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Recipes in the French Category:

A Buche De Noel (French Yule Log Cake) - Part 1
A Buche De Noel (French Yule Log Cake) - Part 2
A Buche De Noel (French Yule Log Cake) - Part 3
A la Recherche De L'orange Perdue
Ail Ou Echalotes Confits (Garlic or Shallots in Duck Fat)
Antibes Chicken Salad
Apricot Cream Cheese French Toast
Asparagus and Blue Cheese Quiche
Asperges a la Vinaigrette (Asparagus Vinaigrette)
Au Pied De Cochon Re (French Onion Soup)
Aubergines a la Toulousaine (Eggplant A La Toulouse)
Auge Valley Chicken Stew
Baguettes #2
Barb's Special Sweet Breads Part 5
Basic French Omelet #2
Baudroie Lou Marques - Lou Marques' Monkfish Soup
Beef and Onion Stew
Beef Rhapsody in Blue En Croute
Beinets or French Fritters
Best Ever French Bread
Bitoque Provencal
Boeuf Bourguignonne
Boeuf En Ficelle
Bouchees Pauillacaise (Potato Balls with Meat Filling)
Bouillabaisse - Marseille Style Fish Soup
Braised Pork Chops with Sour Cream Sauce
Brennan's Banana Beignets
Brochettes of Lamb
Broiled Chicken with Mustard (Poulet Grille a la Moutarde)
Buche De Noel (Christmas Log Cake)
Budget Beef Short Ribs la Bourguignonne
Budget: Beef Short Ribs la Bourguignonne
Cassoulet #5
Cepe Consomme
Challah French Toast
Chaussons la Confiture
Chicken a la Poitevine
Chicken Campagnola
Chicken Francaise #2
Chicken in Wine - Coq Au Vin
Chicken in Wine and Tomato Sauce (Poulet Marengo)
Chicken Marsala #3
Chicken Marsala with Peppers
Chicken Parisienne
Chicken Picardy with Dill Sauce
Chicken with Apples
Chicken with Cucumber and Saffron
Chicken with Onions and Red Wine Sauce(Poulet Au Vin Rouge)
Chicken with Wine - {coq Au Vin}
Chicken with Winter Vegetables
Chicken-Cheese Crepes
Chocolate Dream Crepes
Classic French-Style Potato Salad
Coq Au Vin (Chicken Braised in Red Wine)
Coq Au Vin (Chicken in Wine)
Coq Au Vin (Time Life) Pt 2
Coq Au Vin - Chicken Braised in Wine
Coquilles St Jacques Minceur
Coquilles St. Jacques
Cotes De Veau Flambes (Flamed Veal Chops)
Couscous Proven#al
Coussinets Aux Pommes
Cream of Coquilles St. Jacques with Leeks
Cream of Spinach Soup
Creme Aux Bimbrelles (Blueberry Cream)
Creme Constance
Crockpot French Onion Soup
Croquettes De Couscous Et Pois Chiches
Eggplant Custard Gratin
Eggplant Provencale
Ellen's Basil Boursin
Entrecote Bercy (Grilled Beef Steak)
Escargot En Croute #2
Escargots Bourguignonne #2
Escargots En Cercueils ( Snails in Puff Pastr
Etouffade De Pommes De Terre (Smothered Potatoes)
Filet Mignon Bordelaise (Filet Mignon in Bordeaux Wine Sauce
Filets of Sole Rendezvous
Flavoured Vinegars
Florentines #2
Fondant with Pears or Cherries
Four Spices (Quatre Epices)
Fraise Au Vin Rouge
French Apple Charlotte
French Apple Tart #2
French Bread #14
French Bread #15
French Bread #16
French Bread Mexi-Melt
French Chicken W/roquefort and Garlic
French Chocolate Cake
French Fried Golden Onion Rings
French Lemon Pie
French Mushroom Salad
French Onion Rings
French Onion Soup #15
French Onion Soup Coca-Cola #2
French Quarter Cherry Cheesecake
French Rabbit Stew
French Rib Steak with Marrow and Red Wine Sau
French Rice Salad
French Scrambled Eggs
French Style Herbed Cheese
French Style Ice Cream
Fricassee De Poulet a la Poitevine (Chicken in Onion Sauce)
Fricassee of Chicken with Tarragon
Fromage De Tete De Porc (Farmhouse Brawn)
Galette Lyonnaise (Lyonnaise Potato Galette)
Garlic and Oil Pasta Sauce
Grape Harvester's Soup
Ham, Cheese, and Herb Baguette
Herb Roasted New Potatoes
Herbed Garlic Bread
Herbes De Provence
Homard a la Normande (Lobster, Normandy Style)
Indian French Toast
Ken's Beef Bourguignon
La Tarte Tatin
Le Trou's Mouclade
Leeks in Vinaigrette
Leg of Lamb W/ a Crown Of Garlic From Perigord
Lemon and Thyme Marinade
Lemon French Toast
Lemony Creme Brulee
Les Rilletes De Tours (Pork Spread)
Leslie's French Potatoes
Lobster, Normandy Style (Homard a la Normande
Loin Pork Chops with Apples
Lou Pastis En Pott (Potted Meat)
Madeira Roast Pheasant
Mary's French Onion Soup
Meat and Bean Casserole (Cassoulet)
Mes Olives Preferees (My Special Olives)
Morels Stuffed with Sweetbreads (After Tabourdiau)
Mushrooms Stuffed with Escargot
New Orleans French Bread
Oignons Confiture (Red Onion Relish)
Old-Fashioned Veal Stew with Cream Sauce
Onion Soup, French Style
Pain De Campagne - French Country Bread
Pasta with Fennel Tomato Sauce
Pastel De Manzana - Apple Mint Crisp
Pate De Campagne (Country Pork Pate)
Pate De Foie Genre Charcutier
Paupiettes De Bananes Aux Jambon
Petites Galettes Au Citron - Delicate Lemon Cookies
Pets De Soeurs (Sister's [I.e., Nun's] Farts)
Poached Chicken in Cream Sauce with Rice
Poisson a la Provencale
Pot Au Feu
Potage De Tomate a la Basilic (Tomato Soup with Basil)
Potage Parisienne, From "La Tour" Restaurant
Potage St. Germain
Poulet a la Montrachet (Chicken and Mushrooms in Cream Sauc
Poulet Au Vin Rouge (Chicken with Onions and Red Wine)
Poulet Au Vinaigre a L'estragon
Poulet Grille a la Moutarde (Broiled Chicken
Poulet Marengo (Chicken in Wine and Tomato Sauce)
Praline-Peach Dessert
Processor French Bread
Pumpkin Date Nut Bread
Rabbit a la Danielle
Ratatouille Nicoise
Red Wine, Tomato and Rosemary Sauce
Roast Beef
Roast Lamb with Beans (Agneau Roti a la Bretonne)
Roulades of Veal with Chevre
Salad with Garlic
Salade De Chois (French Cole Slaw)
Sauce Bearnaise
Sauce Bourguignonne (Red Wine, Tomato and Rosem
Sauce Moutarde-Batarde
Sauce Oriental
Sauteed Cubed Veal in Cream Sauce
Sauteed Garlic, Red Peppers, Etc Polenta
Sauteed Strips of Chicken with Chanterelles
Scaloppine If Veal with Herbs
Shark Marsellaise
Shrimp Delice
Smoked-Fish Pâté Canapés
Soft Breadsticks
Sole Almondine
Sot-L'y-Laisse Aux Morilles (Chicken Oysters with Morels)
Soup: French Onion Soup (Au Pied De Cochon Re
Soupe a L'oignon Au Fromage (French Onion Sou
Spring Nicoise Salad
Steak Au Poivre #2
Steak Au Vin
Steak Diane
Stuffed French Toast with Apricot Glaze
Summer Blueberry Tart (Tarte Aux Myrtilles D'
Sylvie's Salad Dressing
Tapenade Verte (Green Olive Spread)
Tarte Aux Myrtilles D'ete (Summer Blueberry Tart)
Tomato Soup with Basil (Potage De Tomate a La
Veal Chops and Apples And Calvados
Veal Chops with Apples and Calvados
Veal Scaloppine with Zucchini and Cream
Very Light Sauce
Warm Salad with Goat Cheese Black Olives and Crisp Potato
Woodcutter's Omelet
Chateaubriand with Artichokes And Bearnaise Sauce
Chou Farcie a la Correzienne (Correze Stuffed Cabbage)
Galette Lyonnaise (Lyonnaise Potato Galette) #2
Low-Fat Soupe Au Pistou (Ww)
Orange French Toast #2
Pheasant Marengo
Cream of Mushroom Soup #17
Sauce Cr'-Magnon
Sauce Remoulade
Steak Au Poivre #3
Venison Steaks with Mushroom Game Sauce #2