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Recipes in the Jewish Category:

A Gahntze Tzimmes
Almond Syrup
Apple Noodle Kugel
Apple-Cornmeal Latkes
Apricot-Sweet Potato Tsimmes
Ashkenazic Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls with Fresh Dill
Asparagus with Garlic and Basil
Aunt Lisl's Butter Cookies
Aunt Sadie's Brisket of Beef
Aunt Sadie's Fabulous Chopped Liver "Pineapple
Aunt Sadie's Savory Kugel
Avocado and Pomegranate Salad
Bagels (Breadmaker)
Baked Apricot-Ginger Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Baked Noodles with Raisins and Nuts (Lokshen Kugel)
Beefsteak Pie
Beets Stuffed with Vegetables and Rice
Best Bazaar Chicken Soup
Bibs Soles' Haroset
Bimuelos De Massa
Blintz Souffle #2
Bombay Fish Fillets in Romaine (Kangi)
Borekas Stuffed with Cheese and Spinach
Borscht #4
Brisket #2
Brisket Braised in Wine with Dried Fruit and Potatoes (Corr)
Brisket for Holiday
Brisket for Holiday Dawn Underwood
Brisket No1
Brisket Zweigenthal
Bubbe's Fruit Soup
Bubbe's Kishka
Burmuelos for Passover
Cabbage Soup #7
Cake Diamonds Soaked with Syrup (Tishpishti P
Caraway Rye
Carol Wolk's Marvelous Matzoh Balls for Chick
Carrot Candies
Catskill Mountain French
Cauliflower Latkes
Cauliflower Latkes #2
Cg's Egg Challah Bread
Chai Kurdi (Kurdish Tea)
Challa #2
Challa Golden Egg Bread
Challah #7
Challah #17
Challah 1/2
Challah 2/2
Challah Almost Like Aunt Leah's
Challah Latkes
Charoset #2
Cheese Latkes #3
Cheese Latkes with Concord Grape Wine Sauce
Chicken a la Sabra
Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls
Chilled Chilied Chicken Wings
Chocolate Chip Cookies Passover
Chocolate Expresso Torte
Chocolate Kugel
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie #4
Cholent #2
Chopped Chicken Liver Appetizer
Chopped Chicken Livers
Chopped Liver
Chopped Liver #2
Chuck's Favorite Chewy Matzoh Balls
Cinnamon Hot Apple Sauce for Blintzes
Cinnamon Hot Apple Sauce for Blintzes #2
Cinnamon Twists
Cinnamon-Nut-Raisin Crescents (Rugelach)
Citrus Soup Frappe
Classic Challa
Coffee Chocolate Frosting
Corned Tongue
Cream Cheese Burekas
Creamy Broccoli-Noodle Kugel
Creamy Chick-Pea Soup with Dukkah
Cucumber Salad #5
Cucumbers and Radish Salad W/lime Yogurt
Curried Peanut Chicken
Date Hasoret
Doughnuts ("Sufganiot")
Dried Fruit Compote
Easy Cheese Blintz Casserole
Edith's Dairy Mushroom Barley Soup
Edith's K'mish Brot
Eggplant and Green Pepper Kugel
Eggplant Matzo Mina
Elaine's Potato Latkes
Elegant and Easy Gourmet Gefilte Fish Pate
Falafel #3
Falafel Filling
Farfel Nut Thins
Fatfree Potato Latkes
Fish Cakes #3
Flora Atkin's Dutch Kichelkies (Little Kichel
Fluffy Matzo Balls
Gefilte Fish #2
Grandma Ida's Challah
Grandma Linas Roast Goose Stuffed with Chestnuts
Grandma Linas Roast Goose Stuffed with Nuts and Fruit
Halvah (Traditional Jewish Candy)
Haman's Ears (Humen Taschen)
Hamantaschen #3
Hamentachen Filling - Povidla
Haroseth (Date Paste for Passover)
Haroseth (Passover Sweets)
Haroseth for Passover
Haroseth Para Pesach (Passover Haroseth)
Henny Youngman's Cheese Blintzes
Herring in Wine and Sour Cream
Holiday Challah
Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken
Honey Cake #11
Huevos Haminados
Hungarian Letcho
Hungarian Tarts
Indian Carrot Curry (Gadjar Kari)
Injera Ethiopian Pancake
Israeli Chocolate-Coated Orange Peels
Israeli Orange Chicken
Jewish "Corn" Bread (Detailed)
Jewish Cabbage Rolls
Junior's Matzo Balls
K'naidlach (Matzoh Meal Dumplings)
Kartofelnyie Kotlety (Meat Stuffed Potato Lat
Kash Varnishkes
Kasha and Mushroom Knishes
Kasha and Shells
Kishka - Easier
Klops (Meat-Egg Loaf)
Kosher Beef and Cabbage Stew
Kosher Chinese Ribs
Kosher Garlic Dill Pickles or Pickled Tomatoes
Kreplach Fillings
Lacy Potato Pancakes (Latkes)
Lasagna Served Hadassah Style
Lasagna with Artichoke Hearts and Chick Peas
Leek and Meat Patties
Leek Frittata
Lemon Pudding for Passover
Lemon-Hazelnut Torte
Lemon-Pecan Torte
Lemony Leek and Mushroom Soup
Lentil Fatta Salad
Lily's Luscious Kreplach for Chicken Soup
Lokshen Kugel - (Noodle Pudding)
Low-Fat Potato Pancakes
Mama Leah's Roast Duck with Orange Sauce
Matzo Brei
Matzo Meal Cookies
Matzo Strudel
Matzo-Meal Latkes
Matzoh Balls
May Wallins' Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread
Michael Richard's Oven-Fried Potato Latkes
Michelle Howe's Passover Rhubarb Cobbler
Miniature Potato Knishes
Mock Kishke
Mohn Hamantashen
Mom's Kmishbroit
Moroccan Brisket with Olives
Moroccan Charosets
Moroccan Chicken and Prune Tagine
Moroccan Couscous
Moroccan Fish Balls
Muggine in Bianco
Mushroom Barley Kugel
Mushroom, Bean and Barley Soup
Myra's Jewish Chopped Liver
New York Bialy's
No Yeast Mini Doughnuts
No-Fat Bagels for Breadmachine
Noodle Kugel
Noodle Kugel (Roth)
Noodle Kugel with Sauteed Mushrooms
Noodles Kugel
Orange-Carrot Souffle
Our Special Challah
Oven Chicken with Matzo Dumplings Pt 1
Oven Chicken with Matzo Dumplings Pt 2
Palatschinken #2
Pareve Coconut Flan
Parosa From Israel (Via Greece)
Passover Brisket Stuffed with Spinach and Carrots
Passover Chocolate Nut Torte
Passover Chremzlach (Stuffed Fritters)
Passover Loukoumades
Passover Mandelbread
Passover Matzah Balls
Passover Muffin
Passover Potato Kugel
Passover Rhubarb Cobbler
Passover Rolls
Passover Sauteed Chicken Paprika
Passover Vegetable Muffins
Passover Vegetable Stuffing
Perfect Potato Latkes
Pescado Con Agristada
Pineapple Crumble
Poppy Seed Hamantaschen
Poppy-Seed Candy
Potato Kugelettes
Potato Latkes #2
Potato Latkes (Part 1 of 2)
Potato Latkes (Part 2 of 2)
Potato Pancakes (Latkes My Way)
Potato Pancakes,latkes
Potato Varenikes
Potato Vegetable Latkes
Potato-Carrot Kugel
Potatoes with Parsley Sauce
Prakas (Stuffed Cabbage)
Pumpkin Date Nut Bread
Rice Pudding #11
Roast Chicken with Kasha Stuffing and Honey Glaze
Roasted Chicken with Apricots
Romanian Noodle Latkes
Rubio's Challah
Rugelach #2
Rugelach (Cookie)
Rugelach with Fruit Jam
Ruggalach I
Rumanian Zucchini Potato Latkes
Russian Potato and Mushroom Croquettes
Rye Sourdough Starter
Sambusak (Sephardic Stuffed Pastries)
Sauteed Carrots with Almonds
Savory Lokshen Kugel
Savory Oven Brisket
Semi-Pickled Cucumbers
Semmel Knoedle
Sephardic Spinach Filling (Gomo De Espinaca)
Sephardic Spinach Turnovers (Borekas)
Sephardic-Style Date Haroset
Shalet (Cholent)
Sharon's Famous Passover Brownies and Brownie Ice Cream Pie
Shopsy's Potato Latkes
Smoked Whitefish Salad
Spinach Fritada
Spinach Mena (Passover)
Spirited Blueberry Sauce for Blintzes
Spring Vegetable Soup with Matzo Balls
Strudel Dough
Stuffed Artichokes #1
Stuffed Cabbage (Prakas)
Stuffed Peppers #3 #2
Sufganiyot (Israeli Doughnuts)
Sweet 'n' Sour Brisket
Sweet Pareve Noodle Kugel
Sweet-Potato Tzimmes
Tagine of Chicken with Prunes and Almonds
Tender Beef Brisket with Onions
Tzimmes and a Gahtzah Tzimmes
Ultralight Chocolate Cake
Vegetable Latkes #2
Viennese Choch Torte Passover
Violet Syrup
Water Bagels #2
Whitefish Salad (D)
Wine and Nut Cake
Yemenite Charoset #2
Yemenite Haroset
Zimsterne - (Spicy Star Cookies)
Zwieback Cottage Cheese Torte
Agnes Stern's Palachinta Tower
Ashkenazic Chicken with Figs (Huhn Mit Feigen)
Beef Tongue
Braised Meat with Butternut Squash
Chateaubriand Disraeli
Double Apple Noodle Kugel
Ed Brown's Horseradish-Crusted Bass with Borscht Broth
Gefulte Fish Dip
Ginger Cookies #5
Golden Potato Soup (Batata Bel Lamoun)
Hazelnut Fig Baklava
Home Cured Pastrami
Honey Almond Cookies
Honey Cake #14
Honey Drops #2
Honey Roasted Red Onions
Honey Wheat Blondies
Honey-Spice Cake
Indian Carrot Curry (Gadjar Kari) #2
Jim Cohen's Sephardic Brisket
Kebab Marinovat (Marinated Lamb Kebab)
Keftes De Prassa Y Carne (Meat And Leek Patties)
Knishes #2
Lamb and Dried Fruit Tagine
Lemon Babka #2
Lois's Rye Bread
Low Fat Honey Cake with Cocoa and Sweet Spices
Mandelbrot #2
Manfred Loeb's Six-Braided Challah
Matzo Farfel Kugel #2
Miriam Steinberg's Stuffed Cabbage with Cranberry Sauce
Miriam's Potato Latkes
Mock Kishke #2
Murgh Kebab (Chicken Kebab)
Mushroom-Barley Soup #2
Noni Afghani (Afghan Bread)
Passover Banana Cake #2
Pastrami #3
Poached Fish with Pomegranate Sauce (Tevzi)
Pollo Arrosto All' Arancia, Limone E Zenzero
Pomegranate Sauce
Poppy Seed Mandel Bread
Beef And Sweet Potato Tzimmes
Bimuelos or Zalabia
Chocolate Hamantaschen
Gefulte Fish Dip #2
Joodse Boterkoeke
Parutherum (Jaroseth)
Matzoh-Wine Rolls
Moroccan Sweet Potatoes And Vegetables
Mayeena (Matzoh and Potato Bake)
Passover Matzoh Lasagna
Pollo Fritto
Romanian Apricot Dumplings
Safra - Libyan Semolina And Date Cake
Sephardic Spinach Patties (Keftes De Espinaca)
Smoked Tongue in Sweet And Sour Sauce
Sofrito (Spiced Beef And Vegetable Stew)
Stu's Matzo Brie
Sweet-And-Sour Chicken #2
Tongue with Raisin Sauce
Turkish Style Green Beans with Leeks And Carrots
Vegetarian Cholent #2
Vichyssoise (Leek Potato Soup)