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Recipes in the Chiles Category:

Baked Chevre with Habanero-Peach Compote
Black Bean Crab Cakes
Chiles Relleno /meat Stuffed
Chuletas Espanolas
Coffee-Poblano Sauce
Crockpot Chile Stew
Curry Shui Mai
Delicious Chicken with Guajillo Sauce
Delicious Chicken with Poblano Sauce
Grilled Marinated Vegetables #2
Habanero Corn Chowder
Habanero Tropical Fruit Sauce
Hot Peanuts
Hot Pepper Sauce
Jalapeno and Cheese Bread/rolls
Kai Sai Takrai (Chicken and Lemon Grass)
Lamb Chops with Arizona Chile Butter
Lil's Thrills Bbq Sauce
Mama Trini's Stuffed Green Chile
Mushroom Stuffed Wontons
Pasta with Chile Ancho Sauce
Phoenix Cake
Piri-Piri Chinese Hot Sauce
Salsa Bread Ole'
Salsa Fresca Con Chipotle
Sizzling Salsa
Sri Lanka Fried Chiles
Thai Pra Nuea (Beef 'salad')
The Rhum and Pepper Painted Fish W/a Habanero-Mango Mojo
Torta " a la Puchica"
Turkish Eggplant and Peppers(Patlicanli Markarn
Walt's Habanero Jelly
"Magic" Meatball Appetizer
Best kung Pao Tofu
Black Bean Ancho Chile (For Crockpot)
Chile Verde #8
Chiles Rellenos Casserole #3
Chilli-Lime Dressing
Fried Rice with Basil And Chiles (Khao Pad Krapow)
Garlicky Bulgur-Lentil Casserole
Grayson's Verde Hot Sauce
Green Chile Cheese Souffle
Green Taco Sauce
Grilled Corn Soup W/southwestern Creams
Homemade Hot Chile Powder
Homemade Pepper Sauce
Hot And Smoky Peppered Corn Bread
Hot Chilli Sauce
Jerk Chicken With Mango-Cilantro Relish (Adapted)
L'exotic Sauce Dynamite
Over-Easy Green Chile Enchiladas
Pueblo Bean Soup
Pueblo Chile Con Carne Con Frijoles
Sambal Cumi-Cumi (Chile-Fried Squid)
Sichuan Chilli Oil
Sichuan Ma Po Tofu
Smoky Black Beans
Spicy Sumatran Vegetable Stew
Terrific Tofu Adovada
Three-Chile Potato Soup
Uncle Dirty Dave's Red Pork Chilli