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Recipes in the Brandnames Category:

About Gardenburger(R)
Apple Blueberry Bread (Motts)
Apple Cheese Balls (Motts)
Apple Cinnamon Pops (Motts)
Apple Honeydew Ice (Motts)
Apple Nugget Muffins (Motts)
Apple Nut Cinnamon Ice Cream (Motts)
Apple Nut Pancakes (Motts)
Apple Peach Turnover (Motts)
Apple Pecan Fruit Dip (Motts)
Apple Raspberry Tart (Motts)
Apple Sauce 'n Fruit Yogurt Sundae (Motts)
Apple Sauce Brownies (Motts)
Apple Sauce Cheesecake (Motts)
Apple Sauce Cinnamon Rolls (Motts)
Apple Sauce Crazy Cake (Motts)
Apple Sauce Irish Soda Bread (Motts)
Apple-Streusel Pound Cake (Motts)
Banana Bread (Motts)
Banana Graham Muffins (Motts)
Blueberry Bran Muffins (Motts)
Blueberry Carrot Cake (Motts)
Candied Apple Gelatin Squares (Motts)
Cinnamania Bread (Motts)
Cocoa Molasses Bundt Cake (Motts)
Cold Raspberry Apple Souffle (Motts)
Corn Bread (Motts)
Cranberry Apple Ice (Motts)
Deliciously Easy Cake (Motts)
Dutch Apple Coffee Cake (Motts)
Frosty Strawberry Yogurt Cupcakes (Motts)
Frozen Apple Sauce 'n Fruit Cup (Motts)
Frozen Apple Yogurt (Motts)
Frozen Banana Apple Pops (Motts)
Frozen Cinnamon Apple Pie (Motts)
Gardenmelt (Gardenburger)
Ginger Apple Cookies (Motts)
Good Morning Coffee Cake (Motts)
Granola Apple Bars (Motts)
Granola Apple Cookies (Motts)
Grape Apple Pops (Motts)
Guilt-Free Black Forest Cake (Motts)
Magic Apple Roll (Motts)
Major Apple Muffins Motts)
Mini Apple Loaves (Motts)
Morning Glory Bread (Motts)
Oatmeal Apple Cranberry Scones (Motts)
Oatmeal Cookies (Motts)
Orange Apple Ice (Motts)
Peppermint Cake (Motts)
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Motts)
Pot Stickers (Gardenburger)
Pumpkin Apple Cheesecake (Motts)
Raisin-Streusel Coffee Cake (Motts)
Raspberry Apple Parfait (Motts)
Strawberry Melon Wedges (Motts)
Strawberry Mousse (Motts)
Substitution Applesauce (Motts)
Swedish Apple Torte (Motts)
Vegetable Patch Pasta Salad
Zucchini and Date Tea Loaf (Motts)
Fat Free Orange Blueberry Muffins
Lemon Butter Sauce with Variations
Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breasts (Butter Buds)
Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette #3
Two Potato Soup Southwestern Style
Watermelon Froth