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Recipes in the Greens Category:

Big Greek Salad
Blood Oranges and Celery Root with Mustard Vinaigrette
Collard Greens (Four Great Southern Cooks)
Creamy Chicken-Noodle Casserole with Spinach and Mushrooms
Curried Lentils and Kale Greens
Green Beans with Onion, Garlic, and Tomato #2
Lentil Fritters on a Bed of Wilted Beet Greens Vinaigrette
Old-Fashioned Turnip Greens
"Wok And Roll"
Artichoke Heart Stuffed with Garlic Mushrooms
Baby Spring Rolls with Ginger Dipping Sauce
Braised Artichokes with Lemon Mint Pesto Broth
Bread And Butter Pudding #3
Broad Bean Soup with Pesto
Caponata on Roasted Garlic Bruschetta
Caramelised Banana Tatin
Cauliflower And Tomato Crumble
Chilled Roquefort Mousse in a Hot Puff Pastry Case
Chocolate Tart
Colcannon #9
Colombian Potato And Chicken Soup
Coreen Conroy's Leek Pudding
Courgette Flowers Stuffed with Goats' Ricotta
Courgette, Fennel And Tomato Tarts with Stilton
Courgettes in a Bun
Creamed Leeks with Orange
Creme Brulee, Strawberry Jus And Crisps
Dried Mushroom Soup with Red Pepper Rouille
Fish-Fragrant Aubergine
Fried Haloumi Cheese with Greek Salad, Herb Vinaigrette
Frozen Liquorice And Blackcurrant Parfait
Garlic Grilled Portabello Mushrooms with Roasted Potatoes
Goats Cheese Bavarois, Sweet And Sour Tomatoes And Wild Roc
Goats' Cheese Bavarois, Sweet And Sour Tomatoes And Wild Ro
Grilled Pepper Salad
Grilled Vegetable Kebabs on Taboule
Hazelnut Grilled Goats Cheese with Beetroot, Pear Parmesan
Honey Glazed Chicory
Iced Tiramisu
Indian Spiced Tofu Skewers, Coriander, Yoghurt And Grilled
Italian Mushroom Burgers with Vegetables
Layered Festive Loaf
Lemony Chickpea And Leafy Green Soup
Lightly Curried Deep-Fried Celery Strips
Lightly Curried Vegetable Strudel with Horseradish Mash
Macaroni with Asparagus, Broad Beans And Rocket Pesto
Malaysian Stir-Fry with Fragrant Thai Rice
Maria Contini's Spaghettini with Tomato Sugo
Maria Stylianou's Aubergine Casserole
Marinated Vegetables Tempura with a Hot And Sweet Dipping S
Mediterranean Sandwich with 3 Pesto Sauces
Mediterranean Sandwich with Three Pesto Sauces
Miso Rice Pilaf with Collard Greens -Ww
Oded Schwartz's Confiture of Shallots
One Pot Couscous with Harissa
Orange Scented Bourride of Spring Vegetables
Parsnip, Carrot And Cauliflower Korma
Peking Seaweed Salad
Penny Drinkwater's Provencal Chicken Stuffed with Garlic
Persian Lentil Koftas
Pineapple Charlotte with Coconut Sorbet
Portobello Mushroom, Artichoke And Chestnut Parcels
Potato, Aubergine And Squash Curry with Green Chutney
Provencal Gateau of Sun Drenched Vegetables with Fresh Toma
Purple Potato, Artichoke And Millet Salad
Quark And Courgette Boudins
Roast Garlic with Herbs
Roasted Vegetable Tabbouleh
Sophie Grigson's Succotash
Sorrel Sauce #2
Soy Glazed Linguine with Ginger And Tofu
Spicy Aubergine Salad with Tomato Crisps
Spicy Vegetable Fritters with Turmeric Yoghurt And Indian S
Spinach with Apricots or Prunes
Spring Vegetable Blanquette
Squash Risotto
Stir-Fried Sweet And Sour Red Cabbage
Stuffed Apple Clafoutis
Stuffed Greek Vegetables with Orzo
Summer Fruit Soup with Vanilla Bavarois
Suppli Alla Telefono
Sweet And Sour Strawberries
Swiss Chard And Date Ravioloni
Tagliatelle of Vegetables with Roasted Tomato And Lentil Bo
Tart Tatin of Celeriac with Truffle Oil And Balsamic Syrup
Thai Mushroom Salad #2
Thai Spiced Bean Curd in Coconut Milk
Toffee And Banana Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
Tomato, Basil And Ricotta Lasagne
Ukrainian Borshch
Ultimate Pumpkin Pie
Vegetarian Fried Rice Topped with a Spicy Omelette
Vegetarian Paella #2
Warm Chorizo (Or Bacon) And Fris‚e Salad
Warm Goats' Cheese And Ricotta with Garlic Croutons
Wild Mushroom And Spinach Tacos
Wild Mushroom Moussaka