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Recipes in the Passions Category:

Asparagus Wild
Baked Chicken Wings #2
Banana Bread #34
Barbary Duck with Peaches
Basic Creme Anglaise #2
Bbq Snook
Beef in Red Wine Sauce
Beef Rendang #3
Beef Syrah
Beignets of Monkfish with Sweet And Sour Sauce
Black Fried Rice Oysters
Blackwood River Whiting Fillets
Bombe Alaska
Bougatsa #2
Broccoli Pasta #2
Cauliflower Fritters #2
Cha Siew Duck, Beetroot, Bokchoy, Apple Balsamic
Charmaine Solomon's Kashmiri Butter Chicken
Charmaine Solomon's Snapper Red Curry
Cheesy Potatoes #4
Chicken And Leek Pancakes
Chicken Bon Bon with Coriander Sesame Sauce
Chicken Chermoula
Chicken Pecan Terrine
Chicken Sang Choy Bow
Chicken Soup #13
Chicken Waterzooi #2
Chicken with a Parmesan And Herb Crust
Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse #2
Cinnamon Snaps
Citrus And Banana Meringues
Coffee Bread Pudding
Dhufish Wings
Duck And Cumquat Hotpot
Duck Breast with Pickled Quince And Duck Glaze, Fig And Almo
Dukkah (Egyptian Nut Mix)
Ego Noodles
Fettuccine Al Funghi
Field Mushroom Schnitzel
Fish Ginger
Fish Salad Parmentier
Fresh Pasta Dough
Fruit Flamri
Garlic Prawns #2
Goulash (Pie)
Grape Chicken Idea
Grilled Dorade with Pesto Sauce
Guinea Fowl Poche-Grille with a Sauce Foie Gras
Honey Lemon Chicken
Hot Tamales with Chilli Tomato Salsa
Hunter Chicken
Iced Walnut Parfait
Irish Bread #2
Kangaroo Island Chicken
Kate Lamont's Citrus Quinces
King Cole Slaw Salad
Lamb Kebabs And Tabbouleh
Lamb Shank And Tomato Ragu
Lamb Shanks in Dijon Mustard Sauce
Leek And Ham Gratin
Loin of Lamb
Macaroni-Ish 3 Cheese
Mark's Special Salad
Mint Raita
Moroccan Magic
Mushroom Rice Magic
Mushroom Trio
Mussels Marimera
Mussels Marvellous
Mussels, Riesling And Curry Broth
Olympian Fish Patties
Orange Prawns with Noodles
Oysters with Two Sauces
Parsnip Soup (Passions)
Pasta Shells with Chicken And Pesto
Pasta with White Bean Sauce And Proscuitto
Pat Cash Pasta Salad
Pear And Almond Flan
Pickled Oyster Mushrooms with Chilli
Pickled Sardines in Aioli
Pigeon Poche Grille
Poached Escalope of Salmon with Red Wine Beurre Blanc
Poached Oysters in Watercress Sauce
Poor Man's Bean Soup
Pork And Apple Pie
Pork Balls with Peanut Sauce
Pork Hock And Lentil Soup
Prawn Filled Tomatoes
Pumpkin And Blue Cheese Risotto
Ravioli of Goat's Cheese with Artichoke Bouillon
Ravioli of Lobster with Tomato And Basil Sauce
Ravioli with Weeds
Red Curry
Rhubarb Mixed Nut Crumble
Ricotta And Spinach Cannelloni
Risotto Balls
Risotto of Baby Clams
Risotto of Herbs with Roasted Baby Scallops
Roast Chicken with Vegetables
Roast Pheasant on a Bed of Cabbage
Roast Pork with Macadamia Stuffing
Roast Rump of Lamb with Crushed New Potatoes
Roast Rump of Veal with Saut‚ed Cepes
Roast Salmon with Sweet And Sour Pepper Sauce
Roasted Marron with Citrus Sauce
Roasted Monkfish on Boulang‚re Potatoes
Sables with Summer Berries
Saffron Pilau #2
Salad of Langoustine And Candied Aubergine
Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms
Seafood Hot Wok
Shallot Confit
Slightly Spiced Corn Kernels
Smoked Eel Salad
Snapper Baked with Cumin And Lemon
Spaghetti Bolognaise #2
Spatchcock And Black Bean Cassoulet
Spicy Kangaroo And Lentils
Spicy Potato And Pumpkin Soup
Spinach And Chick Pea Soup
Spotted Dog #3
Steak And Kidney Pie (Pasions)
Stir-Fried Crays with Chilli And Black Beans
Stuffed Artichokes #8
Stuffed Breast of Chicken
Supreme of Salmon with Herb And Wakame Crust
Sweet And Sour Pepper Sauce
Sweet Pepper Pork
Tamarind Chicken #2
Tasmanian Rabbit
Tomato Salsa #8
Tortilla Plus
Vegetable Nage
Venison with Chocolate Sauce #2
Warm Whiting And Tofu Salad
Whiskey Truffles
White Lady Vanilla Ice Cream