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Recipes in the Campanile Category:

"Bonne Femme" Soup
Apples And Pears with Cinnamon
Apricots a la Conde
Aubergine Terrine with Tomato Coulis
Black Pudding En Papillotes
Blanquette of Lamb
Boeuf Bourguignon #5
Bourdaloue Pears
Braised Chicory
Breaded Croquettes
Broad Beans
Cabbage And Ham Salad
Calf's Liver with Chopped Parsley And Garlic
Carrots in Cream
Chicken Basquaise
Chicken Breasts in Lemon Sauce
Chicken Fricassee in Cream Sauce
Chicken Legs in Cider
Chicken Liver And Magret Salad
Chicken Liver Terrine #3
Clafoutis with Fresh Figs
Cod Gratin
Coq Au Vin #9
Corn Salad with Beetroot
Country-Style Pork Hotpot
Courgette Quiche
Creme Brulee #8
Creme Caramel #5
Crunchy Tartines
Dandelion Leaves with Poached Eggs
Duck with Turnips
Eggs Meurette
Entrecote Steaks in Marchand De Vin Sauce
Fillets of Hake with Courgettes
Fish Kebabs
Flank of Veal
Frangipan Tart with Prunes
French Beans with Tomatoes
Frozen Lemons
Funny Tomatoes
Gratin of Courgettes
Gratin of Swiss Chard (Or Spinach Beet)
Grilled Bream with Red Peppers And Cream
Grilled Tuna with Aioli Sauce
Haddock with Cabbage
Herring And Potatoes in Oil
Hot Saucisson with Potatoes
Leg of Lamb a L'ail En Chemise
Lemon Tart #2
Monkfish Bourride (Fish Stew)
Moules Marinieres (Mussels in White Wine)
Mushroom Croustade
Pear Mousse
Peas with Bacon
Pork Chops a la Vigneronne
Pot-Au-Feu a la Jambe De Bois
Potatoes a la Boulangere
Pound Cake with Pears
Ravioli in Cream
Red Cabbage Salad with Raisins
Roast Pork with Lentils
Salmon with Curry Sauce
Saute of Lamb
Sauted Courgettes
Semolina with Apples And Caramel
Shortcrust Pastry
Sorrel Soup #3
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Spinach in Cream Sauce
Steak with Green Peppercorns
Steak with Shallots
Stewed Mackerel on a Bed of Vegetables
Stewed Sausages
Stuffed Aubergines
Stuffed Breast of Veal with Mixed Vegetables
Stuffed Potatoes #2
Taboule #2
Tart with Fromage Blanc
Tarte Tatin #3
Terrine of Oxtail
Tripe And Chips
Trout with Almonds
Veal Chops in Cream Sauce
Veal Kidneys in White Wine
Veal Marengo with Tagliatelle
Vegetable Tian
Viennese-Style Veal Escalopes
Watercress Soup #4
Whiting Meuniere