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Recipes in the Tofu Category:

Almost Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup
Baked Peanut Tofu
Baked Tofu and Rice Patties
Baked Tofu Szechuan Style
Baked Vegetable Fritatta
Bean Curd and Spinach Soup with Rice
Bean Curd with Ginger
Beet and Tofu Salad (Corner Copia)
Chcolate Dream Dessert
Chiles Rellenos Tofu Casserole Lowfat
Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Biscuits
Classic Quiche
Cold Tofu Appetizer
Curmudgeon Pickled Hash a la Al Martin
Deep-Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce
Dengaku (Grilled Tofu with Nerimiso)
Easy Halloween Pudding
Easy Hot and Sour Soup with Tofu And Asparagus
Eggless Egg Salad #4
Eggplant Rollups
Eight Great Peanut Butter Sandwishes
Filet De Tofu with Apricot Dijon Sauce
Five-Cplored Fried Tofu (Japan)
Fresh Herb and Chive Biscuits
Fruity Tofu Cooler
Grilled Tofu #2
Happy "Chicken" Burgers
Hearty Pancake with Ham and Cabbage (Japan)
Hearty Whole Grain Biscuits
Herbed Tofu-Mushroom Quiche
Hot and Sour Soup #12
Lasagna with Tofu #3
Making Tofu
Mexican Casserole, Lydia's
Mini Pupkin Biscuits
Mushroom Burger (La Times)
No-Bake Pumpkin "Cheesecake"
Palak Tofu-Paneer
Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Pecans in Citrus Vinaigrette
Pork with Tofu
Pressed Tofu -Ww
Sandwich Spread/potato Topping
Scrambled Mexican Tofu
Sesame Tofu
Skewered Tofu in a Soy, Ginger and Orange Marinade
Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu with Green Vegetables and Noodles
Spinach Ravioli
Stir-Fried Spinach with Tofu
Stir-Fried Tofu Cubes with Assorted Vegetables
Stuffed Chinese Black Mushrooms
Summer Stir Fry Melange (With Tofu)
Sweet 'n' Sour Loaf
Sweet and Sour Tofu Pepper Saute
Szechuan Bean Curd (Tofu)
Szechwan Bean Curd
Teriyaki Tofu on Buckwheat Noodles with Watercress
Thom Christopher's Wok-Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables
Tofu and Broccoli Stir-Fry
Tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage Loaf
Tofu Anti-Pasto
Tofu Baked Ziti
Tofu Chile (Kay)
Tofu Chop Suey
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce
Tofu Mayonnaise French Onion (Laurel)
Tofu Patties (Christenson)
Tofu Pizza
Tofu Pudding
Tofu Salad Crunch Pitas
Tofu Sandwich Filling
Tofu Satay with Tangy Dipping Sauce
Tofu Scramble
Tofu Soup
Tofu Soup with Lemon Grass
Tofu Steak (Japan)
Tofu with Asparagus Pasta in Hoisin Sauce
Tofu with Garlic and Broccoli
Tofu with Sweet Rosemary Syrup
Tofu, Cashews, and Vegetables
Tofu-Chive Potato Topping
Tofu-Vegetable Pizza
Vegan Almond Cheesecake
Vegan Cheesecake
Vegan Snowy Mountain
Zucchini Bisque
Barbecued Tofu, Down-Home
Cajun Tofu And Roasted Red Pepper Pizza
Cauliflower Slaw with Creamy Dill Dressing
Chocolate Grand Marnier Sauce #2
Coleslaw With Cabbage, Tofu, and Pineapple
Creamy Dill Dressing
Honey Dijon Sauce #2
Marinated Tofu #2
Marinated Tofu #3
Mesclun with Maple Mustard Tofu Points
Mushroom Tofu Stroganoff
Almond Tofu
Avocado, Tomato And Sprout Sandwiches; Chipotle-Tofu Spre
Broccoli Soup "Creamed" with Tofu
Carrot Salad with Stealth Tofu
Chipotle Dip #2
Eggless "Egg" Salad
Eggless Egg Salad #5
Especially Onion Dip W/ Tofu
Fresh Herb Garlic Dressing
Golden Tofu Wrap with Warm Asian Slaw
Moo Shu Vegetables
Mushroom Tofu Stroganoff #2
Orange Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Pineapple Tofu Smoothie
Potato - Spinach Bake
Roasted Garlic Tofu Spread
Scrambled Spanish Tofu
Scrambled Tofu #6
Scrambled Tofu And Vegetables on Polenta
Sichuan Ma Po Tofu
Spicy Garlic Bean Curd Noodles
Steamed Kabocha With Lemon Creme Fraiche
Strawberry Banana Tofu Shake
Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Thai-Style Soup with Tofu Dumplings
Tofu And Spinach Manicotti
Tofu Basil Sauce on Fettuccine
Tofu Chive Topping for Baked Potatoes
Tofu Corn Puffs
Tofu Frosting
Tofu Sandwich Spread
Tofu Stroganoff
Tofu Turkey #2
Tofu Turkey with Stuffing
Tofu Wild Rice Soup (Barrons)
Tofu-Spinach Lasagna
Tropical Tofu Smoothie #2
Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles