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Recipes in the Alcohol Category:

"The Highlands" Bourbon Balls
A Day At the Beach
Abbey Cocktail
Acapulco Sunrise
Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)
Alabama Fizz
Alabama Slammer
Alamo Splash
Almond Flavored Tequila Liqueur
Almond Liqueur #3
Almond Tasty
Amaretto Apples
Amaretto Apples with Meringue
Amaretto Coffee #2
Amaretto Cream Filled Cake (Zuccotto Ripieno
Angel's Face
Apple Blossom
Apple Butter with Port
Apple Knocker
Apricot Liqueur
Apricot Rum Cake
Apricots in Brandy
Art's Spicy Turkey Chili
Artillery Punch
Atomic Bomb
Au Pied De Cochon Re (French Onion Soup)
Aztec Punch
B&b Chocolate Bouchee' (Chocolate Bite)
Bacardi Rum Chocolate Cake
Bahama Breeze
Bailey's Irish Cream #2
Bailey's Irish Cream Cake
Baked Apples with Dried Cherries and Maple Cara
Bc's Tequila Marinade
Beaumont Inn Bourbon Sauce
Beer-Boiled Shrimp
Bermudian Rose
Biribi Cocktail
Bisquick Apricot-Glazed Pound Cake
Bitter Cocktail
Black Forest Trifle Dessert
Black Out
Black Russian Cake #3
Blackberry Brandy Sour Cream Jell-O Cake
Blackberry Wine
Blossom Cocktail
Blue Moon
Blueberry Liqueur
Bo's Bloody Mary Mix
Bob's Bourbon Chicken
Boiled Custard Eggnog
Bonbon Cookies
Boozey Rich Eggnog From a Cooked Base
Bourbon Chocolate Cake
Bourbon Fudge
Bourbon Sauce for Desserts
Braised Lamb's Liver Henderson
Brandied Peaches
Brandied Yams
Brandy Peaches Parfait
Brandy Sauce #3
Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce - Southern Sideboards
Bruce Aidell's Bourbon-Mustard Glaze
Bulldog Highball
Buttermilk Rye Bread #2
Cafe Royal Appetizer
Campari Soda
Carbonnade of Beef
Caribbean Guava Punch
Carribean Blue Jell-O (Alcoholic)
Carribean Sunset Jell-O
Champagne Celebration Cake
Champagne Jelly
Cheesy Beer Soup
Cheesy Cioppino
Cherries Jubilee #5
Cherry Liqueur
Cherry Tiramisu
Chicken Livers over Rice
Chicken Macadamia
Chinese Lady
Chocolate Liqueur
Chocolate Mousse with Rum Soaked Raisins
Chocolate Orange Supreme Cheesecake
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Chocolate Velvet Mousse
Chocolate Walnut Rum Balls
Chocolate-Bourbon Bites
Chowning's Tavern Wine Cooler
Cider-Braised Pork Chops W/ Sauerkraut and Apples
Cinnamon Liqueur
Cinnamon-Rum Syrup
Classic Onion Soup
Clover Club
Coconut Liqueur
Coffee and Cocoa Bean Cooler
Coffee Cream Cake
Coffee Eggnog
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur Cake
Coffee Liqueur Chocolate Mousse
Coffee Liqueur Cream Pie
Coffee Liqueur Mayan Chili
Coffee Liqueur Zesty Seafood Marinade/sauce
Coffee Liquor Dipper Wings
Coffee Orange Fudge Cake
Cold Cherry Soup
Colonial Cocktail
Comfort Cake
Company Bloody Mary
Conca D'oro
Continental Waldorf
Cool N Easy Tropical Lime Pie
Coqui (Rum and Coconut Cream Drink)
Courvoisier French Silk Chocolate Pie
Cran-Rum Twister
Cranberry Liqueur #2
Cranberry Mulled Cider
Creme De Menthe
Creme De Menthe Cheesecake Squares
Cresta Club
Cumberland Chicken with Pork, Herb and Ham Stuffing
Daiquiri Cheesecake
Deep Sea
Derby Pie
Di Saronno and Cream
Di Saronno Cheesecake
Di Saronno Coffee
Di Saronno Sour
Divine Date Rum Balls
Douglas Fairbanks
Drunken Pioneers
Dry Martini 2
Dry Mermaid Martini
Dubonnet Cocktail
Duck and Cover
Easy Rum Cake
Easy Rum Cake #4
Eggnog #2
Eggnog Cake #3
Eggnog for a Crowd
Eggnog Internet
Elephant's Tail
Fake Baileys Irish Cream
Fake Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
Favorite Egg Nog
Fiesta Steak
Filet of Sole San Clemente
Finnish Rye Bread
Flaming Irish Coffee
French Rabbit Stew
Fresh Figs Curacao
Fried-Brain Oyster Shooters
Frozen Black Irish
Frozen Pumpkin Mousse
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris
Fruits Afire
Fuzzy Navel Cake
Fuzzy Navel Jell-O - Figmo's Favorite
Grand Marnier Sauce
Gin Bucket
Gin Rickey #2
Gin Thing
Ginger Liqueur
Glazed Pepperoni
Glogg #3
Godfather #2
Godiva Chocolate Covered Banana
Godiva Ice Cream Soda
Godiva Irish Coffee
Godiva Irish Freeze
Godiva Peppermint Kiss
Godiva Whisper
Grand Marnier Apricot Stuffing
Grand Marnier Cake
Grand Marnier Souffle
Grasshopper Parfaits
Grasshopper Pie #3
Greyhound #2
Gringo Margarita
Harvey Walbanger Cake
Harvey Wallbanger Cake #4
Havana Banana
Hawaiian Martini
Hazlenut Liqueur
Helen's Holiday Float
Heller Mix #7
Herbed Beer Bread
Holiday Rum Balls #2
Homebrew Kahlua
Homemade Cream Liqueurs
Homemade Galiano
Homemade Kahlua
Homemade Kahlua #2
Honey Mint Juleps
Honey-Rum Balls
Horny Bull
Hot Buttered Cider
Hudson Bay
Hustlers Choice
Hypocrasse (Spiced Wine)
Irish Coffee-Eggnog Punch
Irish Cream #2
Irish Cream #3
Irish Cream Beverage Mix
Irish Cream Cake
Irish Cream Cheesecake
Irish Cream Frosting
Irish Cream Fudge
Irish Cream Liqueur
Irish Rickey
Irish's Cream Liqueur
Isla Grande Iced Tea
Italian Rum Cake #2
J'ande's Salmon En Papillote
Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream
Jalapeno Joney Ale
Jean's Bourbon Ice Cream
John's Watermelon Surprise
Judge Jr Cocktail
Kahlua Cocoa Balls
Kahlua Gingerbread People
Kahlua Party Punch
Kahlua White Russian Cake
Kaluha-Make Your Own!!
Key Largo Cake
Killer Bloody Marys
Killer Margs
Lemon Chocolate Bars ( Part 1 )
Licorice Liqueur
Linguine Gamberini (Garlic Shrimp Sauce)
Liqueur De Framboise
Liqueur Pound Cake
Lj's Winter Tomato Soup
Macaroni and Cheese with Tuna
Mahogany Glazed Chicken
Manhattan Clam Linguine
Margarita Jell-O
Margarita Liqueur
Martini - Traditional
Mayan Truffles
Mead By Euell Gibbons
Merry Christmas Margaritas
Mexican T Punch
Microwave Macadamia-Orange Fudge
Mississippi Mud Cake #2
Mom's Homemade Wine
Monkey Wrench
Nairobi Club Weiners
Peaches in Red Wine, Tuscan Style (Hl)
Neapolitan Delight
Nelson's Breast of Chicken Port, Lemon, Rum and Raisin Sauce
Nevada Cowboy Chili
New Year's Eve Cocktail
Old-Fashioned Ginger Beer
Lemon Vodka Granita (Mf)
Orange and Coffee Bean Cordial
Orange Apricot Balls
Orange Champagne Cocktail
Orange Liqueur
Orange Walnut Rum Cake with Grand Marnier Icing
Orange-Glazed Carrots and Sweet Potatoes
Papaya Liqueur
Pasta Chimayo-Cafe Pierre
Peach Banana Daiquiri
Peach Colada
Peach Liqueur
Pineapple Granite (Mf)
Pear Liqueur
Penne with Vodka and Tomato Cream Sauce
Pepper Vodka Pasta Sauce
Pepper Wine
Peppermint Liqueur
Galia Melon in Port (Hl)
Pina Colada Bread Pudding
Pina Colada Pie
Pineapple Fizz
Sauteed Apples with Currants and Cognac (Mf)
Pineapple in Brown Sugar Rum Sauce
Pineapple Liqueur
Plum Liqueur
Polar Cap Cake
Polenta with Beef and Sausage Stew
Pollo Borracho (Drunken Chicken)
Pollo Con Frutta Secca
Praline Pound Cake
Professorns Glogg (The Professor's Glogg)
Puerto Rican Rum Cappucino
Pumpkin Punch
Purple Hooter
Rabbit with Sweet Sausages
Rain Man
Ramos Fizz
Ramos Fizz (Bartender's Bible)
Ramos Fizz (Gq)
Raspberry Kir
Raspberry Liqueur
Raspberry Liqueur #2
Raspberry Truffle Trifle
Rib Roast with Bourbon Marinade **
Classic Strawberries Romanoff (Mf)
Apricot Souffles (Mf)
Romulan Ale
Ross Perot
Roy Rogers
Ruby Punch Bowl
Ruby Red Grapefruit Punch
Rum Balls 4
Rum Butter Sauce
Rum Cake #3
Rum Cake (Becky's Favorite)
Rum Chiffon Pie
Rum Daisy
Rum Pecans
Salty Dog #2
Sangrita Bloody Mary
White Peaches in Raspberry Wine Sauce (Hl)
Scottish Pigeon Parcels W/ Whiskey and Honey
Sex on the Beach
Shortcut Tiramisu
Shower Punch
Shrimp Au Courvoisier
Silver Punch
Singapore Sling
Slightly Potted Cocktail Franks
Slow Comfortable Screw
Sneaky Pete
Soup: French Onion Soup (Au Pied De Cochon Re
South Seas Kahlua
Souvlakia (Barbecued Meat Cubes)
Spaghetti Martini
Spanish Almond Cake Laced with Tequila Anejo
Sparkle Punch
Sparkling Rose’ Punch
Spice Beer Cake
Spicy Cognac Ketchup
Spicy Herbal Liqueur
Spicy Piloncillo Syrup
Spiked Eggnog
Spirited Fruit
St Patty's Punch
Steak Port Antonio
Strawberries Elegante
Strawberries in Champagne
Strawberry Daiquiri Pie
Strawberry Daiquri Punch
Strawberry Kiwi Trifle
Strawberry Sparkle Punch
Strawberry-Banana Daiquiri Jell-O
Strip Down and Go Nakeds
Sugar Syrup
Swedish Fruit in Liqueur
Sweet Potato and Bourbon Soup
Tea Liqueur
The Border Grill's Cinco De Mayo Splash!
The Ferraiolo
The Original Ramos Gin Fizz
The Pastor's Wassail
The Postmodern Mind
The Recipe
Tom and Jerry
Trifle (Raspberry Custard Bowl)
Tropical Cheese Bars
Tropical Fruit Daiquiris
Tropical Ice
Truffles Royale
U-238 Punch
Vanilla Cream
Vanilla Pecan
Veal Baked with Water Chestnuts
Veal Scallops with Apricot-Citrus Compote
Veal Scaloppine with Chianti
Vegetable Marinade
Vermicelli in Vodka Sauce
Virgin Mary
Virgin Pina Colada
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Voodoo Punch
Wassail * Wine
Welsh Rabbit
Whiskey Balls
Whiskey Cake
Whiskey Sausage
White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake #2
White Chocolate Mousse
White Sangria
Wine Cake
Wine Cooler
Wine Marguerita
Yucca Drink
Zombie #3
Amaretto Whisper Cheese Cake
Blueberry Sherbet
Chocolate Truffle Dessert
Creamy Irish Coffee #2
Eggnog #6
Fireside Hot Cranberry Wine Cup
Hot Cranberry Cider
Manhattan #3
Mrs. Haas' Rum Balls
Old-Fashioned #2
Peppered Vodka #2
Pina Colada #5
Alta Mira Hotel Comfort Wallbanger
Amber Rum Cake
Angel Cake with Pineapple-Orange Sauce
Antoine's Scarlett O' Hara
Bacardi Rum Pina Colada Cake #2
Banana Tree
Bourbon Julep
Brandy Sour
Butter Amaretto Cake
Cheesy Cioppino #2
Cheesy Cioppino #3
Cheesy Cioppino #4
Ed's Mint Julep
Green Goddess - Glorious Liqueurs
Guava Daiquiri
Lightly Chocolate Rum Cake
Amaretto Parfait Dessert
Minted Angel Allegretti *
Mocha Bundt Cake
Mrs Haas' Rum Balls
Pumpkin Kahlua Cake
Spiked Coconut Angel Cake
Stephanie Hodge's Pasta with Fresh Veggies
Strawberry Slurry
Watermelon Refresco