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Recipes in the Indonesian Category:

Ajam Goreng Djawa (Fried Chicken with Spices)
Ajam Panggang (Indonesian Barbecued Chicken)
Amandari Smoked Salmon Angel Pasta
Asinan (Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad)
Atjar Tjampoer
Atjar Tumis Djamur (Mushroom Pickles)
Aubergine Relish (Sambal Terong)
Ayam Bumbu Rojak (Chicken with Spicy Sauce)
Ayam Gereng (Indonesian Fried Chicken)
Ayam Goreng Jawa - Fried Chicken Javanese Sty
Ayam Goreng Jawa - Fried Chicken Javanese Style
Ayam Petis (Indonesia)
Ayam Sambal (Peachy Sambal Chicken)
Ayam Tauco (Chicken Cooked with Salted Yellow Beans)
Babi Kecap I (Pork Cooked in Soya Sauce)
Babi Ketjap (Pork in Soy Sauce)
Babi Ketjap (Soy Pork)
Babi Pangang (Indonesian Grilled Pork)
Bahmi Goreng (Fried Noodles)
Baked Fish with Spices
Bami Goreng (Indonesian Fried Egg Noodles)
Beef Chunks Cooked in Coconut Milk
Beef Rendang
Bep's Barmi Goreng
Chicken Jakarta
Chile-Fried Squid (Sambal Cumi-Cumi)
Chili Paste - Sambal
Coconut Fish Roe Sambal (Sambal Kelapa Dengan Telur Terubuk)
Crisp Beef
Crossroads Curry Powder
Cumi-Cumi Isi (Stuffed Squid)
Curried Chicken Platter
Curried Coconuty Shrimp
Dagung (Corn Fritters)
Dendeng Pedas ('hot' Fried Beef)
Dendeng Ragi (Coconut Beef)
Dried Prawn Sambal (Sambal Lada Udang Keri
Durian Cake
Eggplant (Terong Balado)
Fish Cutlets with Curry Sauce
Fish Relish - Sambal Ikan
Gado Gado
Gado Gado (Mixed Vegetables with Peanut Sauce)
Gado-Gado (Mixed Vegetables in Peanut Sauce)
Gulai Bagar (Braised Beef with Spices)
Gulai Kambing (Spiced Lamb)
Hot Garlic Sauce
Ikan Asam Padeh
Ikan Asam Padeh (Fish in Sour Sauce)
Ikan Bali (Bali Fish)
Ikan Kachang (Fish with Peanut Sauce)
Indo- Carib Grilled Chicken
Indonesian "Fried" Noodles
Indonesian Chicken with Green Beans 2
Indonesian Chili Peanut Sauce
Indonesian Coconut Beef
Indonesian Coconut Sauce
Indonesian Corn-Shrimp Fritters
Indonesian Curried Crab
Indonesian Curried Prawns or Fish
Indonesian Curry Spice Paste
Indonesian Hot Peanut Sauce
Indonesian Pasta
Indonesian Peanut Chicken
Indonesian Pickled Pineapple
Indonesian Potato and Beef Perkedel
Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)
Indonesian Shredded Spicy Beef
Indonesian Soda Bread
Indonesian Soy Sauce
Indonesian Spice Info ( and Galanga)
Indonesian Spiced Coconut Chicken
Indonesian-Style Yogurt Rice
Indonesion Soy Sauce
Joyce's Indonesian Fried Rice
Juice Alpokat (Indonesian Avocado Drink)
Kare Ikan (Fish Curry)
Kecap Manis (Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce)
Kelia Ayam - Chicken Curry
Ketjap Manis (Debaat)
Kohnen's Biryani Supremo
Lapis Legis
Lapis Legis (Indonesian Dessert)
Lemon Ginger Syllabubs
Lime Chicken
Mango Chutney #1
Melon and Ginger Basket
Mixed Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce (Gado-Gado)
Moo Sate
Narsai's Gado Gado
Nasi Goreng #2
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)
Nasi Gurih (Coconut Rice)
Nasi Kuneng (Yellow Rice)
Nasi Kuning
Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice)
Opor Ayam (Coconut Chicken Curry)
Orak Orik (Cabbage Scramble)
Oseng-Oseng Wortel
Oseng-Oseng Wortel (Stir Fried Carrots)
Petjel Terong (Eggplant in Savory Sauce)
Piquant Oriental Sauce
Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters-Indonesian Style)
Pisang Goreng (Sauteed Bananas)
Potato Sambal
Prathaad Lom
Rendang (Dry Beef Curry)
Rendang Padang (Indonesian Beef Curry)
Rujak Manis (Fruit in Soy Sauce)
Sajor Bayam (Spinach-Corn Puree)
Sajur Bening (Vegetable Soup)
Sambal (Chili Paste)
Sambal Asem
Sambal Badjak
Sambal Bajak
Sambal Dabo Lilang
Sambal Goreng Telur (Spiced Eggs)
Sambal Kecap (Soya Sauce and Chilli Relish)
Sambal Kemiri
Sambal Oelek
Sambal Oelek (Chillies and Spices)
Sambal Oelek (Indonesia)
Sambal Oelek (Indonesian Spice)
Sambal Trassi
Sambal Trassi (Indonesian Spice)
Sambal Ulek
Satay Babi
Sate Ayam
Sate Babi
Sate Babi (Pork Sate)
SatÉ Babi
Saus Kacang
Saus KaÇang
Sayur Goreng (Sauteed Mixed Vegetables)
Sayur Lodeh (Curried Vegetables)
Semur Banka (Beef in Soy Sauce)
Serundeng (Baked Coconut Topping)
Shrimp in Tamarind Sauce
Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup)
Soya Sauce Beef
Spicy Pickled Plums
Squid Sambal
Sumatra Salad
Tamarind Chicken
Terong Balado
Udang Kari (Indonesian Prawn Curry)
Udang Masak Merah (Red Shrimp)
Velvet Chicken Satays with Fresh Cilantro Chu
Ajam Ati Goreng (Fried Chicken Livers)
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) #5
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) #2
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) #4
Omelette a L'indienne
Peanut Sauce #10
Omelette a L'indienne #2
Sajoer Lodeh (Vegetables, Cooked in Coconutmilk)
Satay Beef - Indonesian Style - Bill's