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Recipes in the Beverages Category:

"Fruit Salad" Salad Smoothie
"Ghoul-Ade" for Halloween
"Kahlua" Homemade
"Knatten"S Wormwood Rice Wine for Cooking
"Light" Gelatin Shots
"Russian" Tea Mix
30-Second Smoothie
4-Fruit Wedding Punch
7-Up Punch
A and W Root Beer
A Cup of Christmas Tea
A Day At the Beach
A la Recherche De L'orange Perdue
A Slow, Comfortable Screw
A Valium
A&w Root Beer
Aam Lhassi
Abbey Cocktail
About Coffee
About Tea
Acapulco Sunrise
Acqua Di Miele Alla Luganese (Honey Water)
Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)
African Fruit Slush
After Midnight
After Midnight Drink
After-Dinner Chocolate
Aged Nog
Alabama Fizz
Alabama Slammer
Alamo Splash
All Canadian Coffee
All-Purpose Punch
Allspiced Cider
Almond Cooler
Almond Cream Liqueur
Almond Date Shake
Almond Flavored Tequila Liqueur
Almond Liqueur
Almond Liqueur #3
Almond Liqueur #4
Almond Milk
Almond Milk (Non-Dairy!)
Almond Syrup
Almond Tasty
Almond Tea
Almost Sicilian Splash
Aloha Fruit Punch
Amaretto Alexander
Amaretto Cafe (Italian Coffee)
Amaretto Coffee
Amaretto Coffee #2
Amaretto Cream Liqueur
Amaretto Creamer
Amaretto Liqueur
Amaretto Slush
Amaretto Special
Amber Amour
Angel's Face
Angelica Liqueur
Angoor Ka Sherbet
Anise Tea
Anti-Cholesterol Drink
Apple Blossom
Apple Brandy Brew
Apple Cider
Apple Citrus Refresher
Apple Eggnog
Apple Juice
Apple Knocker
Apple Milk Drink (Sharbat)
Apple Mulling Spice #1
Apple Shake
Apple Smoothie
Apple Spice Drink
Apple Spiced Iced Tea
Apple Spritzer
Apple Wine
Apple-Apricot Smoothie
Applegate Island Hummer
Apricot Aperitif
Apricot Brandy Eggnog
Apricot Fizz
Apricot Fruit Flip
Apricot Liqueur
Apricot Mist Punch
Apricot Slush
Apricot Wine
Apricot-Orange Tea
Arabian Coffee
Arise My Love
Arroz Agua Fresca
Artillery Punch
Artillery Punch #1
Artillery Punch #2
Artillerymen's Punch
Atole - Atole De Zarzamora
Atole De Leche (Milk with Masa Drink)
Atole De Zarzamora
Atomic Bomb
Aunt Essie's Iced Tea [Na]
Aunt Frances' Lemonade
Auntie Lin's Pluto Coffee
Austrian Chocolate Cup
Autumn Apple Punch
Autumn Punch
Avocado Aperitif
Avocados with Roquefort
Aztec Drink a la Cadburys
Aztec Punch
Bacardi Cocktail
Bahama Breeze
Bailey's Irish Cream
Bailey's Irish Cream #2
Bailey's Irish Cream #3
Bailey's Irish Cream #4
Bailey's Irish Cream #5
Bailey's Irish Cream #6
Bailey's Irish Cream #1
Bailey's Irish Cream #2 #2
Bailey's Irish Cream #2 #3
Bailey's Irish Cream #3 #2
Bailey's Irish Creme
Bailey's New York Egg Cream
Bailey's Original Irish Cream
Bailey's Pretend
Baileys B-52
Baileys Irish Cream
Baily's Irish Cream
Bajan Pepper Wine
Baltimore Eggnog
Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie (The Inner Child)
Banana Beer (Aka Jungle Juice)
Banana Berry Shake
Banana Breakfast Drink
Banana Chocolate Milkshake
Banana Coconut Rum Cream Liqueur
Banana Daiquiri
Banana Daiquiris
Banana Eggnog
Banana Milk
Banana Milk Shake
Banana Milkshake
Banana Oat Smoothie
Banana Peach Drink
Banana Pineapple Cooler
Banana Punch
Banana-Orange Daiquiri
Banana-Peach Shake
Bananas and Limes with Ginger Ale
Bandera Mexicana
Barbecue Mushrooms
Barefoot and Pregnant By San Diego Princess Hotel Barefoo
Barkshack Ginger Mead
Barley Water
Barnes' Best Eggnog
Basic Lemonade
Batilda Paulista (Brazilian Rum with Lemon Juice)
Bea's Potent Potable
Bean Dip #3
Becky's Wedding Punch
Beefy Mary
Beefy Mary (Na)
Beer Margarita
Beet Kvas
Beouf Bourguignon (Red Wine Beef Stew)
Bermudian Rose
Berries and Cream
Berry Chocolate
Berry Colada Punch
Berry Refresher
Berry Schnapps
Berry Smoothie
Best Ever Lemonade^
Best Jell-O
Best Marguaritas "East/pecos"
Beta Carotene Queen Smoothie
Better-Than-Bailey's Irish Cream
Better-Than-Bailey's Irish Cream #2
Between the Sheets
Bierflip (German)
Birch Beer
Biribi Cocktail
Bitter Cocktail
Black and White #2
Black Currant Iced Tea
Black Out
Black Velvet
Blackberry Cordial
Blackberry Cordial #2
Blackberry Fizz
Blackberry Lemonade
Blackberry Shrub
Blackberry Shrub #2
Blarney Stone Cocktail
Blended Mango Drink (Liquido De Mango)
Blender Breakfast
Blodig Sven (Bloody Sven)
Bloody Caesar
Bloody Mary #3
Bloody Mary #1
Bloody Mary #2 #2
Bloody Mary #3 #2
Bloody Mary #4
Bloody Mary Mix
Bloody Mary Party Soup
Bloody Mary W/tabasco-Spiked Ice Cubes
Blossom Cocktail
Blue Margarita
Blue Margarita #2
Blue Moon
Blueberry Liqueur
Blueberry Yogurt Shake
Bo's Bloody Mary Mix
Boiled Custard Eggnog
Bonnie Prince Charles
Boozy Slush
Borden's and Gordon's
Bouncing Baby Blueberry Delight By Tgi Fridays
Bourbon Ice Cream
Bourbon Nut Cake
Brandied Spice Coffee
Brandy Alexander #1
Brandy Alexander #2 #2
Brandy Alexanders
Brandy Cream
Brandy Eggnog
Brandy Slush
Brazilian Iced Chocolate
Breakfast Shake #1
Breakfast Shake #2 #2
Breakfast Shake #3
Breakfast Shake #4
Breakfast Shake #5
Breakfast Sherbet
Breakfast Smoothies
Bridal Sweet Punch
Bridge Day Mint Tea
Brown Cow Punch
Brown Island Velvet Hummer
Brown-Sugar Hot Chocolate
Bubbe's Plum Brandy
Bubbling Jade Punch
Buckinghamshire Wassail
Bull Frogs (Slush)
Bulldog Highball
Burnt Island Mocha Hummer
Butter, Nut and Rum Coffee #2
Buttered Rum Coffee
Buttermilk Fruit Shake
Buttermilk Milkshake
Cactus Juice Cocktail
Cactus Pear Breakfast Shake
Cadillac Bar Popper
Cafe Au Lait
Cafe Au Lait #2
Cafe Au Lait Luzianne
Cafe Au Vin
Cafe Brulot
Cafe Cappuccino
Cafe Cocoa L'orange
Cafe Con Cioccolato (Italian Coffee with Choc
Cafe Con Cioccolato (Italian Coffee with Chocolate)
Cafe Con Miel
Cafe De Olla
Cafe De Olla (Mexican Spiced Coffee)
Cafe Iguana Margaritas
Cafe Josephine
Cafe Mexicano
Cafe Mexicano #2
Cafe Mocha Mix
Cafe Ole
Cafe Pierre
Cafe Remy
Cafe Royal Appetizer
Cafe Royale
Cafe Vienna
Cafe Vienna Mix
Caffe Di Cioccolata
Caipirinha (Classic Brazilian Cocktail)
Cajun Coffee
California Swirl
Campari Soda
Canadian Punch
Candy Bar Hot Chocolate
Candy Cane Mint Float
Cantaloupe Cooler #2
Cantaloupe Smoothie
Cape Cod Cooler
Cape May Hospitality [Na]
Cappuccino #2
Cappuccino Mix
Cappuccino Mix #3
Cappuccino Mix #4
Cappuccino Mocha Mix #1
Cappuccino Royale
Cappuccino Shake
Carambola Cooler
Cardamom Tea "Herb Bible"
Cardamom-Spiced Coffee
Caribbean Cooler
Caribbean Fruit Shake
Caribbean Guava Punch
Caribbean Scones
Carob Froth
Cashew Cream
Cashew Milk
Cavalryman's Quick Breakfast
Caveman Cooler
Cedar Island Mint Hummer
Cha Thai (Iced Tea)
Chai I
Chai Kurdi (Kurdish Tea)
Chai Po-Russki (Russian Tea)
Chai Tea
Chai Tea #2
Champagne Cocktail
Champagne Fruit Punch
Champagne Fruit Slush
Champagne Punch #3
Champagne Punch #1
Champagne Punch #2 #2
Champagne Punch for a Crowd
Chartreuse Cocktail
Cheerleaders' Choice
Cheery Cherry Punch
Cheese Scones #2
Cheesy Cioppino
Cheesy Sun Crisps
Cherry Bounce
Cherry Coke Salad
Cherry Coolie
Cherry Lemonade
Cherry Liqueur
Cherry Liqueur #1
Cherry Liqueur #2
Chi Chi #2
Chi Chi #3
Chicago Lemon(Lime)ade
Chicha De Jora (Peru)
Chicken Imperial
Chicken Pita, Cucumber Salad, Ice Tea,
Chicken Wings
Chicken: Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Chile Mead
Chile Petine Wine
Chili's Calypso Cooler
Chilled Orange Cappuccino Cream W/ Grated Choc
Chinese Lady
Chinese Pepper Steak
Chipolte Brown Ale
Chipotle Brown Ale
Chocoberry Splash
Chocolate Almond Coffee
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Chocolate Coffee
Chocolate Eggnog
Chocolate Espresso Mousse
Chocolate Liqueur
Chocolate Milk Shake #2
Chocolate Milk Shakes
Chocolate Milk Soda or Shake
Chocolate Milk Soda/ Shake
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint Coffee
Chocolate Mint Coffee Float
Chocolate Mint Oreo Drink
Chocolate Mint Refresher
Chocolate Orange Cream Liquer
Chocolate Peanut Butter Floats
Chocolate Punch
Chocolate Sin
Chocolate-Banana Shake
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry
Chocolate-Mint Creamer
Chocolatl Drink
Chowning's Tavern Wine Cooler
Chris Cancilla's Mom's Kahlua
Christmas Cappuccino
Christmas Cocktail
Christmas Cranberry Punch
Christmas Eggnog
Christmas Lizzies
Christmas Nog
Christmas Party Punch
Christmas Punch
Christmas Punch #2
Christmas Punch #3
Christmas Punch #1
Christmas Punch #2 #2
Christmas Punch Bowl
Christmas Rum Cake
Christmas Spiced Tea
Christmas Spirit
Christmas Tea
Chuck's Homemade Ozark Rootbeer (15 Gal Recipe)
Cider and Orange Cooler
Cider Fruit Punch a la Normande
Cider Punch - Post Inaugural Reception October 1981
Cider Snap
Cilantro Tea
Cilantro-Lime Granita (Non Alcholic Beverage)
Cinnamon Candy Punch
Cinnamon Honey Ale
Cinnamon Liqueur
Cinnamon Spice Liqueur
Cinnamon Swizzle Sticks
Cinnamon-Almond Mocha Mix
Cinnamon-Spiced Tea
Citrus Berry Frost
Citrus Collins
Citrus Cooler
Citrus Iced Tea
Citrus Mint Punch
Citrus Punch
Citrus Sage Chicken Breasts
Citrus Slush
Citrus Sparkler Punch
Citrus Sunshine Sodas
Citrus Tea
Citrus Tea Cooler
City Slicker
Clarence Moody's Holiday Punch
Claret Cup
Classic Cooked Egg Nog
Classic Margarita
Classic Torani Italian Cream Soda
Clover Club
Coca Cola Basted Ham
Coca-Cola Carrot Cake
Coca-Cola Punch
Cocoa Egg Nog
Cocoa Espresso Cooler
Cocoa for a Crowd
Cocoa Milk Shake
Cocoa Mint Espresso Shake
Cocoa Mocha
Cocoa Smoothy
Cocoa Syrup
Coconut Liqueur
Coconut Snowball Cocoa
Coffee and Cocoa Bean Cooler
Coffee Frappe
Coffee Ice Cream Smoothie
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur #2
Coffee Liqueur #3
Coffee Liqueur #1
Coffee Liqueur #2 #2
Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream
Coffee Milk Shake
Coffee Mocha Punch
Coffee Soda
Coffee Syrup
Coffee Yogurt Shake
Coffee Yogurt Shake #2
Coffee, Expresso or Cappuccino
Coffee-Kahlua Punch
College Punch
Colonial Cocktail
Colonial Hot Buttered Rum
Colorful Punches
Colossal Cranberry
Colossal Pina Colada (Virgin)
Conca D'oro
Continental Waldorf
Cooked Eggnog
Cooler-Than-Cool Yogurt Drink
Country Cappuccino
Cran-Orange Punch
Cran-Orange Tea
Cran-Rum Twister
Cranberry Cocktail
Cranberry Concentrate
Cranberry Cordial
Cranberry Cordial #2
Cranberry Crunch Smoothie, Grandma Grandy's
Cranberry Delight
Cranberry Ginger Tea
Cranberry Ginger Tea #2
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice, Homemade
Cranberry Lime Nonalcoholic Punch
Cranberry Liqueur
Cranberry Liqueur #2
Cranberry Liqueur #3
Cranberry Mulled Cider
Cranberry Orange Punch
Cranberry Orange Punch (Non-Alcoholic)
Cranberry Orange Refresher
Cranberry Party Punch
Cranberry Peach Delight
Cranberry Port Punch
Cranberry Punch
Cranberry Punch #2
Cranberry Punch #3
Cranberry Raspberry Sparkle (Non Alcoholic)
Cranberry Sangria
Cranberry Shrub
Cranberry Sunrise
Cranberry Tea
Cranberry Tea #2
Cranberry Tea #3
Cranberry Vodka Punch
Cranberry-Apple Cider
Cranberry-Banana Flip
Cranberry-Cherry Cooler
Cranberry-Cider Punch
Cranberry-Lemon Punch
Cranberry-Orange Cooler
Cranberry-Wine Punch
Cranberry/raspberry Punch
Creamsicle Frappe
Creamsicle Shake
Creamy Chocolate Espresso
Creamy Date Shake
Creamy Hot Cocoa Mix
Creamy Iced Coffee
Creamy Irish Coffee
Creamy Raspberry Sipper
Creamy Rum Liqueur
Creole Coffee Ice Cream Punch
Cresta Club
Crock-Pot Cranberry
Crocked Punch
Crockpot Apple Brandy Brew
Crockpot Apple Cider
Crockpot Hot Cocoa for a Group
Crockpot Spiced Rum Cider
Crockpot Tropical Tea Warmer
Cucumber-Tomato Cocktail
Currant Syrup
Daiquiri #4
Daiquiri Punch
Dairy Free Smoothie
Dandelion Wine
Dante's Downfall
Das U-238 Punch
Deep Sea
Delicious Coffee Punch
Delicious Party Punch
Delicious Summer Punch
Delightfully Pregnant By San Diego Hilton Bea
Della Robbia Ice Ring
Delores's Punch
Devilish Pepper Dip
Di Saronno and Cream
Di Saronno Coffee
Di Saronno Sour
Diabetic Strawberry/banana Milkshake
Dill Tea
Dirty Mother
Dishwater Punch
Do-Ahead Iced Tea
Double Orange Cooler
Double Strawberry Health Shake
Doug's Lemonade Syrup
Douglas Fairbanks
Dr. Pepper Baked Beans
Dressy Tea
Drinking Custard
Drop Scones
Dry Martini 2
Dry Mead
Dry Mermaid Martini
Dubonnet Cocktail
Duck Fart [A]
Duckling L' Vernors
Dudley Eppel's Hot Cider-Cranberry Punch
Easter Egg Nog
Easy Eggnog #2
Easy Pudding Milk Shakes
Easy Punch
Easy Punch (Bubbly)
Edensoy Shake
Eerie Witch's Brew
Egg Beaters Nog
Egg Cognac (German)
Egg Cream
Egg Cream #2
Egg Cream #1
Egg Cream #2 #2
Egg Cream #3
Egg Nog
Egg Nog #2
Egg Nog #5
Egg Nog #6
Egg Nog for One
Egg Nog, Light
Eggless Nog
Eggnog #2
Eggnog #3
Eggnog #4
Eggnog #5
Eggnog #01
Eggnog #02
Eggnog #03
Eggnog #04
Eggnog #05
Eggnog #06
Eggnog #07
Eggnog #08
Eggnog #09
Eggnog (Less Nog)
Eggnog Deluxe
Eggnog for a Crowd
Eggnog Internet
Eggnoggin Plus
Einspanner (German Coffee with Whipped Cream)
Elderberry Wine- Vin De Fleurs Du Sareau
Elderflower Champagne
Electric Banana
Elephant's Tail
Elly May's Wedding Punch
Emerald Isle Cocktail
Emeril's Mint Julep
English Pims #1
English Pims #2
Ersatz Kahlua
Espresso Cream
Espresso Granita #3
Espresso Granita #1
Espresso Recipes
Espresso Romano
Everlasting Rumpot
Everybody's Irish
Eye Opener
Eye Opener #2
Fake Dairy Queen Blizzard
Fake Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
Fast Rhubarb Punch
Fat-Free Homemade Potato Chips
Faux Pink Champagne
Favorite Egg Nog
Fermented Pineapple-Rum Daiquiris
Fiesta Hot Chocolate
Fiesta Sangria
Fiesta Sunrise Colada
Fire Tea
Fireside Punch
Fish House Punch
Flaming Cappuccino
Flaming Irish Coffee
Flamingo (Court of Two Sisters Original)
Flavored Coffees
Flavored Coffees Mix Recipes
Flavored Vodkas
Flavored Vodkas #2
Flemish Beef-And-Beer Stew
Fluid-Replacer Sports Drink
Fog Cuttere
Forget-Me-Not Tea
Four - Fruit Cooler
Fran's Eggnog (Good)
Frank's Galiano
Frappuccino #2
Fred Goslin's Sangria
French Chocolate #1
French Chocolate #2
French Connection
French Fantasy
French Prune Aperitif Wine
French Silk Chocolate - Cc for Xmas
Fresca Cake with Maraschino Frosting
Fresh Berry and Wine Coulis
Fresh Blender Lemonade
Fresh Citrus Cooler
Fresh Fruit Frappe
Fresh Fruit Ice
Fresh Fruit Salad Shake
Fresh Fruit Slush
Fresh Ginger Ale
Fresh Lemonade
Fresh Lime Margaritas
Fresh Mint Liqueur
Fresh Orange Liqueur
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Fresh Strawberry Smoothies
Fresh Tomato Juice
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade
Fried-Brain Oyster Shooters
Friendship Tea
Friendship Tea Recipe
Front Porch Lemonade
Frosted Coffee
Frosty Fruit Smoothie
Frosty Pina Coladas
Frosty Pink Punch
Frosty Pudding Milk Shakes
Frothy Margarita
Frothy Mocha Cocoa
Frothy Orange Drink
Frozen Banana Daiquiris
Frozen Black Irish
Frozen Cappuccino #3
Frozen Cappuccino Shake
Frozen Christmas Wreath
Frozen Daiquiri #3
Frozen Fruit Daiquiries
Frozen Fruit Slurpee
Frozen Lemon-Lime Daquiries
Frozen Margaritas Supreme
Frozen Peach Daiquiris
Frozen Peach Sunset
Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri
Frozen Pineapple Daiquiris
Frozen Punch
Frozen Rum Punch
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
Fruit 'n' Juice Breakfast Shake
Fruit Basket Slush
Fruit Explosion
Fruit Flavor Milk Shakes
Fruit Ice Tea
Fruit Juice Combo Malts
Fruit Juice Cooler #1
Fruit Juice Medley
Fruit Juice Punch
Fruit Juice Slush
Fruit Medley Punch
Fruit Medley Punch with Della Robbia Ice Ring
Fruit Milk Shake
Fruit Pick-Up
Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch #2
Fruit Punch #3
Fruit Punch #7
Fruit Punch #8
Fruit Punch #1
Fruit Punch #2 #2
Fruit Punch #3 #2
Fruit Punch 2
Fruit Scones
Fruit Shake #1
Fruit Shake (Non-Dairy!)
Fruit Shakes
Fruit Smoothie
Fruit Smoothie #1
Fruit Smoothie #2 #2
Fruit Smoothies #2
Fruit Tea Punch
Fruit-Bowl Drink
Fruit-Yogurt Delight
Fruit-Yogurt Swirl
Fruit/yogurt Shakes
Fruited Sangria
Fruity Breakfast Parfait
Fruity Island Punch
Fruity Raspberry Slush
Fruity Summer Cooler
Fruity Tofu Cooler
Fruity Yogurt Sipper
Fuzzy Fruit Sodas
Fuzzy Navel
Fuzzy Navel Cream Liquer
Fuzzy Navel Shake
Game Chef's Margaritas
Garden Punch
Garden Sangria [A]
Garnishes for Drinks
Gator Juice
Generic Swizzle
Geneva's Party Punch
George Morgan's Bloody Mary Mix
Georgia Peach Cooler
German Chocolate Delight
German Sauerbraten
Gibbsville's Punch
Gin 'n Tonic
Gin Bucket
Gin Rickey #2
Gin Thing
Ginger Ale Punch
Ginger Ale-Sherbet Punch
Ginger Beer #2
Ginger Beer #1
Ginger Beer #2 #2
Ginger Beer #3
Ginger Beer #4
Ginger Beer Sparkler
Ginger Liqueur
Ginger Orange Ice
Ginger Pop (Beer!)
Ginger Shake
Ginger Soft Drink
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tropical Punch
Ginger Wine
Ginger-Raz Freeze
Glogg #2
Glogg #3
Glogg #4
Glogg #1
Glogg #2 #2
Glogg #3 #2
Glogg #4 #2
Glogg #6
Glogg #7
Glogg ( Mw )
Gloria's Punch
Glorious Christmas Punch
Gluehwein #2
Gluehwein #3
Gluehwein (Hot Spiced Wine)
Glugg "Holiday" Punch
Gluhwein #2
Gluhwein (From Buhrer's Schweizer Spezialitat
Godfather #2
Godiva Chocolate Covered Banana
Godiva Ice Cream Soda
Godiva Irish Coffee
Godiva Irish Freeze
Godiva Mocha Frapp
Godiva Peppermint Kiss
Godiva Whisper
Golden Apricot Nog
Golden Cadillacs
Golden Cadillacs #2
Golden Glow Punch #1
Golden Glow Punch #2
Golden Punch
Golden Punch Base
Golden Summer Fruit Punch
Goldenrod (The Patriotic Species)
Golleee Gelatin Punch
Good Lemonade
Gopher Orange Ice
Grand Island Golden Hummer
Grand Lake Hummers
Grand Margarita
Grand Marnier
Grand Orange-Cognac Liqueur
Grandma Ruth's Original Mint Juleps
Grandma's Lemon Iced Tea
Granny's Punch
Grape Hiball
Grape Juice
Grape Juice #2
Grape Juice-Lime Cooler
Grapefruit Carrot Cocktail
Grapefruit-Strawberry Punch
Grasshopper #3
Grasshopper Cheese Cake
Grecian Green Beans
Green Chili Bloody Mary's
Green Grape Spritzer
Green Punch
Green Punch #2
Green Tea Ice Cream (Figi)
Grenadine - Pomegranate Syrup
Grenadine Syrup
Greyhound #2
Gringo Margarita
Guava Delight (Drink)
Guava Punch
Habanero Rum Toddies
Habanero Vodka
Halloween Jack - O - Lantern Frosties
Halloween Punch
Halloween: Scary "Goulade"
Halo Halo
Hambelton Hall's Scottish Shortbread
Hand Ice Mold and Dragons Blood Punch
Harbour Island Rum Punch
Hard Rock Cafe Orange Freeze
Harvest Punch
Hasenpfeffer (Spicy Braised Rabbit)
Havana Banana
Hawaiian Lemonade
Hawaiian Punch
Haymaker's Switchel
Hazelnut Liqueur #2
Hazlenut Liqueur
Health-Kick Punch
Heartsease Tea
Hearty Spam Breakfast Skillet
Heat Wave
Helen's Lemonade Syrup
Heller Mix #7
Heloise's Cinnamon Flavored Coffee
Heloise's Flavored Coffee Mixes
Heloise's Mocha Flavored Coffee
Heloise's Orange Flavored Coffee Mixes
Hemorrhaging Brain
Henry Viii's "Seven Herb Wine"
Herbal Ice Tea
Hibiscus-Apple Tea
Hibiscus-Grape Iced Tea
Hibiscus-Honey Tea
High-Protein Drink
Hilary's Heavenly Hormone Control Health Shak
Holiday Delight #2
Holiday Delight Punch
Holiday Eggnog
Holiday Fizz
Holiday Fruit Punch
Holiday Punch #1
Holiday Punch #2 #2
Holiday Wassail #2
Home-Made Spicy Hot V8
Home-Style Tomato Juice
Homebrew Kahlua
Homemade Almond Liqueur
Homemade Bailey's
Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream
Homemade Coffee Liqueur
Homemade Cream Cordial #1
Homemade Cream Liqueurs
Homemade Creme De Menthe
Homemade Galiano
Homemade Ginger Ale
Homemade Ginger Beer #1
Homemade Ginger Beer #2
Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate
Homemade Irish Cream
Homemade Irish Cream Liquer
Homemade Kahlua
Homemade Kahlua #2
Homemade Kahlua #1
Homemade Kahula
Homemade Orange Julius
Homemade Orange Refresher
Homemade Rootbeer #2
Homemade Tomato Juice
Homemade V8 Juice
Honey Apple Tea
Honey Lemonade
Honey Limeade
Honey Mint Juleps
Honey Spiced Tea (Microwave)
Honey-Mint Lemonade
Honeysuckle Syrup
Hootenholler Whisky Cake
Horchata #2
Horchata - Ground Rice Drink
Horchata De Arroz
Horchata De Arroz - Cold Rice Drink
Horny Bull
Hot "White Chocolate"
Hot Apple 'n Spice Lemonade
Hot Apple Cider
Hot Bacon Dressing and Flaming Salad
Hot Baja Coffee
Hot Banana Medicine Bear Smoothie
Hot Burgundy Cider
Hot Buttered Bourbon
Hot Buttered Cider with Ginger and Cinnamon
Hot Buttered Cow
Hot Buttered Cranberry Cider
Hot Buttered Pineapple Smoothie
Hot Buttered Punch
Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Buttered Rum #2
Hot Buttered Rum #3
Hot Buttered Rum #1
Hot Buttered Rum #2 #2
Hot Buttered Rum ( Mw )
Hot Buttered Rum Batter
Hot Buttered Rum Mix
Hot Buttered Rum Mix #1
Hot Buttered Rum Mix #2
Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate #2
Hot Chocolate #1
Hot Chocolate #2 #2
Hot Chocolate #3
Hot Chocolate - Al Martin
Hot Chocolate - Nsvhol
Hot Chocolate Eggnog
Hot Chocolate Float
Hot Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate Mix #1
Hot Chocolate Mix #2
Hot Chocolate Mix #3
Hot Chocolate Special
Hot Chocolate To Die For
Hot Chocolate Toddy
Hot Christmas Punch
Hot Cider
Hot Citrus Tea
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa #2
Hot Cocoa #3
Hot Cocoa for a Crowd
Hot Cocoa Mix
Hot Cocoa Powdered Mix
Hot Cranberry Punch
Hot Cranberry Punch #1
Hot Cranberry Punch #2
Hot Ginger Tea
Hot Grape Cider - Country Living
Hot Holiday Punch
Hot Honey Cider
Hot Lotus Tea
Hot Mint Malt
Hot Mocha Milk
Hot Mulled Apple Juice
Hot Mulled Cider
Hot Mulled Cider #2
Hot Mulled Cider - Crock-Pot
Hot Mulled Cider 2
Hot Mulled Orange Juice
Hot Mulled Spice Mix
Hot Orange Cider
Hot Orchard Peach Cup
Hot Party Mocha
Hot Peppermint Patty
Hot Pineapple Punch
Hot Rum Toddy #1
Hot Rum Toddy #2
Hot Spiced Apple Cider
Hot Spiced Chocolate
Hot Spiced Cider
Hot Spiced Claret
Hot Spiced Drink
Hot Spiced Milk
Hot Spiced Percolator Punch
Hot Spiced Punch
Hot Spiced Tea #1
Hot Spiced Tea #2
Hot Spiced Tea #3
Hot Spiced Wine #1
Hot Spiced Wine #2
Hot Spicy Grape Juice
Hot Spicy Lemonade Punch
Hot Wassail
Hot White Chocolate
Hot White Chocolate Mocha
Hot Wine Cranberry Punch
How To Make Soy Bean Milk
Huber's Famous Spanish Coffee
Hudson Bay
Hungarian Goulash
Hungarian Goulash - with Coke
Hypocrasse (Spiced Wine)
Ice Breaker
Ice Cream Soda
Ice Cream Sodas
Iced Almond Drink ( Almond Horchata )
Iced Cafe Au Lait
Iced Cappuccino
Iced Cinnamon Coffee
Iced Citrus Sun Tea
Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee Cream
Iced Green Tea
Iced Jazzberry Java
Iced Lemonade
Iced Lemongrass Tea
Iced Strawberry Tea
Iced Tea
Iced Tea #1
Iced Tea #2
Iced Tea #3
Iced Tea-Ade
Iced Vanilla Coffee
Icy Hot Chocolate
Icy Margaritas
Incredible Ice Cubes
Indian Chicken Curry
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #01
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #02
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #03
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #04
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #05
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #06
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #07
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #08
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #09
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #10
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #11
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #12
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #13
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #14
Indian Milk Tea (Chai) #15
Indian-Style Lemonade
Instant "Russian" Tea
Instant Breakfast
Instant Cafe Au Lait Mix
Instant Goumet Coffee
Instant Hot Choc Recipes
Instant Hot Chocolate Mix
Instant Hot Cocoa Mix
Instant Hot Spiced Tea
Instant Raspberry Cordial Jam - Glorious Liqueurs
Instant Spiced Tea Mix #1
Instant Spiced Tea Mix #2
International Cappuccino Coffee Mix
Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee #2
Irish Coffee #3
Irish Coffee #4
Irish Coffee #5
Irish Coffee Cooler
Irish Coffee with Creamy Topping
Irish Coffee-Eggnog Punch
Irish Cream
Irish Cream #2
Irish Cream #3
Irish Cream #4
Irish Cream #01
Irish Cream #02
Irish Cream #03
Irish Cream #04
Irish Cream #05
Irish Cream #06
Irish Cream #07
Irish Cream #08
Irish Cream #10
Irish Cream #11
Irish Cream Beverage Mix
Irish Cream Liqueur
Irish Cream Liqueur #1
Irish Cream Liqueur #2
Irish Rickey
Irish Spring
Irish's Cream Liqueur
Isla Grande Iced Tea
Island Fruit Cooler
Island Fruit Punch
Isle of Pines Cocktail
Italian Angel
Italian Mocha Espresso
Italian Mocha Espresso Mix
Italian Soda - Martha Stewart Living
Jack Connor's Artillery Punch
Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream
Jack's Punch
Jacquin's Peppermint Schnapps Liqueur
Jade Zinger Smoothie
Jalapeno Joney Ale
Jamaican Rum Punch
Jane Glass' Punch
Jeff Davis Punch
Jello Shooters
Jimmy's Iced Tea
Joe's Eggnog
Joggin Ina Jug
Jogging in a Jug
John Lennon's Beatle Cocoa
John's Derby Day Mint Juleps
John's Eggnog
John's Watermelon Surprise
Joshua Tree Summer Cooler (Prickly Pear Shake)
Jubilee Punch
Judge Jr Cocktail
Juice Alpokat (Indonesian Avocado Drink)
Juice Cubes
Juice-Based Smoothie
Julius-Style Orange Drink
Juniper's Gin Punch
Kahaluu Punch
Kahlua #01
Kahlua #02
Kahlua #03
Kahlua #04
Kahlua #05
Kahlua #06
Kahlua #07
Kahlua #08
Kahlua #09
Kahlua #10
Kahlua (About 18 Quarts)
Kahlua 5
Kahlua 6
Kahlua Alexander
Kahlua Coffee
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
Kahlua Irish Coffee
Kahlua Kioki Coffee
Kahlua Mousse
Kahlua Smoothie
Kalte Ente
Kalte Ente (Cold Duck)
Kaluha-Make Your Own!!
Kathy Pitts' Sandia Liquado
Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Spiced Tea
Keoki Coffee
Key Lime Italian Ice
Key West Fruit Drink
Killer Margs
King Kalakau'a's Champagne Punch
Kir Champagne Punch
Kir Leduc
Kir Royale
Kiss Me Quick
Kiwi Lime Shake
Kiwifruit Daiquiri
Klingon Blood Wine
Kohl's Punch
Kona Coffee Torte
Kool Aid Fizzy
Korean Beef Barbecue
Kvas (Mint-Flavored Bread Beer)
Kvas <mint-Flavored Bread Beer Soup>
Kvass Klyukvennyi (Cranberry Kvass)
Lady Godiva
Lamb's Wool
Large-Quantity Coffee
Lassi #1
Lassi #2
Lassi #3
Lassi (Yogurt Drink)
Leche Frita
Lemon Barley Water
Lemon Champagne
Lemon Concoction
Lemon Daisy
Lemon Frappe'
Lemon Fruit Splash
Lemon Ice
Lemon Sherbet Punch
Lemon Spice Tea
Lemon Tea Sparkler
Lemon-Lime Freeze
Lemon-Strawberry Punch
Lemonade #1
Lemonade #2
Lemonade #3
Lemonade (Crocker)
Lemonade (Limonada)
Lemonade Concentrate
Lemonade for One
Lemonade Syrup #2
Lemonade Syrup #1
Lemongrass Drink
Lemony Cran-Cherry Punch
Lemony Iced Tea
Leprechaun Lime Punch
Licorice Liqueur
Light Custard Eggnog
Like Orange Julius
Lime Float Refresher
Lime Party Punch
Lime Rickey
Lime-Rub Shrub
Limeade Julep
Limonada (Mexican Limeade)
Liqueur De Framboise
Little Johnny's Rocker By Johnny's Surf Club
Loin Lamb Chops with Fresh Spinach and Mushroom
London Town Gratitude Punch
Long Island Iced Tea #1
Long Island Iced Tea #2
Long Island Iced Tea #3
Lover's Kiss
Low-Cal Cocoa Mix
Low-Calorie Eggnog
Low-Calorie Lemonade
Low-Calorie Spiced Tea Mix
Low-Fat Chocolate Shake
Low-Fat Eggnog
Luau Lemonade
Lucie's Velvet Hammer
Lychee Sherbet
Lynchburg Lemonade
Macaroni Grill's Bellini
Maggies Coca-Cola Basted Ham
Magic Potion
Mai Tai a la Andy
Make Fast - Wait Long Liquor
Make-Ahead Lemonade Base and Fruit Variations
Make-Believe Champagne
Making Your Own Soymilk
Malaysian Tea
Malihini Punch
Malted Milk Shake
Mango Bellini
Mango Chiller
Mango Frape
Mango Juice
Mango Key Lime Margaritas
Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi for One
Mango Splash
Mango-Orange Drink
Maple Frosties
Maple Mulled Cider
Maple Shake
Maple Soda
Mapley Milk Shake
Marcelles Milk Punch
Margarita #1
Margarita #2
Margarita (Tequila with Lime Juice)
Margarita Bucket
Margarita From Hell
Margarita Liqueur
Margarita Sunrise
Margaritas #1
Margaritas #2
Margaritas De Toronja (Grapefruit Margaritas)
Margaritas From Claycooker
Mari's Dandelion Wine
Maria's Martini
Marinade and Seasoning Sauce
Marlene's Fat Free/alcohol Free Summer Kewler
Martini - Traditional
Martini with Pickled Spiced Olives
Mary Ann's Hot Chocolate Mix
Masala Coffee (Spiced Coffee)
Masala Tea
Maxine's Cranberry Liqueur
Mead By Euell Gibbons
Meatloaf Bourguignon
Mediterranean Coffee
Meetha Lhassi
Mele Kalikimaka Punch
Melon Fresco
Melon Fruit Cooler
Melon Madness
Melya (Iced Coffee)
Mesquite Grilled Brochettes of Beef
Mexican Chocolate Drink
Mexican Coffee
Mexican Hot Chocolate #1
Mexican Hot Chocolate #2
Mexican Hot Chocolate #3
Mexican Limeade
Mexican Mocha
Mexican Sunrise Punch
Mexican T Punch
Mexican Tea Punch
Mexican-Style Hot Chocolate
Microwave Hot Chocolate
Midnight Craving By George's At the Cove
Midnight Malt
Milk Punch #1
Milk Punch #2
Mimosa Granita
Mint Julep #1
Mint Julep #2
Mint Julep #3
Mint Julep #4
Mint Julep #5
Mint Julep #6
Mint Julep (Southern Style)
Mint Julep for Barbecuing
Mint Punch 2
Mint Raspberry Punch
Mint Syrup
Mint Tea
Mint-Falvored Punch
Minted Chocolate Refresher
Minted Cocoa Coffee Mix
Minted Iced Tea Slush
Minted Lemonade
Minted Orange Tea
Miss Norma's Eggnog
Mississippi Delta Eggnog
Mississippi Wedding Punch
Mithi Lassi
Mocha Coffee
Mocha Eggnog
Mocha Flavoured Coffee
Mocha Foam Drink
Mocha Frappe Mix
Mocha Frost
Mocha Java
Mocha Punch
Mock Bailey's
Mock Champagne
Mock Lime Daiquiri
Mock Orange Julius
Mock Peach Daiquiri
Mock Pina Colada
Mock Pink Lady
Mock Sangria
Mocktails Made Easy
Mom's Homemade Wine
Mom's Iced Tea
Mom's Punch
Monarchy Luau Punch
Monkey Milkshake
Monkey Wrench
Morir Y Sonandor (Dying and Dreaming)
Morning Orange Drink
Morrocan Mint Tea
Moscow Mule
Mr. P. Nutt
Mr. Pibb Pralines
Mrs Sewell's Christmas Tea
Mrs Swindell's Famous Fruited Iced Tea
Mud Slide
Mulled Apple Juice
Mulled Apple or Pear Cider
Mulled Cider
Mulled Cider #3
Mulled Cinnamon Basil Punch
Mulled Cranberry Cider
Mulled Holiday Cider
Mulled Hot Chocolate
Mulled Red Wine
Mulled Rosemary Wine and Black Tea
Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine Spice Mix
Mulling Spice Mix
Munich At Night
My Lemonade Syrup
Napoli Fruit Shake
Nectar of Nectarines
Need for Mead
Negroni Cocktails
Neighbor Nectar Smoothie
Nepali Spiced Tea Gift Package
Nepali Spiced Tea Recipe
New Mexico Screwdriver
New Wave Eggnog
New Year's Eve Cocktail
Nightcap Coffee Mix
No-Bake Rum Cake
No-Hassle Wassail
Non Alcholic Egg Nog
Non-Alcohol Holiday Punch
Nonalcoholic Gelatin Shots
Nonalcoholic Party Punch
Northern Sunset
Nuclear Waste
Nut Milk
Oat Bran Zesty Garlic Crunch
Oat Milk
Oatmeal Milk
Oatmeal Stout
Ohio Shaker's Spiced Grape Juice
Old-Fashioned Eggnog
Old-Fashioned Fruit Punch
Old-Fashioned Ginger Beer
Old-Fashioned Lemonade
Old-Fashioned Root Beer
Old-Time Ladies Auxiliary Coffee
One Gallon Punch
Open House Punch
Orange and Coffee Bean Cordial
Orange and Grand Marnier Parfait
Orange Blossom Cooler
Orange Blossom Cup
Orange Brandy Cordial
Orange Breakfast Nog
Orange Brutus (Orange Julius)
Orange Cafe Au Lait Mix
Orange Champagne Cocktail
Orange Cinnamon Coffee
Orange Coffee
Orange Colada
Orange Dessert Wine
Orange Eggnog
Orange Foolie
Orange Frost #2
Orange Frosted
Orange Ice
Orange Ice #1
Orange Jubilee
Orange Judas (Julius) #1
Orange Judas (Julius) #2
Orange Judas (Julius) #3
Orange Juice Fizz
Orange Julius
Orange Julius #3
Orange Julius #4
Orange Julius #5
Orange Julius #2 #2
Orange Julius #3 #2
Orange Julius Type Drink
Orange Limeade
Orange Liqueur
Orange Macaroon Drink
Orange Milk Shakes
Orange Nog
Orange Pineapple Refresher
Orange Punch
Orange Rosemary Syrup
Orange Sangria
Orange Scented Hot Chocolate
Orange Sherbet Punch #1
Orange Sherbet Punch #2
Orange Smoothee
Orange Smoothie - 5 Minutes
Orange Squeeze
Orange Sunrise
Orange Tangerine Mimosa
Orange Tea Mix
Orange Tomato Cocktail
Orange Wassail
Orange-Pineapple Breakfast Shake
Orange-Yogurt Shake
Oreo Cookie Madness
Oven Scones
Pacific Sunset
Padre Punch
Pali Punch
Papaya and Pineapple Chicha
Papaya Cooler
Papaya Creamsicle Smoothie
Papaya Liqueur
Papita Lassi (Papaya Lassi)
Park Place Punch
Parris Best Eggnog
Party Daquiris
Party Milk Punch
Party Punch
Party Punch #2
Party Punch #1
Pasta Salad, Minestrone Soup, Ice Tea,
Peach and Cream Liqueur
Peach Banana Daiquiri
Peach Berry Ice
Peach Champagne Slush
Peach Crush
Peach Daiquires
Peach Dream
Peach Fizz
Peach Ice Cream Soda-Martha Stewart Living
Peach Ice Tea
Peach Liqueur
Peach Milkshake
Peach Mimosas
Peach Rum
Peach Shake
Peach Tea Mix
Peach Whirl
Peach-Almond Fizz
Peachy Berries and 'nanas
Peachy Dream Yogurt Shake
Peachy Orange Drink
Peanut Butter Banana Milk Shake
Peanut Butter Malt
Peanut Butter Milk
Peanut Butter Milk Shake
Peanut Butter Mug Puddle
Peanut-Butter Sundae Smoothie
Pear Liqueur
Pear Nog
Pears and Cream Cheese
Penchard's Margaritas
Pepper Vodka Pasta Sauce
Peppermint Christmas Cooler
Peppermint Cocoa
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Liqueur
Peppermint Milk Shake
Peppermint Schnaps
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea #2
Perfect Margarita
Perky Party Punch
Phaalse Ka Sharbat (Blackberry Downpour)
Pilikia Opee (Means Troubled Abdomen)
Pina Colada
Pina Colada #1
Pina Colada #2
Pina Colada #3
Pina Colada (Non-Alcoholic)
Pina Colada Flip (Non-Alcoholic)
Pina Colada Punch
Pina Colada Smoothie
Pina Coladas
Pinapple Limeade
Pineapple Coconut Shake
Pineapple Cooler
Pineapple Fizz
Pineapple Julius
Pineapple Limeade
Pineapple Liqueur
Pineapple Melon Delight
Pineapple Milkshake
Pineapple Mint Tulip
Pineapple Party Punch
Pineapple Smoothie
Pineapple Squash #2
Pineapple Tea
Pineapple Yogurt Freeze
Pineapple-Apricot Crush
Pineapple-Apricot Empanaditas
Pineapple-Lime Punch
Pineapple-Orange Punch
Pineapple-Orange Yogurt Shake
Pineapple-Peach Frappe
Pineapple-Raspberry Cream Punch
Pink Colada
Pink Dream
Pink Lavender Lemonade
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade [A]
Pink Pussycat
Piquant Sauce
Plantation Coffee Punch
Planter's Punch - Bahamas Style
Planter's Punch - Jamaica Style
Plum Brandy
Plum Liqueur
Poinsettia Sipper
Polar Bear
Ponche De Pina (Hot Pineapple Punch)
Portofino Punch
Pousse Cafe
Power Smoothie
Prairie Oyster
Presbyterian Punch
Pretty in Pink By Mousse Mcgillycuddy's
Pretty Party Punch, Jn
Professorns Glogg (The Professor's Glogg)
Pseudo-Mexican Coffee
Puerto Rican Egg Nog (Coquito)(Best Version)
Puerto Rican Egg Nog (Coquito)(Easy Version)
Puerto Rican Rum Cappucino
Pumpkin Milk Shake
Pumpkin Punch
Punch #2
Punch #3
Punch #1
Punch #2 #2
Punch #3 #2
Punch and Judy
Punch Delicious
Punch for 100
Punch for a Bunch
Punch Recipe #1
Punch Recipe #2
Purple Cow
Purple Cows
Purple Hooter
Purple Passion
Quick Fruit Punch
Quick Party Eggnog
Quince Syrup (Sharbat-E Beh Limou)
Radioactive Punch
Rain Man
Ramos Fizz
Ramos Fizz (Bartender's Bible)
Ramos Fizz (Gq)
Raspberry Brandy Cordial
Raspberry Cocoa Mix
Raspberry Cooler
Raspberry Cordial
Raspberry Crush
Raspberry Currant Syrup
Raspberry Herbal Tea
Raspberry Kir
Raspberry Liqueur
Raspberry Liqueur #2
Raspberry Margarita
Raspberry Rascal
Raspberry Refresher
Raspberry Romance
Raspberry Slush
Raspberry Tea Mix
Raspberry Truffle Latte
Raspberry Vodka Cordial
Raspberry-Orange Slush
Real Lemonade
Real Old Fashioned Lemonade
Realemon Touchdown
Really Enjoyable Eggnog
Really Hard Cider
Red Clover Tea
Red Delicious Herbal Spiced Cider
Red Rooster
Red Sage Daquiri
Red Satin Punch
Red Velvet Ice
Red Wine Cup (Sangria)
Refresco De Tamarindo
Refresco Regio
Refreshing Wine Daiquiri
Rhubarb Punch
Rhubarb Wine
Rice Cooler -- Horchata
Rice Juice
Rice Milk
Roadside Hard Cider
Rock Cakes
Rock Hudson's Hot Buttered Rum
Roman Punch
Romulan Ale
Root Beer
Root Beer #1
Root Beer #2
Root Beer Float
Root Beer Jubilee, Jason's
Roquefort and Apple Omelet
Rose Wine
Rose Wine (Rosatum)
Rosehip Syrup
Rosemary's Root Beer Tonic
Rosy Grape Jelly
Rosy Lemon Quencher
Round Island Hummer
Royal Hot Chocolate
Royal Hot Chocolate Jb
Ruby Fruit Punch
Ruby Punch Bowl
Ruby Red Grapefruit Punch
Rum Cranberry Punch
Rum Cream
Rum Cream Liqueur
Rum Daisy
Rum Punch
Rum Punch (Cold)
Rum Punch (Hot)
Rum Swizzles
Rum Toddy
Rum Truffle
Russian Beef Stroganoff
Russian Summit Tea
Russian Summmit Tea
Russian Tea
Russian Tea #2
Russian Tea #3
Russian Tea #1
Russian Tea #3 #2
Russian Tea 2
Russian Tea Mix
Russian-Style Tea
Ruthie's Frozen Fruit Smoothie
Saigon Tea
Salty Dog #2
Salty Lassi
Sangre De Toro
Sangria #2
Sangria #01
Sangria #02
Sangria #03
Sangria #04
Sangria #05
Sangria #06
Sangria #07
Sangria #08
Sangria #09
Sangria #10
Sangria #11
Sangria (Natural Land)
Sangria Blanca (White Sangria)
Sangria Blanca Ii(White Sangria Ii)
Sangria Blanco
Sangria Blush
Sangria El Tampa
Sangria Punch
Sangria Serrano
Sangria Southern
Sangria Su Casa
Sangria [A]
Sangria-Style Sipper
Sangrita #1
Sangrita #2
Sangrita #3
Sangrita #4
Sangrita Bloody Mary
Scarlett O'hara for One
Scottish Brown Ale
Scottish Ginger Cake
Screaming Green Lizard
Sea Foam Punch
Serrano Rum
Sesame Demitasse
Sex on the Beach
Shamrock Cocktail
Sharbat Badam (Almond Sharbat)
Sherbat (Lemon Drink Cooler)
Sherbet Punch
Sherry and Orange (Andaluzia)
Sherry Egg Nog
Shirley Temple Cocktail
Shirley's Punch
Shower Punch
Shrimp and Lobster Bouillabaisse
Silken Tofu Fruit Shake
Silver Cloud
Silver Clouds
Silver Punch
Sima - Finnish May Day Drink - Pronounced 'see-Mah'
Simple Herbal Gifts: Tummy Tea
Simply Orange
Sinful Cherry Liqueur
Singapore Sling
Singapore Smoothie
Skaker Gingerade
Skinny Scones
Skip and Go Naked
Skyway Seabreeze
Slime Rickey
Sloe Comfortable Screw
Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall
Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall
Slush Punch
Slush with a Punch
Smokin' Coke
Smooth Slim Rum Eggnog
Smoothies with or W/o Banbanas
Sneaky Pete
Snow Ice
Snow on an Apple Tree
Snow Punch
Soda Fountain Cider
Son of a Bitch's Delight
Sonic Cherry Limeade
Sorbet Margaritas
Sour Beet Juice
Sour Cherry Syrup
Sour Cherry Vodka
Sour Cherry Vodka Liqueur
South Seas Kahlua
Southern Sunshine
Southern-Style Iced Tea
Southwest Smoothie
Southwestern Fiesta Hot Chocolate
Soy Milk
Soy Nog
Spam Shake
Spanish Chocolate (Chocolate Espanol)
Spanish Coffee At Huber's
Spanish Cream Coffee
Spanish Fresh Fruit Frappe
Spanish Hot Chocolate
Sparkle Punch
Sparkling Apple Punch
Sparkling Champagne Punch
Sparkling Cranberry Blush
Sparkling Cranberry Punch
Sparkling Fall Harvest Punch
Sparkling Pineapple Punch
Sparkling Punch
Sparkling Punch Bowl
Sparkling Red Slush Punch
Sparkling Rose’ Punch
Sparkling Strawberry Punch
Sparkling White Sangria
Spearmint Tea
Special Honey Nog
Special Mint Tea
Special Summer Lemonade
Spice Orange Cocoa Mix
Spice Tea
Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced Apricot Punch
Spiced Cider
Spiced Cocoa
Spiced Hot Chocolate Milk
Spiced Hot Tea
Spiced Ice Tea
Spiced Iced Tea
Spiced Lemonade
Spiced Milk
Spiced Mocha Coffee Mix with Recipe
Spiced Mocha Mix
Spiced Orange Milk
Spiced Percolator Punch
Spiced Punch - President's Tea March,1981
Spiced Rum Cider
Spiced Tea
Spiced Tea Mix
Spiced Tomato Sunset
Spiced Wine
Spicy Herbal Liqueur
Spicy Mint Tea
Spicy Percolator Punch
Spicy Tea for Two
Spicy Tomato Cocktail
Spicy Tomato Juice
Spicy Tomato Juice Cocktail
Spicy Tomato Sipper
Spiked Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
Spiked Eggnog
Spirited Coffee Punch
Sports Drink
Springtime Punch
Sputnik Chai (Russian Tea)
Sputnik Tea (Russian Tea)
Star Anise/orange Cinnamon Teas
Starbuck's Mocha Frappe'
Starbucks Frappuccino
Stars and Stripes Punch
State Fair Lemonade
Steaming Hot Holiday Punch
Strawberry and Lime Freeze
Strawberry Apple Frost
Strawberry Balm Syrup
Strawberry Daiquiries
Strawberry Daiquri Punch
Strawberry Festival Tea [Na]
Strawberry Fizz
Strawberry Frosty
Strawberry Fruit Cooler
Strawberry Fruit Frost
Strawberry Ginger Punch
Strawberry Julius
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade Ala Scott
Strawberry Margarita Punch
Strawberry Margarita, Frozen
Strawberry Preparado
Strawberry Punch
Strawberry Rhubarb Mead
Strawberry Shake
Strawberry Shake #3
Strawberry Slush
Strawberry Soy Shake
Strawberry Sparkle Punch
Strawberry Spritzer
Strawberry Sunshine
Strawberry Watermelon Slush
Strawberry Yogurt Drink
Strawberry-Banana Batido
Strawberry-Banana Breakfast Treat
Strawberry-Grapefruit Cooler
Strawberry-Grapefruit Drink
Strawberry-Lemonade Punch
Strawberry-Orange Milk Shake
Sugar Free Holiday Nog
Sugar Syrup
Sugar Syrup #2
Summer Fruit Cocktail Cooler
Summer Fruit in Sparkling Wine
Summer Limeade
Summer Punch
Summer Sippers
Summertime Punch
Summertime Tea
Sun Bowl Special
Sunlight Sipper
Sunny Cooler
Sunny Milk
Sunshine Punch (Non Alcoholic)
Superb Hot Chocolate
Suprise Christmas Ice Cubes
Surprise Christmas Ice Cubes
Surprise Surprise Margarita
Swamp Water Punch
Swedish Coffee
Sweet Almond Tea #1
Sweet Almond Tea #2
Sweet Almond Tea #3
Sweet Citrus Syrup
Sweet Grapefruit Tea
Sweet Lassi #1
Sweet Lassi #2
Sweet Lassi #3
Sweet Orange Tea #1
Sweet Orange Tea #2
Sweet Orange Tonic
Sweet Pineapple Tea
Sweet Walnut Tea
Swiss Mocha
Swiss Mocha Mix
Syrup for Hot or Cold Chocolate Drink
Tahini Milk
Tahitian Punch
Tammy Wynette's Banana Cooler
Tangerine Tea
Tanglewood Alexander Hummer
Tea Blends
Tea Latte
Tea Liqueur
Tea Punch
Tea Syrup
Tempestea Ice Tea
Tequila Beef Steaks
Tequila Martinis
Tequila Sunrise
Texas Golden Punch
Texas Sunshine
Thai Coffee #1
Thai Coffee #2
Thai Iced Coffee
Thai Iced Coffee #1
Thai Iced Coffee #2
Thai Iced Tea #1
Thai Iced Tea #2
Thai Iced Tea #3
Thai Iced Tea #4
Thai Iced Tea #5
Thai Pepper Rum
Thai Tea
The "Secret" Recipe for Orange Julius
The Beast
The Border Grill's Cinco De Mayo Margarita
The Border Grill's Cinco De Mayo Splash!
The Bridal Sweet Punch
The Cowabunga
The Ferraiolo
The Governor's Grog
The Macombers Citrus Hummer
The Original Irish Coffee
The Pastor's Wassail
The Perfect Hot Chocolate (Or Chocolate Milk)
The Punchbowl
The Recipe
The Ultimate Margarita
The Vulcan Death Grip
The World Famous Texas Tornado
Three Sisters Chocolate Chip Hummer
Three-Fruit Punch
Thunder of Zeus
Tia Maria
Tia Maria #2
Tiki Shake
Tinoco's Fruit Gazpacho
Toffee Coffee
Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerrys
Tom T Hall's Watermelon Wine
Tomato and Vegetable Juice Blend
Tomato Juice
Tomato Juice Cocktail
Tomato-Beer Cooler
Trail Milk Shakes
Tropial Smoothie X
Tropic Nog
Tropical Berry Blast
Tropical Champagne Punch
Tropical Citrus Sangria
Tropical Cooler
Tropical Fruit Daiquiris
Tropical Fruit Punch
Tropical Fruit Smoothie
Tropical Ice
Tropical Itch
Tropical Pineapple Banana Shake
Tropical Punch
Tropical Punch Cooler
Tropical Shake
Tropical Smoothie
Tropical Tea Warmer
Tropical Temptation
Turbo Margarita
Turkish Coffee
Tutti-Frutti Punch
Tutu Wahine's Christmas Egg Nog
Two Teas with Saffron
U-238 Punch
Uncle Bud's Hummers
Uncle Ezra's Egg Nog
Uncle Tai's Special Drink
Undescended Twinkies
Uses of Chocolate Syrup
Vagabond Gingered Ale
Valentine Sodas
Vanilla Almond Coffee
Vanilla Brandy
Vanilla Cream
Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Liqueur
Vanilla Pecan
Vanilla Variety
Vegetable Broth #2 #2
Vegetable Juice Cocktail
Vegetable-Orange Juice Cocktail
Vegetarian Smoothies
Versoffene Jungfern (Drunk Virgins)
Very Special Champagne Cocktail
Vicious Vaquero
Vienna Coffee
Viennese Coffee
Viennese Coffee #2
Viennese Coffee Mix
Viennese Flavoured Coffee
Viennese Spiced Coffee
Vietnamese Coffee
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Vino Margarita
Violet Syrup
Violet Tea
Virgin Mimosa
Vodka Fruit Punch
Vodka Punch
Vodka Slush
Wakeup Shakeup
Warm Apricot Jewel
Warm Spiced Cranberry Cocktail
Warm Tea Punch
Warmed Spiced Cranberry Cider Mix
Wassail #5
Wassail #6
Wassail #1
Wassail #2 #2
Wassail #3 #2
Wassail #4 #2
Wassail * Cider
Wassail * Wine
Wassail Bowl #3
Wassail Bowl #4
Wassail Bowl Ala George Harris
Watermelon Agua Fresca <r T>
Watermelon and Ginger Sharbat
Watermelon Ice Drink
Watermelon Lemonade #2
Watermelon Limeade
Watermelon Punch
Watermelon Slush
Watermelon Wine
Wedding Punch #2
Wednesday's Frosties (Wendy's Frosties)
Wednesday's Frosty
Weight Watchers Milkshake
Weight Watchers Orange Julius
Welches Hot Mulled Punch
Welches Sun-Up Special
Welches White Grape Juice Punch
West Indies Coffee
What Hit Me Punch
Whiskey Eggnog
Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Sour #3
Whiskey Sours [A]
White Grape Swizzle
White House Pink Fruit Punch (En)
White Peach Sangria
White Sangria
White Sangria #3
White Sangria Punch (Nonalcoholic)
White Sangria Slush
White Wine Sangria
White Zin Raspberry Fooler
Wine Chocolate
Wine Cooler
Wine Marguerita
Wine of Spice and Surprise (Conditum Paradox)
Winter Warm-Up
Wisconsin Spicy Apple Eggnog
Witches Brew
Witches' Brew
Witches' Froth
Won Ton
World's Best Hot Chocolate
Yam Punch
Yellow Fruit Punch
Yoghurt Mint Drink
Yogurt / Fruit Smoothie
Yogurt Shake
Yogurt Shakes #2
Yoo Hoo
Yucatin Margaritas with Tropical Fruit
Yucca Drink
Yummy Irish Creme [A]
Zemi's Ginger Smoothies
Zombie #2
Zombie #3
Agua Fresca De Limon (Lime Drink)
Amber Cider Punch
Banana Orange Frost
Bat Brew
Chocolate Mint Coffee Mix with Recipe
Eggnog #6
Evergreen Mint Punch
Fireside Hot Cranberry Wine Cup
Flavored Coffees #2
Friendship Tea #2
Green Slime
Hot Chocolate Mix #4
Hot Cocoa #4
Hot Cocoa Mix #2
Hot Cranberry Cider
Hot Spice Tea Mix
Instant Cappuchino Recipe
Jim's Special Coffee
Kentucky Bourbon Cake #2
Lemon Strawberry Punch
Low-Fat Eggnog #2
Lynchburg Lemonade #2
Magic Potion with Creepy Crawler Ice Ring
Mango Lassi #3
Manhattan #2
Margarita #4
Margaritas #3
Margaritas #4
Marmalade Tea
Melted Frosty
Mexican Coffee #4
Mint Punch #3
Mint Punch #4
Mocha Mix #2
Mocha Punch #2
Mocha Punch #3
Mulled Cider #5
Mulled Cider #1 #2
Mulled Cider #2 #2
Mulled Cranberry Cider #2
Mulled Wine #5
Mystery Punch with Frozen Hand Ice Ring
Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned #2
Old-Fashioned Lemonade #3
Orange Cinnamon Coffee #2
Orange Eggnog #2
Orange Julius #7
Orange Julius #1
Orange Punch #2
Orange Smoothie #2
Party Punch #3
Party Punch #4
Party Punch #6
Peach-Berry Ice
Peachy Spiced Cider
Peanut Butter Milkshake
Peanut-Butter Milk Shake
Peppered Vodka #2
Pina Colada #4
Pina Colada #5
Pineapple Orange Punch
Pink Lemonade #2
Planter's Punch #2
"Ghoul-Ade" for Halloween #2
Agua De Nopal
Atlanta Coffee Ice Cream Punch
Banana Eggnog Shake
Banana Shake
Berry Blush
Black Cows
Blueberry Orange Frappe
Brandy Sour
Breakfast in a Glass
Burton Ford's Mexican Chocolate En Leche (With a Kick)
Candy Cranberry Apple Cider
Caramel Eggnog
Champagne And Orange Juice Parfaits
Cheesy Cioppino #2
Cheesy Cioppino #3
Cheesy Cioppino #4
Cherry Brandy Slush
Cherry Cola Float
Cherry Hot Chocolate Mix
Cherry-Flavored Cola Soda
Chocolate Tofu Nutritional Shake
Cinnamon Peachy Shake
Cinnamon Thyme Tea
Citrus Berry Slush
Coconut Eggnog
Coffee Cooler #2
Coffee Punch #2
Cranberry Cooler
Cranberry Raspberry Wine Coolers
Firecracker Punch
Fresh Tomato Juice #3
Frosted Double Chocolate Malted
Frozen Fruit Slush
Frozen Melon Margaritas
Fruit Bowl Drink
Fruit Slushy
Fruit-Flavored Milk
Garlic Pounded And Boiled in Milk
Ginger-Lemon Brew
Golden Aztec Punch
Grapefruit Citrus Cooler
Grown-Up Hot Chocolate
High-Calcium Banana Shake
Holiday Cheer
Honey-Spiced Tea
Hot Apple Wine
Iced Ginger Tea
Iced Tea a la Mode
Mocha Cinnamon Iced Cappuccino
Mocha Float
Mocha Hot Pot
Mulled Wine Melange
Mystery Punch with Frozen Hand Ice Ring #2
Orange Eggnog #3
Orange Refresher
Orange Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Pacific Fruit Punch
Paradise Punch
Paradise Shake - Stealth Health
Peach Lemonade
Peach-Nutmeg Frappe
Peanut Butter Nog
Peanut Butter Shake
Pear Milk Shake
Peppermint Punch
Pina Colada Slush
Pineapple Berry Drink
Pineapple Lemon Water
Pineapple Sun Tea Coolers
Pineapple Tofu Smoothie
Pineapple, Apple, Banana And Orange Juice
Pink Lemon-Lime Ade
Pink Moo Juice
PTA Punch
Pumpkin Milk Shakes
Raisin Bran Banana Shake
Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Float
Raspberry Yogurt Soda
Rose Punch
Sass' Soy Milk Smoothie
Slush #2
Soda Limeade
Soy Smoothie
Special Friends Cappuccino
Spiced Peach Punch
Spiced Red Sangria
Strawberry Apple Shake
Strawberry Champagne Punch
Strawberry Lemonade #2
Strawberry Punch #2
Strawberry Tofu Smoothie
Sugar-Free Russian Tea (Diabetic)
Summer Citrus Punch
Summertime Fruit Punch
Summertime Quencher
Sweet Cherry Soda
Sweet Cider Mustard
Swirly Chocolate Cheesecake Shake
Tinda Chai (Iced Chamomile Tea)
Tomato Lemon Breakfast Shake
Tropical Ice #2
Tropical Tofu Smoothie #2
Ukrainian Honey-Lemon Tea
Veggie Vitality Cocktail
Wake Up Shake
Watermelon Froth
Watermelon Lemonade #3
Watermelon Lime Cooler
Witch's Brew #4