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Recipes in the Nuts Category:

125-Year-Old Walnut Party Pound Cake
Acorn Squash Soup W/corned Beef and Walnuts
Afghani Lamb with Spinach
Almond Baklava (Baklavas Me Amygdala)
Almond Brandy Truffles
Almond Butter Crunch
Almond Butter Loaves
Almond Chocolate Pie
Almond Cookies #5
Almond Paste #3
Almond Pie
Almond Poppy Seed Bread #3
Almond Streusel Bundt Cake and Coffee Glaze
Almond Torte (Mozurek)
Almonds Mocha
Almost As Good As Sex Cake
Amaretto Caramel Corn
Amaretto Cheesecake #3
Amaretto Cream Filled Cake (Zuccotto Ripieno
Amaretto Tiramisu
Andrea's Excellent Toffee
Angel of Mercy Cheese
Anytime Crunch Bars
Apple Brazil Nut Squares
Apple Crumb Squares
Apple Raisin Cobbler Pie
Apple-Cheese Crumble Pie
Apricot Almond Bars
Apricot, Orange and Almond Jam
Apricot-Pecan Butter Strudel
Athens Pecan Cake (Greek Menu 1)
Austin Junior League Banana Bread
Baked Brie or Camenbert
Baked Caramel Corn
Baked Oatmeal #3
Banana Foster Tart
Banana Fruit Cake
Banana Nut Bread #10
Banana-Coconut Crunch Cake
Banana-Pineapple Rum Bread
Barbecue Pecans
Barley and Pine Nut Casserole
Beacon Hill Brownies
Becky Campbell's Chicken with Carambola
Bell Peppers with Brown Rice Stuffing
Benden Baklava
Better Hide 'em Gems
Black Walnut Cottage Pudding
Black Walnut Taffy
Blender Double Fudge Cake
Boiled Peanuts #3
Bombay Cashews
Bourbon Chocolate Cake
Bourbon Pecan Cake #2
Bread: Machine: Hazlenut-Amaretto Loaf
Broccoli Saute with Pine Nuts
Bubble Room Cake
Butter Pecan Cake
Butter Pecan Cookies #3
Buttercrunch Popcorn
Butterscotch Almond Cheesecake
Buttery Pecan Drops
Candied Walnuts (Yogurt Covered Walnuts)
Caramel Banana Ice Cream Dessert
Caramel Corn
Caramel Corn #7
Carrot Cake with Marmalade Cream Cheese Frost
Carrot-Walnut Bread
Cashew Chicken and Broccoli
Cashew Ginder Sauce
Cereal Gumdrop Bars Pd
Champagne Gelatin with Peaches and Plums
Cheese and Fruitwich
Cherry Hazelnut Crunch Pie
Chestnut and Potato Puree
Chestnut Pie
Chestnut Polenta
Chestnut Salad (Kastano Salata)
Chestnut Stuffing with Pork Sausage
Chestnut-Mushroom Casserole
Chicken Macadamia
Chicken Tropicana
Chicken with Fruit and Almonds
Chicken with Lemon Grass and Cashews
Chili Cheese Log
Chili Nuts
Chili Nuts #2
Chili Roasted Peanuts
Chinese: Asparagus W/ Cashews
Chinese: Cashew Chicken
Chinese: Cashew Nut Prawns (Yiu Gwoh Ha)
Chinese: Chicken Chunks with Peanuts in Spicy Sauce
Chinese: Chinese Cashew Chicken
Chinese: Oriental Pistachio Chicken
Chinese: Szechwan Chicken and Cashews
Chocolate Almond Torte with Strawberry Sauce
Chocolate Angel Nut Pie
Chocolate Bit Lunchbox Bars
Chocolate Bread Pudding (Chocolate Condesned Milk)
Chocolate Caramel Brownies
Chocolate Caramel Walnut Fudge
Chocolate Carmel Pecan Cheesecake
Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Pie
Chocolate Kiss Thumbprint
Chocolate Krispy Drops
Chocolate Macaroon Cupcakes
Chocolate Maple Nut Bars
Chocolate Marble Bark
Chocolate Nut Upside-Down Cake
Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy
Chocolate Pecan Bars
Chocolate Pecan Fudge Pie
Chocolate Praline Cake
Chocolate Rum Truffles
Chocolate Strawberry Tart W/nut Crust
Chocolate Turtle Cake
Chocolate Zucchini Cake # 1
Chocolate-Peanut Brownie Cup
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Fudge
Chocolately Chocolate Chip Cake
Cinda (And Whoever Else's) Peanut Butter Cookies
Cinnamon Apple Jello Mold
Cinnamon Nuts
Cinnamon Spiced Nuts
Cinnamon Sugared Nuts
Cinnamon-Glazed Almonds
Coconut and Macadamia Nut Banana Bread
Coconut Chocolate Candy
Coffee Toffee Pie
Colonial Peanut Soup
Cookie Crumb Crust with Hazelnuts
Cookies Your Way
Cornish Hens and Dressing in Wine Sauce
Couscous with Pine Nuts and Currants
Crab Pecan Delight
Crab with Curried Almond Rice
Cracker Jill
Cranapana Bread (Original)
Cranberry Apple Conserve
Cranberry Black Walnut Pound Cake
Cranberry Cheesecake with Walnut Crust
Cranberry Pear Pie #2
Cream Cheese Rhubarb Pie
Cream Cheese Snickers Candy Bar Pie
Cream of Almond Soup
Creamy Coffee Tortoni
Creamy Walnut Pralines
Crunchy Asparagus Medley
Crunchy Hazelnut Pastry Shell
Crunchy Peanut Crackers
Curried Almonds #2
Curried Peanuts #2
Curried Turkey, Fruit and Nut Salad
Dairy Hollow House Almond Pie
Date and Nut Macaroons
Date Swirls
Date-Nut Butter
Debbie's Spiced Pecans
Delice Aux Noisettes
Delicious Brownies
Desser Miveh (Persian Fruit Salad)
Dixie Pecan Butter
Dorothy's Mostaccioli Vegetarian Pasta with W
Double Almond Butter Cookies
Double Caramel Munchin' Mix
Double Cashew Crackers
Double Chip Macadamia Cookies
Drunken Apple/pumpkin Pie
E-Z Mic Pnut Fudge
Easy M/w Peanut Fudge
Easy No-Beat Fudge
Easy To Make Brownies
Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake #3
Eldorado Country Club Toll House Pie
Engadine Walnut Tart (Graubuenden)
Enid's Brownies
Everything I Wanted in a Snack Snack
Fabulous Holiday Fruitcake (Low Fat)
Fall Pumpkin Bread
Farfel Pudding
Favorite Pecan Pie
Festive Cranberry Loaf
Festive Green Beans with Almonds
French Banana Cake
Frozen Pineapple Salad
Fruit and Nut Chili
Fruit and Nut Cluster Pies
Fruit Muffins #2
Fruit Salad #3
Fruit-Nut Snack
Fruited Smoked Turkey Salad
Fudgey Brownies
Garlic Buttered Nuts
Garlicky Fettucine with Pine Nuts
German Chocolate "Pig Out"
German Chocolate Upside Down Cake
German Hazelnut Cookies
Glugg Cake
Granola Gorp
Great Gorpies
Green Beans Amadine
Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad
Grilled Walnut-Stuffed Turkey Rolls
Groundnut Sauce
Halwau-E Aurd-E Sujee
Ham and Asparagus Roll-Ups
Ham Linguine Florentine
Hazelnut Biscotti #2
Hazelnut Butter
Hazelnut Cakes
Hazelnut Chunk Brownies
Hazelnut Oatmeal Pancakes
Hazelnut Praline Cheesecake
Health Grain Bread
Heartnut Sausage
Hidden Valley Oyster Crackers Mix
Holiday Cake
Homemade Peanut Butter
Honey Brownies
Honey Glazed Applepecan Cake
Honey Granola Bread
Honey Nutty Snack Mix
Honey Snack Mix
Honey-Glazed Munch Mix
Honey-Nut Huddle Spread
Impossible Chocolate Nut Pie
Indonesian Hot Peanut Sauce
Italian Nut Medley
Italian Steamed Artichokes
Jeanette's Strawberry Jello Mold
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
Joy Choy Pie
Kab El Ghazl
Kelli's Mounds Cheesecake
Killer Brownies
Kosher for Passover Cheesecake
Kulikuli (Peanut Balls)
Lemon-Almond Tea Cake
Linguine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Toasted
Louisiana Bacon-Pecan Barbecue Sauce
Louse Ma Thoom (Almond Pate)
Lumpia (Close Kin To Chiegg Rools)
Macadamia Nut Bread
Macadamia Nut Cookies
Mango-Pineapple-Lime Cheesecake
Maple Brickle Nut Torte
Marshmellow Log Cookies
Mary Litchfield Grimwood's 1890 English Plum Puddings
Meat Rolls with Pine Nuts
Mexicali Crunch
Mexican Chicken W/pine Nuts
Mexican Peanuts
Microwave Crunchy Caramel Corn
Mincemeat Cake
Mini Kiss Blondie Bars
Minnie's Old Fashioned Orange Ice Box Cookies
Miss Pearl's Tomato-Papaya-Macadamia Nut Sals
Mixed Nut Bars
Mocha Macadamia Decadence
Mocha Walnut Sauce
Molasses Wheat Bread
Monster Munch
Movie Candy Caramel Corn
Mrs Zeger's Chocolate Walnut Torte
My Family Enjoys This Sephardic for Charoses
Napa Mint Slaw
Noah's Ark Brownies
Nut Cake
Nut Roast
Nut Roll
Nutcracker Sweets
Nuts To You
Nutty Cheese Brulee
Nutty French Toast
Nutty Pork Chops
Oat Bran Wonder
Oatmeal Sesame Bread
Oatmeal Sunflower Bread
Orange Almond Pastries
Orange and Peanut Sweet Potatoes
Orange Candid Nuts
Orange Rum Cake
Orange, Lettuce, and Walnut Salad (Shlada Bel
Orange, Onion, and Basil Salad
Oriental Toasted Nuts
Over the Top Honey Cake
Pagan-Wiiagiminan (Maple Nuts)
Paganens (Algonquin Wild Nut Soup)
Palm Beach Brownies
Pappadeaux's Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with Bour
Pappadeaux's Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with Bourbon Sauce
Parmesan-Herb Almonds
Passover Bagels
Passover Carrot Pudding
Passover Cheese Cake
Passover Hermit Cookies
Passover Muffin
Passover Pie Crust #3
Passover Pie Crust #4
Pasta Chicken Salad with Peanuts
Peachy Dump Cake
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Chip Triangles
Peanut Sauce (Nuoc Leo) #2
Peanut Sauce for Satay
Peanut Soup with Okra Croutons
Peanutty Cereal Bars
Peanutty Chicken Salad
Peanutty Squash
Pear and Pecan Cake
Pear and Pecan Salad
Peas with Pine Nuts and Prosciutto
Pecan and Red Onion Bread Abm
Pecan Bourbon Cake
Pecan Cashew Popcorn Balls
Pecan Chicken Divan
Pecan Chutney
Pecan Meringues
Pecan Pie #09
Pecan Pie Mini Muffins
Pecan Pie Pastry
Pecan Pleasers
Pecan Praline Bars with Coffee Glaze
Pecan Praline Salad
Pecan Pudding
Pecan Treats
Persian Chicken Pilaf W/ Apricots, Orange and Almonds
Picnic Bars
Pine Nut Chicken
Pinto Bean Soup with Mint and Pine Nuts
Pistachio Turkey Pate
Plum Nutty Jam
Pomegranate Ariel
Popcorn Haystacks
Popcorn Munchy
Popcorn Nut Crunch
Popcorn Nut Munchy Mixture
Popcorn Party Mix
Popcorn Ring
Pot Roast Caribe
Potatoe Chip Cookies
Praline Ice Cream Sauce
Prissy Pecans
Prune and Almond Tart
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon
Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares
Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake
Quinoa Pudding
Raisin Peanut Clusters
Raspberry Chicken Salad
Raspberry Pecan Thumbprints
Ray's Lemon Bread (Jeff)
Rice Vegetable Pilaf
Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
Roasted Almonds
Roasted Chestnuts
Roasted Mexican Pumpkin Seeds
Roasted Nuts
Roasted Nuts2
Roasted Peanuts (Microwave)
Roasted Pecans
Rocky Road Brownies
Rolo Cookies
Rosemary Almonds
Run for the Roses Pie (Derby Pie)
Russian Kolachi (Nut Rolls)
Sauteed Garlic Salad Dressing
Savory Bbq Style Crispix
Savory Snack Mix
Scalloped Sweet Potatoes #2
Seeded Green Beans <r T>
Sesame Curried Walnuts
Sherried Walnuts
Sherry Walnuts
Snicker's Dessert
Snickers Cake
Sopa De Mani (Peanut Soup)
Sour Cream Glazed Pecans
Southern Chocolate Pecan Pie
Southern Country Crunch
Southern Pecan Loaf
Spapple Strudel
Spiced Pecan Halves
Spicy Cajun Almonds
Spicy Honey-Roasted Peanuts(1987 Recipe)
Spicy Thai Slaw
Spinach Pesto Sauce
Spirited Pumpkin Cheesecake
Spumoni Slices
Spunky Monkey Snack Mix
Steamed Chocolate Pudding W/lemon Hard Sauce
Stephanie's Pate De Foie (Chicken Liver Pate)
Sticky Buns for a Sunday Morning
Stir-Fried Chicken W/almonds
Sugar N' Spice Walnuts
Sugar Pecans
Sugar Roasted Nuts
Sugared Almonds
Sugarless Fruit Nut Muffins
Sun Dried Berry Zucchini Nut Bread
Super Crunchy Snack Mix
Sweet Pecans
Szechwan Peanut Noodles
Texas Truffles
The Many Flavors of Creme Brulee (Sweet)
Toasted Almonds
Toasted Marshmallow Cake
Toasted Sunflower Seeds
Toffee Bars
Toffee Fudge Brownies
Torta De Castanha Do Para (Brazil Nut Cake)
Tropical Tea Bread
Tujague's Pecan Pie
Turkey Mandarin Salad
Turmeric Stuffing
Um'bido (Greens and Peanuts)
Unusual Banana Bread
Vacuum Cleaner Bars
Vanilla Chip Cookies
Variations of Magic Cookie Bars Pd
Veal with Almonds and Prunes
Vegetable Sunburgers
Vegetarian Liver
Vicki Sebastiani's Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms
Walford Salad
Walnut and Egg Spread
Walnut Chocolate Rum Balls
Walnut Raspberry Brownie
Walnut Rounds
Walnut Toffee Triangles
Walnut-Cheese Spread
Warm Red Cabbage Salad
Warm Spinach Salad with Currants and Walnuts
Wary's Bean Tarts
West Bend Pumpkin Nut Bread [Abm]
Wheatable Snack Mix
White Chocolate and Almond Brownies
White Chocolate Chunk Brownies
White Chocolate Nut Cookies
White Fruit Cake
Yemenite Haroset
Yummy Apricot Walnut Biscotti
Zucchini Cake W/cream Cheese Frosting
Zucchini with Peanuts
Apple Crisp Cake with Caramel Sauce
Bar-B-Q Pumpkin Seeds
Brown Nut Bread
Cathedral Windows #2
Leeks and Carrots
Mandelbrot #2
Mango Pineapple Lime Cheesecake
Monkey Bread #9
Mrs. Haas' Rum Balls
Ole Man Jim's Q-Fest Pecan Pie
Pecan Pralines #2
Persimmon Fudge #2
Apple Dump Cake #2
Barley, Bell Pepper And Almond Pilaf
Better Than Sex Cake #2 #3
Carob Pineapple Thisbies
Cashew Orange Sweet Peas
Cathedral Windows #3
Cherry Nut Cake *
Cherry-Almond Muffin Bread (Lacto)
Coconut Crunch Cake
Coffee Brickle Ice Cream #2
Jim Anderson's Pecan Pie
Maple Nut Bars
Mrs Haas' Rum Balls
Pineapple Blitz Torte
Quinoa Salad with Poblano-Pesto Dressing
Tampico Torte
Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake
Velvet Almond Fudge Cake