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Recipes in the Chicken Category:

"Chicken Breasts with Bourbon"
"Chinese" Chicken Salad -By David Cassidy
"Cock 'n Bull" Stew
"Good As Gold" Chicken (Like Kfc and Boston's)
"Made in Japan" Chicken Teriyaki
(Sort-Of) Sweet and Sour Chicken (Also Good with Just Veg
10 Minute Szechuan Chicken
100% Parmesan Chicken
15 Minute Ginger-Chicken Noodle Soup
A Modern Way To Fry Chicken
Acquazzurra Indonesian Chicken Madras
Ajam Goreng Djawa (Fried Chicken with Spices)
All Day Chicken
All-In-One Chicken
Almond Chicken Wings with Plum Orange Sauce
Almond Grape Chicken Salad
Almond Peach Chicken Salad
Alo-Balo Polo (Steamed Rice with Sour Cherries and Chicke
Amy Pietz's Super Bowl Chicken Fingers
Amy's Grilled Chicken Breasts
An Unknown Grandma's "Chicken 'n Dumplin's (
Andouille and Chicken Jambalaya
Anise Chicken
Ann's Chicken W/goat Cheese and Garlic
Apple and Walnut Chicken Salad
Apple Butter Barbecued Chicken
Apple Chicken with Curry Sauce
Apple Cider Chicken Stew
Apple-&-Mango Salad with Grilled Chicken
Apple-Kissed Chicken
Apple-Port Glazed Chicken Livers
Apple-Prosciutto Chicken
Apple-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Applesauce Glazed Chicken
Apricot Chicken #2
Apricot Chicken Thighs
Apricot Ginger Chicken
Apricot Mustard Glazed Chicken Breasts
Apricot-Glazed Chicken #2
Apricot-Glazed Chicken Breasts
Apricot_balsamic Sauce
Arizona Chicken #2
Arkansas Pecan Chicken Dish
Aromatic Chicken with Rice (Malaysia)
Arroz Con Pollo #8
Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken with Rice) #2
Arroz Con Pollo - Ladies' Home Journal
Arroz Con Pollo - Sunset
Art's Chicken Wings
Artichoke Khoresh
Artis' Chicken Gumbo
Asian Chicken Salad
Asparagus and Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
Asparagus, Apple and Chicken Salad
Athenian Chicken on the Grill
Ayam Gereng (Indonesian Fried Chicken)
Ayam Goreng Jawa - Fried Chicken Javanese Sty
Ayam Goreng Jawa - Fried Chicken Javanese Style
Ayam Kacang Bukittingga (Peanut Chicken)
Ayam Petis (Indonesia)
Ayam Tauco (Chicken Cooked with Salted Yellow Beans)
Baja California Chicken
Baja California Chicken V20
Bajan Baked Chicken
Bajan Chicken
Baked Beggar's Chicken in Salt Dough
Baked Cajun Chicken
Baked Chicken (Kotopoulo Psito)
Baked Chicken Breasts
Baked Chicken Breasts with Horseradish Cream Sauce
Baked Chicken Cacciatore From Lhj
Baked Chicken Cheese Enchiladas
Baked Chicken Chimichangas
Baked Chicken Drummettes
Baked Chicken Enchiladas
Baked Chicken German Style
Baked Chicken Kiev
Baked Chicken Marsala
Baked Chicken Salad #2
Baked Chicken Salad #3
Baked Chicken Waldine
Baked Chicken with Biscuits and Gravy
Baked Chicken with Cider and Apples
Baked Chicken with Provencal Couscous
Baked Chicken with Yogurt Crust and Peaches
Baked Crusty Chicken
Baked Lemon Chicken #3
Baked Lemon Chicken with Peppers
Baked Mushroom Chicken
Baked Parmesan Chicken
Baked Tarragon Chicken <r T>
Balsamic Chicken and Pears
Balsamic Glazed Chicken #2
Balsamic Peppered Chicken
Balsamic Peppered Chicken #2
Barbecue Chicken #2
Barbecue Chicken and Andouille Pasta
Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Barbecue-Grilled Chicken
Barbecued Chicken #4
Barbecued Chicken Appetizers
Barbecued Chicken Pizza #2
Barbecued Chicken Wings #2
Barbecued Chicken Wings - Peak Gai Yang
Barbecued-Chicken Potpie (Corrected)
Barbequed Chicken Appetizers
Basic Crocked Chicken
Basic Stock for Soups
Basil-Garlic Chicken Breasts
Basil-Garlic Chicken Breasts with Peaches
Basque Chicken
Bbq Chicken with Lime Bbq Sauce
Bbq Whole Chicken
Bean Sauce Chicken (Sort Of)
Beef in Barbecue Sauce
Beer Can Chicken #2
Beer-Be-Cued Chicken-Perdue
Bengal Spiced Chicken
Benihana Hibachi Chicken and Hibachi Steak
Big Boy's Chicken Gravy
Big Bucket in the Sky Chicken #2
Biram Ruzz (Molded Baked Rice with Chicken)
Biryani Rice Recipe
Biscuit-Topped Spinach Chicken Pie
Bits O' Teriyaki Chicken
Black Beans and Chicken in Tortillas
Black or Pinto Beans and Chicken Southwestern Style
Blackened Chicken
Blackened Chicken Breast
Blt Chicken and Pasta Salad
Blue Cheese Salad with Chive Dressing
Blue Cornmeal Chicken Wings
Blue-Cheese Sauce
Bo Lo Shao Ji (Chicken with Pineapple)
Bob's New Orleans Green Gumbo Beaucoup
Bobbie's Chicken Vegetable Soup
Bohemian Chicken and Dumplings
Bombay Chicken and Rice
Bon Bon Chicken - Szechuan
Boneless Breast Parmesan
Boneless Chicken Strips (Chicken Fingers)
Boneless Chicken with Potato-Pepper Hash
Bonnie's Hawaiian Stuffing
Boston Chicken and Kfc Rotisserie Style Chicken
Boston Chicken and Kfc Rotisserie Whole Chicken
Bouchees Pauillacaise (Potato Balls with Meat Filling)
Bourbon Chicken
Bourbon Chicken W/gravy
Bourbon Mustard Chicken
Bow Luo Gai (Pineapple Chicken)
Brad Borel's Chicken W/white B-B-Q Sauce
Braised Chicken W/ Artichokes
Braised Chicken with Bacon (Clay Pot)
Braised Pheasant
Brazilian Chicken and Mushrooms
Breaded Chicken
Breast of Chicken with Bourbon
Brie-And-Caramelized Onion-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
British Whiskey Chicken
Broccoli and Chicken Casserole #2
Broiled Butterflied Chicken
Broiled Chicken Indienne
Broiled Chicken Oregano
Broiled Chicken Oregano #2
Broiled Gingered Chicken
Broiled or Grilled Marinated Chicken (Gai Yang)
Brunswick Stew #6
Brunswick Stew #8
Brunswick Stew #1
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Buffalo Chicken Strips
Buffalo Chicken Wings #2
Buffalo Chicken Wings #4
Buffalo Chicken Wings #5
Buffalo Chicken Wings #6
Buffalo Chicken Wings 3
Buffalo Chicken Wings W/ Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
Buffalo Wings #3
Buffalo Wings #4
Burmese Coconut Chicken with Thai and Opal Basils
Butter Chicken Murgh Makhani
Butterflied Chicken
Buttermilk Cider Chicken
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Buttermilk-Pecan Chicken
Cafe Chicken #2
Cajun Cahicken Salad
Cajun Chicken Morsels
Cajun Chicken Wings
Cajun Chicken Wings #2
California Bbq Sauce
California Chicken with Mushrooms
Calypso Chicken Breasts
Campbell's Easy Chicken and Pasta
Campbell's Herb Marinated Chicken
Campbell's No-Guilt Chicken Pot Pie
Campbells Sauteed Chicken Breasts
Candy's Chicken Italiano
Cannelloni #3
Capelli D'angelo with Thai Chicken
Caribbean Chicken
Caribbean Chicken and Rice (Asopao De Pollo)
Caribbean Chicken Salad #2
Caribbean Stew
Caribbean-Style Chicken with Black Beans
Caribbean-Style Chicken with Black Beans #2
Carl's Jr Santa Fe Chicken
Cashew Chicken
Cashew Chicken #3
Cashew Chicken #4
Cashew Chicken and Broccoli
Cashew Chicken Plus
Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry
Cashew Chicken with Oyster Sauce
Cashew Nut Chicken (Yiu Gwoh Gai)
Casserole Chicken and Dressing
Casserole Chicken Cordon Bleu
Cassoulet Provencale
Cathy's Baked Chicken #2
Charlie's Chicken Chili
Cheddary Chicken Potpie
Cheese and Chicken Pizza
Cheese Chicken Lasagne
Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Cheese-Crusted Chicken
Cheese-Stuffed Chicken
Cheese-Stuffed Chicken in Phyllo
Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Rolls
Cheesy Chicken
Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Mac
Cheesy Chicken Fajita
Cheesy Chicken Marinara
Cheesy Chicken Rolls #2
Cheezy Chicken Casserole
Chengdu Chicken (Cheng Du Gai Yuk)
Chengtu Chicken - Szechuan
Chi-Chi's Chicken Fajitas
Chick Fill a Chicken Sandwich
Chick-N-Broccoli Pot Pies
Chick-O-Tato Casserole-Perdue
Chickadillo (Chicken Picadillo)
Chicken 'n Cheese Fondue
Chicken 'n Hash Brown Bake
Chicken 'n' Peaches Piquante
Chicken 'n' Peppers
Chicken 'n' Pesto-Stuffed Shells
Chicken 'n' Veggie Bundles
Chicken a L'orange
Chicken a L'orange #3
Chicken a la Jerusalem
Chicken a la King #2
Chicken a la Maridionale Part 1/2
Chicken a la Meridionale Part 2/2
Chicken a la Nancy
Chicken a la Poitevine
Chicken Adobada
Chicken Adobo #6
Chicken Ala Grecque
Chicken Alejandro
Chicken Almond Casserole with Peaches
Chicken Almond Dainties
Chicken Almond Ding
Chicken Almond Guy Din
Chicken Almond Guy Din #2
Chicken Almond Rotini Bake
Chicken Almondine Casserole
Chicken Almondine Pilaf
Chicken and Andouille Smoked Sausage Gumbo
Chicken and Apricot Saute
Chicken and Artichoke Cacciatore
Chicken and Artichoke Fricassee (Kaboodle)
Chicken and Aspargus in Black Bean Sauce
Chicken and Banana Egg Roll Appetizer
Chicken and Barley Stew
Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas
Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas
Chicken and Broccoli Au Gratin
Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo
Chicken and Cashew Nuts Sichuan Style
Chicken and Cashews #2
Chicken and Cheddar Pasta Toss
Chicken and Cheese Crescent Chimachangas
Chicken and Cherries Jubliee
Chicken and Chestnuts
Chicken and Chilies Casserole
Chicken and Chinese Chive Shu-Mei
Chicken and Clam Spread
Chicken and Corn Chowder
Chicken and Cortland Apple Couscous
Chicken and Cortland Apple Couscous #2
Chicken and Couscous Salad with Orange-Balsamic Dressing
Chicken and Dill Fricassee with Sour Cream Shortcakes
Chicken and Dressing #3
Chicken and Dressing #4
Chicken and Dressing Casserole (Microwave)
Chicken and Dumpling Casserole
Chicken and Dumplings #15
Chicken and Dumplings #19
Chicken and Dumplings (Ee)
Chicken and Dumplings, Ala Joann
Chicken and Egg Domburi
Chicken and Fresh Tomatoes
Chicken and Green Chile Torta
Chicken and Green Onion Cobbler
Chicken and Guava-Filled Bundles
Chicken and Lentils in Clay
Chicken and Macroni Salad or Ham
Chicken and Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp Sauce
Chicken and Noodles #2
Chicken and Noodles #4
Chicken and Noodles Baked in Cream Sauce
Chicken and Okra Gumbo
Chicken and Onion Bake
Chicken and Pasta Bake #2
Chicken and Pasta Casserole
Chicken and Pasta in Ginger Sauce
Chicken and Pasta Primavera
Chicken and Pasta with Oraange-Basil Sauce
Chicken and Penne Pasta Toss
Chicken and Pineapple Soup Vietnamese Style
Chicken and Pineapples (Hl)
Chicken and Pork Adobo #2
Chicken and Red Bell Pepper Bolognese
Chicken and Rice Casserole #4
Chicken and Rice Delight
Chicken and Rice Dinner
Chicken and Rice Dinner in a Skillet
Chicken and Rice in a Sandy Clay Plot
Chicken and Rice with Creamy Herb Sauce
Chicken and Sausage Chili
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya #4
Chicken and Spinach in Coconut Milk--Mao Luau
Chicken and Stuffing Casserole
Chicken and Tomato Greek Salad
Chicken and Vegetable Casserole #2
Chicken and Vegetable Dijon
Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole
Chicken and Wine
Chicken and Wine/dumplings
Chicken Apple Saute
Chicken Applecream
Chicken Artichoke Mostaccioli in Bechamel Sauce
Chicken Artichoke Pizza
Chicken Au Poivre
Chicken Au Poivre #2
Chicken Baked in Sour Cream
Chicken Barley Soup #2
Chicken Basque Style
Chicken Black Bean Paella
Chicken Blackbean
Chicken Bog
Chicken Boursin
Chicken Braised in Cardamom Sauce
Chicken Breast Casserole #2
Chicken Breast Dijon
Chicken Breast with Cardamom
Chicken Breast with Rhubarb Sauce
Chicken Breast with Squash Dinner and Salsa Sauce (Mf)
Chicken Breast with Wine Vinegar Sauce
Chicken Breasts Delight
Chicken Breasts Florentine #3
Chicken Breasts in 5 Styles
Chicken Breasts in Chive Cream
Chicken Breasts in Orange Sauce
Chicken Breasts Masked W/gruyere Sauce
Chicken Breasts Neptune
Chicken Breasts Savoyarde
Chicken Breasts Stuffed W Mozzarella and Ham Wt Tomato Sauce
Chicken Breasts W/ Tomato and Garlic
Chicken Breasts W/zucchini in Romaine
Chicken Breasts with Apples and Cider
Chicken Breasts with Blue Cheese Stuffing
Chicken Breasts with Curried Stuffing
Chicken Breasts with Easy Peanut Sauce
Chicken Breasts with Lemon and Capers
Chicken Breasts with Lime and Cilantro
Chicken Breasts with Maple Mustard Sauce
Chicken Breasts with Mustard-Chile Sauce
Chicken Breasts with Sour Cream and Jalapenos
Chicken Breasts with Zucchini in Romaine
Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Bacon
Chicken Broccoli
Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Chicken Broccoli Dijon
Chicken Broccoli Divan
Chicken Broccoli Orientale
Chicken Broccoli Pastries
Chicken Broccoli Twist
Chicken Broccoli Vegetable Saute
Chicken Cacciatora #1
Chicken Cacciatora #2 #2
Chicken Cacciatore #2
Chicken Cacciatore #6
Chicken Cacciatore #8
Chicken Cacciatore #9
Chicken Cacciatore #11
Chicken Cacciatore #12
Chicken Cacciatore Boboli
Chicken Cacciatore Capellini
Chicken Cacciatoria
Chicken Casserole for a Crowd
Chicken Chaat
Chicken Chalupas (Enchiladus)
Chicken Cheese Lasagna
Chicken Cheese Rolls
Chicken Chili Bean Salad
Chicken Chilies Rellenos
Chicken Chop Suey #2
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein #2
Chicken Chow Mein #7
Chicken Chowed with Black Beans
Chicken Chunks with Peanuts in Spicy Sauce (Kung Pao)
Chicken Cilantro
Chicken Con Queso
Chicken Confetti
Chicken Cooked with Rice
Chicken Cordon Bleu #4
Chicken Cordon Bleu #7
Chicken Cordon Blue
Chicken Crepes
Chicken Croquettes #2
Chicken Cubes with Cherry and Pineapple
Chicken Curry #4
Chicken Curry #6
Chicken Curry #7
Chicken Curry #8
Chicken Curry Crepes Circa 1983
Chicken Curry-Bc
Chicken Cutlets with Artichoke Hearts
Chicken Deli Casserole
Chicken Delight
Chicken Delmonico
Chicken Deluxe Casserole
Chicken Diable
Chicken Diablo (Healthy Choices)
Chicken Dijon Tidbits
Chicken Dip
Chicken Dopiazza (Indian Chicken Curry)
Chicken Egg Rolls
Chicken Enchilada Casserole #2
Chicken Enchiladas #9
Chicken Enchiladas #10
Chicken Enchiladas - Clinton
Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
Chicken Enchiladas W/ Salsa Verde
Chicken Enchiladas with Cheese
Chicken Enchiladas with Sour Cream
Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce
Chicken Etoufee
Chicken Etouffee
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas From Lhj
Chicken Fajitas with Green Olive Cilantro Salsa
Chicken Fennel Salad Sandwiches
Chicken Fiesta #2
Chicken Florentine
Chicken Florentine2
Chicken Florentine3
Chicken Francaise
Chicken Francaise #2
Chicken Francesa
Chicken Fricassee - Low Fat
Chicken Fried Rice #2
Chicken Fried Steak and Cream Gravy
Chicken Garden Saute
Chicken Glace #2
Chicken Granville
Chicken Green Bean and Dill Salad
Chicken Gui with Stir-Fried Vegetables Ala Garlic Tree
Chicken Gumbo
Chicken in a Clay Pot
Chicken in a Hurry
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
Chicken in Bourbon Sauce
Chicken in Broth with Sour Vegetable
Chicken in Coriander Sauce
Chicken in Cream of Mushroom Soup
Chicken in Crescent Rolls
Chicken in Every Pot Pie
Chicken in Green Almond Sauce
Chicken in Green Curry (Gang Keao Wan Gai)
Chicken in Honeyed Tomatoes
Chicken in Lemon Sauce
Chicken in Lemon-Plum Sauce
Chicken in Pastry
Chicken in Pastry #2
Chicken in Phyllo
Chicken in Plum Sauce - Mwei Jiong Gai - Canton
Chicken in Red Curry and Coconut
Chicken in Roasted Garlic Pepper Sauce over Steamed Spinach
Chicken in Salsa Verde
Chicken in Shrimp and Almond Sauce
Chicken in Silky Almond Sauce
Chicken in Spicy Orange Sauce #2
Chicken in Spicy Sauce
Chicken in Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce
Chicken in the Basket
Chicken in Wine #3
Chicken Indian Style
Chicken Italienne
Chicken Jakarta
Chicken Jambalaya #3
Chicken Julie
Chicken Kapama Style
Chicken Karahi
Chicken Katsu
Chicken Kebabs Yum Yum #2
Chicken Kiev #2
Chicken Kiev #3
Chicken Kiev - Main Line Classics
Chicken Kiev 2
Chicken Korma #2
Chicken Kurma
Chicken Lemon Stew
Chicken Lickin Good Pork Chops #2
Chicken Lickin'
Chicken Like the Colonel's
Chicken Liver and Onion Dip (3 1/2)
Chicken Liver Marsala (Ny Times Cook Book)
Chicken Livers and Apple Slices
Chicken Livers and Mushroom Rolls
Chicken Livers and Wine Sauce
Chicken Livers, Skeptical
Chicken Lo Mein Loo
Chicken Loaf
Chicken Loaves with Marsala Mushroom Sauce
Chicken Luau #2
Chicken Lucia
Chicken Luncheon Sandwich
Chicken Macadamia
Chicken Macaroni Casserole #2
Chicken Madiera
Chicken Marengo #5
Chicken Marengo #7
Chicken Marengo #8
Chicken Marinated in Sweet Curry Paste
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Marsala #3
Chicken Marsala #6
Chicken Marsala #1 (Bgmb90b)
Chicken Marsala with Peppers
Chicken Maryland
Chicken Medaillons
Chicken Milanese
Chicken Mole, Lhj
Chicken Montmoracy
Chicken Murphy #2
Chicken Mushroom Pie with Dill Crust
Chicken Nicoise
Chicken Noodle Bake
Chicken Noodle Casserole with Cheese and Dill
Chicken Noodle Soup (Slow Cooker)
Chicken Normande with Apples and Cream
Chicken Normandy
Chicken Nuggets #2
Chicken Nuggets (Mf)
Chicken or Shrimp and Artichoke Hearts
Chicken or Veal Marsala
Chicken Oregano #2
Chicken Oriental
Chicken Pakora
Chicken Palaw - Country Living
Chicken Paprika #4
Chicken Paprika #5
Chicken Paprika #6
Chicken Paprikas #2
Chicken Paprikash
Chicken Paprikash #2
Chicken Paprikash #3
Chicken Paprikash #4
Chicken Paprikash with Potato Dumplings
Chicken Papriksha
Chicken Parisienne #2
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Parmesan #2
Chicken Parmesan #7
Chicken Parmesan #8
Chicken Parmesan Express
Chicken Parmesan From Lhj
Chicken Pasta Salad
Chicken Pasta Salad #2
Chicken Pate
Chicken Patties (Low-Calorie)
Chicken Peach Casserole
Chicken Pecan Chicken
Chicken Pepperoni
Chicken Phyllo Wraps
Chicken Picante
Chicken Picatta
Chicken Piccata #4
Chicken Piccata #5
Chicken Piccata Sandy Herzog
Chicken Pie #2
Chicken Pieces with Lime
Chicken Piquant
Chicken Pita, Cucumber Salad, Ice Tea,
Chicken Pizzaiola
Chicken Poached with Star Anise
Chicken Pontalba From Brennan's Restaurant
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie #3
Chicken Pot Pie #5
Chicken Pot Pie #7
Chicken Pot Pie #4 #2
Chicken Pot Pie (17th Century)
Chicken Pot Pie - Yet Another
Chicken Pot Pie Nouveau
Chicken Pot Pie with Herbs
Chicken Pot Pie with Vegetables
Chicken Pot Pye - Cock N' Bull Part 1 of 3
Chicken Potpie with Biscuits
Chicken Potpies
Chicken Potpourri Pie
Chicken Primavera
Chicken Provencal
Chicken Pumpkin Chili
Chicken Ratatouille
Chicken Ratatouille Pasta
Chicken Ravioli #2
Chicken Riganato
Chicken Roast
Chicken Rockefeller
Chicken Rolls Amandine - Microwave
Chicken Rolls W/cranberry Filling
Chicken Rosemary with Potatoes
Chicken Roti
Chicken Salad #5
Chicken Salad #9
Chicken Salad Baked in Nests
Chicken Salad Balls
Chicken Salad Puffs
Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches with Smoked Almonds
Chicken Salad W/grapefruit, Mint, and Lemon Grass - Pt 1
Chicken Salad W/grapefruit, Mint, and Lemon Grass - Pt 2
Chicken Salad W/tangerines and Red Onions
Chicken Salad with Lemon, Raisins and Croutons
Chicken Salad Wraps
Chicken Saronno
Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay - W/s
Chicken Sate
Chicken Saute with Apples
Chicken Saute with Oranges and Avocados
Chicken Scallopine W/mushroom Sauce
Chicken Scaloppine Marsala
Chicken Scampi and Linguini
Chicken Scarpariella
Chicken Seguesa
Chicken Soup From Lou
Chicken Soup with Dumplings
Chicken Spaghetti #2
Chicken Spaghetti #3
Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
Chicken Stew
Chicken Stew with Fennel and Saffron
Chicken Stew with Rosemary-Garlic Dumplings
Chicken Stir-Fry (Hl)
Chicken Stir-Fry (Hl) #2
Chicken Stir-Fry with Spaghetti
Chicken Stock - Chinese
Chicken Stock, Home Made
Chicken Stuffed Chile Peppers with Tomato-Cheese Sauce
Chicken Stuffed with Cinnamon Bread
Chicken Stuffed with Mushrooms and Spinach (Wash)
Chicken Suiza Corn Bread Bake
Chicken Supreme #2
Chicken Szechwan-Style with Sesame Paste
Chicken Tagine with Lemons
Chicken Tagine with Olives and Preserved Lemons
Chicken Tamale Pie
Chicken Tandoori #2
Chicken Tandoori #3
Chicken Tandoori #1 of 2
Chicken Tandoori (Indian Grilled Chicken)
Chicken Tarragon #2
Chicken Tequila
Chicken Teriyaki and Potatoes
Chicken Teriyaki Dinner
Chicken Tetrazzini, Lhj
Chicken Thighs Marengo
Chicken Thighs with Leeks and Garlic
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka #2
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Toasts
Chicken Tortilla Casserole
Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups
Chicken Tortilla Soup #4
Chicken Tortillas
Chicken Tropicana
Chicken Turnovers
Chicken Tuscany
Chicken Vegetable Casserole
Chicken Vegetable Soup with Noodles <r T>
Chicken Venetian <r T>
Chicken Veronique
Chicken Vindaloo #3
Chicken W/ Garlic and Parsley
Chicken W/ Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
Chicken W/mild Red Chili Sauce
Chicken W/wild Rice
Chicken Wild Rice Amandine
Chicken Wing Drumsticks
Chicken Wings Gumbo Style #2
Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic #3
Chicken with Anchovy Olive Sauce
Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta
Chicken with Apples
Chicken with Apples #2
Chicken with Asparagus (Lee Sun Gai Kau)
Chicken with Basil Tomatoes
Chicken with Broccoli and Cashews
Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Brown Sauce
Chicken with Chocolate Sauce
Chicken with Coconut, Curry and Cinnamon Sauc
Chicken with Curried Peaches
Chicken with Dijon and Apricot Sauce
Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic
Chicken with Fruit Sauce
Chicken with Garlic and Oil
Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce
Chicken with Ginger
Chicken with Ginger Sauce
Chicken with Goat Cheese
Chicken with Leeks
Chicken with Leeks and Apples
Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Chicken with Lentils and Spinach
Chicken with Mexican Flair
Chicken with Olives and Lemon Tajine
Chicken with Oranges
Chicken with Paprika
Chicken with Peaches
Chicken with Peri-Peri Sauce
Chicken with Pineapple (Bo-Lo-Shao-Ji)
Chicken with Plum Sauce
Chicken with Pomegranate Juice
Chicken with Pomegranate Sauce
Chicken with Portobello Mushroom Sauce
Chicken with Pumpkin Seed Sauce
Chicken with Raspberry Vinegar #2
Chicken with Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
Chicken with Red Peppers and Ginger
Chicken with Shallots and Sundried Tomatoes
Chicken with White Beans
Chicken with Wild Rice
Chicken with Wine - {coq Au Vin}
Chicken with Zucchini
Chicken, Artichoke and Mushroom Casserole
Chicken, Avocado and Bacon Salad with Bl
Chicken, Beans and Greens Soup <r T>
Chicken, Chili and Cheese Enchiladas
Chicken, Corn and Tomato Chowder
Chicken, Corn, and Zucchini Saute
Chicken, Ham and Fennel Pot Pies
Chicken, Mushroom, Stove Top Stuffing Casserole
Chicken, Pepper and Tomatoes (Mf)
Chicken, Quinoa and Corn Stew <r T>
Chicken, Sweet and Sour /crockpot
Chicken, Tofu, and Vegetable Stir-Fry
Chicken-And-Herb Loaf - Country Living
Chicken-Bok Choy Stir-Fry
Chicken-Broccoli Pie
Chicken-Cheese Crepes
Chicken-Chili Enchilada Casserole
Chicken-Chili Topping
Chicken-Mushroom Risotto
Chicken-Pasta Salad with Roasted Red Pepper D
Chicken-Rice Casserole #2
Chicken-Rice Pie
Chicken-Rice Salad with Tomato and Basil
Chicken-Sausage Jambalaya
Chicken-Spaghetti Bake
Chicken-Stuffed Rolls
Chicken-Vegetable Pot Pies
Chicken-Wild Rice Casserole #2
Chicken-Yogurt Enchilada Casserole
Chicken/avacado Rice Salad
Chicken: Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Chickken a la Myrna
Chile Pablano with Verde Sauce
Chile Poblano with Verde Sauce
Chili "Con-Caucasian" (White Chili)
Chili Chicken Success
Chili Spiced Chicken Drumsticks
Chili-Rubbed Chicken with Barbecue
Chili-Spiced Chicken Drumsticks (Low Fat)
Chilled Chicken with Dill Sauce
Chilli Chicken
Chinatown Chicken Wings
Chinese Almond Chicken
Chinese Butterfly
Chinese Cashew Chicken
Chinese Chicken Casserole
Chinese Chicken Fournier
Chinese Chicken Livers #2
Chinese Chicken Nuggets
Chinese Chicken Salad
Chinese Chicken Salad #3
Chinese Chicken Salad #4
Chinese Chicken Salad #7
Chinese Chicken Salad (Weight Watchers)
Chinese Chicken Salad B1
Chinese Chicken Stir Fry
Chinese Chicken Stock
Chinese Chicken Toasts
Chinese Chicken Wings
Chinese Chicken with Rice
Chinese Hot and Spicy Chicken
Chinese Lemon Chicken
Chinese Noodles with Peanut Sauce
Chinese Pineapple Chicken (Bow Luo Gai)
Chinese Spicy Chicken (Le Tze Gee)
Chinese Style Chicken (Dupree)
Chinese Szechwan Chicken and Cashews
Chinese Walnut Chicken
Chinese: Chicken Chunks with Peanuts in Spicy Sauce
Chinese: Chicken in Plum Sauce: Mwei Jiong Gai - Canton
Chinese: Cold Shredded Vegetables with Chicken
Chinese: Orange Chicken
Chinese: Spicy Chicken (Le Tze Gee) - Shangtung
Chip Chicken Casserole
Chipper Chicken
Chiu Chow Lemon Chicken
Chorizo Stuffed Chicken, Caribbean ( Homemade Chorizo)
Chorizo Stuffed Roasted Chicken
Chow Mein (Chicken)
Chuck Woolery's Healthy Chicken Burgers
Chunky Chicken Bake
Chunky Chicken Chili
Chunky Chicken Soup, Mediterranean Style
Church's Fried Chicken
Chutney Chicken
Cinnamon Chicken #3
Citrus Garlic Turkey Breast <r T>
Citrus Marinade and Salsa (For Chicken or Fish)
Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Citrus-Curry Chicken Breasts
Clay Pot Chicken and Vegetables in Herbs And Wine
Clay Pot Chicken Oregano
Coating for Your Thanksgiving Turkey
Cobalt Cafe - Warm Up Salad
Cock-A-Leekie Soup
Cockentrice (A Marvelous Beast)
Cococola Barbequed Chicken
Coconut Chicken
Coconut Lime Marinated Chicken Wings - House
Coffee Liquor Dipper Wings
Cola Oven Barbecue
Cold and Creamy Chicken And Pasta
Cold Broiled Chicken
Cold Chicken with Lime Dressing
Cold Fruited Chicken
Combo Gumbo
Comino Chicken
Company Casserole
Company Chicken
Company Chicken Casserole
Complete Chicken Dinner in a Pot
Continental Chicken
Cook's Treat Chicken
Cooking Bag Chicken
Copper Chicken
Coq Au Vin (Burgundy Chicken)
Coq Au Vin Blanc
Cordon Bleu Chicken #2
Coriander Chicken
Cornish Game Hens with Peach Glaze
Cornish Hens Glazed with Crystallized Ginger
Cornish Hens Proven#al Style
Cornish Hens W/rum
Cornish Hens with Apricots, Tomatoes and Spices
Cornish Hens with Creamy Chipotle Sauce
Cornish Hens with Lemon Tarragon Sauce
Cornish Hens with Rum
Cornish Hens with Wild Rice for Smoker
Coucous with Chicken and Roasted Peppers
Country Captain Chicken Breasts
Country Captain Soup
Country Chicken Pie
Country Herb Roasted Chicken
Country Oven-Fried Chicken
Country Peach Passion Chicken
Crab-Stuffed Chicken
Cranberry-Barbecued Chicken Wings
Crazy Chicken
Creamed Chicken #2
Creamed Chicken and Potato
Creamed Chicken over Beans
Creamed Chicken over Noodles
Creamy Chicken and Dumplings
Creamy Chicken and Dumplings, Lhj
Creamy Chicken and Rice
Creamy Chicken and Vegetables
Creamy Chicken Angelo and Pasta
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Creamy Chicken Popovers
Creamy Chicken Quiche
Creamy Chicken Salad with Mango Dressing
Creamy Chicken Stir Fry
Creamy Creole Chicken Spaghetti
Creamy Pimiento Chicken
Crepes Poulet Au Champignons-Inaugural Ball Supper Oct 1981
Crillo De Pollo
Crisco's Super-Crisp Country Fried Chicken
Crisp Chicken Szechuan
Crisp Coating Mix
Crisp Rosemary Roast Chicken
Crispy Baked Chicken (Hl)
Crispy Broiled Chicken
Crispy Cajun Chicken
Crispy Chicken (Weight Watchers Magazine)
Crispy Chicken Drumsticks
Crispy Chicken Tenders
Crispy Chicken with Parmesan Tomatoes
Crispy Fried Chicken #2
Crispy Fried Chicken #3
Crispy Fried Chicken, Lhj
Crispy Honey Wings
Crispy Mandarin Chicken
Crispy Mustard Chicken
Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken
Crispy Parmesan Chicken
Crispy Sesame Chicken
Crock Pot Cornish Hens
Crock Pot Lemon Chicken
Crocked Orange Chicken
Crockpot Chicken and Mushrooms
Crockpot Chicken and Noodles
Crockpot Chicken and Sausage
Crockpot Chicken Fajitas
Crockpot Chicken Stew
Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff
Crockpot Chile Stew
Crockpot Italian Chicken
Crockpot Kowloon Chicken
Crowd Chicken Casserole
Crunchy Caesar Chicken
Csirke Paprikas
Csirke Paprikas (Chicken in Paprika Sauce)
Cumberland Chicken with Pork, Herb and Ham Stuffing
Cumin Baked Chicken
Cumin-Crusted Chicken
Curried Chicken (Clay Pot)
Curried Chicken Platter
Curried Chicken Rolls
Curried Chicken Spring Rolls
Curried Chicken with Apples
Curried Chicken/turkey with Water Chestnuts
Curried Cranberry Chicken Salad
Curried Lentil Salad with Chicken From Lhj
Curried Spinach-Filled Chicken Breasts
Curried-Yogurt Chicken - Country Living
Curry Chicken Pitas
Curry Kapitan
Custardy Chicken Bake
Creamy Chicken Breasts
Dad's Chicken Adobo
Dak Cochu Jang Boekum (Chicken in a Hot Chili Sauce)
Dan's Creamy Chicken and Pasta
Dark Chicken Chili
David Rosengarten's Chicken Salad
Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Strudel
Dean Martins' Burgundy Chicken
Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie
Deep Fried Almond Chicken (Hang Yan Ja Gai Yuk)
Deli Roasted Chicken
Delmarva Barbecued Chicken
Delmonico's Deviled Chicken
Deluxe Fajita Nachos
Dennis Franz's American Buffalo'wings W/nypd Bleu Cheesedip
Desk Set Oven Fried Chicken Breasts
Deviled Bones - Chicken Wings
Deviled Chicken #2
Deviled Chicken Breasts
Deviled Chicken Halves
Deviled Chicken with Mustard Coating
Deviled Drumsticks
Diane's Chicken Salad
Dilled Chicken Fricassee
Dirty Rice #8
Dixie Chickagetti
Do Ahead Chicken Casserole
Do-Ahead Sesame Chicken Wings
Dole Lemon Chicken Wings
Doritos Chicken Casserole
Doro Wat
Doro Wat (Ethiopian Stew)
Dorothy's Chicken with Peaches
Double Mustard Chicken
Dried Fish Belly Soup - Kapaw Pla
Drunken Chicken
Durkee Red Hot Chicken Wings
East-West Broiled Cornish Hens
Easy Bake Chicken Casserole
Easy Chicken #2
Easy Chicken and Broccoli
Easy Chicken and Corn Chowder
Easy Chicken and Rice #2
Easy Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry
Easy Chicken Breast Ideas
Easy Chicken Breasts
Easy Chicken Divan
Easy Chicken Fried Rice
Easy Chicken Parmesan
Easy Chicken Pastry Bites
Easy Chicken Pot Pie #2 #2
Easy Does It
Easy Island Chicken
Easy Oyster Dressing
Eggplant with Chicken (Or Tofu)
Eight Jewel Chicken
Eileen's Garlic Roasted Chicken
El Paso Chicken
El Pollo Loco Chicken
El Pollo Loco Marinade
El Pollo Loco-Style
Ella's Brunswick Stew
Emilia's Poached Quail with Rose Petals
Emilie's Green Beans and Christening Carrots
Empress Chicken Wings
Emu Stir Fry
Enchiladas Sante Fe
Enchiladas Verdes (Green Chicken Enchiladas)
Eneiman's Texas White Chili
Energizing Linguine
Epona's Chicken Casserole
Epona's Chicken in Pastry
Escabeche of Chicken
Everyday Broccoli Cheese Chicken
Everyday Garlic Chicken
Exotic Chicken Salad
Fabulous Oven-Baked Wings
Fajita Chicken Wings
Fajitas (Beef or Chicken) a la Mayas Restaurant
Fake Chick-Fil-A-Chicken Sandwich
Family Dinner Chicken Soup
Family Favorite Chicken and Stuffing Bake
Fancy Fast Chicken
Fantastic Chicken
Feta-Stuffed Chicken
Fettuccine and Chicken
Fettuccine with Chicken-Pepper Sauce
Fettuccine with Shiitake Sauce and Chicken
Fiesta Chicken
Fiesta Chicken #2
Fiesta Chicken #3
Fiesta Chicken, Low Cal
Fiesta Rice Quesadillas
Filo Dough/with Chicken and Rice
Finger Lickin' Chicken or Chops
Finger Paint To Coat Your Poultry
Fired-Up Buffalo "Wings"
Firey Hot Chicken Wings
Five-Spice Baked Chicken
Five-Spice Chicken
Five-Spice Vietnamese Chicken
Flakey Chicken Pot Pie
Flautas De Pollo (Chicken Flautas)-Pt1
Flautas De Pollo (Chicken Flautas)-Pt2
Flordian Chicken Salad
Floridian Chicken Salad
Fool Proof Chicken Soup
Frances Chicken Casserole
French Twist New England Boiled Dinner
Fricassee De Poulet a la Poitevine (Chicken in Onion Sauce)
Fricassee De Poulet Au Chablis
Fried Chicken a L'italienne
Fried Chicken and Pan Gravy
Fried Chicken Roman Style (From England)
Fried Chicken Slices with Lemon Sauce
Fried Chicken with Ginger Dressing
Fried Chicken Worcestershire
Fried Garlic Chicken Balls
Frontier Chicken
Fruited Chicken Salad on Rolls
Ga Xao Xa Ot
Gaeng Gai (Thai Chicken Curry)
Gaeng Kiow Wahn Gai (Green Chicken Curry)
Gai Paht Meht Mamuang Himapahn (Chicken Stir Fried W/cashews
Gai Thom Kha
Gai Tom Kha (Thai Chicken in Coconut Milk Sou
Gai Tord (Siamese Fried Chicken)
Galt Inc
Garlic and Ginger Chicken Baked in a Clay Pot
Garlic and Mint Yogurt Marinade (Lf)
Garlic Broiled Chicken
Garlic Chicken Bites
Garlic Chicken Breast in Balsamic Vinegar
Garlic Chicken W/pasta
Garlic Chicken with Green Noodles
Garlic Flavored Chicken
Garlic Lime Chicken
Garlic Pasta Chicken Salad
Gee's Mexican Quick Chick (Pressure Cooker)
General Chua's Spicy Hot Chicken
General Cluck's "Fried" Chicken
General Tao's Chicken
General Tsao's Chicken
General Tso Chicken
General Tso's Chicken
General Tso's Chicken #3
General Tso's Chicken #02
General Tso's Chicken (Not Fried)
General Tso's Chicken - Hom
General Tso's Chicken From Siam Restaurant
Georgia Brunswick Stew
Georgian Spitted Chicken with Plum Sauce
Ghana Jollof Rice
Ginger and Peach Chicken
Ginger Chicken #2
Ginger Chicken #3
Ginger Chicken with Peaches
Ginger Dressing #2
Ginger Marinade
Ginger Mustard Chicken Saute
Ginger-Yogurt Marinade for Chicken
Glazed Chicken and Grapes
Glazed Chicken and Oriental Vegetables
Glazed Chicken Wings
Glazed Chicken with Julienne Vegetables
Glazed Cornish Hen
Glorified Chicken
Gold Coast Stew
Golden Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
Golden Corn Stuffing Bake
Golden Crown Restaurant House Special Chow Mein
Golden Fried Chicken
Good Housekeeping Chicken Winner
Gordon's Succulent Soy Sauce Chicken
Gorgonzola-Chicken Pizza
Governor Merrill's Chicken Enchilada
Governor Taos Chicken
Grandma's Oriental Chicken
Great Chili Chicken
Great Wall of China Chicken
Greek Chicken in Phyllo
Greek Chicken Pitas with Garlic Cucumber Sauce
Greek Chicken Salad #2
Greek Chicken with Feta and Dill
Greek Egg-Lemon Chicken (Agrastada)
Greek Feta Chicken
Greek Island Chicken
Greek-Flavoured Chinese Style Chicken
Greek-Style Chicken
Green Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk
Green Chile and Cheese Rice
Green Chili Chicken W/brussels Sprouts
Green Olive-Cilantro Salsa
Grey Poupon Crispy Chicken
Griddled Quesadillas with Caramelized Onions and Chicken
Grill Chicken with Havana Sauce
Grilled Asian Chicken Salad
Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Chicken and Green Bean Salad
Grilled Chicken and Vegetables with Wild Rice
Grilled Chicken Breast
Grilled Chicken Breast (For One)
Grilled Chicken Breast Pieces in Spicy Anise Sauce
Grilled Chicken Breast with Corn and Tomato Salsa
Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad
Grilled Chicken Dijonnais
Grilled Chicken Fingers with Double Mustard Sauce
Grilled Chicken Marinated in Garlic (Gc)
Grilled Chicken on Sourdough
Grilled Chicken or Fish with Calamata-Caper Salsa
Grilled Chicken Roll-Ups
Grilled Chicken Salad and 2 Salad Dressing Recipes
Grilled Chicken Sandwich W/tarragon Mayo
Grilled Chicken Sate
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
Grilled Chicken Thighs with Curry Butter
Grilled Chicken Thighs with Curry Butter (Gc)
Grilled Chicken with Creamy Herb Sauce
Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary Marinade
Grilled Chicken with Peach and Onion Relish
Grilled Chicken with Peach-Ginger Relish
Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Grilled Chicken with Rosemary
Grilled Chicken with Summer Fruit Chutney
Grilled Chicken-Potato Salad
Grilled Chile Chicken
Grilled Garlic Chicked
Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken - an Adaptation
Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad
Grilled Lime Chicken
Grilled Margarita Chicken
Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts W/ Orange Chipotle Sauce
Grilled Orange Chicken
Grilled Polynesian Chicken
Grilled Sesame Chicken Breasts
Grilled Thai Chicken Salad
Grocery Cart Chicken Chili
Ground Meat in a Skillet
Ground Meat Mix
Guerrini Chicken Wings
Gwrra Chili Entry (Winner)
Hallmark Inn's Chicken Yakisoba
Harry Young's Burgoo
Harvest Chicken Soup
Hawaian Glazed Chicken
Hawaiian Baked Chicken 57
Hawaiian Chicken
Hawaiian Grilled Chicken
Healthy Chicken Chowder
Hearty Chicken Pot Pie
Hearty Chicken Soup
Hearty Hungarian Peasant Soup
Herb and Apple-Filled Chicken Breast Rolls <r T>
Herb Roasted Chicken and Potatoes
Herb-Roasted Chicken #2
Herbed Brown Rice and Chicken #2
Herbed Chicken Breast (Geo Foreman Grill)
Herbed Roast Chicken
Hidden Valley Ranch Baked Chicken
Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Stir-Fry
Hoisin Sauce Chicken
Home Style Chicken and Biscuits
Home-Style Chicken-Noodle Soup #2
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Homemade Take-Out Chicken Fingers
Homestead Chicken Pie
Honey Almond Grilling Glaze
Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken
Honey and Spice Barbecued Chicken
Honey Basil Chicken
Honey Curried Chicken #2
Honey Fried Chicken #2
Honey Mustard Chicken Bites
Honey Mustard Chicken Wings
Honey Pecan Chicken
Honey Sesame Chicken
Honey-Baked Chicken
Honey-Curried Chicken
Honey-Glazed Turkey Breast
Honey-Lime Wings
Honey-Mustard Chicken
Honey-Mustard Chicken #2
Honey-Mustard Chicken Sandwiches
Honey-Mustard Sauce
Honey-Rosemary Chicken
Honey-Soy Chicken
Honeyed Chicken with Bulgur
Hopkins Country Stew
Hot 'n' Spicy Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese
Hot and Sour Chicken
Hot and Spicy Chicken ( Ma la Tze Gee)
Hot Cashew Chicken Salad
Hot Cashew Chicken Salad #2
Hot Chicken Salad #5
Hot Chicken Salad #2 #2
Hot Chicken Salad Casserole
Hot Crunchy Chicken
Hot Pepper Chicken
Hot Pot Lemon Chicken
Hot Stuffed Florida Avocados
Huli Huli Chicken with Honey Lime Glaze
Hunan Bland Plum Delicious Chinese Chicken
Hunan Blend
Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles
Hungarian Chicken Soup (Csirkeleves) or (Tyukleves)
Indian Chicken Curry - with Coke
Indian Chicken Pies
Indo- Carib Grilled Chicken
Indonesian Chicken
Indonesian Peanut Chicken
Indonesian Spiced Coconut Chicken
Inland Paella
Inn Chicken
Island Chicken Breast
Island Chicken Salad with Citrus Rum Dressing
Island Chicken Scampi
Israeli Sweet and Spiced Chicken
Italian Chicken and Potato Packets
Italian Chicken Cutlets
Italian Chicken Pasta
Italian Chicken Pastry Bites
Italian Chicken Sticks
Italian New Year's - Bacon-Rosemary Roasted Capon
Italian Oven-Fried Chicken
Italian Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Italian Turkey Soup <r T>
Italian-Style Chicken
Italian: Chicken Cacciatore (Contadina)
Jade and Ruby Stir-Fry
Jalapeno Pepper Jam Spicy Sauteed Chicken Breast
Jamaican Chicken Wings
Jamaican Jerk Sauce
James Earl Jones' Glazed Ostrich Tenderloin
Jane's White Chili
Japanese Chicken Wings
Jason's Chicken Parmesan
Jerk Chicken Fajitas with Papaya-Pineapple Salsa
Jerk Chicken Salad
Jerked Chicken Quesadillas W/fresh Mango Chutney
Jesse's Cajun Chicken Fettuccine
Jessica's Apricot Chicken
Jim's Classy Chicken and Rice Casserole
Jim's Cream of Garlic Soup
Joe's Lemon Chicken
Joetb's Cajun Chicken
Jollof Rice
June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikas (Csirkepap
June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Liver Dumplings
Kaeng Ped Cai
Kai Sai Takrai (Chicken and Lemon Grass)
Kai Yang (Garlic Chicken)
Kapaw Pla (Dried Fish Belly Soup)
Kay Patkhin (Chicken with Ginger)
Kay Phaneng (Chicken with Coconut Milk)
Kazakh Lemon Chicken
Kelia Ayam - Chicken Curry
Kernel Censor's Fried Chix
Key West Grilled Chicken
Kfc Amost Fried Chicken
Kfc Big Bucket in the Sky Chicken
Kfc Fried Chicken
Khoresh Fessenjan(Walnut Stew)
Khoreshe Fesenjan
King Ranch Casserole
King Ranch Chicken Lite
Kohnen's Biryani Supremo
Kosher Sweet and Sour Chicken
Kraft Mexican Chicken Pizza
Kung Pao (Chicken Chunks with Peanuts in Spicy Sauce)
Kung Pao Chi (Chicken with Chiles and Nuts)
Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken #2
Kung Pao Chicken #3
Kung Pao Chicken (Gung Bo Gai Ding)
Kung Pao Chicken - Gungbao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken 2
Kung Pao Chicken From "Chinese Cooking" (Very Good)
Kung Pao Stir-Fry
Kuritsa S Paprikoy (Chicken Paprikash)
Kurt's Pollo Achiote
La Mansion's Chicken Fajitas
Lanai Baked Chicken and Stuffing
Layered Mexicana Casserole
Lbi Chicken
Lebanese Chicken (Frarej)
Lee Sun Gai Kau (Chicken with Asparagus)
Lemon and Black Pepper Marinated Grilled Chicken Legs
Lemon Basil Skillet Chicken with Rice
Lemon Chicken #2
Lemon Chicken #3
Lemon Chicken #4
Lemon Chicken (Mon-Fri)
Lemon Chicken (Ning Mung Ja Gai Yuk)
Lemon Chicken Ala Betty
Lemon Chicken Breasts #2
Lemon Chicken Paillards
Lemon Chicken Soup with Spinach and Pasta
Lemon Chicken with Basil
Lemon Chicken with Bitters
Lemon Chicken with Noodles
Lemon Cream Chicken (Or Salmon) Linguini
Lemon Cream Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus
Lemon Dill Chicken #2
Lemon Dill Chicken Loaves
Lemon Garlic Chicken
Lemon Pineapple Chicken, Peking Style
Lemon Roast Chicken
Lemon-Garlic Roast Chicken (Kotopoulo Lemonato)
Lemon-Herb Roast Chicken
Lemon-Rosemary Roasted Chicken
Lemon-Sage Tortellini W/ Chicken and Peppers
Lemon-Sweet Chicken
Lemon-Tarragon Chicken
Lemony Baked Chicken
Lemony Chicken
Lemony Chicken Pasta Toss
Lemony Mushroom Chicken Saute
Light Chicken Curry Divan
Lighter Chicken Waldorf Salad
Lime Broiled Chicken
Lime Chicken
Lime Ginger Chicken
Lime Soup
Lime-Peanut-Ginger Chicken
Lime-Sauced Chicken
Linda's Chicken Tortillas
Linguine Stir-Fry with Green Beans and Garlic
Lipton Recipe Secrets Golden Lemon Chicken
Lisa's Chicken Pie
Lisa's Spicy Asian Chicken
Liver, Black Beans, and Snow Pea Stir Fry
Lovers' Chicken
Low-Cal Chicken Curry
Low-Fat Spicy Szechwan Baked Chicken
Lowfat Chicken Stock
Lu's Turkey Pie
Luau Chicken
Luby's Italian Chicken Breast
Lucille Ball's Chicken Saute
Ludger's Roasted Chicken Breast Stuffed with Gorgonzola
Lynn's Chicken and Rice Mix Salad
Madame Wu's Chinese Chicken Salad
Madras Chicken Buns
Madras Chicken Curry
Mahogany Glazed Chicken
Malibu Chicken
Mama's Chicken with Mushrooms
Mama's Lemon Chicken (Dom Deluise Cookbook)
Mamma's Chicken Chicken
Mandarin Chicken
Mandarin Chicken #2
Mandarin Chicken and Broccoli
Mandarin Chicken Crepes
Mandarin Chicken From "Chinese Cooking"
Mandarin Chicken Wings
Mango Chutney Chicken Salad
Margaret's Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Mariachi Drumsticks
Marilyn's Chicken Casserole
Marinade for Bbq
Marinade for Meat, Chicken,or Fish
Marinated Chicken Kabobs
Marinated Chicken Kebobs (Kottopoulo Souvlakia)
Marinated Chicken Livers
Marinated Grilled Chicken (Mf)
Mary Clark's Perlow Rice
Mary's Barbequed Wings
Mary's Chicken Stock
Mary's Crispy Chicken
Mary's Hoisin Chicken
Maryland Chicken Cakes
Maui Chicken Sandwich
Meat Fish Rub
Meatloaf with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Mediterranean Chicken Sauce
Mediterranean Chicken-Pecan Salad
Mediterranean Chicken/grandpa's
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken and Vegetables
Mediterranean Pasta (Woman's Day Pasta Cookbo
Mediterranean-Style Stuffed Chicken (Wash)
Mee Krob (Crisp-Fried Noodles)
Mel's Paella
Melda Hallenbeck's Chicken Stew
Mendocino Salad
Mexicali Chicken
Mexicali Chicken and Rice Casserole
Mexican Chicken and Noodles Casserole
Mexican Chicken and Rice
Mexican Chicken Casserole
Mexican Chicken Mole (Moo-Lay)
Mexican Chicken Noodle Casserole
Mexican Chicken Pizza Ingredients
Mexican Chicken Salad From Lhj
Mexican Chicken Skillet
Mexican Chicken Vegetable Soup with Cocoa
Mexican Chicken-Lime Stew
Mexican Pepper Chicken
Mi Patrona (Washington)
Michael Loo's Chicken Kiev
Michigan Chicken
Microwave Casseroled Chicken
Microwave Chicken
Microwave Chicken Jambalaya
Microwave Roasted Chicken
Mideastern Arroz Con Pollo
Mila's Aroz Con Pollo
Mim's Angel Hair with Chicken
Minted Chicken Salad
Miss Hulling's Chicken Pot Pie
Mission Inn Tortilla Soup
Mock Fried Chicken
Mock Spit-Roasted Chicken - Martha Stewart Living
Modified General Tso's Chicken
Moist Barbecue Chicken
Mole Coloradito Oaxaqueno
Mole De Olla Estilo Atlixco (Pot Mole, Atlixc
Mole De Poblano (Chocolate Chicken W/chilli)
Molly's Pignole Chicken
Mom's Chicken Ala King
Mom's Southern Fried Chicken
Monterey Chicken Phyllo Appetizers
Moo Goo Gai Pan (Chinese Dish)
Moo Goo Gai Pan 2
Moo Goo Gai Pan 7
Moo Goo Gaipan
Moo Goo Gaipan #2
Moo Goo Gaipan #3
Moo Goo Gaipan 5
Morgans Ribs Sauce
Moroccan Barbecued Chicken
Moroccan Chicken and Prune Tagine
Moroccan Chicken Tagine (Hl)
Moroccan Chicken with Couscous
Moroccan Chicken with Fruited Couscous
Moroccan Chicken [With Pickled Lemons And
Moroccan Style Chicken
Moroccan Style Chicken Tagine
Mr Food's Asian Chicken Salad
Mr Food's Chicken and Vegetable Penne
Mr Food's Chicken Kebabs - 7/21/95
Mr Food's Chicken Orzo Skillet
Mr Food's Countryside Chicken- 10/2/95
Mr Food's Easy Chicken Bake
Mr Food's Raspberry Chicken 12/4/95
Mr Food's Summer Baked Chicken - 8/21/95
Mr Lee's Chicken Wings - Kepak Ayam Rekaan I
Mr Peanut Chicken on a Stick
Much Lighter Chicken Casserole
Munchy Sesame Wings
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)
Mushroom Foo Yung
Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Mustard Bbq Sauce
Mustard Chicken
Mustard Sweet Chicken Salad
Mustard-Garlic Chicken
Mustard-Pepper Chicken with Herb Sauce
Mwei Jiong Gai (Chicken in Plum Sauce)
My Brunswick Stew
My Buttermilk Pecan Chicken
Nacho Chicken Casserole
Nancy's Sesame Chicken
Nasi Goreng
Neil's Burn Lisa's Mouth Chicken Nuggets
Neil's Chicken Nugggets
Nelson's Breast of Chicken Port, Lemon, Rum and Raisin Sauce
New Yorker Pita Sandwich
No-Burn Bbq Chicken
No-Guilt Chicken Pot Pie
Non-Dessert Apple Ideas
Noodles and Cabbage with Onions
Nut Tree Almond Chicken
Nutty Chicken Breasts
Nutty Chicken Fingers
Old-Fashioned Chicken
Old-Fashioned Chicken Salad
Old-World Chicken
Olive Garden Chicken
Olive Garden Chicken Formaggio Pizza
Olive Garden Chicken Marsala
Olive Garden Chicken Spiedies
Olive Garden San Marco
One Dish Chicken and Rice Bake
One-Pan Chicken and Noodles
One-Pot Brunsick Stew
Onion Chicken Casserole
Oniony Chicken
Ono Chicken Wings
Oprah's Un-Fried Chicken
Opulent Chicken
Orange 'n Chicken Breasts
Orange 'n Lemon Chicken Breasts
Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken #3
Orange Chicken with Citrus Salsa
Orange Five-Spice Chicken
Orange Ginger Chicken
Orange Stir-Fried Chicken
Orange-Glazed Chicken
Orange-Sauce Chicken
Orange-Sesame Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry
Oregano Chicken Modified
Oregon Grown Sweet 'n Sour Sauced Chicken (Microwave)
Oriental Chicken #2
Oriental Chicken #3
Oriental Chicken Salad Tartlet Filling
Oriental Chicken Stir-Fry
Oriental Chicken Tenders
Oriental Chicken Topping
Oriental Chrysanthemum Bowl
Oriental Drumsticks
Oriental Honey-Glazed Chicken
Oriental Hot Wings
Oriental Mini Meat Loaves with Honey Garlic S
Oriental Pistachio Chicken
Oriental Spicy Wings
Oriental Stuffed Chicken Rolls with Sweet-Sour Apricot Sa
Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken
Our Best Blt Chicken and Pasta Salad
Oven Baked Sesame Chicken Wings
Oven Chicken with Matzo Dumplings Pt 1
Oven Chicken with Matzo Dumplings Pt 2
Oven Fried Chicken Tenders
Oven Fried Dijon Chicken
Oven Glazed Chicken
Oven Roaster W/fresh Herbs & Garlic & Roasted Potatoes (Mf)
Oven-Baked Chicken Supreme
Oven-Fried Chicken Dippers with Honey Mustard Sauce
Oven-Fried Sesame Chicken
Pacific Paella
Pacific Rim Risotto
Pad Puk Gai (Chicken W/ Bok Choy)
Paella (Spanish Chicken, Seafood Casserole)
Paella Catalana
Paella Panamanian Style
Pakistani Chicken
Panda Express Orange Chicken
Pansit Bihon
Paper Wrapped Chicken (Gee-Bow Gai)
Paprika Chicken
Paprika Chicken a la Chile Pepper Web Site
Paprika Sauce for Pojarski
Paprikas Csirke (Chicken Paprikas)
Paprikas Csirke Marie's (Budapest Chicken Paprika)
Paprkas Csirke (Paprika Chicken)
Parchment Wrapped Chicken
Parmesan Chicken Bake
Parmesan Chicken Wings
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breasts
Parmesan-Crusted Lemon Chicken
Parmesan-Walnut Turkey Tenderloins or Chicken Breasts
Pasta Marco Polo
Pasta W/ Bacon, Chicken, Peas and Mushrooms
Pasta W/chicken and Mushrooms
Pasta with Chicken and Grilled Veggies
Pasta with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Pastel De Choclo (Chilean Corn and Meat Pie)
Pate with Chicken Livers
Paul's Brunswick Stew
Peach Glazed Chicken Breasts
Peachtree Street Chicken Salad
Peanut Butter Chicken Skewers
Peanut Chicken on a Stick
Peanut-Crusted Chicken W/thai Hot/sweet Sauce
Peanutty Chicken Salad
Pecan Chicken Divan
Pecan Crusted Chicken
Peking Chicken
Pennsylvania Amish Chicken
Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie
Peppered Chicken
Perfect Fried Chicken
Persian Chicken Polo
Persian Chicken with Celery
Peruvian Chicken with Plums
Peruvian Grilled Chicken Thighs
Pesto Chicken and Pepper Wraps
Petti Di Pollo Ala Florentino (Chicken Florentine)
Philippine Lumpia
Philippine Vinegar Chicken
Phyllo Chicken Bites
Phyllo-Wrapped Chicken with Southwest Pesto and Garlic Sauce
Picante Chicken Chili
Pine Nut Chicken
Pineapple Chicken
Pineapple Chicken (Bow Luo Gai)
Pineapple Honey Mustard Chicken
Pineapple-Glazed Breasts of Chicken
Pineapple-Sauced Chicken (Microwave)
Piquant Chicken Served At Albertina's, Portland, Or
Piquant Chicken-Revised
Planet Hollywood's Chicken Crunch
Planet Hollywood's Crunch Chicken
Plum Chicken
Plum Delicious Chinese Chicken
Plum-Orange Glazed Chicken
Poached Chicken Breasts #2
Poached Chicken Plus Stock
Poached Chicken Portuguese
Poached Fowl and Bacon with 'pudding'
Poblano Sauce for Chicken or Spaghetti
Pollo a la Chilindron
Pollo a la Creme
Pollo a la Nogal Estilo Peruano (Peruvian Walnut Chicken)
Pollo Adobado (Spicy Chicken)
Pollo Agrodolce (Sweet/sour Chicken)
Pollo Al Ajo Estilo Peruano (Peruvian Garlic Chicken)
Pollo Al' Aceto (Chicken with Vinegar Sauce)
Pollo All Aceto (Chicken in Vinegar Sauce)
Pollo Borracho (Drunken Chicken)
Pollo Con Frutta Secca
Pollo Con Mole Verde
Pollo En Adobo (Chicken in Red Chili and Tomato Sauce)
Pollo En Chocolate Sauce (Chicken Mole)
Pollo En Salsa De Mani
Pollo Loco Marinade
Pollo Parmigiana
Pollo Pibil (Chicken Steamed with Fruit Juice)
Polo Alla Cacciatora
Polo Loco
Polo Loco Marinade
Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken
Popover Chicken Tarragon
Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed W/grilled Chicken Pesto/sdt
Portugese Garlic Chicken
Posole De Posada
Pot Roasted Chicken with Apples
Potato Crusted Turkey Breast Stuffed with Jalapenos and Corn
Potrawka Z Kurczaka Polska Polish Chicken with Mushroom
Poulet a L'intrigue (Chicken)
Poulet a la Montrachet (Chicken and Mushrooms in Cream Sauc
Poulet Au Champignon
Poulet Au Vinaigre a L'estragon
Poulet Aux Champignons
Poulet Fleuri (Flowering Chicken)
Poulet Grandmere
Poulet Normande
Poultry Pear Combo
President Clinton's Chicken-Broccoli Enchiladas
Pressure Cooker Paella
Pretzels with a Chicken Twist
Prize Winning Chicken and Cabbage Casserole
Professor Baker's Barbecue Sauce
Provencal Chicken Saute
Provencal Turkey Cutlets
Puerto Rican Chicken with Rice
Quick and Easy Tarragon Chicken
Quick and Healthy Chicken Stir-Fry, Lhj
Quick Chicken and Noodles
Quick Chicken Dijon
Quick Chicken Pate
Quick Chicken Piroshki
Quick Chicken Pot Pie
Quick Chicken Stir-Fry
Quick Chicken Taj Mahal
Quick Franks and Macaroni
Quick Mulligatawny Soup
Quick Oriental Chicken and Cashews
Quick Paella
Quick Saucy Chicken Casserole
Quick Trick Stir-Fry Chart
Quick-And-Easy Bourbon Barbecue Chicken
Rainbow Raditore with Chicken, Broccoli, Red Peppers
Ramen Noodle/chicken Salad
Rancho Chicken and Rice
Raspberry Chicken Roll-Ups
Raspberry Chicken Salad
Raspberry Hazelnut Chicken (Wash)
Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken
Ratatouille - Topped Chicken
Ray's Atomic Wings
Chicken in Phyllo #2
Real Sauce a la King
Red Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Red Chile and Orange Barbecued Chicken
Red Cooked Tangerine Chicken
Red Eye Chicken
Red Hot Spicy Buffalo Wings
Red-Cooked Chicken
Reuben Chicken Melts
Rhubarb Salsa (For Chicken or Fish)
Ribollita (Tuscan Vegetable and Bread Soup)
Rice Krispie Chicken
River Market and Deli's White Chili
Roast Boiler-Fryer/with Whole Grain Stuffing
Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken Breasts with Asian Marinade
Roast Chicken W/champagne Herb Sauce
Roast Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Roast Chicken with Garlic and Rosemary
Roast Chicken with Kasha Stuffing and Honey Glaze
Roast Chicken with Lemon and Lime From Lhj
Roast Chicken with Peach Chutney
Roast Chicken with Sage
Roast Cornish Game Hen and Jerusalem Artichok
Roast Curried Cornish Hens
Roast Lemon Chicken (For 4)
Roast Lung Kong Chicken
Roast Orange Chicken in Clay Pot
Roast Pesto Chicken
Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Roasted Chicken and Vegetables in Puff Pastry
Roasted Chicken Breasts - Five-Spice Glaze
Roasted Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Garlic /cooktop
Roasted Garlic Chicken and Couscous
Roasted Mint Chicken From Lhj
Roasted Pecan Chicken
Roasted Squab with Poached Garlic
Rob Weller's Healthy Chicken Fajitas
Robb's Cinnamon Chicken
Robusto Chicken
Rock Cornish Game Hen
Rose Chicken
Rosemary Chicken and Brie En Croute
Rosemary Lemon Chicken
Rotel Chicken
Rotisseried Chick
Russian Apricot Chicken
Russian Potato Casserole with Carmelized Onions
S&w Chicken Fajita Salad
Saffron Chicken with Rice
Sailorman's Fried Chicken (Popeye's)
Salad of Chicken and Melon
Sali Jardaloo Murgi (Chicken with Apricots and Potato)
Salsa Chicken Stir-Fry
Salsa Chicken W/brussels Sprouts
Salsa Poblano-Chile Chicken, Lhj
Salsa Verde Chicken Kabobs - Chi-Chi's
Salt-Roasted Chicken with Marinade
Salt-Smothered Chicken
Sandra's Bbq Chip Chicken
Santa Fe Broiled Chicken with Green Chilies
Santa Fe Chicken and Rice
Santa Fe Chicken Tortellini Casserole
Sarah's Sweet and Sour Chicken
Satay Chicken
Saucy Baked Chili Chicken
Saucy Chicken and Asparagus
Saucy Chicken Thighs with Stir Fry Cabbage
Saucy Sweet Sour Chicken Wings
Sausage and Beans <r T>
Sausage, Rice and Chorn Chowder
Saute of Chicken with Apples and Leeks
Sauteed Breast of Chicken a la King
Sauteed Chicken Breasts
Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Summer Vegetables
Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Tomato Sauce
Sauteed Chicken Dumplings with Dipping Sauce (Torigyoza Yak)
Sauteed Chicken with Artichokes
Sauteed Chicken with Sheri Cream Sauce(Ore)
Sauteed Chicken Wontons
Sauteed Curried Chicken with Bell Peppers
Sauteed Strips of Chicken with Chanterelles
Savory Artichoke Chicken
Savory Chicken and Rice in a Lotus Leaf
Savory Chicken and Rice in a Lotus Leaf (China)
Savoury Baked Chicken Legs
Scampi-Style Chicken Thighs
Seafood and Chicken Jambalaya
Seafood, Chicken, and Corn Cakes
See You Gai (Red Cooked Chicken)
Sesame Baked Chicken
Sesame Chicken #2
Sesame Chicken #3
Sesame Chicken (Ji Mah Gai See)-New Chinese Cookbook
Sesame Chicken Breasts
Sesame Chicken Teriyaki
Sesame Chicken with Fun See
Sesame Ginger Chicken Wings - Bon Appetit
Sesame Lemon Chicken
Sesame Ramen Chicken Salad
Sesame-Lemon Chicken W/ Crisp Phyllo Crust
Seven Flavor Chicken
Shanghai Red Cooked Chicken
Shellfish and Chicken Paella (Gc)
Shepard's Chicken Chili Pie
Shepherd's Turkey Pie , (Low-Sodium)
Sherilyn's Bbq Chicken Burritos W/corn Relish and Guacamole
Sherried Chicken and Sweet Potatos
Sherry's Apricot Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Shih Chin Tan P'ai (Assorted Meat in Egg Pie)
Shish Tabouk
Shish Tavouk Kebab
Shiu Ng Heung Gai (Oven Roasted Spiced Chicke
Shoyu Chicken
Shredded Chicken Filling for Flautas, Tacos, and Enchiladas
Shredded Chicken Sesame
Shredded Crispy Chicken
Shrimp and Chicken Supreme
Shrimp Sauce Mixed Vegetables and Shredded Chicken
Siamese Fried Chicken (Gai Tord)
Sichuan Chicken
Silent Stalker's Stew
Simmered Jerk Chicken
Simon and Garfunkel Chicken
Simple Barbecued Broilers
Simple Chicken Cacciatore
Simple Chicken Fajitas
Simple Chicken Italiano
Simple Chicken Saute
Simple Fried Chicken
Simplest Roast Chicken
Singapore Chicken
Sinigang Na Manok (Chicken in Sour Broth)
Sizzling Rice Soup #2 (Chicken)
Skillet Chicken Dinner
Skillet Fried Chicken
Skillet Herb Roasted Chicken
Skillet Herb-Fried Chicken
Skillet-Braised Chicken Thighs with Chickpeas
Skinless Vertical Roaster Chicken
Skinny Enchiladas
Slaughterhouse 5 Poultry Marinade
Slaughterhouse 5 Poultry Rub
Sliced Chicken with Broccoli
Slow-Cooked Sausage and Chicken Stew
Slow-Roasted Chicken
Small Chickens Marinated in Tequila and Lime
Smoked Chicken and Pepperoni Gumbo
Smoked Chicken Salad with Tropical Fruits
Smoked Dirty Rice
Smothered Chicken
Snow White Chicken
Sot-L'y-Laisse Aux Morilles (Chicken Oysters with Morels)
Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup)
Soup Noodles with Chicken
Sour Cream Marinade for Chicken
South Carolina Sauce
South, Goanese Fiery Duck Curry in Vindaloo Sauce (Batakh
Southern Curry Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken (Ee)
Southwest Stir-Fry
Southwest Tomatillo Salsa Pizza
Southwestern Chicken in Parchment
Southwestern Potatoes and Chicken
Southwestern Stuffed Chicken
Southwestern White Chili
Soy Chicken
Soy Sauced Chicken with Onions -Lhj
Soy Sesame Chicken with Oriental Vegetables
Spaghetti Squash and Chicken Skillet Casserole
Spanish Chicken and Ham with Mediterranean Vegetables
Spanish Chicken and Pasta
Spanish Chicken Basque
Spanish Saffron Chicken
Special Chicken
Special Long-Cook Chicken
Speedy Chicken Adobo
Speedy Pork Skillet
Speedy Rotini and Chicken
Speedy Ziti and Chicken
Spice Rubbed Hens-Martha Stewart Living
Spiced Chicken Curry
Spicy Asian Pasta
Spicy Chicken ( Le Tze Gee) - Shangtung
Spicy Chicken Burgers
Spicy Chicken Fajitas
Spicy Chicken Fingers
Spicy Chicken Mushroom Wrap
Spicy Chicken Nuggets
Spicy Chicken Phyllo Rolls
Spicy Chicken Salad
Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Spicy Chicken Wings
Spicy Chicken with Thai Basil
Spicy Chinese Chicken in Peanut Sauce
Spicy Chopped Chicken
Spicy Glazed Chicken
Spicy Glazed Oriental Wings
Spicy Honey-Glazed Drumettes
Spicy Hot Caribbean Chicken Marinade
Spicy Oven Fried Chicken
Spicy Potato Chip Chicken Strips
Spicy Roasted Chicken W/garlic Sauce
Spicy Spud Chicken
Spicy Szechwan Chicken
Spicy Thai Chicken #1
Spicy Thai Chicken #2
Spinach and Olive-Stuffed Chicken Thighs
Spinach Chicken
Spinach Fettucine with Ginger Chicken
Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts W/madeira Sauce
Spit-Roasted Chicken
Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
Stage Coach Chicken
Steak and Ale Hawaiian Chicken
Steamed Anise Chicken
Steamed Breast of Chicken with Black Mushroom
Steamed Chicken and Bean Curd
Steamed Chicken with Chinese Vegetables
Steve's Spicy Yogurt Chicken
Stewed Chicken 'n Dumplings
Stir Fried Chicken with Hoisin Sauce (Hoi Sin Chaau Gai Yuk)
Stir-Fried Chicken and Broccoli with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Stir-Fried Chicken and Chinese Cabbage
Stir-Fried Chicken and Shrimp
Stir-Fried Chicken W/almonds
Stir-Fried Chicken with Chilies and Peanuts
Stir-Fried Chinese Chicken with Cashews
Stir-Fried Island Chicken/peanut Garlic Sauce
Stir-Fried Minced Chicken
Stir-Fried Pineapple Chicken
Stove Top Stuffing Chicken Recipe
Strawberry and Chicken Salad
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Stuffed Chicken Breasts #2 #2
Stuffed Chicken Breasts W/ Garlic - Mushroom Soup
Stuffed Chicken Breasts-Modified
Stuffed Chicken Provencal-Martha Stewart Living
Stuffed Pistolettes
Summer Savory Chicken
Sunday Chicken in Fresh Tomato and Vinegar Sauce (Mf)
Sunday Chicken Rice Bake
Suneeta's Sindhi Chicken
Sunflower Chicken Stir Fry
Sunshine Chicken
Super Turkey Enchiladas
Supper Omelet with Chicken Sauce
Supremes De Volaille a Blanc
Swanson Chicken and Pasta Primavera
Sweet 'n' Sour Crockpot Chicken
Sweet and Pungent Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken #2
Sweet and Sour Chicken #3
Sweet and Sour Chicken 2
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
Sweet and Sour Chicken Breasts
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
Sweet and Sour Sauce for Chicken
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Dinner Packets
Sweet and Spicy Glazed Chicken
Sweet Chicken Risotto
Sweet-Sour Chicken, a la Yan Can Cook
Swiss 'n Chicken Casserole
Swiss Chicken-Ham Bake
Syrian Chicken and Rice
Szechuan Chicken (Kung Pao Chicken)
Szechuan Pasta Chicken Salad
Szechwan Cashew Chicken
Szechwan Chicken
Szechwan Chicken Soup
Szechwan-Style Chicken Stir-Fry
Tabikha Bil Houmus (Chicken and Garbanzo Stew)
Tagine of Chicken with Prunes and Almonds
Tahitian Sunset Roll-Ups
Tajin Chicken
Tamales with Chicken and Salsa Verde
Tamarind Chicken
Tandoori Chicken #2
Tandoori Chicken 4
Tandoori Chicken Kebabs with Cauliflower and Re
Tandoori Style Chicken
Tandoori Style Chicken (Northern India)
Tandori-Style Game Hens with Corn and Cumin-Tomato Sauce
Tangy Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs (Hl)
Tangy Chicken Breasts Baked with Black Bean Salsa
Tangy Chicken Salad
Tangy Pineapple Chicken
Tangy Turkey Salad
Tarragon Chicken Breasts
Tarragon Chicken with Mushrooms
Tarragon Roast Chicken
Tasty Taco Chicken Grill
Tequila-Almond Chicken
Teriyaki Honey Chicken
Tex-Mex Roast Chicken
Texas Chicken Burgers
Texas Two-Step Chicken Picante
Texas White Lightning Chili
Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup
Thai Chicken and Noodle Soup
Thai Chicken Fettuccine Salad
Thai Chicken Stir Fry with Mint Leaves and Chile
Thai Chicken with Basil
Thai Chicken Wraps
Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
Thai Curry Chicken and Vegetables
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Thai Honey Chicken
Thai Orange Chicken Salad
Thai Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Thai Simmered Chicken
Thai Soup for Marty
Thai Spicy Barbecued Chicken
Thai Style Basil Chicken
Thai Thigh Kabobs
That Chicken Thing
The Ark's Chicken Marsala
The Best "Greek Chicken" in the World
The Champ's Sausage Without Guilt
The Hows of Roasted Chicken
The Mole of Santa Clara
The Original Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb Salad
The Perfect Pot Pie
The Terrace's Champagne Chicken
The Vertically Roasted Chicken
Thirty-Minute Chicken Broth
Thit Ga Xao Dam Gung Sa (Chicken with Lemon G
Three Cheese Chicken Bake
Tiki Tacos
Tikka Chicken
Tikka Murgh
Tips for Perfect Roast Chicken
Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup)
Tomato and Chicken Salad
Tomato Rosemary Chicken <r T>
Tongdak Juk (Roasted Chicken)
Top of the World Chicken Salad
Torta Montezuma, Montezuma's Sandwich
Treasure Hunt
Triple-Mustard Chicken Dijon
Tropical Chicken
Tropical Chicken Kabobs
Tropical Chicken Kebabs
Truffle Stuffed Chicken Legs W Candied Butternut Squash
Turkari Palaak Molee
Turkey and Poppy Seed Casserole
Turkey and Veggies 'n' Easy Baked Shell
Turkey Apple Hash <r T>
Turkey Breast with Apricot Glaze
Turkey Cutlet Pizzaiola with Capers
Turkey Cutlets in Mushroom Wine Sauce <r T>
Turkey Cutlets with Dijon Cider Sauce <r T>
Turkey Fried Rice
Turkey in Chocolate and Chili Sauce
Turkey Noodle Bake
Turkey Picadillo
Turkey Picatta
Turkey Scaloppine Tarragon <r T>
Turkey Scaloppine with Apricot-Ginger Sauce
Turkey with Golden Onion Gravy <r T>
Turkey/chicken Tetrazzini
Tuscan Chicken Dinner
Un-Fried Chicken
Uncle Jack's Jamaican Hot Wings
Uncle's Jamaican Jerk Sauce
Unlikely Chicken
Va. Smothered Chicken
Varnished Chicken
Veal or Chicken Marengo
Vegetable-Stuffed Chicken Breasts - Country Living
Vegetarian Stirfry, Usa Style (Mf)
Velvet Chicken Satays with Fresh Cilantro Chu
Velvet Chicken Under Snow
Vermicelli with Chicken and Garlic Mushrooms
Vertical Roaster Chicken
Viennese Chicken
Vietnamese - Lemongrass Chicken
Vietnamese Chicken Salad (Goi-Ga)
Vietnamese Five Spice Chicken
Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Salad - Martha Stewart Living
Vietnamese Lemon Grass Baked Chicken
Vietnamese Stir Fried Chicken with Lemon Grass
Walnut Basil Coated Chicken
Walnut Chicken
Walnut Chicken with Ham
Warm Chicken and Five Bean Salad
Warm Chicken Taco Salad
West African Chicken and Groundnut Stew
Western Marinated Bbq Chicken
White Bean Chicken Chili
White Chile
White Chili #7
White Chili #11
White Chili #1
White Chili #2 #2
White Chili with Chicken
White Meat of Chicken Salad
White Pizza with Chicken and Basil
Wild Roasted Chicken Wraps
Williamsburg Inn Chicken and Dumplings
Wine Baked Chicken and Artichoke Hearts
Wined Chicken in Deluxe Gravy
Working Woman's Chicken and Rice
WW Chicken Fontina
WW Jamaican Jerk Chicken
WW Oriental Chicken
Xim-Xim De Galinha (Chicken W/peanuts and Cashe
Yaki Udon (Figi)
Yakitori (Broiled Chicken, Scallions and Chicken Livers)
Yankee Turkey Stuffing Favorite
Yankee Turkey Stuffing Information
Yankee Turkey Stuffing Italian Style
Yankee Turkey Stuffing New England Style
Yankee Turkey Stuffing Potato Lovers
Yiu Gwoh Gai (Cashew Nut Chicken)
Yogurt Chicken
Yogurt Garlic-Mint Chicken
Yucatanstyle Chicken Skewers W/papayatomatillo Salsa (Gr)
Yummy Yam Gai - Chicken Salad
Yunnan Steamed Pot Chicken #2
Zanzibar Chicken
Zeera Murg (Cumin Chicken)
Zesty "Fried" Chicken
Zesty Chicken Dijon
Zesty Indian Chicken
Zesty Orange Barbecued Chicken Wings
Zeus's Sunday Chicken Dinner
Zippy Crisp Chicken Bake
Afghan Chicken Kebobs
Apricot Honey Chicken Poupon
Asian Noodle Salad with Chicken and Plums*
Bademiya's Justly Famous Chile-Coriander Chicken
Baked Chicken #4
Baked Chicken And Wild Rice With onion And Tarragon (Mod)
Baked Chicken Breasts-Crockpot
Balinese Chicken Satay
Bangladesh Kurma or Korma #2
Barbecued Wings And Ribs
Braised Chicken Curry with Yams and Banana
Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani)
Carol's Baked Chicken
Carol's Gizzard Soup
Carolyn's Chicken a la Crock Pot
Chicken 'ossobuco'
Chicken Alla Spina
Chicken and Artichokes #2
Chicken and Mushrooms in a Tarragon Sauce
Chicken and Peppers #2
Chicken and Ravioli Cacciatore
Chicken and Sausage #2
Chicken and Sausage #3
Chicken and Sausage Scarpariello
Chicken Baked with Leeks on Zucchini "Spaghet
Chicken Breast Supreme
Chicken Breasts Wellington
Chicken Breasts with Prosciutto and Cheese
Chicken Cranberry Hash - Adjusted
Chicken Curry #10
Chicken in a Pot #5
Chicken Mac Casserole #2
Chicken Marsala with Artichoke Hearts
Chicken Milan Style
Chicken Millicent
Chicken Paprikash Pot Pie
Chicken Parmesan #9
Chicken Parmesan #10
Chicken Picante Stew
Chicken Pizzaiola #2
Chicken Pizzaiola #3
Chicken Quesadillas #3
Chicken Scalloppine
Chicken Spedini
Chicken Stroganoff #3
Chicken with Arborio Rice and Peppers
Chicken with Barley and Quinoa Stew
Chicken with Blackeye Peas
Chicken with Bulgur Pilaf
Chicken with Lemon Mustard Sauce(Senegal)
Chicken with Red Wine Vinegar (Chicken Potacchio)
Chicken with Vinegar Peppers
Chicken with White Wine (Pollo Al Vino Bianco)
Chicken-Vegetable Chowder
Chinese Kiwi Chicken
Cranberry-Glazed Chicken
Creamy Chicken And Vegetables #2
Creamy Chicken And Vegetables #3
Dad Maines' Kfc Fried Chicken
Deboning a Chicken
Dry Rub for Poultry 1
Easy Chicken Pot Pie with Lowfat Variation -Bisquick
Fried Chicken with Orange Sauce
Fruited Chicken And Bean Salad
Grilled Chile Wings
Italian Chicken Dinner #2
Italian Chicken Salad
Karen's Chicken Salad
Kickin' Asian Chicken Salad
Killer Chicken Mole #2
Kung Pao Chicken #5
Kung Pao Chicken #6
Kung Pao Chicken #8
Kung Pao Chicken #9
Kung-Pao Chicken
Lemon Barbecued Chicken #2
Lemon Chicken #9
Lemon Chicken #11
Lemon Chicken #13
Lemon Garlic Chicken #2
Lemon Herb Chicken
Lemon Herb Chicken #2
Lemon Roast Chicken #2
Light Chicken Cordon Bleu
Low-Fat Chicken Stock
Malibu Chicken #2
Mediterranean Chicken #2
Mexican Chicken and Rice #2
Mexican Chicken and Rice #3
Mexican Chicken Rolls #2
Microwave Chinese Chicken #2
Moroccan Chicken with Olives #2
Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons #2
Murgh Kebab (Chicken Kebab)
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) #2
Murgh Tikka
Neo-Postmodern Polynesian Grilled Chicken
Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie #2
Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie #3
Orange-Hoisin Glazed Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Oriental Chicken Kabobs #2
Oriental Chicken Kabobs #3
Original Buffalo Wings #2
Oven Fried Chicken #3
Oven-Barbecued Chicken #2
Oven-Fried Chicken #3
Paella #10
Pan-Roasted Chicken
Parmesan Chicken #4
Pecan Stuffing
Picnic "Fried" Chicken
Pollo En Adobo (Chicken in Red Chili and Tomato Sauce) #2
Poppy Seed Chicken #3
Poppyseed Chicken Casserole
90's Style Chicken Salad #2
Aji De Gallina (Peruvian Chicken)
Almond-Chicken Pear Salad
Asian Chicken Slaw with Pasta
Asian Turkey Wrap
Baked Chicken And Ziti
Baked Chicken with Cepes And White Wine-Mustard Sauce
Baked Mustard-Tarragon Chicken
Balsamic Chicken with Thyme
Barbecue Chicken in the Crockpot
Barbecued Chicken Quesadilla W Corn Relish And Avocado Sa
Basil Chicken Packets
Best kung Pao Tofu
Bratwurst And Red Cabbage with Mustard Sauce
Californian Chicken Salad
Caribbean Chicken Shish Kebabs
Carrot Tsimmes Under Pressure
Cheesy Crock-Pot Chicken #2
Cherry Chicken Salad
Chicken Abodo
Chicken And Apples in Pastry
Chicken And Bulgur Tidbits with Minted Yogurt Sauce
Chicken And Cherries Jubliee #2
Chicken And Red Bartlett Salad
Chicken And Red Bell Pepper Pasta
Chicken And Vegetable Piccata
Chicken And Vegetables in Saffron Broth
Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Veggies And Cheese
Chicken Breasts Vesuvio
Chicken Chow Mein #9
Chicken Cordon Bleu #9
Chicken Corn Chowder #4
Chicken Curry with Bok Choy And Winter Squash
Chicken Curry with Tomatoes
Chicken Curry with Yogurt
Chicken Cutlets with Coriander And Lime
Chicken Fajitas #13
Chicken Fettucine with Broccoli Rabe
Chicken in Creamy Fruit Sauce
Chicken in Mole Sauce - Easy
Chicken in Mushroom Gravy
Chicken in Wine #5
Chicken Luau #3
Chicken Noodle Soup #6
Chicken Paprikash #7
Chicken Pear Salad Orientale
Chicken Salad #10 #2
Chicken Salad #11 #2
Chicken Salad #12 #2
Chicken Salad #7 #2
Chicken Salad #8 #2
Chicken Salad #9 #2
Chicken Salad for 50
Chicken Salad for Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Supreme #4
Chicken Salad with Dressing, Oprah's
Chicken Satay #6
Chicken Saute with Sherry Vinegar Sauce
Chicken Stew with Pepper And Pineapple
Chicken Stuffed with Oranges - Israel
Chicken Tabouleh Salad
Chicken Tandoori #4
Chicken Teriyaki #4
Chicken Thyme Toss for Two
Chicken Vesuvio-From Chicago Italian Restaurant
Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic #6
Chicken with Apple Chutney
Chicken with Apples And Bacon
Chicken with Black Eyed Peas And Rice
Chicken with Bulgur Pilaf #2
Chicken with Gingered Pear-And-Apple Sauce - Ww
Chicken with Lemon Mustard Sauce(Senegal) #2
Chicken with Orange Sauce
Chicken, Corn And Pasta Soup
Chinese Braised Chicken
Chinese Chicken Salad #10
Chinese Tangerine Chicken
Coq Au Vin #15
Cornish Hens With rum #2
Country Captain Chicken #3
Cranberry-Glazed Chicken #2
Creole Poached Chicken Breasts - Ww
Crock Pot Mexican Chicken
Crockpot Chicken #4
Dijon-Potato Salad with Smoked Turkey Sausage
Flattened Cumin-Grilled Chicken Breasts W Garlic Couscous
Garden Patch Chicken-Vegetable Soup
Glazed Chicken with Grapes
Goanese Fiery Duck Curry in Vindaloo Sauce
Grilled Almond Chicken with Savory Plum Sauce
Grilled Chicken Breasts in Raspberry Vinegar Marinade
Grilled Chicken Breasts with Wild Mushrooms
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
Grilled Chicken Skewers in a Spiced Yogurt Marinade
Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad
Grilled Chicken with Nectarine Relish
Grilled Chicken with Spinach And Raspberries
Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts
Grilled Marinated Chicken W Grilled Pepper And Olive Relish
Grilled Roquefort And Balsamic Chicken Salad
Herbed Chicken Patties
Heritage Grilled Breast of Chicken And Sauce
Island Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Jubilee Rice with Chicken And Winter Vegetables <r T>
Keema with Spiced Rice
Key West Grilled Chicken #2
Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad
Lemon Rosemary Chicken
Low Fat Glazed Chicken
Low-Fat Chicken And Vegetable Piccata
Low-Fat Creamy Chicken Popovers
Low-Fat Plum Ginger Chicken Salad
March of Dimes Bastilla (Chicken Moroccan Pie)
Marcy's Hot Chicken Salad
Mediterranean Baked Chicken Skewers
Mesquite-Grilled Chicken with Citrus Sauce
Mock Chicken Salad
Moroccan Chicken Stew with Brown Rice
Mr Food's Chicken Fiesta- 1/26/96
Mustard Baked Chicken with Pasta Shells
Orange Chicken Salad
Oven-Fried Chicken And Tomato
Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers (Butter Buds)
Pacific Rim Chicken with Wrapper
Paella, Pressure Cooker
Pan-Roasted Chicken #2
Pasta Pancakes
Pears And Chicken Hawaiian
Fantastic Trick of Making a Chicken with Eight Drumsticks
Potato-Crusted Chicken
Pozole - Kfar
Red Chicken Enchiladas
Saucy Chicken over Couscous
Saucy Ground Turkey
Seven-Layer Chinese Chicken Salad
Skewered Singapore Chicken And Pineapple
Skillet Chicken with Fiery Ice Pineapple Salsa
Slow-Cooker Chicken Stew
Smoked Turkey Sausage And Vegetable Bake
Smoky Herb Chicken
Sophia Loren's Chicken Cacciatora
Sorrento Chicken
Southwest Chicken And Pear Salad
Southwest Comice And Chicken Salad
Southwestern Chicken Soup
Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad #2
Soy-Marinated Grilled Chicken Wings
Spicy Chicken Burgers #2
Spinach-Chicken Salad with Tangy Orange Dressing
Sri Lankan Sates (Sir Lanka)
Stir-Fry Wrap (Mayo)
Super Simple Chicken And Rice
Sweet And Sour Crescent Drumettes
Tacos Al Pastor #2
Tangerine Hazelnut Chicken with Soba Noodles
Tangy Grilled Chicken #2
Tangy Warm Chicken Salad
Tarragon Chicken And Vegetables
Tarragon Chicken Salad with Asparagus
Tarragon Chicken Salad with Walnuts
Teri's Tortilla Veggie Soup
Teriyaki Chicken #2
Thai Minced Chicken Salad
Tropical Chicken Salad #2
Turkey - Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Tuscan Chicken And Beans <r T>
Tutti-Fruity Chicken Kabobs #2
Two-Bean Turkey Chili
Valley Lahvosh Wrap Chicken
Warm Chicken Salad - 4 Points
Warm Chicken Salad with Wild Mushrooms