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Recipes in the Hamburgers Category:

Albondigas En Salsa Chipotle [Meatballs in Chipotle Sauce]
Albondigas Soup
All At Once Spaghetti
All-American Hot Dish
Apple Filled Squash Halves
Baked Beer Burgers
Baked Pizza Sandwich
Barbecued Meat Patties
Basic Hamburgers
Basic Meat Loaf
Basic Oven Meatballs
Bbq Meatloaf Aussie Style
Beef and Lentil Stew
Beef and Macaroni
Beef and Potato Pie
Beef and Tofu
Beef Barley Skillet
Beef Boulette Burgers
Beef Noodle Bake
Beef Patties Italian-Style
Beef-Tomato Freezer Mix
Belgian Meatballs Braised in Beer
Bloody Mary Speghetti Sauce
Blue Ribbon Burgers
Bun Less Super Bowl Burger
Cabbage Loaf
California Cheeseburger Pie
California Country Meatballs and Peppers
Campers Hobo Pie
Carl's Jr Famous Star
Casserole That Smells Like Pizza
Cheese-Beef Casserole Pie
Cheese-Potato Meat Loaf
Cheeseburger Pie #2
Chili Bean Tacos
Chili Burgers
Chili Cheese Burgers
Chili Stack
Chili with Rice
Chinese Style Beef and Vegetable Wrap-Ups
Cobble Corn Chili Tacos
Company Beef Oriental
Country Beef and Rice
Country Beef Loaf
Crazy Pizza
Creamed Beef Sauce with Noodles
Creamy Beef-Noodle Combo
Creamy Meatball Dinner
Crispy Taco
Crispy Taco Recipe
Crockpot Meatballs
Crockpot Pizza
Crunchy Teriyaki Burgers
Curried Hash
Curry Delight
Danish Meat Balls
Devilled Burgers with Tvp
Dick's Cabbage Rolls
Diner Meat Loaf
Dinosaur Burger
Double Cheese Hamburger Casserole
Duck-In-Diner Meatloaf
Easy Beef Bake
Easy Spicy Meat Loaf
Empanada (Meat Pie)
Empanadas #6
Enchilada Casserole #4
Family Favorite Burgers
Fast Meat Loaf Patties
Field and Stream Stuffed Burgers
Fiesta Casserole #3
Fiesta Meatloaf
Filled Hamburgers
Filomena Rodriguez Market St Meatloaf
Fluffy Light Meat Loaf
Fold-Over Tortilla Casserole
Frecnch Bread Mexi-Melt
Freezer Mix All-American Hot Dish
Freezer Mix Barley Soup
Freezer Mix Cheeseburger Pie
Freezer Mix Dinner
Freezer Mix Enchilada Casserole
Freezer Mix Goulash
Freezer Mix Lentil Stew
Freezer Mix Meat and Potatoes Au Gratin
Freezer Mix Mexican Casserole
Freezer Mix One-Dish Spaghetti
Freezer Mix Pizza
Freezer Mix Pizzawiches
Freezer Mix Skillet Goulash
Freezer Mix Sloppy Joes
Freezer Mix Spanish Rice
Freezer Mix Tacos
French Bread Mexi-Melt
French Meat Loaf
French Meatballs
Fried Onion Rings
Garlic Burgers
German Meatballs
German Meatballs #2
Graham Kerr's Cottage Pie
Greek Hamburgers
Greek Meatballs with Egg and Lemon Sauce
Greek Pasticio
Grits Fiesta Pie
Ground Beef and Vegetable Casserole
Ground Beef/eggplant Casserole
Hamburg Soup
Hamburger - Onion Pie
Hamburger Corn Bake
Hamburger Corn Casserole
Hamburger Gravey
Hamburger Hot Dish
Hamburger Pacific
Hamburger Pastry
Hamburger Pizza
Hamburger Soup
Hamburger Spanish Rice
Hamburger Stroganoff
Hamburgers on the Halfshell
Hearty Beef Supper
Hearty Burgundy Meatballs
Heidelberg Meat Loaf
Homestyle Lasagna Rolls
Hoosier Goulash
Hungarian Cabbage Rolls #2
Hungarian Goulash - with Coke
Hungry Boy's Casserole
In-N-Out Double-Double
Indian Meat Pies
Italian Chilli
Italian Meat Loaf
Italian Meatballs in a Basket
Italian Spaghetti
Italian Style Meat Loaf
Jalapeno Beef Roll with Zucchini
Jo's 2-Cheese Meatloaf
Judy's Swedish Meatballs
Kenyan Samosa
Koettbullar (Swedish Meatballs)
Kosher Cabbage Rolls
Kraut Burgers (Bierochen)
Kreplach Fillings
Layered Hamburger Pie
Lighthouse Casserole
Lipton Onion Burgers
Loafer's Loaf
Magic Meatloaf
Mama's Italian Meatloaf
Manicotti #2
Meat and Potato Loaf
Meat Loaf in Puff Pastry
Meat Loaf Wellington
Meatloaf #4
Meatloaf Tropicale
Melanie Stevenson's Woodlands Meatloaf
Mex-Corn Lasagna
Mexicali Rice
Mexicali Spoon Bread Casserole
Mexican Fiesta Casserole
Mexican Hash
Mexican Meat Loaf Roll
Mexican Meatloaf
Mexican Rice #6
Mexican Spaghetti Pie
Minnesota Minestrone
Minty Lamb Burgers
Mirliton El Casserole
Mock Parmigiana
Mom's Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Mom's Taco Casserole
Mouse River Chili Con Carne
Moussaka #2
Moussaka #4 #2
My Spanish Rice
My Swedish Meatloaf or Meatballs
Naborina's Tacos
Nifty Hamburgers on a Bun
Noodle Stroganoff
North: Moghul Beef Kheema Curry with Corn (Ma
Old-Fashioned Sage Loaf
One-Dish Spaghetti (For 2)
One-Skillet Spaghetti
Onion Meat Loaf
Pastel De Choclo (Chilean Corn and Meat Pie)
Peppy Beef Enchiladas
Peppy Pizza Pie
Pimblett's Shepherd's Pie
Piquant Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy
Pizza Casserole
Plantation Supper
Poor Man's Fillets
Pork U Pine Meatballs
Potluck Surprise
Pseudo-Salisbury Steaks (Microwave)
Quick Beef Sausage
Ragout a la Berghof
Rice Patties
Rio Grande Meat Loaf
Roast Meat Loaf
Robin Howley's Meatloaf
Ruben Burgers
Russian Meat Balls (Bitochki)
Safari Supper
Sambusak (Sephardic Stuffed Pastries)
Saucy Bean 'n Beef Pie
Saucy Burgers
Saucy Mini-Loaves
Saucy Swedish Meatballs
Sauerbraten Golden Apple Meatballs
Sauerbratin Meatballs
Savory Hamburger Soup
Savory Meatballs
Savory Stuffed Meat Loaf
Shami Kebab
Singapore Curry Puffs
Skillet Goulash
Sloppy Bbq Joes
Sloppy Joes #7
Sloppy Joes, Lipton Style
Something Different on a Budget Meatloaf
Sopa De Albondigas (Meat Ball Soup)
Souper Baked Sandwich
Sour Cream Burgers
South of the Border Crepe Stack
South Seas Combo
Southwest Meatball Supper
Southwestern Meat Loaf
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Spanish Rice with Beef
Spiced Bean Bake
Spicy Beef Puffs
Spicy Meatballs
Spooned-Up Meat Loaf
Stir-Fried Medley
Stuffed Beef Dogs
Stuffed Green Peppers
Stuffed Green Peppers (Oven Bag)
Stuffed Hamburgers
Stuffed Mexican Meatloaf
Stuffed Peppers #3
Sunday's Beef Pie
Supreme Burgers
Surprise Meat Loaf Squares
Swedish Meatballs #3
Sweet and Sour Kabobs
Sweet-Sour Meatballs Oriental
Taco Casserole
Taco Pie
Tacos #2
Tamale Pie
Tex-Mex Hash
Thai Burgers with Mint Cucumber Relish
Top of Stove Meatloaf
Top of the Stove
Tostada Grande
Triple-Cheese Burgers
Turkey Bayou Burgers
Vegetable Burger Soup
Weight Watchers Soup
Wendys Chili
Wisconsin Holiday Fondue
Your Basic Burger
Zesty Burgers
Zucchini-Layered Meat Loaf
Lasagne #3
Macaroni and Cheese Casserole #2
Meatballs #8
Roast Beef And Pasta Salad #2
Sandi's Hamburger Casserole