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Recipes in the Kids Category:

A Butter for Kids To Make
Alaska Patties
Alaska Seafood Pizza
Angel Food Ice Cream Cake
Ants in the Sand
Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Apple Crunch
Apple Pancakes
Apple Pancakes #7
Apple Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Applesauce #2
Awesome Apple Pudding
Bacon-Wrapped and Cheddar Stuffed Dogs
Banana Push-Ups
Banana Split Salad
Banana Wrap
Barbie Pretty Pink Cake
Big Soft Pretzels #2
Birthday Shake
Black Walnut Chocolate Drop Cookies
Bloody Bug Juice
Bloody Eyeballs on the Rocks
Brain Cell Salad
Branded Potatoes
Brunch Pizza
Bubble Solution
Bugs on a Log
Bunch of Balloons
Butter Mints #2
Butterfly Bites
C-O-O-L Critters - Part 1
C-O-O-L Critters - Part 2
Cake in Ice Cream Cones
Calzone Recipes
Caramel French Toast
Cat Litter Casserole
Cheerio Bars #3
Cheese and Fruitwich
Cheese Nut Halibut
Chex and Chocolate Party Mix
Chicken Nachos #2
Chicken Pox Pancakes
Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta
Chinese Chicken #2
Chocolate No Bake Cookies
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip
Chocolate Punch
Chocolate Snack Blocks
Chocolate Spiders #2
Chocolate-Banana Shake
Chocolate. Chip Meringues
Christie Butterscotch Candy
Christmas Cinnamon Ornaments
Chunky Cat Barf
Chunky Date, Coconut and Almond Granola
Chunky Pizza Soup
Cinnamon Apple Fruit Stix
Cinnamon Ornaments #4
Clown Make-Up
Coco-Carmel Toast
Cooked Finger-Paints
Cookie on a Stick
Coolest Cooler
Corn Dogs #2
Corn Dogs #8
Cornflake Balls
Crackle Cackle Crunchies
Crafts for Kids with Food
Crafts for Kids, Again
Crafty Cinnamon Cookie Ornaments
Cream Cheese and Tomato Quesadillas
Creamy Oatmeal Jim Leff's Way
Cremesicle Ice
Crispix Mix Sweet Minglers
Crispy Corn Dogs
Critters in the Hay
Crudites with Vomit Vinaigrette
Crunchy Snacks for Kids
Cut-Out Sugar Cookies
Date Chewsticks
Day Old Bathwater
Dead Sea Soup
Diabetic Kid's Snackin' Corn
Diaper Dump Porridge
Double Wonderful French Toast
Dough Art #2
Dump Cake (And Variations)
Ear Wax Wieners on Cotton Swabs
Easy "Souffle"
Easy Lo Cal Fruit Ices
Easy Soft Pretzels
Edible "Play Dough"
Edible Playdough #2
English Muffin Pizza
English Muffin Pizza #3
English Shortbread #2
Eyeball Potion
Fake Snot
Family-Style Cookies
Farfel Marshmallow Treats
Filled Peanut Butter Cookies
Finger Paint (Iowa Church Cookbook)
Fisherman's Catch
Fisherman's Catch #2
Flat Cat Cookies
Flower Pot Cakes
Framed Eggs
Frosted Fudge Brownies
Frozen Apple Sauce and Fruit Cup
Frozen Fruit Treat
Fruit Juice Combo Malts
Fruit Leather
Fruit Moos
Fruit Shakes
Fruit Tacos
Fruity Chews
Fudgy Bat Cookies
Fun Bun
Fun Buns
Fungus Among Us Vegetable Salad
Funny Face Caramel Apples
Gak (Homemade Silly Putty)
Gak Recipe #2
Gateaux Jos Louis (Joe Louis Cakes)
Gelatin Pizza
Gentle Lentil Soup
Ghost Cookies
Ghosts in the Graveyard
Ghosts on Broomsticks
Ghoul-Ade over Gopher Guts
Girl Scout Dirt Cake
Gluep (Gak)
Golden Chicken
Goop (Make Your Own Slime)
Gory Gorilla Tonsils
Graveyard Treat
Green Grassy Cow Patties
Hairball Salad with Saliva Dressing
Halloween Haystacks
Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Cake
Halloween Spider Cake
Ham Barbecue Sandwiches
Ham Head
Happle Bagel Sandwich
Happy Birthday Barbie Cake
Hawaiian Salad
Hobgoblin Stew
Holiday Ornament Dough
Homemade Butter #2
Homemade Frozen Pops
Homemade Maggot Stew
Homemade Orange Pops
Homemade Play Dough
Homemade Play Dough #2
Homemade Playdough
Honey Dough (Edible)
Hot Cross Black Widows
Hot Dippity Dogs
Icky Sticky Sugar Snakes
Icy Yogurt Pops
Individual Pizzas
Itsy Bitsy Pizza
Jack O Lantern Cookies
Jack-O'-Lantern Pie
Jello Aquarium Recipe
Jello Popcorn
Jello Skating Pond Recipe
Jello Snacks for Kids
Kathy's Hot Water Chocolate Cake
Ken Deep Dish Pizza
Kids Popcorn Balls
Kids Snackin' Corn
Kids' Recipes: Roll-Ups (Lacto)
Kira Jeweled Tea Cakes
Kool-Aid Playdough
Kool-Aid Playdough 2
Kool-Aid Playing Dough
Lemon Tuna Pasta
Liposuctioned Lard
Lizard Skins
Lo-Cal Lemon Sherbet
Lo-Cal Orange Freeze
Log Cabin Toast
Low-Cal Crunchies
Low-Calorie Spiced Tea Mix
Maggotini Alfredo
Magic Giant Bubbles
Make Ahead Hot Cereal
Make Your Own Stickers--Sticker Glue
Mary Korman's Icebox Pudding
Maya's Chicken Fingers with Two Dips
Microwave Play Dough
Midge Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mini Corndogs
Modeling Clay
Modeling Dough
Mom's Taffy
Mom's Taffy (Joann Pierce)
Movie Glass
Mucous Membrane Milkshake
Mystery Rolls
Nature's Sweet Treat
Neighborhood or Scout Troop Snax
Nifty Nana Shake
No-Cook Peanut Butter Balls
Nose Blow Burritos
Nutty Green Cow
Oatmeal Crackers
Old Salty's Instant Pizza
Old-Fashioned Applesauce Cake
Orange Worms
Orange-Ooze Cupcakes
Parmesan Chicken Fingers
Passover Hermit Cookies
Pasta Pancake
Pathology Pound Cake
Peaches with a Sunshine Smile
Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies
Peanut Butter Bread - Diary Free <r T>
Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats
Peanut Butter Clay
Peanut Butter Cookie Pops
Peanut Butter Noodles
Peanut Butter Play Dough
Peanut Butter Playing Dough
Peanut Butter S'mores
Peanutty Playdough
Pease Porridge Hot
Pencil and Eraser Set
Penicillin Pizza
Pillsbury Corn Dog Twists
Pineapple Cheese Squares
Pineapple Cream Cheese Pizza
Pineapple-Peach Frappe
Pink Sparkles Frosting
Pirate's Pie
Pizza on Rye
Play Dough
Play Dough 1
Play Dough 2
Play Dough 3
Playdough 4
Playdough 6
Playdough 7
Popcorn Balls
Popcorn Cake
Popcorn Marshmallow
Popcorn Snacks
Potato Pups
Pretzels for the Breadmaker
Puked Up Potatoes
Purple Thumbs
Pus Pockets
Queasy Quail Eggs
Ralph's Retch
Reindeer Cookies
Rhubarb-Strawberry Fruit Leather
Rice Krispie Squares #2
Rotting Crone's Kisses
Salmon Cakes or Muffins
Salmon Deviled Eggs
Salmon Fish Cakes
Salmon Macaroni Salad
Salmon Rosti
Salmon Vegetable Dip
Salmon Won Tons
Salt Dough
Sand Sculpture
Sandwich Ideas
Scotch Krispies
Seven Seas Celery
Sewer Soda
Sidewalk Chalk
Silliness Putty
Simple Pimples
Skipper Thumb Print Cookies
Skor Toffee Candy Bar Ice Cream
Sloppy Joes #2
Smoked Salmon Cheeseball
Snouts and Beans
Soap Flake Finger-Paints
Soft Whole Wheat Pretzels
Spanish Hot Dogs and Rice
Speckled Soup
Spicy Chicken Nuggets
Spit-Wad Sandwiches
Spring Cupcakes
Strawberry French Toast
Strawberry Ice Lo Cal
Strawberry Surprise
Street Chalk
Sulfuric Acid Swig
Sunshine Rocky Road Candy
Super Playdough
Swamp Punch
Swedish Strips
Sweet Stuffs
Sweet Tidbits Snack Mix
Tempting Toenail Truffles
Teresa Favorite Brownies
Toasted Tongues
Tortured Tomatoes with Bird Dropping Dressing
Toxic Tomatoes
Treasure Chest
Tremendous Tuna
Tuna Fish Curry
Tuna Noodle Soup
Tuna on a Bun
Tuna Salad Stuffed Potato
Tuna Stuffed Celery Boats
Tuna Supper Sandwiches
Tuna-Apple-Peanut Salad
Uncooked Finger-Paints
Valerie's Kids Snack
Varicose Veins on a Leaf
Variety Pack Popsicles
Veggie Vomit
Vinegar Taffy
Watermelon Ice
Werewolf in the Waldorf Salad
Wheaties Cookies
Whipped Cream Graham Cake
Worm Burgers
Yogurt Shake
Yummy Frozen Yogurt
Ambrosia #5
Banana Orange Frost
Bat Brew
Bunny Salad
Butter-Fried Potatoes
Candy Tree
Cheesy Mexican Hot Dog
Chocolate Marshmallows
Corn Dogs #9
Creamed Dried Beef #2
Creepy Jigglers
Crunchy Bananas
Dirt Cake #6
Dirt Cups #4
Edible Evergreens
Eyeballs on Ritz
Frankenstein Salads
Frosty Fruit
Frozen Bananas #2
Ghoul's Hands
Glue for Envelopes or Stickers
Great Pumpkin Sandwiches
Grilled Banana Boats
Harvest Moon Squash
Indoor S'mores #2
Kids Fruit Salad
Magic Potion with Creepy Crawler Ice Ring
Mulligan Stew
Orange Ice Cream Pops
Peanut Butter Balls #7
Peppy Macaroni
Popsicles #2
Pork Chops #4
All-Star Fudgy Baseballs And Bats
Banana Pudding Parfait Pops
Barbie Pretty Pink Cake #2
Cheesy Mexican Hot Dog #2
Chicken Little Stuffed Eggs
Dalmatian Cupcakes
Girl Scout Strawberry Shortcake Twwr12a
Lunch-Box Oatmeal Raisin Bars
Mini Mouse Party Cupcakes
Mock Oatmeal Cookies
Nutty Granola
Peanut Butter And Banana Wraps
Peanut Butter Honey Buns
Peanut Butter Nog
Peppermint Punch
Pink Moo Juice
Powerful Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Scout Franks And Beans
Short-Cut Peanut Butter Cookies
Smiley Freezer Pizza
The Jigg O Lantern
Three Men in a Boat
Tuna Fish Cakes
Upside-Down Cake in a Can
Welcome Home Chocolate Bars
Witch's Brew #4