweet N Sour Loaf
Sweet Onion And Thyme Tartlets
Sweet Onion Salad with Minted Zucchini
Sweet Potato And Pecan Bread
Sweet Potato And Pineapple Casserole
Sweet Potato Bake #2
Sweet Potato Biscuits #6
Sweet Potato Minestrone #2
Sweet Potato Parfait
Sweet Potato Pie #14
Sweet Potato Rice : Kokuma Bokum Bap (Korean)
Sweet Potato Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing
Sweet Potato Surprise: a Thanksgiving Special!
Sweet Potato-Corn Home Fries That Kick
Sweet Potato-Quinoa Cakes
Sweet Potatoes Baked in Foil
Sweet-And-Sour Tempeh with Cucumber And Cauliflower
Sweet-And-Spicy Vegetable Pasta
Sweetcorn in a Blanket
Swiss Chard And Caramelized Onion Lasagna
Swiss Chard And Portobello Mushrooms
Swiss Chard Rolls with Mushroom Filling
Swiss Chard Topped With Marinated Portobello Mushrooms
Swiss Chard with Lime
Szechuan Broccoli #2
Tabbouleh #8
Tabbouleh Primavera
Taco Salad in Chili-Lime Dressing
Taco Salad Picnic Buffet
Taco Soup #5
Tacos #3
Tagine of Vegetables with Charmoula Couscous Fritters
Tagliatelle in a Fresh Basil And Walnut Sauce
Tagliatelle Pasta W/gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Tagliatelle with Broccoli And Wild Mushroom Sauce
Tagliatelle with Saffron And Mascarpone Sauce
Tahini Graham Pie Crust
Tahini Walnuts
Tamale Pie #10
Tandoori-Style Chickpeas
Tangerine-Shallot Vinaigrette
Tangy Cumin Carrots
Tapenade #7
Tarragon-Dijon Dressing
Tarragon-Leek Soup
Tart: Grapefruit-Lime Filling in a Walnut-Pecan Shortbread
Tea And Fruit Punch
Tempeh Adobo
Tempeh Braised in Coconut Milk W/ Lemongrass - Lorna Sass
Tempeh Chili #2
Tempeh Chili #3
Tempeh Ragout
Tempeh Shepherd's Pie
Tempeh Strips with Black Mole
Tempeh Tostadas
Tempeh-Potato Croquettes
Terrific Tofu Adovada
Tex-Mex Pinto Soup
Tex-Mex Quinoa Pilaf with Potatoes And Corn
Tex-Mex Tofu Tostados with Salsa
Tex-Mex Veggie Burgers
Texas Barbecue Wrap
Texas Rice And Beans
Thai Carrot Salad with Peanuts
Thai Chocolate Peanut Soup
Thai Dumplings with Dipping Sauce
Thai Green Curry Paste #2
Thai LemonGrass And Chile Soup
Thai Noodles with Cilantro
Thai Potato Curry
Thai Salad Rolls
Thai Seared Tofu
Thai Sweet Potato Stew
Thai-Inspired Red Bean And Sweet Potato Stew
Thai-Style Pasta Salad
Thanksgiving Stuffing Loaf
The Best Cauliflower Soup Ever Made From Victoria Wood
The Fast Root (Sauteed Root Vegetables)
Thin Spaghetti with Red Lentil Sauce
Thot Man Khao Phot - Fried Sweet Corn Patties
Thousand Island Dressing #10
Three Bean Enchiladas
Three Seed Spread
Three Sisters Saute
Three's Company Slaw - the Carrot Cookbook
Three-Bean Salad #5
Three-Bean Skillet Chili
Three-Bean Super Stew
Three-Cheese Macaroni And Cheese
Three-Chile Potato Soup
Three-Grain Scones
Three-Vegetable Salad
Thyme-Infused Vegetables
Thyme-Roasted Root Vegetables
Tijuana Tacos
Toasted Barley Mashed Potatoes
Toasted Pita Bread with Vegetables And Herbs (Fattoush)
Tofu "Egg" Salad #2
Tofu "Tuna" And White Bean Salad
Tofu 'ricotta' Filling
Tofu And Spinach Manicotti
Tofu Burgers #4
Tofu Chili #2
Tofu Chive Sour Cream
Tofu Chive Topping for Baked Potatoes
Tofu Corn Chowder
Tofu Corn Puffs
Tofu Cottage Cheeze
Tofu Cutlets with Tapenade Sauce
Tofu Dill Spread
Tofu Dressing
Tofu Dressing #2
Tofu French Fries With Spicy Peanut Sauce
Tofu Frosting
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce #2
Tofu in Coconut Sauce with Ginger And Lemongrass - Madison
Tofu Mayonnaise #3
Tofu Migas
Tofu Pancakes with Mushroom Sauce
Tofu Pate
Tofu Pudding #2
Tofu Remoulade
Tofu Ricotta #2
Tofu Salad Dressing #2
Tofu Salad Sandwich
Tofu Satay
Tofu Shish-Kebab with Lemon-Soy Marinade
Tofu Soup (The Best Tofu Soup)
Tofu Sour Cream - Llumc
Tofu Stroganoff
Tofu Turkey #2
Tofu Turkey with Stuffing
Tofu Voodoo
Tofu with Peaches in Cream And Brandy Sauce
Tofu with Sweet Green Peas And Corn
Tofu, About
Tofu, Apricot And Rice Cream
Tofu-Mushroom Burgers - All-Amer Veg
Tofu-Tortilla Soup (Vegetarian)
Tofuna Sandwiches
Tomatillo Soup (Vegetarian)
Tomato And Goat Cheese Galette
Tomato And Haricot Bean Soup
Tomato And Mozzarella Sauce with Penne And Pine Nuts
Tomato And White Bean Soup
Tomato Corn Chowder
Tomato Lemon Breakfast Shake
Tomato Mozzarella Kebabs
Tomato Mushroom Sauce
Tomato Rice Soup #2
Tomato Sauce #11
Tomato Stuffed Roasted Eggplant with Feta
Tomato Towers
Tomato, Pesto, And Goat Cheese Galette
Torta Rustica #3
Tortellini And Vegetable Soup
Tortellini with Broccoli
Tortillas #3
Toscana Wrap
Traditional Christmas Cake
Triple Easter Brownies
Tropical Fruit Flambe
Tropical Fruit Salad #3
Tropical Tofu Smoothie #2
Tulip Baskets of Aqua Libra And Apricot Sorbet with Fresh F
Tunisian Pasta Salad
Turkish Pita Pockets
Turkish Style Leeks
Tuscan Appetizer Plate
Tuscan Bread Salad #2
Tuscan Farro And White Bean Soup
Tuscan Greens And White Beans
Tuscan Olive Bread
Tuscan Table
Tvp Sloppy Joes
Twelve-Bean Stew with Horseradish Cream
Two-Bean Enchiladas #2
Two-Layered Lemon Twist Bath Oil
Tzimmes #2
Ultimate Chocolate Sauce
Unfried Beans
Unleavened Bread (Chapatti)
Unprocessed Cheeze Sauce
Vanilla Rice Pudding #3
Vanilla Soy Cream
Vanilla Soy Ice Cream
Vanilla-Nut Shake
Vegan Apple Strudel
Vegan Chocolate Cake
Vegan Double Cream
Vegan Pumpkin Pie #2
Vegan Tamale Pie
Vegetable And Bean Stew with Polenta
Vegetable And Chickpea Curry
Vegetable And Nut Croquette
Vegetable And Quinoa Tortillas
Vegetable Balls in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Vegetable Broth #3
Vegetable Cheese Chowder with Beer
Vegetable Chili #2
Vegetable Chili with Cornmeal Dumplings
Vegetable Chili with Pumpkin-Seed Pesto
Vegetable Chili, Thick And Hearty
Vegetable Chilli
Vegetable Corn Cakes
Vegetable Croquettes
Vegetable Curry #9
Vegetable Curry #11
Vegetable Curry #12
Vegetable Fried Rice #2
Vegetable Kebabs with Spiced Grapefruit Sauce
Vegetable Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna #3
Vegetable Lasagna #4
Vegetable Lo Mein #2
Vegetable Mango Stir-Fry
Vegetable Paella #8
Vegetable Paella #9
Vegetable Pancakes with Roasted Plum Sauce
Vegetable Paprikash
Vegetable Pie #3
Vegetable Pierogi
Vegetable Pillao (Subsi Pillao)
Vegetable Pot Pie #2
Vegetable Pot Pie #3
Vegetable Ragout with Sweet Potatoes
Vegetable Reuben
Vegetable Rice Pizza (Usarice)
Vegetable Rice with Cannellini
Vegetable Soybean Loaf
Vegetable Spring Rolls W/ Baked Seasoned Tofu
Vegetable Stir Fry - Yachae Bokum (Korean)
Vegetable Stir-Fry with Ginger Sauce
Vegetable Stock (Vegetarian Feast)
Vegetable Strudel/red Pepper Coulis
Vegetable Studded Couscous
Vegetable-Filled Rolled Sushi
Vegetable-Tomato Sauce
Vegetable-Wild Rice Soup
Vegetables Agro Dolce
Vegetarian Crispy Beggar's Purses
Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole
Vegetarian Hot And Sour Soup #2
Vegetarian Jambalaya #3
Vegetarian Jambalaya #4
Vegetarian Lasagna #5
Vegetarian Mushroom Pie
Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles
Vegetarian Sushi
Vegetarian Tandoori Kebabs
Veggie Bangers
Veggie Bean Burgers
Veggie Dinner in the Crockpot
Veggie Fajitas #2
Veggie Peking 'duck'
Veggie Pizza #2
Veggie Rice Squares
Veggie Sausage Casserole
Veggie Soft Tacos
Veggie Wedgies
Venezuelan Eggplant with Green Beans
Venice Style Vegan Lasagna
Vermicelli With Chunky Vegetable Sauce
Very Berry Shake #2
Victoria Wood's Best Sandwich Ever
Vietnamese Salad #2
Vietnamese Tofu Kabobs with Watercress Salad
Vietnamese Wraps
Vinaigrette #3
Vinaigrette Dressing (Cafe Croissant)
Waffles #9
Wake Up Shake
Waldorf Salad #10
Walnut Sauce for Pasta
Walnut Spice Cookies
Walnut Zucchini Pesto Sauce (Season's Cafe)
Warm Garlicky Fava Beans
Warm Kale And Potatoes
Warm Poached Figs with Fresh Raspberries
Warm Shortcake with Winter Fruit Compote
Warm White Bean Salad
Wasabi Teriyaki Nuts
Watercress Flan
Watercress Salad with Currants And Walnuts
Watercress Soup #5
Watercress Tang
Watercress-Beet Salad
Watermelon Lime Cooler
Watermelon Spritzer
West African Peanut Soup
White Bean And Collard Green Soup
White Bean Dip #3
White Bean Tortilla Soup with Basil And Orange
White Bean, Greens And Tomato Gratin
White Beans And Arugula in Pita Pockets
White Beans with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
White Corn And Chipotle Soup (Vegetarian)
White Pizza #14
Whole Grain Flour Mix
Whole Grain Mandelbrot
Whole Grain Soy Burgers
Whole Grain Tabbouleh
Whole Wheat Orange Scones
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough #3
Whole-Wheat Cheese-Crusted Scones
Whole-Wheat Fruit Scones
Wild And White Rice with Cherries, Apricots, And Pecans
Wild Hash
Wild Mushroom And Madeira Sauce
Wild Mushroom And Onion Pot Pies
Wild Mushroom Burritos
Wild Mushroom Fettucine
Wild Mushroom Ragout #2
Wild Mushroom Rissotto
Wild Mushroom Soup with Port
Wild Mushroom Stroganoff with Herb Crumb Topping
Wild Mushroom Tartlets
Wild Rice And Barley Salad with Wild Mushrooms And Persimmon
Wild Rice And Mushroom Pancakes
Wild Rice And Mushroom Soup <r T>
Wild Rice Pilaf #5
Wild Rice Salad #5
Wild Rice with Apricots
Wild Rice with Grapes And Toasted Almonds
Wild Rice, Mushroom And Barley Soup
Winter Broccoli And Cinnamon Soup
Winter Squash And Portobello Penne
Winter Tomato Sauce #2
Winter Vegetable Pot Pie
Winter Vegetable Soup with Black Barley
Winter Vegetable Stew
Winter Vegetables Bourguignonne
Wintry Brown Rice Chili
Wok Italiano